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Tackle Box
Tackle Box

Cataclysm is the 3rd expansion to the World of Warcraft. Unlike The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King (which added new continents), Cataclysm changes many of the original parts of Old Azeroth.

During 2009 BlizzCon, we learned that a new method of fishing might be developed, perhaps similar to Animal Crossing (that makes individual fish visible in the water). No changes have occurred to fishing "mechanic" in Cataclysm.

The official pre-test preview suggested Cataclysm fishing would be similar to WotLK, but no details were given:

"Lots of new fish and other fun items to catch! Fish are still used to make premium food. New fishing dailies."


The Cataclysm has changed most zones in Old Azeroth (Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor). Several new zones have been explored for the first time. The Cataclysm has not affected Outland or Northrend.

For details of changes to catches in Old Azeroth, read Cataclysm Old Azeroth Changes.

Fish can currently be caught from open water in the new zones in the table below. The Lost Isles can only be fished by young Goblins.

Zone Fishing Skill - Cataclysm
No-Junk SkillZones and Areas
1Mount Hyjal (Throne of Flame) and Twilight Highlands (Cannon's Inferno)
25The Lost Isles
50Gilneas (Worgen)
575Mount Hyjal (General) and Vashj'ir
650Twilight Highlands (General) and Uldum
675Tol Barad


Your professions are now all displayed on a separate "Professions" tab in your Spell Book, rather than spread between your character screen and main list of spells. This displays both the fishing spell icon, and your current fishing rank and skill:

Professions Fishing Interface
Professions Fishing Interface

A fish-style mouse cursor displays when you mouse-over the bobber.


Ainell's Arcanite Fishing Pole
Ainell's Arcanite Fishing Pole - Thanks Ainell, Ravenholdt-EU.

The Arcanite Fishing Pole (gained by winning the Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest) has a new design (right, thanks Ainell). The Arcanite pole has been the best fishing pole for many years, but previously looked the same as a basic pole.

A new +3 fishing skill pole, Staats' Fishing Pole can be gained from the quest, A Taste for Grouper (see below).

Engineers will be able to create a Lure Master Tackle Box, using a recipe trained at 475 Engineering skill. This has 36 slots and can be used by everyone, not just engineers. The tackle box is classed as a new bag type called "Fishing Supplies". Fish catches and fishing Equipment can be stored in the box, plus many other items related to fishing, such as rewards from fishing daily quests. Cooked fish, Volatile Water and fishing-skill-enchanted gloves cannot be placed in the box. Further discussion (thanks Meadows and Idoru).

Engineers can make a new +150 lure - Heat-Treated Spinning Lure. The lure requires 250 fishing to use and lasts 15 minutes. This lure has the curious description, "Even works in lava!". All lava is currently fishable without specific lures.

A new +100 skill Feathered Lure can be created by cooks. This recipe is sold in exchange for 3 Epicurean's Awards (gained by completing Old Azeroth and Dalaran daily cooking quests), and requires cooking skill 450 to learn. Each Feathered Lure requires a Delicate Wing (animal meat, not caught by fishing).

Dwarven data miners have discovered a "Not Yet Implemented" Fishing Spear. The item requires fishing skill 1, "Use: Hurls your spear at a fish." This is likely to be a test item we will never be able to use.


Like earlier expansions, professions will gain another rank in Cataclysm ("Illustrious"), adding another 75 skill points to the maximum personal skill (525). Illustrious Fishing is reported to cost 40g to train. Grand Master rank has reduced in cost, from 35g to 15g.

Every fishing trainer teaches all the ranks available to you (except KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe on The Lost Isles, which only teaches Apprentice and Journeyman Fishing). The highest rank depends on the expansion you have, not the location of the trainer. All fishing ranks require level 5 (higher ranks formerly required level 10).

The table below shows the catches required to gain a skill point under normal conditions. The guild perk Working Overtime increases the chance to gain a skill increase by 10%. It is not clear whether this bonus applies to fishing (discussion).

KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe
KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe - Sky Falls, The Lost Isles.
Catches Required to Gain a Point of Fishing Skill
Current Fishing SkillAverage Catches per Skill Point Gain

About 2400 successful catches are required to train from fishing skill 1 to 700.

Skill-ups after 500 were originally bugged (giving a skill-up every catch), but this is reported to be fixed.

Cooked Fish, Supplies and Catch Rates

For full details of the new cooked fish, alchemy fish/supplies, and catch rates, please read Cataclysm Catches.


A new fishing achievement has been added for reaching 525 fishing skill - Illustrious Grand Master Fisherman. All the rank achievements now refer to reaching a certain fishing skill, rather than a named rank. For example, the Artisan Fisherman achievement requires you to "Obtain 300 skill points in fishing", not simply "Become an Artisan Fisherman."

There is also a Feat of Strength for the first angler on your realm to reach 525 fishing skill - "Realm First! Illustrious Angler". Like the WotLK realm firsts, only 1 angler per realm can gain this achievement, regardless of faction. Leveling fishing is fairly simple, so expect this achievement to be gained by someone within about 3 hours of the Cataclysm becoming available.

The table below lists other new personal fishing achievements:

Fishing Achievements
Fish or Cut Bait: Orgrimmar10Complete all 5 of the Orgrimmar fishing daily quests. Horde only. Guide: Azeroth Daily Fishing Quests (Horde) »
Fish or Cut Bait: Stormwind10Complete all 5 of the Stormwind fishing daily quests. Alliance only. Guide: Azeroth Daily Fishing Quests (Alliance) »
The Limnologist10Catch 42 different freshwater (inland) fish: Albino Cavefish, Barbed Gill Trout, Barrelhead Goby, Blackbelly Mudfish, Bloodfin Catfish, Bonescale Snapper, Crescent-Tail Skullfish, Deviate Fish, Dragonfin Angelfish, Fangtooth Herring, Felblood Snapper, Figluster's Mudfish, Fountain Goldfish, Furious Crawdad, Giant Darkwater Clam, Glacial Salmon, Glassfin Minnow, Golden Darter, Goldenscale Vendorfish, Highland Guppy, Huge Spotted Feltail, Icefin Bluefish, Lavascale Catfish, Mountain Trout, Musselback Sculpin, Nettlefish, Raw Brilliant Smallfish, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, Raw Greater Sagefish, Raw Loch Frenzy, Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Raw Mithril Head Trout, Raw Nightfin Snapper, Raw Sagefish, Sewer Carp, Sharptooth, Shimmering Minnow, Sickly Looking Fish, Slippery Eel, Spotted Feltail, Striped Lurker and Zangarian Sporefish. Guide: The Limnologist »
The Oceanographer10Catch 30 different saltwater (coastal) fish (and loot 1 more): Algaefin Rockfish, Big-mouth Clam, Borean Man O' War, Darkclaw Lobster, Darkshore Grouper, Darkwater Clam, Deep Sea Monsterbelly, Deepsea Sagefish, Fathom Eel, Firefin Snapper, Giant Sunfish, Imperial Manta Ray, Jaggal Clam, Large Raw Mightfish, Moonglow Cuttlefish, Murglesnout, Oily Blackmouth, Pygmy Suckerfish, Raw Glossy Mightfish, Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore, Raw Redgill, Raw Rockscale Cod, Raw Slitherskin Mackerel, Raw Spotted Yellowtail, Raw Summer Bass, Raw Sunscale Salmon, Raw Whitescale Salmon, Rockfin Grouper, Stonescale Eel and Winter Squid. Also requires Abyssal Clam to be looted. Guide: The Oceanographer »

The Deadliest Catch, for fishing up Gahz'ranka in Zul'Gurub, becomes a Feat of Strength. It will not be possible to complete with Cataclysm. The achievement is no longer required to become Salty.

Guild fishing achievements have being added. These require a certain number of catches from across your entire guild (not per member):


"The Family and the Fishing Pole" quest survives as A Taste for Grouper. It now starts from Johnathan Staats at the new village of Lor'danel, Darkshore. The quest requires 4 Darkshore Grouper, which can still be caught from the sea next to the quest-giver. It rewards a new +3 fishing skill pole - Staats' Fishing Pole. A Taste for Grouper is available once you have completed the first 2 quests in the zone, The Last Wave of Survivors and Threat from the Water.

Horde quest, Snapjaws, Mon!, gains an Alliance equivalent: Snapjaws, Lad! from Dron Blastbrew in Stormfeather Outpost (The Hinterlands). Both quests require level 29. This means Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 pole is available to both factions.

Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme is still available. Catch locations are the same, but the no-junk skill of Swamp of Sorrows has increased to 425: Bring strong Lures if you want to complete the quest with only 225 fishing skill.

Quests associated with the Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest have not changed. School of Tastyfish now cover both The Cape of Stranglethorn and Northern Stranglethorn.

Red Snapper - Very Tasty! is unchanged. Quests in Outland and Northrend are assumed not to have changed.

These fishing quests seem to have been removed:

New daily fishing quests are available from level 10 for both Horde and Alliance. Rewards include 1 point of fishing skill. For full details of the new daily quests read Azeroth Daily Fishing Quests ».

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