The Anglers Fishing Quests

Guide to Pandaria's Anglers faction, the quests they offer, and their rewards. For information about friendship with Nat Pagle, see Nat Pagle's Friendship. On this page:

"What should have been a week of easy fishing turned into a wild misadventure that ran us aground in the most dangerous place on the continent and nearly got us all killed, because you couldn't stop chasing your hunches. We just wanted to say: Thank you. Thank you for chasing fortune on the distant horizon. Thank you for dreaming. And most of all, thank you for bringing us along." - To Captain 'Soggy' Su-Dao, from his crew.

The Anglers

Anglers Wharf
Anglers Wharf - On the south-eastern coast of Krasarang Wilds.

The Anglers are a faction native to Pandaria. They have three main settlements:

Like most other factions, everyone starts at Neutral reputation with The Anglers, which can be improved until Exalted. At Revered a Grand Commendation of the Anglers can be purchased that doubles reputation gains (see below). Reputation is gained through fishing quests, described below.


Completing all the Anglers Wharf dailies (at least once) awards the achievement "Locking Down the Docks". Becoming Exalted with the Anglers also awards an achievement. But the main reason to gain reputation with the Anglers is to be able to buy their rewards.

Rewards are sold by Nat Pagle at the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds. Rewards require appropriate reputation with The Anglers to both buy and use. You do not need to be friends with Nat Pagle to buy these rewards, although Nat does sell extra items to his friends. Nat sells completely different rewards in Pandaria and Draenor. The items shown below are sold only in Pandaria. Anglers rewards are:


Anglers Tabard
Anglers Tabard
Anglers Tabard
  • Aqua-green tabard, with gold chain-style braiding and 2 large white fish hooks
  • Sold at Exalted for 10g (before reputation/perk reductions)

The Anglers Tabard is purely for show: Wearing it does not grant Anglers reputation in dungeons - or when fishing. Originally the tabard featured a gold anchor on a white background, in the style of a Theramore Marine. The current design was adopted in patch 5.1.

Reins of the Azure Water Strider
  • Teaches you how to summon a Water Strider mount (this mount can walk on water, except in battlegrounds)
  • Sold at Exalted for 5000g
Azure Water Strider
Azure Water Strider - Anglers reward. Moves on water.


Anglers Fishing Raft
  • Use: Raft across water (10 minute duration, but no cooldown)
  • "Great for fishing, but takes on water... so don't stay out too long!"
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 525
  • Sold at Revered for 1000g
  • More details »

Mages may also purchase Bipsi's Bobbing Berg - an ice-based raft, with the same price, requirements, and function as the Anglers Fishing Raft.

Dragon Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +30
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 525
  • Sold at Revered for 500g
Sharpened Tuskarr Spear
  • Use: Plant the spear in the ground, increasing Fishing skill by 15 for anyone who remains within 15 yards (lasts 2 minutes with a 5 minute cooldown)
  • "A traditional Tuskarr fishing spear; the craftsmanship is a sight to behold"
  • Sold at Revered for 1500g
  • More details »

At Revered anglers may also buy a Grand Commendation of the Anglers. Once used, this doubles reputation gains with The Anglers for everyone ((on the same account)): Not only can your employees ((alts)) gain reputation twice as fast from Neutral, but you can gain twice as much reputation between Revered and Exalted. When the Commendation is active, bonus reputation gains will be shown in brackets in the chat text when completing a quest - for example, "(+500.0 bonus)". The Commendation does not affect Nat Pagle's reputation.


Tiny Goldfish
Tiny Goldfish - Anglers Honored minipet. Size is relative.
Pandaren Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +10
  • Sold at Honored for 25g
Tiny Goldfish
  • Minipet (and Aquatic Battle Pet), which floats in a bowl of water (similar to the Sea Pony)
  • Sold at Honored for 250g


Two Cooking recipes are sold at Friendly, both for 5g. Neither cooks Buff Food:

Nat Pagle sells extra rewards to his friends: Read about Nat Pagle's Friendship.

Anglers Wharf Dailies

Quest "The Anglers" sends you from your faction's hub town in Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Shrine of Seven Stars or Two Moons) to the Anglers Wharf. This quest is optional and does not reward reputation.

Several Anglers Wharf residents offer daily quests. These quests require level 90 and fishing skill 1. Most quests do not require fish to be caught from open water, so most quests can be completed with low fishing skill.

3 daily quests are offered each day, randomly from the list of possible quests below. All are completed within Krasarang Wilds. Each rewards:

Quest fish not biting?
  1. Check the bobber is landing in the named water. For example, Wolf Piranha can only be caught from water named "Krasarang River". Catch is determined by the location of the bobber, not the location of the angler.
  2. Check you are not in a raid group. Quest fish cannot be caught while in a raiding party.

Armored Carp

Impaled Armored Carp
Impaled Armored Carp - Speared during the quest, Armored Carp.
  • Starts from: Trawler Yotimo.
  • What to loot: 5 Armored Carp.
  • Where to loot it: Throw the spear provided at Armored Carp critters, found swimming in shoals immediately south of the Anglers Wharf.
  • Skill required: Use the Anglers Fishing Spear provided.

The Anglers Fishing Spear provided for the quest can also be thrown at other fish-like critters in Pandaria, impaling and killing them. However other fish critters do not drop loot.

Bright Bait

  • Starts from: John 'Big Hook' Marsock.
  • What to loot: 7 Suncrawler.
  • Where to loot it: From bright orange objects clinging to the roots of trees in the jungle north of the Anglers Wharf.
  • Skill required: Fishing skill not used.

Each object yields 1-2 Suncrawlers. Beware of the tigers.

Map of Krasarang Wilds
Map of Krasarang Wilds

Fishing for a Bruising

  • Starts from: Angler Shen.
  • What to kill: 8 Riverblade Raider.
  • Where to kill: Anglers Expedition, due west of Anglers Wharf.
  • Skill required: Fishing skill not used.

Some Riverblade Raider are already fighting Anglers, so are easy to kill. There are several other types of hostile Riverblades, who do not count towards the quest.

Huff and Puff

  • Starts from: Trawler Yotimo.
  • What to loot: 5 Prickly Puffer Spine.
  • Where to loot it: Throw the spear provided at Prickly Puffer critters, found swimming in shoals in the Sarjun Depths, due west of the Anglers Wharf, north of Nayeli Lagoon.
  • Skill required: Use the Anglers Fishing Spear provided.

Beware of the sharks.

Jagged Abalone

Jagged Abalone Meat Clam
Jagged Abalone Meat Clam - In the Narsong Trench, north-east of the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.
  • Starts from: Fisherman Haito.
  • What to loot: 9 Jagged Abalone Meat.
  • Where to loot it: Looted from giant clam objects found on the seabed and clinging to the seawall, within the Narsong Trench, immediately north-east of the Anglers Wharf.
  • Skill required: Fishing skill not used.

The Narsong Trench deep and dark, which can make it hard to spot fresh clams. Beware of the sharks. Clams may also be found within Snapclaw's cave, at the bottom of the trench. Like the Orgrimmar daily quests, Clammy Hands, looting sometimes wakens a (friendly) baby Murloc.

Fisherman Haito will cast Water Gliding on you when you accept the quest, granting underwater breathing and faster swim speed.

Jumping the Shark

Riding the Shark
Riding the Shark - El during the quest, Jumping the Shark, near the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.
  • Starts from: John 'Big Hook' Marsock.
  • What to kill: Frenzied Reef Shark.
  • Where to kill it: Jump on the Frenzied Reef Shark that appears near John 'Big Hook' Marsock when you take the quest. Use the 2 special attacks (Shark Jab and Eye Gouge) to injury the shark. Keep the red bar above zero by pressing the third Hold Tight button to hold onto the shark. When the shark dies the quest is complete.
  • Skill required: Fishing skill not used.

Eye Gouge is a more powerful attack than Shark Jab, but has a longer cooldown. You will be warned when the shark is trying to throw you off, allowing you to Hold Tight. In practice this quest can be easily completed by simply mashing the buttons: Using every ability as soon as it comes off cooldown.

If the shark disappears before you can board it, simply ask John 'Big Hook' Marsock for another.

Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel

Sting Ray Bombing
Sting Ray Bombing - In the Sandy Shallows, due west of the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.
  • Starts from: Fiznix.
  • What to loot: 3 Stinger.
  • Where to loot it: Looted from Sting Rays, swimming in the Sandy Shallows (due west of the Anglers Wharf). Board the Goblin Fishing Raft found next to Fiznix, travel to the Sandy Shallows, and throw Goblin Fishing Bomb at the Sting Rays, killing them instantly.
  • Skill required: Use the Goblin Fishing Bomb provided.

When you board the raft you will gain a 10 minute buff called "Rafting", even if you don't immediately see your own raft. A replacement raft can be found on the beach just west of the Narsong Spires.

Sting Rays are level 90 creatures which cannot caught with a fishing pole. They can be killed without using the bomb, but the Goblin Fishing Bomb is recommended, since it kills the Sting Rays instantly. Sting Rays are not hostile once you are on the raft, but the nearby Hammerhead shark are aggressive, and can knock you off your raft if you get too close.

The Goblin Fishing Bomb appears to have a similar range (and "accuracy") to regular fishing poles. Unlike the Anglers Fishing Spear, the Goblin Fishing Bomb can only be used on the surface, not underwater, and cannot be used to kill other creatures.


  • Starts from: Fo Fook.
  • What to catch: 5 Wolf Piranha.
  • Where to catch it: Krasarang River, which flows through the western half of Krasarang Wilds.
  • Skill required: 700 to fish without excess Golden Carp (formerly junk).

Catch rate for Wolf Piranha is about 30%. The fish cannot be caught around Dawnchaser Retreat or the Temple of the Red Crane, even though the river appears to flow past these (thanks Druidmoon).

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt - Fishing Shipwreck Debris from Fiznix's raft.
  • Starts from: Fiznix.
  • What to catch: 15 Rusty Shipwreck Debris.
  • Where to catch it: Shipwreck Debris (Pandaria). These pools are found in 2 groups, both close to wrecked coastal ships: The eastern group is on the south side of the Narsong Spires, just west of the Anglers Wharf. The western group is on the opposite side of the Sandy Shallows. Fish from the Goblin Fishing Raft (described under Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel, above), but use a regular fishing pole, not a bomb.
  • Skill required: 1.

Each Shipwreck Debris (Pandaria) pool contains one or two catches of 2-5 Rusty Shipwreck Debris. You will also catch junk, regardless of your skill. Some pools can be fished from land, but it is more convenient to stand on the raft.


  • Starts from: Fisherman Haito.
  • What to catch: 7 Dojani Eel.
  • Where to catch it: Dojani River, which flows through the eastern half of Krasarang Wilds, due north of the Anglers Wharf.
  • Skill required: 700 to fish without excess Golden Carp (formerly junk).

Catch rate for Dojani Eel is about 30%. The fish cannot be caught from water zoned as Thunder Cleft (the nearby Horde village). The quest also rewards Crispy Dojani Eel, a non-buff food only available from this quest.


  • Starts from: Angler Shen.
  • What to loot: Snapclaw's Claw.
  • Where to loot it: Drops from Snapclaw, which is found inside a cave, whose entrance is at the bottom of the Narsong Trench, immediately north-east of the Anglers Wharf.
  • Skill required: Fishing skill not used.

Snapclaw takes rather a long time to reappear after death. Snapclaw's Claw can only be looted by one person. The combination can cause queues of anglers to form in the cave, waiting for a chance to kill Snapclaw.

Viseclaw Soup

Each Viseclaw Fisher drops 2 eyes on death. Viseclaw Fry (which sometimes accompany Viseclaw Fisher) also drop eyes, but Viseclaw Scuttler do not.

What Lurks Below

Narjon the Gulper
Narjon the Gulper - El is woefully under-geared to deal with this catch from the Mysterious Whirlpool at Krasari Falls.

This quest is similar to The Lurker Below: Fishing the Mysterious Whirlpool summons a mini-boss, who you then kill normally. The Mysterious Whirlpool is a large blue pool, only visible during the quest. The pool only ever contains one catch - Narjon the Gulper: Casting again after a kill simply summons the opponent again!

Narjon the Gulper has about a million HP. They have two potentially annoying attack abilities: Frost Breath, which freezes (ice blocks) anyone in its path for a second (interupting casting and movement), and Sea Splash, which is an AoE knock-back.

You may struggle to kill Narjon the Gulper in fishing gear, so fish the Mysterious Whirlpool without equipping a pole. I also recommend fighting entirely in the water, since Narjon the Gulper tends to evade and/or disappear into the base of the waterfall if engaged from land.

Who Knew Fish Liked Eggs?

Pristine Crane Egg
Pristine Crane Egg - At the top of Narsong Spires, just west of Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds. Requires flight.
  • Starts from: Elder Fisherman Rassan.
  • What to catch: Silver Goby.
  • Where to catch it: From Crane Yolk Pool: Steal a Pristine Crane Egg from nests found on the ground, at the top of the Narsong Spires (just east and west of Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds, requires flight). Throw the Pristine Crane Egg into any fishable area of water to create a Crane Yolk Pool. Fish from the pool normally.
  • Skill required: 1.

Pristine Crane Egg are guarded by level 90 Cranes. These do not need to be killed to gather an eggs, but expect to be attacked.

Pristine Crane Eggs may be used in any fishable water (not just in Krasarang Wilds), although there is no reason to travel, since the eggs are stolen very close to the quest-giver.

Silver Goby is normally caught on the first catch. In addition to Silver Goby, you will catch a mixture of junk and Pandarian fish. Crane Yolk Pools can be shared, however you must still steal an egg to complete the quest.

Soggy's Gamble Storyline

Ju Lien
Ju Lien - Wielding 4 fishing poles. At Soggy's Gamble in the Dread Wastes.

Most of the regular (non-repeatable) Anglers quests take place around Soggy's Gamble in the Dread Wastes. These quests require level 89. Fishing skill is not required. These Anglers quests can only be started after completing the initial Klaxxi quests: From the The Klaxxi until the regular quests at Klaxxi'vess have been finished.

The quests at Soggy's Gamble are only described in outline, since they are fairly straightforward and don't involve much fishing:

The storyline contains several moral tales for over-ambitious anglers... Completing all the quests at Soggy's Gamble earns about 2,500 reputation with the Anglers (before perks).

Quests that grant friendship with Nat Pagle also award reputation with The Anglers.

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Completing achievements? These guides will help complete individual Achievements:

Comments about The Anglers Fishing Quests

Below are readers' comments about "The Anglers Fishing Quests":

MoP The Anglers Fishing Quests

  • Astragal, June 2012

    From doing the daily on the current beta [15739] here are some observations to add to El's quest information.

    Quest: Armored Carp

    The 'Armored Carp' required for the quest can be found close by, to the south of the buildings.

    The easiest way to do this is by equiping the item then swim down close up to the carp and click the 'Anglers Fishing Spear' to use it. It should hit any of the carp close by. The fishing spear does not seem to work at distance (unlike some NPCs who use a fishing spear)

    You can just kill the carp and loot the item without using the spear (though it is more fun)

    Currently the fishing spear stays in your bag after completion. It may be a bug as it leaves multiple copies in you bag (not auto-deleted) But like quite a few quest items, it may be intentionally left, to let you use it as a novelty item.

    You can equip and use the fishing spear any time and use it to kill other similar low level fish (they are not tagged as Critters but actually level 10 Beasts) It has a nice animation which it makes it a fun thing to throw at friends. It doesn't hit any objects (apart from the intended fish types), therefore, sadly, it can not be used to spear Taurens...

    EDIT: I tried it out with the level 1 critter fish at Sri La Village 'Saltscale Carp and it did not hit them so not sure if this does work. Will check some more.

    Quest: Piranha!

    The quest states 'Krasarang River' which will show up above the mini-map when you are in the right area. 'Krasarang River' extends north up from a line across from Dawnchaser Retreat to the east of the Temple of the Red Crane (not included) and up to Krasari Falls. Non of these adjacent areas is included even the Temple which lies within the Krasarang River area.

    You can also catch them on the coast at the waterfall where the river enters the sea in 'The Deepwild'.

    Quest: Fishing for a Bruising

    Make sure you are killing the right NPCs which are the

    Riverblade Raider as the others don't count. To make it easier kill the ones already fighting as they have low health. There is one on a roof which will bug out as it can't enter combat. They have 393k hp.

    Quest: Snapclaw

    Watch the sharks as you descend down to the cave. Hug the rock keeps you mostly safe.

    Apparently you do not get the quest complete if in a party when killing him. Tried it with another player. I got the quest complete but he did not. Generally now you get credit for killing a quest NPC even out of a group so not sure how this is different. Perhaps this will change.

    As you enter the cave be prepared for some music! Having never been to the Darkmoon Faire, it became obvious when I did, that the cave used for this quest is the same cave there underwater. And of course I understand the music now when you go into Snapclaws cave ;) Wonder if they leave it in as I thought it was a nice touch to a quest.

    Quest: Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel

    I can confirm that the 'Goblin Fishing Raft' next to Fiznix is working when I did the quest a little while ago. Comes with a barrel for the fish (quest title reference) and a neat stack of Goblin Fishing Bombs. Just click and you get the 'Rafting' buff although no animation like the one gained at Marista Village and a shorter duration version.

    Goblin Fishing Raft

    Also, there is another raft close to the spot where the Sting Ray are so if you lose the Rafting buff (any damage will lose the buff now i.e. if attacked by the shark) you can get another without having to come back.

    Once you have the raft just go round to the spot (you will see a small cannon and pile of bombs next to Goblin chair, umbrella and general trashy mess) or fly there and get a Rafting buff there.

    The buff is;


    Grants the ability to raft across oceanic waters in Krasarang Wilds.
    10 minutes remaining

    10 minute buff restricted to the zone.

    Like El said on the page, you can use the bombs on water not land. They can be used for a variety of fun, including showering Fiznix himself...! They no harm to other NPCs but do show fish flying up out of the water as part of the amination. The bomb currently stays in your bag after quest is handed in.

    Goblin Fishing Bomb Being Used on Fiznix himself

    Note the small fish flying up out of the water in the animation.

    For the actual quest, it's best just to drop icon onto the bar set with a button, then get around 10 yards range between you and the Sting Ray and spam the button. It throws between 3-5 bombs out in rapid sequence which, if the range is right kills the ray easily. Just steer the raft and spam the button and the quest is done very quickly.

    Watch out for the shark which will attack you and take off the Rafting buff and leave you in the water being attacked.

    You can kill the ray though they have high hp. Not sure if they still drop the item. But using the bombs is way easier and more fun.

    Until you hand in the quest you can recast the Rafting buff, so feasibly it could be used at anytime if the quest is not handed in.

    I suspect that the same Rafting buff will be available for the Shipwreck pool quests as there are rafts there also.

    Quest: Shocking!

    Double check you have 'Dojani River' above mini-map to get the drops.

    Doing the quest I only got a shock from the first eel caught, not after. Unsure if this is intentional, a proc chance or a bug.

    The shock appears to be only visual as there was no damage recorded in the Combat Log. Also, it did not remove the water walking buff which is normally the case if damaged.

    Quest: Huff & Puff

    Same as for Armored Carp; get up close and it usually hits first time. Spam the icon when spear equipped.

    Make sure pet is set to passive as one thunderclap will kill your intended prey...

    Quest: Jagged Abalone

    Fisherman Haito gives you the Water Gliding buff so no worries about breathing and the 50% movement speed increase underwater. Best to do it soon after taking the quest so as not to lose it while doing other quests.

    Bluetip Reef Sharks have 393k hp as do most lvl90 mobs.

    Occasionally you get a Baby Bluegill Murloc spawn when looting the abalone, then despawn after a few seconds. Photo here;

    Jagged Abalone - Murloc spawn

    Quest: Viseclaw Soup

    The area indicated on the mini-map is pretty restrictive and does not show all the places you can find Viseclaw Fisher. You will find a lot just a bit further east in Krasarang Cove where they are a shared spawn with the Viseclaw Scuttler.

    And added bonus is that occasionally you will see a family including three Viseclaw Fry which also drop the quest item.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    Updated the above post with some new comments of further quests so far including Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel, Shocking! and Huff & Puff.

    One interesting thing I missed first time or maybe it was not implimented at the time, when you go to talk to Ju Lien with his four rods, you can mouseover the rack next to him and a magnifying glass appears. It is called Ju Lien's Fishing Rack and clicking on it will give the following text in chat;

    Master Angler Ju Lien says: Creepy, aren't they? Never seen 'em before, but I've been pulling them in all day.

    They are the same octopus type Jiao Spawn that are involved with his quest there.

    This type of rack with octopus on it is used elsewhere in the game, though without the name and function.

  • el, June 2012

    Ju Lien is a part of the Soggy's Gamble storyline. You will need to play through the full sequence there before the Jiao Spawns make sense. I've avoided a full description, because it doesn't have much to do with fishing, and is best experienced without spoilers.

  • Expand 5 more comments

    from "MoP The Anglers Fishing Quests".
  • Astragal, June 2012

    Quest: Snapclaw

    An update on the fishing daily quest 'Snapclaw'. Currently the NPC does not share the item with those involved in the kill like other quest NPC now in MoP generally do by design; instead it just goes to the first to loot regardless of first hit of killing blow. This is also true even grouped.

    Together with a long respawn time (around 5 minutes) it is making for old school long queues standing around and a cave filled with players waiting. Suggest to wait for a quieter time if possible. Hopefully Blizzard fix the loot share soon.

  • Brick, June 2012

    Re: Snapclaw daily. you can complete the quest whether in a group or not but only one person can loot the claw per kill. There is a 5 minute respawn timer so this quest is ideal for ninja looting and much cursing. Let's hope they fix it so all ppl in on the kill can loot whether grouped or not.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    The Beloved Ring cannot be looted unless you summoned Narjon the Gulper yourself. If another angler summoned the creature and fled, you may need to kill Narjon twice before being able to loot the ring.

    Trying to do this today, twice had Horde players looting the item after I had summoned by fishing in the pool (in fact one quite deliberately waited in the water for the summon) i.e. I summoned it , they aggroed Narjon while I was changing to weapon. I dpsed and probably killed it but the item was not obtainable. Third time to test I waited for until another Horde player fished to summon the Narjon, once summoned I dpsed and killed it and was able to loot and complete the quest.

    I suspect the loot is like Snapclaw in that it is first to loot. Either way it sucks as it is.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    In the latest beta they have fixed up the Klaxxi quest hub and appear to have added a new breadcrumb quest which takes you to Soggy's Gamble. Appropriately named Soggy's Gamble it is given by the NPC Ambersmith Zikk the Klaxxi quartermaster, who is on the ground, to the southern side of the hub. Hand in is to Deck Boss Arie at Soggy's Gamble.

    Soggy's Gamble

    So the bugs have taken an interest in us have they? Well if they want somethin' from us they'll have to come and earn it themselves!

    You work for what you get here. That means you too!

    At level 90 it rewards 1g 98s 50c with guild perk. No faction rep.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    Just a note that the Sharpened Tuskarr Spear can be used while mounted.

  • Reply

    to "MoP The Anglers Fishing Quests".

Changes as of Feb 25th?

  • suxbeinme, February 2014

    Seems there are a few things that have changed. Some of these may not be new but wanted to post them anyway.
    1) Seems Dojani eels can no longer be caught from pools for "Shocking" daily.
    2) Catch rates for Dojani eels seem to have been adjusted. Open water rates at around 10%. But if you fish in moving water, such as base of fall rate is upwards of 35%. Confirmed on 3 toons today.

  • el, February 2014

    1. Originally they never could be caught from pools. I'm not sure what's been happening in the interim.

    2. I suggest running that test backwards... At issue is that the more attempts you make to catch quest fish from appropriate waters, the higher the probability on each (subsequent) cast. So if you cast 10 times in open water, then 10 times in another area of open water, you'd expect far more Eels from the second area than the first, purely because you went there in that order. It makes any genuine variations rather hard to pin down.

  • Reply

    to "Changes as of Feb 25th?".

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