2.4 Changes

Patch 2.4's changes to fishing, including daily quests and Isle of Quel'Danas. On this page:

Thanks to Belegedhel, Fianor, Gummo, Kahless, Oberweiss, Petre, Siha, Stephenn, and Vkandis, who have contributed some of the information found here.

Daily Quests

Old Man Barlo
Old Man Barlo - Gnomish perspective.

From the patch notes:

"New Fishing Daily Quests! Visit the mysterious old man fishing at Silmyr Lake outside of Shattrath City to discover what treasures he has to offer."

The quest giver is called Old Man Barlo, pictured right. Like other daily quests, there is only one quest available each day: You cannot choose which quest to do. Known quests are:

Quests assumed to require level 70. It has been confirmed that a level 50 character with 375 fishing skill cannot take these quests. Quests can be accepted with any fishing skill (confirmed for Crocolisks in the City at skill 1), however some quests require much higher skill to catch the quest fish. Quest fish are typically caught within the first 15 casts in the correct area of open water, often within the first 5 casts, but sometimes will take 30-40 catches (probably fewer since patch 3.0).

The reward is a Bag of Fishing Treasures. The contents of the bag are described in Outland Daily Fishing Quests.

For a full walkthough for the daily quests, read the Outland Daily Fishing Quests topic.

Isle of Quel'Danas

Catches on Isle of Quel'Danas were changed in patch 2.4.2. See Isle of Quel'Danas for current informarion.

The Isle of Quel'Danas (often called Sunwell Isle) contains fishable coastal water. An effective fishing skill of 355 is required to cast, 450 to stop fish getting away. The table below shows the proportion of different fish caught in open coastal water. There does not appear to be any variation by time of day (fish were caught over 3 of the 4 standard time periods).

Isle of Quel'Danas Catches
FishCatchesPercentage of all Catches
Bloated Giant Sunfish445%
Giant Sunfish30738%
Jaggal Clam12215%
Lightning Eel7710%
Luminous Bluetail11014%
Mote of Water (1-2**)172%

** Total number of catches that were either 1 or 2 Mote of Water is shown.

Luminous Bluetail restore mana and acts as a potion: The same affect as a Mana Potion, but requiring level 55 to use.

Bloated Giant Sunfish can be opened, and contain a range of Outland herbs and minerals, V-type scrolls, Stranglekelp, and even Darkclaw Lobster. The rarest item recorded was a Star of Elune.

The isle is intended for those who have reached level 70. It can be reached by those at lower level via a Warlock summon (thanks moongleam).

Outland Pool Changes

New pools have appeared: "Brackish Mixed School" have replaced all Feltail Schools in Terokkar Forest and Zangarmarsh. These will make it easier to catch Golden Darter.

Based on a sample of 35 Brackish Mixed School fished empty (145 catches in total), the average catch per pool is:

Each Brackish Mixed School contains 3, 4, or 5 catches.

In non-elevated areas of Terokkar Forest, all the pools found will now contain at least some Golden Darter: There seems to be an equal chance of a Brackish Mixed School or School of Darter appearing at each of the 17 or 18 spawning locations. School of Darter now contain an average 2.7 Golden Darter per pool. Add the Darters from the Brackish Mixed Schools, and a complete sweep of Terokkar Forest's low-lying pools should gain at least 40 Golden Darter. A complete sweep will take about 35 minutes with a fast mount. All assuming nobody else is fishing.

The pools in Terokkar Forest still follow the normal rules for pool appearance: Pools won't respawn until "about an hour" after they were last fished empty. So, even if you are the only angler fishing, there are still not enough pools to sustain continuous fishing hour after hour.

25% of the catch from open water in Terokkar Forest will be Golden Darter. Assuming 3.5 catches per minute, it will take 45 minutes of open water fishing to catch 40 Golden Darter. Sweeping all the pools for the same number of fish takes just 35 minutes. So pool fishing of Golden Darter is finally quicker than open water fishing, if there are pools available to fish.

There are many more pool spawning locations in Zangarmarsh, however there are still 3 different types of pool there, and Brackish Mixed School are only half-full of Golden Darter. This means that sustainably fishing for just Golden Darter in Zangarmarsh will take longer than in Terokkar Forest. Brackish Mixed Schools appear in all parts of Zangarmarsh, including the eastern waters where the fishing skill required to avoid junk is 400: Anglers with lower fishing skill will now be able to catch Golden Darter.

Overall, the change should make it worth the effort of moving between pools to gain Golden Darter, which I think is what the designers had in mind originally.

Other Changes

From the patch notes:

"Broiled Bloodfin now increases resistances to all schools of magic instead of increasing Stamina and Spirit."

The buff grants +8 resistance for 30 minutes (in a later patch it reverted to Stamina and Spirit). There will only be certain circumstances where resistance will be more useful than another food-based buff. However, this change should create a viable market for cooked Bloodfin Catfish.

The debate over tracking whether the Find Fish pool tracking ability is supposed to show School of Tastyfish has been resolved. From the patch notes:

"Find Fish now correctly tracks School of Tastyfish and Muddy Churning Water."

Fishing can now be trained up to 225 as low as level 10. From the patch notes:

"Removed the level requirement from the expert fishing book, The Bass and You."

The Bind on Pickup confirmation dialogue has been removed for the Stranglethorn Extravaganza rare fish, Mr. Pinchy, and similar uncommon or rare catches. (This dialogue was added back again in patch 2.4.2, and finally removed again in patch 3.1.)

Undocumented change: Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest has an increased base skill requirement: Now 405 to cast, 500 to stop get-aways.

Undocumented change: Barbed Gill Trout have been removed from the waters of Shadowmoon Valley (Outland). The catch is now 100% Felblood Snapper.

Undocumented change: The skill-up formula seems to have changed, so that around 400 fewer catches are required between skills 100 and 300. See this forum discussion.

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Comments about 2.4 Changes

Below are readers' comments about "2.4 Changes":

Daily Quest Fish Catch Rates (Data Wanted)

  • el, March 2008

    4 of the 5 new daily fishing quests require catching a special quest-only fish. The catch rates for these fish are very variable. I'd like to gather reliable data about how many catches each quest fish takes. In the PTR thread we saw that even with the equivalent of months' worth of data from one character, the pattern wasn't clear. This isn't something I can do alone, nor is it information that the database sites will collect correctly.

    So, I'd like you to please:

    Count the number of catches from starting to fish for the quest fish, to catching the quest fish. If you caught 7 non-quest fish, and then the 8th catch was the quest fish, record 8 against the quest.

    Please post data in this thread using the following format:


    Here's an example:

    Away: 10,12
    Bait: 1,32,15
    Crocs: 3

    The first line, "Away", is for The One That Got Away. The two numbers mean that you recorded the quest twice, the first time got World's Largest Mudfish on the 10th catch, the second on the 12th catch. Put a comma between numbers. So Bait Bandits ("Bait") was done 3 times, with the Blackfin Darter caught on the 1st, 32nd, and 15th catch. Crocolisks in the City ("Crocs") was only done once (3rd catch), Felblood Fillet ("Felblood") wasn't completed.


    • Only record results for catches that are in the correct location (open water, not pools) when the quest is active: Only submit catch rates if you are sure it is reliable.
    • Don't record anything for Shrimpin' Ain't Easy - the catch rate from that is well understood.
    • Wait until you have done more than a few quests before posting data - ideally post sets every few weeks.
    • If you post several times do not post the same data again! Start a fresh template for each post.

    I'm curious about the catch rate, and I'm hoping enough other people will be to record and post their numbers. This first post will be used to summarise data posted. I'll update it from time to time - don't be concerned if updates don't happen immediately. Any questions or comments can be posted in here to.

    Current Results (to 25 June 2008):

    Value/Quest … Away … Bait … Crocs … Felblood
    Sample ………...… 172 ..… 170 ….. 203 ..… 179
    Maximum ……....… 53 ….. 59 ..… 110 ..… 41
    Mean (Average) ... 10.1 … 10.5 … 9.9 … 7.5
    Median (Middle) … 7.5 … 7 … 7 … 4
    Std Dev ……......… 8.9 … 10.2 … 11.5 … 7.6

  • Pipre, March 2008

    Crocs: 2,1

  • nast13, March 2008

    Bait: 38, 59

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  • OneSoulLegion, March 2008

    Felblood: 31,9,2

    As an aside, since you have unconfirmed skill levels in Hellfire Peninsula according to the quest page: The character I did this quest with had an effective skill of 314-318 (292, plus Seth's pole and enchanted gloves, and I got four skillups during the quest at an average of 6-7 casts per skill point) I was getting "Your Fish Got Away" fairly often unless I was using a lure. As such, we can at least guess that the skill required for the Pools is at least 224 and at most 314. I have a lot more alts who are able to travel through Hellfire and at a variety of fishing skills, so I'll try to investigate this further.

    Update: Second character, 9 catches at effective skill of 364 (344+Seth's). No "got away" in ten catches, suggesting (but not proving, could have gotten lucky in the ten catches) required skill is probably between 224 and 269.

  • Pipre, March 2008

    Felblood: 3,2

  • Zariya, March 2008

    Away: 4
    Bait: 2, 8
    Crocs: 1, 1

  • Kraal, April 2008

    Crocs: 12

  • rys, April 2008

    Away: 18, 9, 5
    Bait: 2
    Croc: 12
    Felblood: 2, 21

  • Aggy70, April 2008

    Away: 1
    Bait: 9 At the falls just north of Allerion SH
    Croc: 10,3 Docks by Stocks :)
    Felblood: 22,5

  • Pipre, April 2008

    Away: 14

  • Kraal, April 2008

    Crocs: 22

  • hurricane567, April 2008


  • Ruana, April 2008

    Crocs: 1, 25, 15, 13

  • Longhunter, April 2008

    "Away", 1st cast, 8th cast, 10th
    "Bait", 1st ,12th "near the horde camp"
    "Crocs" 3rd ,12th 2nd 3rd cast"dock"
    "Felblood" 23rd , 1st, 4th 6th "pools of agnor by the boss"

    i will update this daily

  • Zahngril, April 2008

    Away: 31, 22, 15, 17
    Felblood: 21, 16

    Anyone else getting the same daily many days in a row? My order has been: A, F, F, A, A, A. I'm hoping for one of the others soon!

    For Away, my best success is on the 'continental shelf' near the Throne of Elements at Skysong Lake. Go to the throne and wade out until the named area changes. This is a nice spot because you'll get your catch and have 6-8 min. left on lure to fish the 3-4 pools of Bluefin that pop up (Bluefin makes a great spell damage buff food for those cooks out there).

    Felblood was at the Boss' front door each time. I have an action bar for fishing set up with some ranged abilities so if someone comes to do the boss while I am there I can lend some secondary support.

  • Calabar, April 2008

    I’m taking four characters through these quests. Here’s what I have for the past couple of days.

    Away: 21, 18, 18, 2
    Bait: 14, 18, 26, 6

    Just as an aside, I don’t know if all the realms get the same quest each day but on Blackhand we’ve only gotten the croc quest once thus far. And as that’s the one that can drop the baby croc pet I’m getting a bit frustrated. Grr… *deep breaths* *deep breaths*

  • Pipre, April 2008

    felblood: 1

  • hurricane567, April 2008

    bait 5

  • Calabar, April 2008

    Felblood: 3, 22, 3, 1

  • Kraal, April 2008

    Crocs: 9

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BoP Popup GUI GONE for Extravaganza Rare Fish!

  • Crotalidus, March 2008

    Hail! I caught not one by TWO Brownell's Blue Striped Racers in today's STV contest...my second and third pairs of Boots (and no Line yet, sigh). Anyway, the "Looting will Bind" dialog box didn't show for either of the Racers, the fish just went right into inventory via Auto-Loot without a fuss. It looks like they decided to get rid of that in the patch.


  • Noor, March 2008

    Yes, this is true in the more general case of BOPs when you aren't in a group, I think.

  • Pipre, March 2008

    Confirmed. The Extravaganza fish no longer ask for a confirmation window. Old Ironjaw doesn't either (caught him today). Seems that the BoP fish have had their confirmations removed.

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  • Oberweiss, March 2008

    This is fantastic news.

  • Mordran, April 2008

    I cought my first rare fish this week and noticed this, enjoying my spiffy fishin' boots.

  • Pipre, April 2008

    caught old crafty last night (fishing in the opposing factions main city is a blast) and it also dropped right into my bags no questions asked.

  • oropher, April 2008

    confiming that it is gone for Mr. Pinchy too. He just popped straight into my bags like a good little crawdad.

  • Gwydaine, April 2008

    Yes confimed on Mr. Pinchy here as well

  • Crotalidus, May 2008

    Sadly, the BoP popup GUI was back when I caught a Keefer's Angelfish last weekend at the Extravaganza :(

  • Calsh, May 2008

    Similarly. Caught Old Crafty this afternoon (24 May 2008) and got a confirmation dialog.

  • Deathxtreme, May 2008

    I posted this in my "Mr. Pinchy's Wishes" Forum topic, but yesterday I got a BoP popup confirmation box when I caught Mr. Pinchy (Patch 2.4.2). I guess this answers my question that it's back for all the rare fish.

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2.4 Change to Skill-Up Rate?

  • el, March 2008

    There's a comment at WoWInsider by nearlysober :

    "Takes less casts to skillup fishing. At about 260 it was taking me 10+ casts per skillup, after the patch it's taking about 6 casts."

    I don't trust the first number (10+ at 260), so I'm not at all sure I trust the second: The classic Noressa/Highlander/Ardeaem/Tedeum data suggest about 8 catches per point. Plus the poster states "casts", and casts have never been what determines skill gains (unless all your casts are catches).

    Unfortunately changes to the skill-up formulae are a real pain to test ;-) . Does anyone have any reliable information on this?

  • Snuggz, March 2008

    Hi all,

    Here are my results since patch:

    20-75 Skill took 60 Catches in about 20mins
    75-152 Skill took 178 Catches in about 52mins
    152-225 Skill took 192 Catches in about 68 mins
    225-300 Skill took 432 Catches in about 115 mins
    300-375 Skill took 817 Catches in about 340 Mins

    20-75 was 1.09 catches/point
    75-152 was 2.31 catches/point
    152-225 was 3.05 catches/point
    225-300 was 5.80 catches/point
    300-375 was 10.89 catches/point
    On a side note, I tracked 370-375, it was 54 catches or 10.8 catches per point.

    I did my fishing at Jerod's Point in Elwynn Forest from 0-225. I did 225-375 at Witherbark Village in Arathi Highlands.

    Hope that helps. I have another character to start on if anyone would like any specific information.


  • el, March 2008

    Very interesting. Thank you for posting.

    Your total catches were down to 1,700 (from 2,100 the last time I checked). That reduction is all between 100 and 300: 300-375 hasn't been changed - that still takes about 800 catches.

    Overall that's roughly a third fewer catches on the pre-TBC part of the levelling curve.

    If you (or anyone else reading) is levelling up their fishing skill on a character, it would help a lot if you could record the number of catches in narrower skill blocks - maybe every 10 or 25 skill point gains (at least between 100 and 300) - and post them here. Then I'll update the skill-up table in the guide.

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  • Binkan, March 2008

    I've been leveling fishing up, and keeping track-- since I've been using this site to level it, figured I could at least do that much:

    100-125: 67 catches (mostly 2-points, about 1/3 3-points.)
    125-150: 74 (mostly 3 catches per point, some 2/point and some 4/point)
    150-175: I didn't remember to write it down, but I recall mainly requiring 3 catchers per point still.
    175-200: 109 catches (was up to ~4 catches per point here.)
    200-225: 117 catches (still mainly 4 catches per point)
    225-250: 139 catches (mostly 5 catches per point, some 4/point and some 6/point)

    *added 239-250 numbers, since I had time to get them before the fishing contest (starts at 5 PM EST).

  • Nemari, June 2008

    My orc warlock is currently leveling fishing, mostly with the daily quests.

    A few days ago she was around 290. Until 295 it took around 6 catches for one skillpoint, but after that it was higher (didn't count, but I guess it is the old value around 10).
    I remember this, because I wanted to get the next skillpoint after catching the baby croc, and it took longer than before.

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Silmyr Lake drained for guild housing...

  • Noor, February 2008

    At least, that's my theory on what's going on in the PTR:


  • Katura, February 2008

    lol. i'll have to go check that out. it was full last time i was there =P

  • el, February 2008

    It's a known bug. Some areas of water in Outland are completely empty. Many others just have odd graphical glitches. It isn't entirely a visual issue - you can't fish where you don't see water...

  • Oberweiss, February 2008

    Fortunately, if you get the "Bait Bandits" quest, you can still complete it by fishing in the water just outside the horde town. It looks like a lake (rather than a river, which is specified by the quest), but I was able to catch the Blackfin Darter there anyway.

    It's also kind of funny to watch the waterfall flowing down from there, which evaporates instead of flowing into a river.

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