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El with 92 Pound Mightfish
El with 92 Pound Mightfish - Doesn't look that heavy, does it?

The One That Didn't Get Away is an achievement. It is required to complete the Accomplished Angler, and gain the title "Salty".

One That Didn't Get Away requires you to catch 1 out of 10 possible rare fish. Only the first rare fish you catch will be recorded for the achievement.

None of these rare fish bind to the angler when caught. To complete the achievement you have to actually catch the fish yourself. You cannot gain One That Didn't Get Away by trade.

What makes this achievement so frustrating and time-consuming? All 10 of these fish are rare!

Catch Options


The recommended method is to fish Fangtooth Herring School for Dark Herring. Particularly if your fishing skill is low, or you are trying to complete the guild achievement "That's A Lot of Bait" (which lets guild members cook Seafood Magnifique Feast). But also consider these alternative options:

For more evidence, catch statistics and general discussion read this forum topic.

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One That Didn't Get Away - achievement

  • Iannah, October 2008

    El says: For new readers, I recommend the summary guide to the One That Didn't Get Away. Original post:

    While most fishing achievements will not be possible to do before the 3.0 patch, or even the expansion itself, there are a few that you can do before that time.

    Fish Don't Leave Footprints - learn the ability to find fish
    Master Angler of Stranglethorn - win the Booty Bay fishing contest
    Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box - fish your way to Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box
    Old Crafty - fish up Old Crafty in Orgrimmar
    Old Ironjaw - fish up Old Ironjaw in Ironforge

    And finally:
    One That Didn't Get Away - fish up one of the rare fish

    Those first 5 are pretty straightforward. I'm not saying that they're all easy, but it's clear what you have to do. But I'm wondering about the last achievement, get one of the rare fish. Now, if you're like me, you don't want to buy one at the auction house, even if they're available. Which one of the rare fishes would you think is the easiest to get? Should we fish in a starter area for a chance of a big Mudsnapper or Catfish? Should we head to Azshara for a Lobster or Mightfish? Should we try to get the Rockhide Strongfish during the tournament?

  • Faela, October 2008

    Isn't 'The One that Didn't Get Away' also not possible before 3.0, precisely because you could buy one at the auction house? I thought that you needed to specifically catch one of the fish, not just have one in your inventory, in which case you would need to catch it after 3.0 so it could be recorded.

  • NiceBloke, October 2008

    I also thought that was the case.

    I've only had 17 and 19 pound Catfish from Ogrimmar or Ironforge in the 2500 fish I've caught

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  • Cozmic, October 2008

    Would Ironjaw or Crafty not count as one of these "rare fish"?

  • el, October 2008

    To clear up any confusion: As Faela says, none of the existing "rare fish" for the "One That Didn't Get Away" are bound on pickup, so cannot be counted before patch 3.0.2. Old Ironjaw and Old Crafty now have their own achievements, so are not now on the rare fish list.

    The 2 unknown rare fish for the first achievement (Baby Coralshell Turtle and 113 Pound Swordfish) I have not seen yet - I assume both will be found in Northrend.

  • Madlax, October 2008

    I had a Rockhide Strongfish on my char, copied it over to the PTR and did not get the achievement so I can second that.
    From my personal feeling, the "easiest" way would be the fishing tourney and the 2 rare fish.
    I have gotten a bunch of "pound" fishes, but none of them are max weight.

    Personal oppinion
    Since I can't post on the US forums, I´d suggest to have "One That Didn't Get Away" either changed or removed from Salty before this patch goes live.
    (I rather see jaw/crafty in there)
    With 0.5% chance to get a "pound" fish, it means 5 in 1000 catches will be one.
    And there is a 1/5th chance for each of those to be the max weight.
    That´s a lot worse than fishing crawdads.

  • Oberweiss, October 2008

    Madlax wrote:

    I have gotten a bunch of "pound" fishes, but none of them are max weight.
    Personal oppinion
    Since I can't post on the US forums, I´d suggest to have "One That Didn't Get Away" either changed or removed from Salty before this patch goes live.
    (I rather see jaw/crafty in there)
    With 0.5% chance to get a "pound" fish, it means 5 in 1000 catches will be one.
    And there is a 1/5th chance for each of those to be the max weight.
    That´s a lot worse than fishing crawdads.

    Yeah, I agree that it's a very difficult achievement. My statistics have been even worse than the ones you calculated; I caught over 5,000 fish in Azshara's Bay of Storms, and I have only gotten one 103 lb. Mightfish. Wowhead hasn't recorded anyone having caught one. Mind you, everything is chance, so it's possible I was unlucky. Still, I am not looking forward to fishing 5,000 fish from the same location again just to complete this achievement - especially since I've caught at least 2 fish on the list pre-Patch 3.0.

  • Iannah, October 2008

    Ah, I must have misunderstood. While I think it's a good thing that you can't "trade" the achievement via the auction house or passing a big fish around to friends, I agree that it's probably a hard achievement to get. Well, I don't really mind that it's hard, I like a challenge once in a while. So, in that case the Magical Crawdad Box is the only thing left for me to get this week, and I can forget about catching a rare fish before the patch hits (which would be oddly appropriate for me, getting a rare catch before 3.0, and having it take weeks to get another one). Thanks for clearing this up for me.

  • Madlax, October 2008

    From someones IF fishing:

    Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper : 1546
    Raw Brilliant Smallfish : 435
    Raw bristle Whisker Catfish : 551
    17 Pound Catfish : 8
    19 Pound Catfish : 3
    22 Pound Catfish : 2
    The 1 Ring : 1
    Lesser Mana potion : 6
    Lesser Healing Potion : 4
    Green item : 1
    Old Ironjaw : 1

    I suppose this one is really gonna be the make or break on luck achievement of extreme angling. phew

  • Demosthenes, October 2008

    If you are Horde try Stonebull Lake in Mulgore for this achievement, since there are only three "pound" fishs in the lake. 10 pound, 12 pound and the desired 15 pound Mud Snapper. Got mine in 749 casts. Did it while aiming for the "1000 Fish" Achievement. Have fun. :-)

  • Jolt, October 2008

    My question for the gang here:

    I'm alliance, and curious where you think is the best place to sit down and cast for awhile?

    Are any lakes, ponds, seas ... etc better locations to try than others?

    or is it a crapshoot?

  • wow_mailbh, October 2008

    I am currently on that step. I have completed all other achievements for Azeroth and Outland with the exception of daily fishing quests that were not accounted despite the fact that I did them nearly everyday since they came out. Anyway, it is not a big deal... I was also fortunate to get Old Ironjaw and Old Crafty in approximately 400 casts each.

    So, going back to that rare fish, I never caught any and I decided to focus my fishing time to Azshara's Bay of Storms since there is a possibility to catch 3 of the rare fish in the list at that location. I have been fishing in open water and was wondering if there is a better chance to fish in pools despite the evident waste of time to travel and find them...

    Let me know and good luck with that catch that I think is the most challenging of the fishing achievements.

  • Kahless, October 2008

    I've got all but two of the achievements that can be got before the X-Pac.
    I figure I'll work in The one that didn't get away and 1000 fish at the same time.

    I was trying to figure where would be the best place and I think it's Azshara.
    The Bay of Storms has both the 103lb Mightfish and the 22lb Lobster so I figure that doubles my chances.

    Anybody got a better place to fish that would improve the odds?

  • el, October 2008

    Interesting question, Kahless. Logically I would start with Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw, since I assume the off-hands can still be caught in those places too. Then move on to Azshara Bay of Storms as you suggest. Your logic (2 rares in one place) sounds reasonable.

    All I know is these very heavy off-hands are very, very rare. I've fished thousands of catches in the Bay of Storms (back before TBC), and have never caught the 103 Pound Mightfish.

  • Jolt, October 2008

    So El,

    What do you think, if you just want this achievement? Fish at Crystal Lake in Elwynn Forest?

    I have gotten rockhide strongfish at the derby before, maybe I'll try for that on Sunday.

    Also, do you think fishing in pools increases, or decreases, your chance of getting the rare fish?

  • el, October 2008

    Let's read through Thott's data for Stonebull Lake. Almost 32,000 catches recorded, and we know there are no pools there, or chance of fishing from a nearby zone "by accident". That demonstrates:

    1. The heaviest of the off-hands are also the rarest. Most extreme anglers probably had a "gut feeling" about that already.
    2. The catch rate on 15 Pound Mud Snapper is about 1/2000. That's an average.

    But. Looking at other areas, it is probably far worse than 1/2000. Crystal Lake (another new-character favourite, that gets fished a lot) shows about 1/9000 over 132,000 catches.

    What's most confusing is that the 32 Pound Catfish is not listed as caught in the major capital cities (only lower weight Catfish offhands). Thott lists 184,000 catches in Stormwind, with no 32 Pound Catfish. (And no, I didn't realise that Shadowprey Village has inland fish, either...)

    Do higher-level areas have a difference chance?

    Really hard to say: These fish just are not recorded often enough.

    Now then consider that all the proportions I've used here are for locations where the fish has been caught. There will be plenty of locations where the off-hands exist, but have never been recorded by Thott. So we've probably looking at odds closer to 1/10,000 at any location, and you might like to avoid the capital cities, for which there are no confirmed catches.

    Finally, looking at Steelscale Crushfish, Thott shows about 1/10,000 there (again, with not enough records to be sure). And at least that fish will be a bit more of a novalty item than the other off-hands.

    I suspect this is going to be insanely time-consuming (yet sadly 'bot-able, for those inclined to cheat), and will come to define what makes "Salty" hard to get. It might be worth holding back until Baby Coralshell Turtle or 113 Pound Swordfish appear. But something tells me those will not be easy either. Oh my!

  • Kahless, October 2008

    Since Crafty and Ironjaw don't count toward the salty achievement, I'm de prioritizing those for now.

    Since it's possible I could fish for 8 hours a day for the next month and still not catch one of those rares, I'm making this a priority.

    My goal is to be the first on my realm to 450 fishing skill, and after that possibly first with the Salty title.
    So I'm trying to get everything done that can be done before release.
    All that will be left (hopefully) will be Grand Master Fisherman, Northrend Angler and Coin Master.

  • Jolt, October 2008

    So from your stats, 15 pound mudfish is the easiest to fish up. Where would you try (if you were to try)? Some place is better than Crystal Lake?

    Also, i have gotten the rockhide strongfish during the derby, and if you look that up on the popular info sites, so have several others ... so maybe that's the fish to try for?

  • el, October 2008

    Jolt: None the available statistics are good enough. There's no reliable evidence that any one place or off-hand is easier to catch than any other.

    And even if the average in one place or fish is 1/5000, and another is 1/10,000, it is still random: So if your luck is poor, you could be trying for either for 20,000 catches and still not complete the achievement.

    Frankly, I don't think trying to complete this achievement is "healthy". I presume is an oversight by the designers, unless the catch rates for these fish have been improved.

  • Jolt, October 2008

    Agree El, probably isn't healthy at all. I didn't realize these catch rates were worse than Ironjaw and Crafty.

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STV Extravaganza Support Group

  • Triseult, December 2008

    Thought I'd start a topic for all those of us who are trying desperately to win the Tournament, so we can commiserate and share tips...

    I've been trying to win the Tournament for 5 weeks now. Every Sunday, I mumble an excuse to my girlfriend to become intensely busy for 60 minutes (including prep time.) Each time so far, I've had to stone to BB and then do the "walk of shame" of going back to Grom'gol, taking the Zeppelin to Org, then the Zep to Warsong Hold, then the long Flightpath to Dalaran... Sigh.

    Anyway, what's even more frustrating/exciting is that I'm getting REALLY close now. Over the last 3 weeks, I've scored 37, 37 and 38 when the winner was announced. What a pulse-pounding finish...

    Last week, I tweaked my strategy a bit:

    - Tried to go to the island at the northwest... Found it already taken by 2 people, decided against it.

    - As a result, I went to the west coast of STV (I previously fished at the east side.)

    - I also decided NOT to fight others for the pools... When someone came by my pool, I finished fishing, fished another one if I had just started, then moved on. This was to avoid having 2 people run together looking for pools.

    - I also avoided fishing in someone else's pool.

    My 38 doesn't tell the whole story... I was actually very unlucky with my catches, AND fought too long with a pool that was poorly placed... Also, near Grom'gol, I had a LOT more people than down east, and still pulled in 38, which is amazing. I feel that with a little luck, I would have gotten this.

    So, my advice:

    - Make sure you set your Hearthstone to BB (just in case this wasn't painfully obvious by now.)

    - I don't think either the east or west side is better... Both seemed relatively similar.

    - DON'T fight for pools. Just move on when someone gets to yours, so you can get the next pool by yourself.

    Still, I'm not a winner... yet!

  • Sythen, December 2008

    I would like to add my story here and would hope that you wont see it as boasting, it simply shows how much luck is involved in this competition.

    So I have taken part in the STV Fishing Competiton 3 times and have won it twice.
    The first time I took part and won it was on a character I was still levelling, it was under lvl 60 (no epic mount) and I also hadn't got the Fish tracking either.
    The second and third times I took part was on my main level 70 Paladin (epic mount and Crusader Aura) also had Fish tracking.

    I used the same tactic all three times, get to the south coast of STV about 10 minutes before it starts make sure fishing pole is equipped and the fishing button is hot-keyed properly then wait for the schools of fish to appear. Then just run up and down the south coast fishing out all the schools you see, skip any schools with more than 2 people fishing in them. I didn't even bother setting my hearth too BB on any of my attempts.

    Hopefully from this story you can see that there is only so much preperation you can do before you have to leave it down to luck.

    A couple of top tips:

    1. Make sure you have 30-40 minutes of time where no one will bother you.
    2. You have to concentrate solidly for this time, so make sure you've had plenty of sleep the night before.
    3. Lastly, don't give up if you don't win it first time, like I have said, it's largely down to luck.

    Happy Fishing :)

  • Acquiesce, December 2008

    Ok, let's see what I can offer as far as advice.

    First off, I've competed 4 times in the STV-FE and won the contest 3 of those times. Each time, my character was max level (didn't really matter) and Find Fish was not yet working with Tastyfish.

    Tip 1: Set hearth to BB

    Tip 2: Create a macro so you can keep track of your catches without checking your bag

    Tip 3: Know the terrain. Spend a few minutes running around the area you plan to fish. Check for low-water spots and hard-to-cross areas. This'll help you when you want to jump a pool or attempt to climb over a small hill.

    Tip 4: Auto-loot, always.

    Tip 5: When in doubt, recast. Did your bobber land CLOSE to the pool but not quite inside it? When in doubt, recast. Don't risk 22 seconds to find out you were outside the spawn.

    Tip 6: Stay. Don't run up and down the coast, don't switch from West to East of vice-versa. I have a favorite spot. 3-8 nodes pop up and I never travel more than 50 yards in either direction.

    Tip 7: Give other people ideas. When you finish fishing a node, if there's others nearby, mount up and start heading off. Check to see if they do the same. They'll think they're clever and start moving in the opposite direction. That's when you turn around and go right back to where you were standing.

    Tip 8: Just because you're moving, doesn't mean you're winning. I know we can all feel that if we're not running about, on the move, we're losing time. In this competition, you're not. Just stand still and wait for those pools to spawn around you. Every time you head north, you're going to be forced to continue along further when you find someone already fishing a node. Why keep traveling when the nodes practically come to you? Standing in place, you're going to know where the pools spawn. Traveling, there's no certainty. Find that spot near multiple nodes and wait. I've lost a good 5 minutes waiting on pools, but I've still won 3/4s of the contests I've entered (only lost the first one I tried, before I used this technique)

    Tip 9: Choice is yours on whether to share a node or not. I'd like to believe that being considerate is a favor oft-returned, but let's be realistic, some of these folk are bastards. =P

    Tip 10: Be twichy. It's not cool, but have your face right up against the screen if it makes you feel more on-your-toes. Be ready to recast on a moment's notice. While your bobber is just sitting there, plot whether you're going to head north or south next. When you're on your final few fish, think about what direction your character faces when you hearth back to BB and how best to get back to the goblin outside.

    Fishing is meant to be relaxing. This tournament? Not so much so. Worry about having fun later. First time around, just focus on trying to win.

    Anyway, best of luck =)

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  • Triseult, December 2008

    Amazing... The suggestion to stay in one spot is counter-intuitive, but it might just work. Gotta try that. :)

    Thanks for the recommendations... Maybe it's my server, but I feel it's a very stiff competition despite what I feel is a good performance... I've been fishing almost non-stop this week, but I got a lot of non-Tastyfish, and I was stubborn about a pool that was half-visible... Should have just abandoned it in retrospect.

  • Samessa, December 2008

    Perhaps the stakes have gotten higher since the achievement system started, but I didn't really have much trouble with a win. This is what I did:

    1) Set your hearthstone to BB. This one's obvious.

    2) Head up to Yojamba Island. Get there early and hang out. Chances are some people will come by, see you already there, and decide it's not worth fighting you and leave.

    3) Get a friend. This is actually the biggest piece of advice. When I won, my girlfriend was on another character on the island with me, scouting out new pools. That way, I could go directly from one pool to the next, without any time wasted. Sometimes there were no pools, but I was able to cover twice the territory with her running around too. Another benefit is in an area as small as Yojamba, if others aren't scared off by one, they'll very likely be scared off by two.

    Honestly, I think it's the combination of fishing at Yojamba with another person scouting out new pools that won me the competition.

  • Acquiesce, December 2008

    Samessa wrote:

    Honestly, I think it's the combination of fishing at Yojamba with another person scouting out new pools that won me the competition.

    I can't recommend Yojamba because from my experiences, that's where the twinks go when they're trying to fish up the gear.

    With no mobs to worry about, it's safe fishing for them. Might depend on the server though.

  • Andre, December 2008

    Hello all!

    The title Salty seemed out of my grasp before this weekend. I didn't have the coin achievement, the rare fish and, most importantly, the fishing tournament. With a little help from my guildies I managed to win it (first time I've tried it too!) and I'd like to share my experience with you guys!

    I started fishing little south of Grom'gol. First thing's first, I've been an avid fisherman for a long time and I have to say that my experience in catching pools of fish really helped on this. You really learn how to position yourself in front of a pool to make sure your bobber has a better chance of landing on it. Also, you get a good experience knowing if your bobber is actually in the pool range, so you know if you need to recast it or not. If you guys really wanna go for it serious, make sure you practice a lot!

    A good suggestion to practice is going for Dark Herring if you guys haven't done the "One that got away" achievement. There are plenty of schools in Howling Fjord and I hear it has a 1% chance to drop from them. But the practice is the most important part!

    Going back to the tournament, I had a group of 4 people helping me. I was always escorted by a ret paladin. He was doing two things for me. One: Scouting the next pool. Two: killing anyone within 50 yards of me. He had a vital role in making sure I didn't get ganked. I only got griefed a couple of times by a shaman who was also going for the tournament but my buddy killed him, so he was just rezzing and trying to put me in combat. But nothing major.

    My 3 other buddies were a rogue, druid and another ret paladin. They were basically walking everywhere killing any horde trying. They didn't take a lot of time griefing alliance bobbers because I told them I trusted my abilities of fishing and they gladly didn't let me down!

    I'm a shaman so I had water walk on all the time. I highly recommend you guys getting a shaman to help you because it is VERY useful, especially since you can mount with water walking now!

    Took me about 20 minutes and I won it. Remember, when you turn in make sure you choose your reward (I chose the pole, obviously) or else you'll get the "Please choose a reward" error!

    After winning the fishing event it gave me motivation go to for the rare fish and the coins, which I did and now I'm Salty!

    Sorry if my english is a little confusing, it's not my first language. And good luck everyone!!!!

  • erin, December 2008

    I've been trying for about 3 months now. I feel your pain. But I think I'm getting better - I think I'm getting to the point where I can't do much more to improve my strategy - I just need to find a Sunday where luck will take me the rest of the way there.

    Some things I've learned:

    1) I tried the first few weeks fishing in places that weren't as popular. I mistakenly assumed that every competitor had done the same research so areas like Twink Island and just south of the base camp would be crowded. I think the crowded thing varies from server to server, so it may take a while to find a sweet spot. Even once you find it, that spot may just have drawn the short stick in the spawn lottery that week. Taking some time to explore doesn't hurt if you're having a bad week and know the win isn't going to happen that week.

    2) The absolute most important advice you can take is not to share a pool. Find an empty one, if someone joins you, finish your bobber out and move on. I read this advice, but I didn't take it at first because I thought I would get too far behind look for fresh pools. One week, I was sure I wasn't going to win, so I tried it out, and low and behold it was my best week out of all the past ones. If the competitor that joins me at the pool is having trouble getting their cast in when my bobber has finished, I'll cast another. I consider them "at the pool" if their bobber is actually in the pool. I can usually get another tastyfish out of the pool because the person next to me has had some unlucky cast lands or just doesn't know what they're doing.

    Next time I think I'm going to try concentrating on one general area. After the loss last week, I wondered around and found some spots that allow me to see up to 5 nodes on my mini-map and several more in camera view all at once, so I think I might camp there. I got my closest this past week, 36 when the winner was announced. I think I might have pulled it off, but I spent too much time mounting up and running north of an area that had a lot of spawn points to an area that only had a few. Then I'd fish those out and have to mount up to get all the way back.

    Also, I might add, Luck works in mysterious ways. I left STV not long after the loss, and went to Dalaran where in just a few casts I had a Giant Sewer Rat in my hands. Since the expac, I've probably had less than 50 casts total in the sewer. I think the RNG was feeling bad for me that day and decided to throw me a, rat.

  • Zahana, December 2008

    Almost every weekend (missed twice) since I started playing WoW again in August.

    Before then 2 or 3 times a month (got caught up in dailies/heroics/vacations/etc from time to time) from January to May

    Closest I've come, had 40 hearthed to turn in to find him dead, was turned into a zombie and killed, by the time I ressed and got back he spawned and the annoucement went out that someone had won.

    I'm seriously ready to say screw it. After what is close to 50 attempts, I'm just about ready to hang up my fishing pole and just gank every Horde in sight.

  • ajijika, December 2008

    ^^^^ I have only been trying the last two weeks (I know, an STV-FE rookie from the sound of it, but a longtime fishing lover) and the first week I was about 10 seconds off... had 40, hearthed, and saw the guy who won turn the quest in right in front of me. So frustrating!

    Nevertheless, I'll be back tomorrow. This is the last item on the Salty agenda for me. Just fished the Dark Herring with about 100 casts.

  • Kaiyne, December 2008

    Won last Sunday (12/6) on Elune for my Salty title in 18 minutes!

    East Coast of STV worked out well for me, being with 2 of my guildies seemed to be enough to chase the other fishermen off before the contest even began.

    7 of my guildies were running up and down the coast flagged, trying to harass as many players as possible and spotting pools ahead and behind me. Packed lots of Swiftness and Water walking potions.

    By the time I turned in for the contest, we had 20 Alliance chasing my guildmates down the coast mercilessly corpse camping them and everyone in my guild receiving tells about we were being reported, totally immature etc.

    Of course, they don't seem to understand that it's not about holding hands and sharing fishing nodes and singing cum-by-ah. It's about WINNING at ALL COSTS!

    Much thanks to this site for the many insightful and helpful tips.

  • Kahless, December 2008

    Real fishermen win the contest using skill.
    There's absolutely no reason to harass other player on a PvE server.
    If you can't win fairly, you're not a winner in my book.

  • robie69, December 2008

    If anyone is on the US Server mug'thol give me a buzz, twinks name = Koios 19 NE hunter....pst me if u want so me help getting the hat or boots =)

    thank you

  • Mushroom, December 2008

    Haven't gotten to compete since I work on Sundays, but today I managed to sneak out early and participate for the first time. Thanks to all the great information and advice on this site, I holed up on Yojamba and found it all to myself for 39 tastyfish, moved quickly between pools, and never let a cast run out if I wasn't sure it was in the pool. 19 minutes after starting, I won my Salty title!

    Thanks to everyone who posted for the tips, and to El for the great site!

  • Triseult, December 2008

    Sigh... I usually pull in 36+ in the tournament, but this week the east coast on my server was FILLED with people... And organized people too: they had spotters, and people to fake fishing in the same pool as to scare people away. They still didn't win, though.

    Got a measly 25, which I still consider pretty good considering the level of competition... I have a sneaking suspicion the winner is using Yojamba, though. So next week... that's where I'm headed.

  • Invisible_Elf, December 2008

    Going to share my little secret since I already won the tournament twice:

    North-west of that horde town (can't remember the name) there is a little island with water elementals on. Around that island there are 4 pool spawns, but only 1 of them will be up at a time. Should be worth checking out.

    Also stock up on those elixirs to run on water. If you are a rogue get the sprint glyph for waterwalking.

    I don't think anyone mentioned it in this thread, get the fish school tracking thing too, it works for tastyfish schools

  • anniefish, December 2008

    I won today on Cenarius.

    BEST advice given here is to leave a pool if someone else was there. Made me very nervous to leave a pool and go to the next but I do believe it paid off.

    I will say though, that there wasn't the tons of people fishing as I've seen in the past so maybe that was key.

  • Triseult, December 2008

    Alas, the Master Angler crown still eludes me...

    I've tried Yojamba this week, even arrived 45 mins in advance... No dice, it filled up with people fighting over pools. Moved on to the west coast, and experienced frustrating delays trying to fish in the "bugged" pools... I lost with 30 fish.

    Next week, I'm moving back to the east coast, where I had the best luck... And I'll stick to that strategy for a while, until I win or give up. I'm suspecting there's just too many people participating on my server, so I have to start thinking in terms of sharing pools (otherwise I abandon pools and never get my own.) I did that the first week and got 38.

  • Balsymcgee, January 2009

    Tomorrow will be my first time competing in quite a while, and thanks for the helpful advice.

    I was wondering how stiff the competition was going to be, and the closest estimate I can get, comparatively, is by server population. I was under the impression that I was on a really high population server (Hyjal), and therefore, there would probably be more competition than average. While this isn't a totally accurate picture of how many will be competing in the contest, it does reassure me a little bit, since I found out that my server ranks about 138th out of about 240 servers in population. I thought for sure it would have been higher on that list, since there are long queues most evenings.

    Anyway, here's what I've gathered so far, which pretty much constitutes my "plan":

    1. Set hearth to BB.
    2. Show up about 1hr early and try to scout out a good place.
    3. Pools - I will fish them with one other competitor for a couple of casts, but then move on.
    4. Don't try to change spots. It wastes valualble time.
    5. Make sure to auto-loot.
    6. Know which reward you want (pole!).
    7. Track fish.

    Other than that, I guess it's just "feel it out" based on the level of competition on a server-by-server basis, and what your competitors are doing.

    Anyone see any flaws in my plan, or have anything to add?

  • Kalazia, January 2009

    Just wanna say how greatful i am for the resources here. I won today, which was the first time ever i entered the competition. I expected it to be hard on a roleplaying server but it turned out my knowledge of how it works and the preparation based on your info proved to be enough to win :D ... not to get the one that didn't get away and Pinchy :)

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OTDGA: turtle, swordfish out; Dark Herring in

  • Noor, November 2008

    The latest version of the One That Didn't Get Away achievement has removed "Baby Coralshell Turtle" and "113 Pound Swordfish" (possible Northrend catches) and replaced it with a different unknown, "Dark Herring." Maybe it's a red herring?

  • el, November 2008

    Thanks Gummo. Dark Herring remains just as much a mystery as the 2 catches it replaced. Possibly a variation on the Fangtooth Herring.. but I'm inclined to agree that a red herring is more likely. Oh my!

  • el, November 2008

    I have one report that the Dark Herring does actually exist. I'm very interested in additional information...

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  • Cnirec, November 2008

    More info: Dark Herring, green (uncommon) dagger, 146-271 Dam, 1.9 Speed, 109.7 dps, req. level 78, Chance on hit: Blast enemy for 70 Fire Damage. And a quote in gold lettering "Herring seeks your life". Looks just like a silver fish when held in hand cept it's shiny "oh my".

    Landed it in the lake just west above Valgarde, Howling Fjorde while fishing a Fangtooth Herring pool.. Since I can't seem to get the name of the lake to pop up on the screen I'll call it Lake Utgarde Keep, as one can enter Utgarde from the lakes NE corner.

  • el, November 2008

    Thanks Cnirec. I've added Dark Herring. Curious that it requires level 78, even though it is caught in a level 68+ zone.

    On the plus side, it means people trying to complete the One that Got Away can now fish in a zone where they will catch valuable fish. Still, this is not a common catch. So I guess the achievement did not get any easier.

    I'd still love to know if Dark Herring can be caught elsewhere. Logically it should also be caught in inland Grizzly Hills, which shares the same open water fish as Howling Fjord. But it might be found in other zones too.

  • spiny, November 2008

    Caught today from "Lake Cauldros", immediate N/NW waters from utgarde keep. It was fished directly from a Fangtooth Herring school.

  • Ixumi, November 2008

    Ditto on the above! Got my 'Salty' title. ^_^

  • castorshell13, November 2008

    heres the question tho, is it only fangtooth schools? or can you also catch it free water?

  • Noor, November 2008

    My guess is it's possible to catch a Dark Herring from open water. For example, the fishing quest "Shrimpin' Ain't Easy" appears to merely substitute a Bloated Barbed Gill Trout whenever you would normally catch a Barbed Gill Trout, which is why you sometimes catch some other fish -- open water in Zangarmarsh will fish up about 70% Barbed Gill Trout. If the Dark Herring is a similar rare substitution for a Fangtooth Herring, any time you'd catch a fangtooth, you have a small chance of getting a Dark Herring instead, and you can get a Fangtooth Herring from some open water, just not as often as a pool.

    As an odd aside, the Shattrath daily fishing quests gives 0 XP, but the cooking daily in Shattrath gives you XP (12,650 at level 70).

  • Cayena, November 2008

    How many pools are people fishing before they're pulling up the Dark Herring? I'm over 500 fish caught from pools and no Dark Herring, so it really doesn't seem to be much different from other rare fish.

  • Arek, November 2008

    I've fished up 600 herrings now, and no luck yet.

    I think the reason the dark herring is alluring is because in other cases of the rare catches for OTDGA, you're fishing in ponds with multiple kinds of fish to catch, not all of which have a rare replacement that fulfills the achievement. With herring schools being very plentiful, it's pretty easy to constantly circle a pond (I have had no competition so far) and constantly catch herring, so you've got the chance to get the rare with every cast. If you're fishing in a pool with three kinds of fish that have equal drop rates, your chances of getting what you want dropped by a third.

    I doubt it has any higher of a catch rate, but the consistency of which you're testing the RNG works in your favor in this case.

  • aparchee, November 2008

    Hi, got him today, 987 fish caught when he popped from a pool excluding catches of Crates and Waters, easily over 1000 including them. I just fished from the pier at Valgarde moving between the 2 respawning pools as and when they were up. ;-)

  • Nomi, November 2008

    Fished up Dark Herrig today from Grizzly Hills, lake around the area called Blue Sky Logging Grounds, open water.

  • JohnClark, November 2008

    650 catches in the Fjord .. still no Herring .. its all i need for Salty but must admit .. slowly losing resolve.

  • Mitzy, November 2008

    Hehe, I feel for you. I as well only need the One that didn't get away achievement for Salty. Sucks really :<

  • Oberweiss, November 2008

    I finally fished up a Dark Herring yesterday after doing laps around the big lake North of Skorn, fishing in only the schools. I was the only person fishing there, and they respawned fast enough to fish in them continually. It was the last achievement I needed to complete to get the Salty title.

    I did some open water inland fishing as well, because the Pygmy Suckerfish sell well, and you don't get any of them fishing exclusively in the schools, unfortunately. At least the Fangtooth Herring are used in three different cooking recipes, so they sell pretty well, too.

  • Rezn, January 2009

    I caught the Dark Herring at 54.61 57.7 . Was 2:20 am server time. Fishing Skill 480.
    Caught it on first cast!

  • rakoth, January 2009

    As I noted in another thread, I caught the Dark Herring fishing pools in WInter's Breath Lake in HF. Fourth cast - talk about lucky...

  • VoicesInMyHead, January 2009

    01.30.2009 21:41 server time
    Cauldron Isle - 56.8 , 39.1
    Fishing 450 + Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole + Truesilver Fishing Line
    Fished 3 Fangtooth Herring pools
    10 Herrings
    1 crate of Colbolt Ore x2
    1 Dark Herring

    -The Voices

  • Axolara, February 2009

    I got this pretty fast today from fishing herring schools, I highly recommend trying this fish for your achievement.

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Luckiest Fisherman in the Game?

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    I would consider myself an especially lucky Fisherman and would like others with lucky experiences with WoW fishing to share theirs on this page so maybe we can find out who is the luckiest :)

    Anyway here are my fishing stories so far after 858 items caught and 268 skill:

    About a month ago I decided I would pick up fishing on my lvl 80 (Mightykiwi / Aerie Peak) I started from lvl 1 skill in Ironforge - after about 38 casts I caught Old Ironjaw. (Guild saw me get 25 fish achievement then Old Ironjaw was a good laugh). I stopped fishing coz I wanted to show off my 25 fish/Old Ironjaw achievements together for a while :P

    The other day I decided to start fishing again, after getting some other fishing achievements (scavenger, deadliest catch etc.) and catching a few hundred fish to level my Cooking which I was levelling at the same time, I decided to have a shot at Old Crafty. My first trip to Orgimmar I must have only done 50 casts or so before I had to go because of RL stuff, my second trip there even less because Horde kept killing me. My third time out there I caught Old Crafty in 20 casts or so.

    Just tonight I caught the 15 Pound Mud Snapper on my 4th cast in Elwynn Forest. To be fair I probably did 50 or so casts the night before trying to get the same fish.

    So in 858 casts, most of them not aimed at these Achievements, I got Old Ironjaw, Old Crafty and One that didn't get away Achievements

    Everybody else please share their luckiest experiences so we can compare :)

    (p.s I have screenshot's)

  • DokBrown, June 2010

    I caught the 15 pound mud snapper on my second cast. My fishing was at 3. Later I caught the 52 pound redgill while just leveling my cooking in Western Plaguelands.

    I won the fishing tournament on my first try in STV.

    I caught Mr. Pinchy at level 64 only fishing the bottom two lakes since I couldn't fight the enemies on Skettis. Caught him within 50 casts and got my Crawdad on the first wish.

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    Hey Dokbrown that's lucky about the Mud Snapper (even luckier than my 4th cast :P), I hear the chance of getting One that didn't get away fish is 1/10, 000. And lucky about the Crawdad too but I wouldn't call the STV fishing tournament lucky becaue there is some skill involved and the chances of winning arent 1 in 1000+ like catching Old Crafty/Old Ironjaw/15 Pound Mud Snapper because I don't think you would get 1000+ people taking part in the tournament at any one time.

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  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    Yeah my epic luck kind of waned out haha had to fish around 75 pools to get Mr Pinchy and first wish was some potions. But if I get the pet I in the next two I will still consider myself one of the luckiest fisherman in the game coz of how quick I got the others too :)

    Unless theres somebody out there who got Old Ironjaw Old Crafty and One that didn't get away in less than 50 casts each too who want's to proove me wrong

  • caramelle10, October 2010

    I would just like to share my experiences with fishing in wow.

    I decided to start with old crafty and has set myself a few hours of relaxing fishing aside. Fished just near where you portal in in the shallowish water and on my second cast i caught old crafty...well excited.

    Unfortunately not as lucky with ironjaw. Me and 2 guildies went all the way to ironforge (me being horde) and spent a good 3 hours fishing there. Gave up after one of them caught ironjaw 3 times and then my other guildie caught it...grrr. Went back again a few weeks later with another guildie, this time with lots of water walking potions so we can still fish and keep an eye on the allies walking around. Spent a good 3 hours talking and fishing and then my mate caught ironjaw. I started getting a bit superstitious and stood exactly where he stood when he caught the fish. Another few hours passed and i gave up. Decided to have a few days away from wow due to frustration and logged out in ironforge. I logged back in a few days later and said to myself that i would give it 15 minutes and then never fish here again. 10 minutes later i got the damn thing.

    Spent 5 hours the other night fishing for the sewer rat and no sucess. Logged on the other day figured id try a part of the sewers where a mate had fished it up and within 17 casts i got the rat. Figured id scout out the pools for mr pinchy so that me and another guildie know where abouts we should go, and less then 2 hours after getting the rat in my 4 th pool i got mr pinchy followed by the pet in my first wish. Felt like the luckiest day of my life because i got a few more different achievments that day and was really happy.

    No luck with the one that didn't get away achievment, but not sure what else i want to do if i do get the fish...running out of achievments to do now :(

  • Snore, October 2010

    Got Giant Sewer Rat after 4 casts, Old Ironjaw after 200, Old Ironjaw after 450. Got all the three rare fishes from STV contest on the same day. Won STV contest on my first try ever, because I was lucky with pool spawns, got Mr Pinchy after 20 casts, then first wish pet, right after that I went Sethekk Halls and Raven Lord dropped.

    Sea Turtle after 4000 casts, then Dark Herring after -16 000- casts ^^

  • Lethality, October 2010

    As a rogue ( the ONLY toon i do achievements on), I can say I think I am lucky, but maybe nto quite as much as some of you... lets see...

    I got my turtle mount after 372 casts in the Basin at lvl 80.
    I got the Giant Sewer Rat at 59 casts at lvl 80.
    Ole Crafty at 117 at lvl 80.

    NO IDEA how long it took me to get all the coins.... but it was LOTS of casts.

    still have not won either fishign tournament....
    still no magical crawdad...
    have not even tried for the crab pet yet... but will soon.

  • Torture, October 2010

    For me the only lucky achievements I've had so far were getting the turtle mount in less than 100 casts while trying for the one that didn't get away, and the sewer rat which I got in 7 casts. I must say it was nice to get the turtle mount before getting the dark herring to simply not have to worry about farming that anymore but the day I went for the sewer rat I was expecting to be fishing for a few hours so was kind of a bummer in a way, lol. As for the fishing tournaments winning STV was pretty easy on my server when I went for it. However while going for the Kalu'ak derby win for the boots a week after my STV win (I'm horde by the way) an alliance member came to my node and after one cast hearthed to Dalaran and won that week. I'm not usually one to go to others nodes but anyways the next week while looking for a fresh node to fish in I came across an alliance members so one cast for me in his node and bam was a win. Not sure if the blacktip sharks RNG goes up if you do a practice like this but glad to have that knocked out of the way too.

  • Skrawny, October 2010

    Hello all,

    First time posting, but I have been reading these forums for quite some time. I was reminded of a post I made on my guild forums to someone who was being snarky with me for "wasting my time" on the STV extravaganza. Instead of being a jerk back, I decided to write this in reply. It's all in fun, and a few months later, I won the STV tourney! Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy,


    Have you even tried to fish?

    Are you alive?

    Do you know why they call it [b]strangle[/b]thorn vale?

    I refuse to sink to your level of fishing ineptitude!

    Do you even know how to tell the difference between shellfish, cephalopods, crustaceans, and echinoderms?! This is one of the small skills required to even take part in this revered extravaganza! This jubilant expression of ability, strength and perseverance!

    I, a fisherman of four hundred and fiftieth level, long for the moment on Sunday afternoons, when the sluggish sun is drifting past its apex, shedding its vibrant rays upon the undulating brine. The tempered, Master Angler, Riggle Bassbait calls out, Nay! Sings the chorus that echoes in the hearts of all true Fisherpeople: "Let the contest, begin!"

    Our emotions swell, hearts beating with anticipation, rising synchronistically, we rush to our boats, our hands moving almost unthinkingly to our reels, baiting our hooks with a skill and ease as we have done thousands of times before. In West Philadelphia, born and raised. On a playground is where I spend most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. As we speed out through the surf, cleaving through the froth and spray, our vessels take on a life of their own, leading us to a not unknown bounty. In our wake trails the long-gone days of the landlubbers we once were. We float onward, up and away; we rise on hope and dreams.

    We fish.

  • Dethblo, November 2010

    Got 'im. I must be extremely lucky because I did it in one quick session. I'm Alliance and I died once riding in the side gate, but once I got to the valley of spirits I did /lie under the trainer's hut and no one messed with me. That is probably b/c I did it first thing in the morning after the servers came up from rolling restarts. I only saw one hordie the whole time. He was an 80 and saw me get killed by the guards, then mounted up and moved on. Here are my stats. I hope you have as much luck as I did!
    Elapsed time; 00:25:09
    Total casts: 54
    Old Crafty (1 : 1.9%)

  • Daco, November 2010

    Lucky in some things (got Mr. Pinchy fairly quickly) and not in some others (no Ironjaw, Sea Turtle or sewer rat). Finally got Salty today after probably 2500-3000 casts in pursuit of the rare fish. However my ultimate luck was winning the Kal'uak Derby on the first try, without really planning to.

    I had traveled to Coldarra to do the daily that prepares you for killing Malygos. I logged out there on a Friday night. The next day, I logged in to do the daily, by coincidence about 10 minutes before the derby started. I'd never done it before. When the continent-wide announcement went out, I decided "what the heck" and flew down to the nearest coast (after alt-tabbing out to remind myself what the derby entailed).

    The contest started and I fished nodes (with nobody else every appearing in the area). On the fourth node, I caught the shark. I used my Kirin Tor ring to travel to Dalaran and immediately ran for the NPC. Of course, on my slow computer it took seemingly forever for the NPCs in Dalaran to appear. He finally did, I turned it in, and immediately got two whispers from other players who were mere steps behind me in turning it in.

    Until then, I hadn't really thought about going for "Salty," even though I already had Mr. Pinchy and the fountain achievement. "One That Didn't Get Away" of course took the longest. And as of today I'm finally Salty Daco.

  • Stalyn, November 2010

    Well, I caught Mr Pinchy on my first cast in the Lobster waters up near Skettis, and I caught the Sea Turtle while trying to fish out pools to spawn them closer in the Kaluak Fishing Derby. I got the Magical Crawdad on my second Mr Pinchy wish, and I got the sea turtle around 420-430 fishing skill. I had caught less than 500 fish in Northrend and already got the turtle :D

  • Zofian, November 2010

    I got Pinchy on my 3rd cast, preparing myself for a long run, and was pleasently surprised. Doubly so when I got the pet on the first wish. And I got 2 crocs on my first two croc dailies.

  • Dethblo, March 2011

    I renounce my claim of luckiest fisherman. Several months after snagging Crafty with just 54 casts I just spent 2504 casts and several days to land Ironjaw. Grats WoW. You pwn me.

  • pepeu, March 2011

    I just caught my second Old Crafty. The first one was with my warrior after 320+ casts. (later that very same day I got Old Ironjaw after 287 casts) Today, I thought I was going for the same with my druid and, I got it the very first cast! I couldn't believe it! Diplomat and Old Crafty in one throw. I was suddenly one of those you just hear about or is mentioned to point out that these are just by pure luck. I stood behind the waterfall for about half a minute, double and triple checking my bag to see that it really was there. Now, I'm trying for the Old Ironjaw with this character, but no luck just yet. I hoped that I would get that one as well on my first cast. That would have been über epic! :OD

  • Renetta, March 2011

    I got old ironjaw on the first (!) cast. But I have paid dearly for that kind of luck with other things such as the turtle or the one that didn't get away. In fact I cannot even get the vendorfish right now, leave alone anything bloated (I got some before they counted).

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