Catching Lunkers with Nat Pagle

Luring Nat Pagle to Draenor as a follower to help you catch Lunkers. On this page:

"You came from Draenor? How does that even work?!" - Nat Pagle, in Pandaria

This page describes the Nat Pagle found at your Garrison in Draenor in Draenor. For Nat Pagle in Pandaria, see Nat Pagle's Friendship. For Nat Pagle's quest in Kalimdor, see Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme.


Lunkers are the largest size of fish caught in Draenor. To catch Lunkers you will first need to gain Nat Pagle as a follower, a process which requires 700 Fishing Skill and a Garrison Fishing Shack.

There are 6 types of Lunker, one for each named prize catch from inland waters. Lunkers cannot apparently be caught from coastal water, or pools. For example:

Abyssal Gulper Lunker
  • Binds when caught, Unique (5)
  • "With a ridiculously oversized head and mouth, it can swallow prey bigger than itself. Only caught by masterful anglers with the help of Nat Pagle."

Lunkers are turned in to Nat Pagle for one Nat's Lucky Coin per Lunker. These Coins are used to purchase goods from Nat, including fishing gear, battle pets and mounts. Most purchases also require Nat Pagle's Friendship, however delivering Lunkers awards reputation with Nat, so there is no need to specifically fish in Pandaria.

Follower Nat Pagle

To catch Lunkers you will first need to gain Nat Pagle as a follower, described below. This quest sequence requires:

Below 700 skill, anglers at your Fishing Shack may start talking about Nat Pagle. For example, Horde anglers can talk to Rak'jin, who will hint that Nat Pagle travels the world looking for big catches, and that you should "come back when you are fully trained."

  1. Luring Nat

    Molten Catfish Arcane Trout

    The first quest starts from the Fishing Vendor at your Garrison's Fishing Shack.

  2. Finding Nat Pagle

    Return to your Fishing Shack for a quest to find Nat Pagle. Visit Nat Pagle at the Anglers Wharf, on the south coast of Krasarang Wilds (not Nat in Dustwallow Marsh or anywhere else).

    Nat is confused about the time travel you have performed to visit Pandaria from Draenor. This is a strange reaction for someone who appears in so many different times and places already. If he's secretly a time-travelling dragon then he must be bluffing, or drunk. Probably the latter.

  3. The Great Angler Returns

    Page from Nat's Fishing Journal

    Nat is impressed and gives you a Page from Nat's Fishing Journal, "Ripped directly form Nat's private fishing journal." Take it back to the original quest-giver at your Fishing Shack.

    Nat Pagle arrives at your Fishing Shack on a mule, and takes up residence at your Shack. He then offers further quests.

    Quest dialogue displays an animated image of the fish you previously delivered - possibly the only occasion a fish caught using normal fishing methods has ever been properly seen.

  4. A True Draenor Angler

    Nat's Hookshot

    Nat asks you to catch 6 different Lunkers, one from each main Draenor zone's inland open water. You must use the Nat's Hookshot provided to catch the quest Lunkers (unlike normal Lunkers, which you will eventually catch without Bait). Lunkers can only be caught from inland open water, not coastal waters or (apparently) pools. The quest Lunkers have the same names and locations as the normal Lunkers you will eventually catch (although are technically different items):

    These quest fish can only be caught with Nat's Hookshot active.

  5. An Angler on Our Team

    Nat offers this final quest, which can be immediately completed. The reward is Nat Pagle as a follower - a rare quality level 100 follower.

Lunker Fishing

Nat Pagle has several possible uses as a follower, detailed in Garrison Fishing. His unique trait is described as:

"With Nat's knowledge your fishing skill in Draenor allows you to catch Lunkers without bait."

To maintain this bonus it is expected that Nat must be kept working at your Fishing Shack. Nat will occasionally join you while fishing. Nat will not accept Lunkers or sell goods while out in the world - only when at your Garrison. His world visits are limited to a friendly hello and a random comment. And some of Nat's comments are very random indeed...

"*HIC!* Was that a dolphin?! *HIC!* I love dolphins!"

Keeping Nat working at your Fishing Shack means that you have a chance to catch normal Lunkers while fishing:

The lack of pool catches is curious, since pools generally require more effort to fish than open water. The lack of coastal catches may be intended, since there are also no coastal Lunkers in the True Draenor Angler quest.


Lunkers should be delivered to Nat Pagle, at your Garrison Fishing Shack. Simply select the repeatable turn-in quest that matches the Lunker's name. For each Lunker, Nat will reward you with:

Friendship gained by delivering Lunkers is exactly the same as friendship gained in Pandaria. This means anglers can gain his friendship in either Draenor or Pandaria (or both). If gaining friendship solely by delivering Lunkers, 120 Lunkers will be needed (before any reputation bonuses).

Friendship gained with Nat in Pandaria carries over to Draenor. So if you were Best Friends with Nat in Pandaria, he still remembers in Draenor: You will not have to gain his friendship again.

Nat's Lucky Coin are bound to you. They can be vendored for 10g each, but are generally more valuable as tokens with which to purchase goods from Nat Pagle. The items below are (bugs aside) only sold by Nat Pagle at your Fishing Shack in Draenor. Most require both Nat's Lucky Coins and a certain friendship rank with Nat:

Nat's Lucky Coin can also be obtained by summoning, killing and looting Cavewellers. Cavedwellers can be summoned using Lunarfall Carp or Frostdeep Minnow, both caught from Garrison waters with a level 3 Fishing Shack - see Garrison Fishing.

Without Friendship

Nat's Draenic Fishing Journal
  • "Reading this book will permanently increase your skill in Fishing by 50, up to a maximum of 700"
  • Binds to account (can be used to teach your employees (alts) to fish)
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 1
  • "His notes are somewhat hard to read"
  • Costs 25 Nat's Lucky Coin

This book is used in the same way as Nat's Fishing Journal, but also covers skill 600-700. Nat's Draenic Fishing Journal requires only Nat's Lucky Coins to purchase, compared to Nat's Fishing Journal, which (when purchased) requires both Good Friends with Nat, and a large amount of gold.


El Wearing Nat's Drinking Hat
El Wearing Nat's Drinking Hat - Sold by Nat Pagle at your Draenor Garrison.
Nat's Drinking Hat
  • Skill bonus: +10
  • Use: Reusable +150 lure
  • "Looks better with blurred vision"
  • Costs 25 Nat's Lucky Coin

Nat's Drinking Hat is dark blue. The hat is the first helm with more than a +5 fishing skill bonus. Its +150 lure is equal to Nat's Hat.

Nat's Hat requires "Best Friends" with Nat, so it is not clear why Nat's Drinking Hat requires a lower rank of friendship: Nat's Hat is purchased with gold instead of tokens, but Nat's Drinking Hat only costs 25 Nat's Lucky Coin, the lowest cost tier.

El's Draenic Fishing Pole
El's Draenic Fishing Pole - Sold by Nat Pagle at your Draenor Garrison.
Draenic Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +30
  • Use: Reusable +200 lure for 10 minutes (20 minute cooldown)
  • Alliance only. Costs 25 Nat's Lucky Coin
Savage Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +30
  • Use: Reusable +200 lure for 10 minutes (20 minute cooldown)
  • "So Savage you can barely hold it"
  • Horde only. Costs 25 Nat's Lucky Coin

Previously available reusable lures were attached to hats, so could be used on any pole. They also lasted for 10 minutes with a 10 minute cooldown, so could generally keep a pole lured permanently. In contrast, a pole with a reusable lure can only lure itself (since it has to be equipped to be used), and 10 minutes of lure every 20 minutes means that self-luring cannot be sustained. All this means that the Draenic/Savage Fishing Poles can be better than poles with higher skill bonuses, but only under certain conditions: When the pole's native lure is off cooldown or when you have no (+200) Worm Supreme lures available to apply to a pole with a higher skill bonus. The result is that anglers may end up switching between poles at 10 minute intervals, to maximise skill bonuses.

Draenor Fishing Pole
Draenor Fishing Pole - Savage Fishing Pole, as seen at the Horde Garrison Fishing Shack.

Good Friends

Land Shark
Land Shark - Sold by Nat Pagle at your Draenor Garrison.
Land Shark

The Pet Journal describes the Land Shark as,

"After birth, newborn sharks quickly flee their hungry mothers. Their early independence makes them dangerous, even while young."

The Land Shark is an Aquatic pet that hovers in a bubble of water, similar to fish pets. The pet is uncommon quality when first learned. Unlike the other items Nat sells, the Land Shark is unbound, so is expected to be tradeable.

The Pet Journal reports that Nat Pagle sells a Sea Calf for 50 Nat's Lucky Coin, but Nat does not yet sell this battle pet.

Best Friends

Reins of the Crimson Water Strider
  • Teaches: Crimson Water Strider mount (this mount can walk on water, except in battlegrounds)
  • Costs 100 Nat's Lucky Coin

The Crimson Water Strider is an identical mount to the Azure Water Strider, except in color: The Crimson Water Strider has red thorax and eyes, with grey-brown body and legs.

The relationship between fishing skill and the size of fish caught is slightly more complex than "higher skill catches bigger fish".

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