Bait and Fillet

Introduces the role of Bait, fish sizes, and filleting for Flesh in Draenor fishing. This page only applies to fishing in Draenor. On this page:

"Did you bring a cooler? Don't EVER go fishing without a cooler!" - Nat Pagle

Draenor Bait and Fillet

Draenor's fishing uses the standard method of casting, waiting for the bobber to splash, and clicking the bobber to reel in (see Your First Catch). However, the process that determines what fish is caught, and how anglers can influence that, is unique to Draenor.

The methods outlined below apply to all Draenor waters, but not other continents. Slight variations apply to Garrison waters, described in the box at the bottom.

  1. Bait Determines Type of Catch

    The type of named fish caught from open water is determined by the use (or not) of Bait:

    • Without using the appropriate Bait, or when using the wrong type of Bait for the waters being fished: About 72% of the core fish catch will be Crescent Saberfish, with just 20% the area's prize fish (for example Sea Scorpion in coastal waters).
    • With the appropriate Bait for the waters being fished: The catch table flips, with 72% being the area's prize fish, and 20% being Crescent Saberfish.

    Pool catches do not require Bait. Using Bait will not change the type of fish caught from pools in Draenor. Pools always contain the prize fish.

    Crescent Saberfish is Draenor's "trash fish", similar to Pandaria's Golden Carp. Crescent Saberfish can be used to cook dishes that replenish health or mana, and is used by Alchemists to create Crescent Oil. However, the alternative prize fish have better uses, such as dishes that grant stat buffs. Anglers should aim to minimise the proportion of Crescent Saberfish they catch.

    The remaining 8% of the catch does not vary with Bait. In most zones this 8% includes social fish (such as Awesomefish) and items of fishing gear.

  2. One Named Bait per Area of Water

    Sea Scorpion Bait

    Each area of water (commonly a specific zone's inland waters, or Draenor's entire coast) is associated with a named Bait. For example, coastal waters of Draenor are associated with Sea Scorpion Bait.

    The named Bait will be caught alongside (as a bonus item in the loot window) 20% of the catch from the open waters associated with it. Each type of bait is "unique", which means you will not catch a second bait of the same type while you have one already in your inventory. That catch chance is not modified by factors such as fishing skill, or whether Bait is already active. Bait cannot be caught from pools, nor is it needed to fish pools.

  3. Using Bait

    Each item of Bait is a single-use item. Once used, the Bait applies a buff that lasts 5 minutes.

    Use of Bait is instant (there is no cast-bar), but using Bait will end an active cast, so use Bait before casting. The Bait's effect is calculated at the time each bobber splashes (technically, perhaps at loot time - but that is hard to test). The Bait buff applies to the angler, not their pole, so Bait can be used while fishing poleless. Only one bait buff can be active at once.

    Bait is different to Lures. Bait influences the type of fish caught. Lures add to your effective fishing skill. One bait and one lure can be active at the same time.

  4. Fish Sizes

    Small Sea ScorpionSea Scorpion (Regular)Enormous Sea Scorpion

    Three sizes of fish may be caught for each named fish type: Small, regular, and Enormous. For example, Small Sea Scorpion, (regular) Sea Scorpion, and Enormous Sea Scorpion.

    When I refer to a fish by name, such as "Sea Scorpion", I mean all 3 sizes of that named fish. Catch locations and patterns that apply to one size, apply to all sizes.

  5. Higher Skill Catches Bigger Fish

    The higher your effective fishing skill, the more likely you are to catch larger sizes of fish. This applies to both open water and pools. Unlike pool fishing elsewhere, skill is important when fishing pools in Draenor.

    The skill bands below are analysed more fully in Size and Skill. The general pattern is:

    • 0-100: Only Small-sized fish are caught.
    • 100-300: Proportion of regular-sized fish rises from zero to about 19%. The remainder of catches are Small-sized fish, none Enormous.
    • 300-525: About 19% of the catch continue to be regular, 81% Small.
    • 525-700: Proportion of Small fish caught gradually decreases to zero.
    • 650-700: Proportion of Enormous fish caught rises from almost zero to around 50%.
    • 700-950: Proportion of Enormous fish increases linearly from around 50% at skill 700, to 100% at skill 950.

    No variations in this pattern have been found between Draenor zones. The minimum skill required to catch only Enormous sizes is (almost certainly) 950.

    For detailed analysis of the relationship between fishing skill and the size of Draenor fish caught, see Size and Skill. Catches of the largest fish, Lunkers, do not vary with skill - see Catching Lunkers with Nat Pagle.

  6. Filleting

    Sea Scorpion Segment

    Caught fish must be gutted and cleaned to reveal their contents. To fillet click on a stack of the same size and type of fish. Each click fillets 20 Small-sized fish, 10 regular-sized fish, or 5 Enormous-sized fish. Smaller stacks cannot be filleted.

  7. Flesh

    All filleted fish contains Flesh with the same name as the parent fish. For example, all 3 sizes of Sea Scorpion contain Sea Scorpion Segment. The amount of Flesh gained varies with size of fish, averaging:

    • Small: 1 Flesh per fish
    • Regular: 2 Flesh per fish
    • Enormous: 4 Flesh per fish

    There is about a 10% chance of obtaining other items by filleting Enormous fish: Buff food (Fish Roe), skill bonuses (Fragrant Pheromone Fish, Sharpened Fish Hook, Shiny Bauble and Worm Supreme), and social fish (Awesomefish and Grieferfish).

    Both raw (un-filleted) fish and Flesh can be stored in the Reagents Bank. Flesh is the main product of fishing, as used by other professions.

Garrison waters are slightly different:
  • In addition to the size/skill model described here, the maximum possible size of catch is capped by the level of your Fishing Shack.
  • Any Draenor bait can potentially be caught and used in Garrison waters, and changes the main catch accordingly.
See Garrison Fishing for details.
So you can fish anywhere at skill 1, but you may want higher skill - either to catch larger fish, or just avoid junk!

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Garrison Fishing

  • Hoddie, June 2014

    Just wanted to say thanks for bringing us some info from the alpha. I'm liking the new method where a higher skill level is rewarded with better overall yield. Looking forward to seeing what surprises you uncover over the following weeks and months!

  • el, June 2014

    Good to see you're still lurking. The first few days of the alpha are a bit chaotic, as one is never sure exactly what part of the game to focus on. This is especially true in WoD, where there is a lot more emphasis on exploration for finding the more optional or advanced content. For example, it took 2 days for someone to report a rare Lagoon Pool, precisely because it has been located where prior expansions had taught us nothing would be found (at the bottom of cliffs, away from quest areas, etc).

    I suspect there is more to come from the Bait-and-Fillet model of Draenor fishing. I like the variation added by Bait (it reminded me of the Dalaran fountain Gold Coins). I accept the merging of pool and open water fishing into what is (essentially) a one-fish-per-open-water approach. However the whole process of filleting for the same reward is currently too repetitive: Hopefully some excitement will be added to the reward revelation stage, which will offset the fact that all the actual catches are (discounting size) now the same. The filleting mechanic is currently non-existent (just endless instant clicks), so I hope is a placeholder.

    Likewise the Garrison is at a very early stage, with only a few buildings and questlines implemented, and most of those major bugs. I like where Garrisons are going, but it will take more development before we can really assess their gameplay.

  • Hoddie, June 2014

    I'd hope they improve the gutting somehow, if only to add a few rare finds that the fish have swallowed, again allowing the higher-yield fish to offer a higher chance or perhaps just better rewards. I'm thinking something like the One Ring, a Toothpick made from fish bones, maybe even a small fish within a big fish. If it's just like the clams mechanic then it will become boring very quickly.

    I think that's the main challenge with fishing - how do you keep it interesting after things like achievements have been completed and you've fished up the rare finds? I'll occasionally fish if I'm on the Timeless Isle and waiting for a rare spawn, but otherwise it's ages since I've bothered with it. The problem with the teeming pools and the other new things introduced during MoP, once you'd done them once, you were in no rush to do them again. The big pool monster was so underwhelming that I was a little annoyed that I'd wasted 30-40 minutes!

    I don't expect fishing to become central to the game but I'm liking the love it's receiving in WoD, and I'm hoping for a little more. I'm with you about the garrisons, I've yet to be excited by anything I've read about them, but maybe that'll change when I get to have a tinker myself. The cynic in me says it's something that Blizzard will look to exploit with the cash shop, allowing players to buy materials and hire followers.

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    from "Garrison Fishing".
  • Hoddie, June 2014

    Latest build includes a new knife with an on use ability that fillets all fish in your inventory. Seems a cheap way out but rather this than the alternative.

  • el, June 2014

    Mumper (Cory Stockton) confirmed the knife was "legit" on Twitter, but I only managed about 5 minutes online with the latest build before the test was abandoned for the weekend, so never got to see it in game. The associated spell is channelled, so perhaps it has an animation and sense of progress when filleting, rather than just being an instant "click to fillet everything" effect.

  • Stevinn, September 2014

    Once you've upgraded your fishing shack to level 3 you can catch fish that summon mobs. I just upgraded my shack today and caught one of these special fish, a Lunarfall Carp (I also got Nat Pagle as a follower).

    Right click the fish in your bags to throw it in the water and summon a Lunarfall Cavedweller (For Alliance members. I'm not sure about the Horde equivalent). It's a deep sea murloc, Level 100, non-elite, and not too hard to kill considering I had my fishing gear on.

    Once you kill the murloc it drops a lot of loot. Mostly fishing related stuff.

    For my kill I received...

    Awesomefish X20
    Grieferfish X20
    Worm Supreme X20
    Ephemeral Fishing Pole X1
    Healing Tonic X1
    Stranglekelp X3
    Worthless piece of orange colored glass X3

    Your milage may vary.

    This is the first time this has happened to me, so if it's tied to the RNG, the mob summoned and the loot may change. I'm not sure at this point.

  • el, September 2014

    I've caught 6 or 7 Lunarfall Carp so far, and they all yield similar results, except Ephemeral Fishing Pole can be swapped for Hightfish Cap, and the flavor junk (similar to some of the fishing daily bags) varies. The volumes and chances are far too high given the relative ease of catching Lunarfall Carp - likely around 2% catch rate from level 3 Garrison waters. As far as I know, the Horde level 3 Shack is still unavailable, since the blueprints never appear on the vendor. Based on data-mining, the expected equivalent is Frostdeep Minnow to summon a Frostdeep Cavedweller.

  • Stevinn, September 2014

    Fishing in Level 3 Alliance Mine - Once you get your mine to level 3 the area above the waterfall opens up and you'll find a nice little pond to fish in.

    While up there I caught a special fish, I think it was a "Blind Palefish" but I'm not certain of the name (You'll see why in a few seconds). It's text read something like, Restores 17K Health and mana and if you eat it for more than 10 seconds it turns you into something else?

    I sat down to eat it and see what I turned into and while I was sitting there eating I got disconnected. When I logged back in it was completely gone and silly me I'd forgotten to write it down.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone else had caught this fish and what it really does?

  • el, September 2014

    Blind Palefish? Interesting. Is that the sole catch from the level 3 mine, or is the Blind Palefish a bonus catch alongside normal Garrison catches? I've not heard of anyone else catching it, but the level 3 mine isn't the easiest upgrade to unlock when none of the mineral nodes appear to work and achievement progress gets reset to zero.

    Added: Perculia (of Wowhead fame) went to investigate and found she couldn't sit down in order to eat the catch.

  • Stevinn, September 2014

    There was a bug for a while that made you stand up a moment after sitting down. It made eating any buff foods impossible. It's been fixed now but I haven't caught another of the Blind Palefish to test it.

    Edit Later: It looks like a lot of people have caught it now by the look of it's wowhead page. I'm a little late now, but I can say that I was finally able to confirm it. It is an additional fish caught alongside your normal catch. When you eat it you turn into one of the Pale Orcs that look very similar to Gollum from the "Lord of the Rings/Hobbit" movies.

    Submitting screenshot to Wowhead (sonic314).

  • Enarka, September 2014

    Does it make you look like this character? :

    I found and killed this Fishmonger, and he dropped a stack of Fire Ammonite. WEEHEE!

  • Stevinn, September 2014

    They make you look like this.....

    Perc beat me to the screenshots, but the second screenshot is mine.

  • Enarka, October 2014

    Stevinn wrote:

    They make you look like this.....
    Perc beat me to the screenshots, but the second screenshot is mine.

    Yeah! That's exactly the same as the Fishmonger guy!

  • Hordegasm, October 2014

    Helpful hint when doing your daily, place extra eggs in you bank tab before turning them in. Right now the daily will consume more than 10 eggs if you have them on your person.

  • Fey, October 2014

    El, let me thank you first for all you've done for all of us fishing people! That said, I used your tillers farm guide as a bit of a tillers bible. Will you be doing the same for the Garrisons in WoD?

  • el, October 2014

    I considered writing a Garrison guide, but the topic is too extensive to research and write properly in the time available. Garrisons represent about a quarter of the entire expansion. Even researching a specific arc properly, such as Catching Lunkers with Nat Pagle, can take days of play time. In addition, Garrisons have continually changed during development (so it would be easy to write an inaccurate guide), and Garrison features often reflect changed context in WoD (which is often not immediately apparent, making it tough to explain the strategic context).

    To give three brief examples of contextual changes:

    • If you want to make the best buff food, ignore Cooking and learn to love trapping.
    • The trapping pseudo-profession (via the Barn) that puts gathering activities more on a financial par with manufacturing professions.
    • And while trapping can be done daily, more extensive building gives the option of queuing up to 6 days worth of trapping activity.

    I'd be very cautious when reading any prescriptive list of "what to build at your Garrison". In reality, the Garrison system is - at least at basic level - very flexible and forgiving - built for experimentation as much as optimisation.

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    to "Garrison Fishing".

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