El's Extreme Anglin' - World of Warcraft Fishing Guide

A Guide to Fishing in the World of Warcraft

New to fishing? Confused about where to fish? Looking for definitive answers? This guide is for you!

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El's Latest News

  • 6.1: Fillet on Loot, Bait, Lunker and Pool Changes

    The latest test version of patch 6.1 makes many changes to fishing. The highlights:

    • Draenor catches automatically fillet when looted: The original fish still appears in loot window, but converts to Flesh upon looting.
    • Lunkers can be caught from pools and coastal waters, in addition to inland open water. Catch rates scale with effective fishing skill.
    • Bait items become Unique with a 15 minute duration. Once applied they last 10 minutes. Nat Pagle offers free Bait-like buffs, but Bait can no longer be caught from Garrison waters.
    • "Players can now always catch enormous fish from pools, regardless of skill" (via patch notes).
    Update: "In 6.1, rather than have fish auto-fillet as you catch them, we're adding a new consumable item called the Bladebone Hook which when used, will enable auto-filleting for one hour. This new item can be purchased from fishing vendors in Draenor." - Crithto
    Update 2: "We're reverting the change where bait would spoil. Reverting the change where bait could not be caught in your garrison." - Crithto

    Read on for lots more detail, plus minor changes:

  • 6.1: Cooking

    Patch 6.1 (currently being tested) adds 6 new cooking recipes that use fish: Buttered Sturgeon, Jumbo Sea Dog, Pickled Eel, Salty Squid Roll, Sleeper Sushi and Whiptail Fillet. Each dish offers a +125 buff in one stat - the best possible food.

    Recipes are sold by the Cook at your Garrison for 10g each. Each recipe uses 12 of a specific Draenor inland water catch Flesh plus 6 Crescent Saberfish Flesh. At maximum Cooking skill only 1 or 2 dishes are produced with each cook. In comparison, the original Draenor recipes use fewer ingredients to cook more dishes.

    There should be greater demand for Draenor's inland fish in 6.1 than 6.0. There are no new recipes that use Sea Scorpion, but the catch should remain valuable because it is commonly used in First Aid.