Cataclysm Catches

Lists new fish caught in Cataclysm, including cooked dishes, alchemy and supplies, and catch rates. On this page:

For changes to catches in Old Azeroth, see Cataclysm Old Azeroth Changes.

Cooked Fish

Cooking recipes are available for the fish dishes in the table below.

Cataclysm Cooked Catches
FishFoodBuffsDuration (min)Level (to eat)Recipe Source
Algaefin RockfishBaked Rockfish36 Critical, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Baked Rockfish [1]
Blackbelly MudfishBlackbelly Sushi36 Parry, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Blackbelly Sushi [1]
Mushroom Sauce Mudfish36 Dodge, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Mushroom Sauce Mudfish [1]
Deepsea SagefishDelicious Sagefish Tail36 Spirit, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Delicious Sagefish Tail [1]
Severed Sagefish Head36 Intellect, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Severed Sagefish Head [1]
Fathom EelSeafood Magnifique Feast36 Useful, 36 Stamina [2]6080Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast [3]
Skewered Eel36 Agility, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Skewered Eel [1]
Highland GuppyPickled Guppy24 Intellect, 24 Stamina6075Recipe: Pickled Guppy [1]
Seafood Magnifique Feast36 Useful, 36 Stamina [2]6080Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast [3]
Lavascale CatfishLavascale Fillet24 Haste, 24 Stamina6075Recipe: Lavascale Fillet [1]
Lavascale Minestrone36 Mastery, 36 Stamina6080Recipe: Lavascale Minestrone [1]
Seafood Magnifique Feast36 Useful, 36 Stamina [2]6080Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast [3]
Mountain TroutBroiled Mountain Trout24 Haste, 24 Stamina6075Recipe: Broiled Mountain Trout [1]
MurglesnoutScalding Murglesnout--80Recipe: Scalding Murglesnout [1]
SharptoothFish Fry--80Recipe: Fish Fry [1]
Striped LurkerLightly Fried Lurker24 Critical, 24 Stamina6075Recipe: Lightly Fried Lurker [1]
Lurker Lunch24 Dodge, 24 Stamina6075Recipe: Lurker Lunch [1]
Goblin Lobster Cook
Goblin Lobster Cook

Like WotLK, there is normally:

Fish Fry and Scalding Murglesnout are the only dishes that gives no buff. Fish Fry is also the only dish that only restores health: Other dishes also restore both health and mana.

Seafood Magnifique Feast is the new Fish Feast, but with a twist: Its buff is 36 Stamina and 36 "another useful stat". That final statistic is a class-specific stat, making Seafood Magnifique Feast potentially useful to everyone.

Recipes are sold, no trained, and bind to the cook when purchased:

The Fish Finder has detailed information about Cooking Skill. The lowest starting cooking skill for new recipes is 450. (Note that live patches have already made 450 skill much easier to reach than when we first felt the Wrath of the Lich King.)

Alchemy and Supplies

Albino Cavefish are about 15% of the catch in Deepholm. Alchemists use these fish to create Deepstone Oil.

Albino Cavefish
  • Alchemy Use: Deepstone Oil. Deepstone Oil can be drunk (it "may cause stiffness"), or 2 Deepstone Oils make a Mysterious Potion
  • Mysterious Potion restore 1 to 20000 health and mana: Probably the best restorative potion for the lucky!
  • Where to catch »

1-3 Volatile Water can be caught: Around 2% of the catch from most open water and coastal pools, 10% from most inland pools.

Volatile Water

Volatile Fire can be caught by fishing Pool of Fire in Mount Hyjal's and Twilight Highlands's lava.

Volatile Fire
  • Used in many Cataclysm-level manufacturing profession recipes (does not combine into Eternals, but does stack in 200s)
  • Where to catch »

A new trunk can be caught from Shipwreck Debris (Cataclysm) around the coast of Tol Barad - Sealed Crates.

Sealed Crate (Cataclysm)
  • Always contains 1.5-2g, some professions crafting materials, and consumables - food, drink or potions (all detailed below)
  • Where to catch »

A Cataclysm herb, Azshara's Veil, can occasionally be caught while fishing coastal Cataclysm pools and open water.

Azshara's Veil

Rare Catches

The Tome of Polymorph: Turtle used to be found in Zul'Gurub, but can now be caught from Cataclysm-level pools.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
  • Teaches Polymorph: Turtle
  • Learned by Mages, requires level 60 (may be caught by non-Mages)
  • Where to catch »

It is also possible to catch the Sea Turtle from Cataclysm pools.

Open Water Catch Rates

Within each zone, catches are same regardless of location: There are no known differences between inland and coastal water.

In all new (high level) zones, the most common open water catch is either Sharptooth (inland) or Murglesnout (coastal). Sharptooth and Murglesnout can be cooked, but not into buff foods. Volatile Water can be caught from open water in all these zones. Volatile Water is caught in 1, 2 or 3 per catch.

Open water in each new (high level) zone also contains 2 more catches - a more common "major" catch, a rarer "minor". Major catches can be found in 2 zones, minor catches are unique to each zone:

Fish can also be caught in Vashj'ir: Most areas contain a lot of Murglesnout and a few Algaefin Rockfish. Unnamed areas of the Shimmering Expanse also contain Deepsea Sagefish and Fathom Eel.

The table below summarises catch rates for each location, using data from sample fishing sessions (thanks to Hoddie, Kaliope, Yoco, Idoru, Bonzoh, and Nadal). Each zone has a similar pattern to the overall average. This means that all these zones probably have precisely the same chance of a trash (Sharptooth or Murglesnout), major, minor, or Volatile Water catch. Slight differences in the data are just errors caused by sampling.

Cataclysm Open Water Catch
ZoneTotal Non-Junk CatchCatch Percentage
SharptoothMajor CatchMinor CatchVolatile Water
Mount Hyjal59050%30%16%5%
Twilight Highlands93951%28%14%7%

The original analysis shown above has been changed by subsequent patches:

Pool Catches

All the "minor" open water catches (above) are also found in pools. Known pools are:

Each pools contains 3, 4 or 5 catches - on average 4. Catch rates are shown in the table below. Overall, 90% of the catch is the fish named in the pool name, 10% is Volatile Water. Volatile Water can be caught in 1, 2 or 3. Not enough data is available to analyse the chances of each, but tentatively, a single Volatile Water is more likely to be caught than 2 or 3. So on average about 1.8 Volatile Water are gained from each Volatile Water catch.

Cataclysm Pool Catch
PoolSample PoolsSample CatchesCatch Percentage
Named FishVolatile Water
Albino Cavefish School134986%14%
Algaefin Rockfish School**125090%10%
Blackbelly Mudfish School3012188%12%
Fathom Eel Swarm**6022790%10%
Highland Guppy School155893%7%
Mountain Trout School176595%5%

** Pre-patch 4.1 analysis shown: Deepsea Sagefish School (formerly Algaefin Rockfish School) and Fathom Eel Swarm now have approximately a 5% chance of Volatile Water, with a 5% chance of Azshara's Veil.

There are 2 other new pools types:

Based on a sample of 31 crates, the average contents per Sealed Crate is:

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