Catching the Sea Turtle Mount

Strategies for catching the Sea Turtle, a rare mount. On this page:

Sea Turtle

Oom's Sea Turtle
Oom's Sea Turtle

The Sea Turtle (illustrated right, and throughout this guide) is the only mount that may be caught when fishing.

Sea Turtle
  • Teaches: Sea Turtle mount (increases swim speed by 60%)
  • Binds when caught

In water, riding the Sea Turtle gives a 60% increase in your (un-buffed) swim speed. On land, it runs at your normal running speed. C Rage comments, "It just barely outpaces the Hook of the Master Angler. The turtle is maybe five or so percent faster? Let's not even bring up water walking, the turtle is just blown out of the water there." (Not literally, I hope.) In Vashj'ir the Sea Turtle swims faster than un-mounted swimming, but slightly slower than the Abyssal Seahorse.

Catching the turtle awards the achievement, "Turtles All the Way Down". This achievement will be awarded wherever you catch your turtle - even in waters not mentioned in the achievement, such as Darkmoon Island.


Codelin's Sea Turtle
Codelin's Sea Turtle

I recommend an epic flying mount with the ability to fly in whichever continent you plan to fish in. This will allow you to fly between pools quickly. The level requirements for flight vary by area. A mimimum of level 68 is required (for Northrend).

Anglers who are unable to fly have fewer options for catching the turtle, since you cannot quickly or safely reach all locations. Some tips for low-level anglers are given below.

All pools can be fished effectively with fishing skill 1. Since patch 3.3, you will never catch junk from pools.

Turtle Fishin'

The Sea Turtle mount can be caught from:

The Sea Turtle can also be rarely looted from Cavedwellers, summoned from your Garrison's waters with a level 3 Fishing Shack (thanks Bearocalypse).

Some sources suggest that the Sea Turtle can be caught from any fishable water in Northrend. This is a mis-translation or mis-understanding: The English patch notes and achievement clearly state "pool". In English, "pool" does not describe large bodies of water like seas (further discussion).

Turtles are very rare catches! Catch rates are estimated at about 1/5000. Expect to catch many thousands of fish from pools before finding a turtle. Once you have learned to ride your Sea Turtle, you will not catch a second Sea Turtle, since the mount is bound and unique.

Toki's Sea Turtle
Toki's Sea Turtle

For an introduction to pool fishing, read the Pools and Schools chapter.

If you don't already know how, learn the Find Fish ability from a Weather-Beaten Journal. Find Fish will display the location of pools on your minimap, which makes them easier to search for. Pools can be found along the coast and rivers, and in lakes or similar areas of water. Follow the links for more information.


There are many different strategies for fishing pools and catching the Sea Turtle mount. In general:

Several specific strategies are described below:

Concentrated Pools

Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Borean Tundra
Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Borean Tundra

Expect to spend at least half of your time traveling between pools. You can reduce that time by fishing areas where pools are close together:

Charmed Pandaren

When fishing pools in Pandaria with an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm active, there is a 20% chance of gaining an extra fish. This typically just increases the stack size of the fish in the loot window from 1 to 2. However it is possible to gain a fish and a Sealed Crate (Pandaria) together, which indicates that the Charm actually has a 20% chance of adding one of anything that may be caught from the pool. In theory, that includes the Sea Turtle.

The implication is that fishing pools in Pandaria with an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm increases the effective chance of catching a Sea Turtle by a fifth. The odds of catching the Sea Turtle are still very low, so this increased chance is impossible to confirm.

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm can be hard to obtain, although probably worth the effort if you intend to fish a Sea Turtle up from the pools of Pandaria - see Other Equipment.

Earn Gold

Nonzor's Sea Turtle
Nonzor's Sea Turtle

Make gold while you fish: Pandarian anglers can simply focus on catching the most Valuable Fish, especially fish used to cook Buff Food. Every pool in Pandaria can be fished for both valuable cooking ingredients and a Sea Turtle, except Spinefish School and quest-related pools.

If you plan to fish a lot of pools in Pandaria for profit, consider first obtaining an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. This increases the regular catch from Pandaria's pools by 20%, increasing the amount of fish you have to sell.

One That Didn't Get Away

Still trying to complete the achievement One That Didn't Get Away? Fish Fangtooth Herring School for a chance to catch a Dark Herring and Sea Turtle at the same time.

Tiny Carp

...Or planning to catch Tiny Carp? All Pandaria's pool types should contain both the Sea Turtle and at least one type of Tiny Carp. You are highly likely to catch a Sea Turtle while fishing for all 4 Tiny Carp.

Low Level

The Sea Turtle can be used as low as personal level 20. Only level 5 is required to train fishing and theoretically catch the turtle. However, I do not recommend trying to catch the Sea Turtle at low level: Low level anglers are restricted to a small proportion of pools, and due to lack of flight, will spend far longer moving between pools than high-level anglers.

Pandaria normally requires level 85 to access via a quest. There are some exceptions, such as trainee Monks fishing from pools at The Peak of Serenity. But such pools cannot be fished sustainably at low level. The fastest methods, such as fishing Fish of the Day pools with an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm are not available to solo low level anglers.

Darkmoon Island is perfectly safe and accessible at low level. However the island is only available for one week each month, and pools can be hard to find due over-fishing.

Drrum's Sea Turtle
Drrum's Sea Turtle - With Speedy the minipet.

Some pools around the coast of Northrend can be reached (and fished) at low level. You will need to continually move between pools: If you can only safely reach a few pools, a lot of time will be spent moving between pools. At level 35 or above, you can use Elixir of Water Walking to run or ride over water. Otherwise you will need to swim, which is very slow.

The best Northrend location at low level is The Frozen Sea, near Borean Tundra. Alliance can easily reach these pools by taking the boat from Stormwind to Valiance Keep, and head east. To avoid hostile creatures, swim/water-walk as far away from the coast as possible, without becoming fatigued. Low-level Horde are likely to die (a lot) leaving Warsong Hold.

Some sections of the Howling Fjord coast are also safe, with no hostile creatures. Pools are not as close together as in the The Frozen Sea. Low-level Horde can take a zeppelin from outside the Undercity to Vengeance Landing. Then swim out into coastal water from the dock.

Gummo notes that low-level anglers can water-walk round to Kamagua, the Tuskarr town on the west side of the Howling Fjord. Simply stay as far away from the coast as possible, without becoming fatigued. From Kamagua, you can take the turtle boat to the Tuskarr settlements in Dragonblight and Borean Tundra, and then swim out to The Frozen Sea.

For Cataclysm anglers, some coastal pools around Twilight Highlands and Uldum can be fished safely.


Enjoy the scenery: Moving between different zones will help relieve boredom. Mentally, it may help you fish for longer.

And what's the hurry? Short periods of pool-fishing each day will eventually earn a turtle. Don't damage your own health with "marathon" fishing sessions that last for days...

Learn More

Completing achievements? These guides will help complete individual Achievements:

Comments about Catching the Sea Turtle Mount

Below are readers' comments about "Catching the Sea Turtle Mount":

Turtle, in how many catches did you (not) get it?

  • fredje222, April 2009

    Thought i just made this topic because the other topic isnt really about cathing it :p
    so post all stuff you fished here while looking for turtle and where you fished it :)

    Almost fished non-stop since patch released, 2500 catches done and still no bloody mount, this will be a tough one... Fished in the Frozen Sea just south of Boreans...

    Btw all my catches are fish caught (that includes pygmy suckerfish/crystallized water/reinforced crate) no junk catches (well a couple, because of missed pools)...

    Edit: 3000, still no mount
    Edit: 3500, still no mount
    Edit: 4000, still no mount
    Edit: 4500, still no mount
    Edit: 5000, still no mount
    Edit: 5500, still no mount
    Edit: 6000, still no mount
    Edit: 6500, still no mount -> changed the title :p
    Edit: 7000, still no mount
    Edit: 7500, still no mount
    Edit: 8000, still no mount
    Edit: 8500, still no mount
    Edit: 9000, still no mount -> changed my place from Frozen Sea too Grizzly Hills... lots more money to be made here
    Edit: 9500, still no mount
    Edit: 10,000, still no mount -> whopteefreakingdoo

  • Gihelle, April 2009

    Nearing 600 casts now...

  • Gishey, April 2009

    I'm up to about 850 casts at the moment. Nothing yet.

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  • Meraxes, April 2009

    I wasn't counting, but I fished about 30 in Fangtooth Herring Schools then 2 in a Glacial Salmon School. So around 32. Keep fishin!

  • m, April 2009

    Caught it 30mins ago :D
    (Catch nr. 72 this evening)

  • Zarnoth, April 2009

    I'm at about the 1100 mark, still no turtle..Just had a guildy catch his at the 20th cast. Loading my gun now.

    *Update* 2200 still no turtle...
    *Update* 3000 still no turtle...
    *Update* 3500 still no turtle...
    *Update* 4000 still no turtle...
    *Update* 4500 still no turtle...

    *Update* 4724 FINALLY WOOT!

  • Numbers, April 2009

    Id say it took around 200 casts for me. I just did the round in the Frozen Sea.

  • Cori, April 2009

    THe Frozen sea is definatley best as theres loads of pools close together, took 10 cast's which seems to be realy lucky

  • osgald, April 2009

    Got it on my 20th pool I'd guess, lake in dragonblight. Seems very streaky from the posts here...

  • ferenc, April 2009

    about the same as numbers, around 200 casts from a fangtooth school in the small lake just on the west side of utgarde keep

  • Sauce, April 2009

    Got it on my 5th cast, and yes I'm serious, it was in Sholazar Basin.

    I thought this was supposed to be difficult to get, did the blizzard people misplace a decimal point?

  • Eloderung, April 2009

    Over 900 casts in various pools so far and zero luck on the mount.

  • Nonzor, April 2009

    I got mine after 120-some casts in Borean Tundra (from a pool of Imperial Manta Ray), shortly after my server came online. Very cool to have the achievement done on the date that the patch released. >grin<

    Good luck to all you anglers!

  • setsuko, April 2009

    I'm probably around 150 and haven't got it so far. This is slightly off topic, but due to the insanely large amount of people on my server, I'm having a very hard time fishing somewhere where people don't fish in my pools despite me being there first :(

    This of course -never- happened pre-patch.

  • Paralord, April 2009

    So far I am at 880 or so fish and still no luck, I have been fishing south of Borean, mainly on the icebergs.

  • Kelushapa, April 2009

    Just got mine after about 80 catches in an imperial manta pool in BT. In the little strip between the major land mass and the area where the Nexxus is located. Super lucky! Now just wish I could win an extravaganza, lol!! Good luck everyone!

  • droppings, April 2009

    Got mine around the 800th cast. I saved all fish caught and counted that (not including the suckerfish) and ended up with 683. That also doesnt take into consideration a fair number of junk catches, crates, and crystals. Caught it in an Imperial Manta Ray school as i was following the coastline in HF

  • Vagg, April 2009

    I just got my mount in Sholazar Basin, in the River's Heart area on my third pool of fish in that area. I fished for an hour or so in the Frozen Sea with no luck and went to SB to pick up a new egg from the Oracles and decided to try the few pools that were there. 15ish cast later there was my achievement.

  • Oom, April 2009

    You don't think it has a higher chance to drop from higher level pools than the lower level pools such as Herring?

  • InfectedZombie, April 2009

    Up to 945 casts. gotten 3 dark herrings, no turtle.

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Coralshell Turtle, a mount?

  • C Rage, March 2009

    El says: For a summary of strategies, see Catching the Sea Turtle Mount. Original post:

    In the latest build, according to the data mining at MMO Champion, there is a new mount...

    Coralshell Turtle - Summons and dismisses a rideable Coralshell Turtle. This is a very fast mount, both on land and in water.

    And it has been reported here, that "The One That Didn't Get Away" has a baby Coralshell Turtle added to it. Could we finally be getting a fishing mount?

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    i will kill someone in cold blood for a turtle mount....

    I've wanted one ever since i saw the one from the TCG, and seeing the Kal'ulk ride them around just made me want it more :(

  • Lebeline, March 2009

    *takes 3 steps back from TheTacoMan*
    =) I really hope that it is fishing based, I'm just hoping its not like a fishing extravaganza 2.0 because that would suck

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    from "Coralshell Turtle, a mount?".
  • el, March 2009

    The achievement lists a Baby Coralshell Turtle, although the mount is intriguing. If I've read the data correctly, the mount increases both land and swim speed by 100%. There's also a Baby Shark icon in the data files, so perhaps that rumored minipet really exists now?

    Hard to discover much, because the servers are restarting every few minutes at the moment. However, I did pull some Tangled Fishing Line and Driftwood out of Sholazar Basin. Both are junk, but I don't recall seeing them before.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Two things i thought about:

    A: The 'Baby Coralshell Turtle' behaves like the oracles egg, after 7 days (or whatever) it grows into a full grown mount

    B: The baby Coralshell turtle starts a quest, in which you have to return it to a Kal'ulk village. As a reward, you get a full grown turtle mount

    Obviously, no-one is pulling a full sized mount out of the water, so this seems like a clever way to work around it

  • C Rage, March 2009

    When reading the info, the first thing I thought of was those giant turtles that run the routes between the Tuskarr villages. A baby version of those of those would be about right for a normal mount for us. It is true that it wouldn't make much sense to catch a full sized mount.

    After puzzling it out for a bit, I have come up with a few more places to keep an eye on...

    A unimplemented achievement reward.

    An addition to one of the rep vendors, perhaps Kalu'ak?

    Or an addition to the Mysterious Egg.

    The more I think on this, the more possible places to look. Right now the servers are still down, so I can't even start poking around.


    Looking on wotlkwiki, they have a icon listed as "INV_Misc_Fish_Turtle_03.png" on the main page right now. We at least have a icon for now.

  • el, March 2009

    (I don't wish to dampen your enthusiasm, but I believe INV_Misc_Fish_Turtle_01-3 have been in the data files since last summer. This, for the curious.)

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    As the 'Baby Coralshell Turtle' is included in the one that got away, one would assume that you simply catch it as you would a dark herring. WHERE is the question. If it's related to the Kalu'ak, it could be anywhere in dragonblight, Borean Trunda OR howling fjord. My money is on it being catchable ONLY from the Frozen Sea (what kind of sea turtle lives inland?)

  • wisely, March 2009

    If I have to take a guess,

    I would say the turtle pet will be a rare catch while the mount will be from rep award of the Kalu'ak.

    There are quite a few NPC in of the faction are riding on the turtle mounts currently.


    this could be the new rep reward from The Silver Covenant, but I can't think of any relationship between them and this mount.

  • Noor, March 2009

    Another note, the turtle mount would be another "equalizer"; right now, DKs can use path of frost to cross water at full mount speed, so having a turtle mount would allow non-DKs to keep up.

  • el, March 2009

    Official confirmation of, "A new (and very rare) special mount can now be caught from Northrend fishing pools."

  • Oom, March 2009

    el wrote:

    Official confirmation of, "A new (and very rare) special mount can now be caught from Northrend fishing pools."

    Yea I just read it!!! I just hope the catch rate isn't something crazy like 1 in 10,000 or 20,000.

    Just gives me a whole new reason to skip Teldrassil and farm the Howling Fjord pools after patch for the achievement One That Didn't Get Away and the new mount!!!

  • Noor, March 2009

    I hope the "very rare" mount isn't soulbound; since it has a unique (as far as I know) ability to travel on land & water at fast speed, it would sell for quite a lot.

  • Genom, March 2009

    Oh god. Another reason to spend inordinate amounts of time fishing and cursing.

  • wisely, March 2009

    Other than the engineer / tailor crafted mount, there is currently no any other mount that is not soubound.

    So I would say mostly likely this will be a BOP mount, but still, this is a HUGE buff to fishing and no doubt will bring much more people into this.

  • wisely, March 2009


    I believe this mount will be totally unique than the DK or Shaman waterwalk skill,

    I believe this mount should be moving INSIDE the water or UNDER the water with fast speed.

    and thats a huge difference.

    Again, this is a pure guess, I believe the speed may not be as fast as the spedd of a fast ground mount, but I believe the speed inside the water should be at least faster than a glyhed druid.

  • narvil, March 2009

    wisely wrote:

    I believe this mount will be totally unique than the DK or Shaman waterwalk skill,
    I believe this mount should be moving INSIDE the water or UNDER the water with fast speed.
    and thats a huge difference.
    Again, this is a pure guess, I believe the speed may not be as fast as the spedd of a fast ground mount, but I believe the speed inside the water should be at least faster than a glyhed druid.

    Blue post

    Zarhym wrote:

    The current iteration of the mount will give a 100% speed increase on land and in water. :)

    These changes are taken from the latest version of the PTR notes and are subject to change.

    note it says IN water.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    So its out there, in the PTR currently, who's dedicated enough to try and catch it in the PTR and give us all a first opinion? :P

  • Calibad, March 2009

    Salty Caliban is on the case.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    note that it specifically says pools, which is where it differs from the other 'one that didn't get away' fish, that could be caught in open water OR pools

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Sea Turtle Mount photos - share them!

  • Oom, April 2009

    Got mine about an hour ago, with about 600 casts under my belt since patch:

  • Isa, April 2009

    I got it yesterday. In, say, two hours.

  • Gihelle, April 2009

    Here's my pics. Feel free to steal them like you did with the Lurker tutorial, El!

    (just kidding, it's actually an honor to be able to help :))

  • Bindar, April 2009

    Here is me on my Sea Turtle (in the water off of Borean Tundra):

    And here is looting the turtle:

    While I was hunting for the turtle, my statistic "fish and other things caught" increased by about 2,600 (a moderate fraction of that were Pygmy fish caught in tandem with other things from pools).

  • el, April 2009

    Indeed, Gihelle. I've started illustrating the Sea Turtle guide with pictures posted on the forum. I decided that was the logical place for a few of them. If anyone has any objection to being shown there, just let me know.

  • Kreight, April 2009

    Well, for dumb looks I've got you all beat. A cow riding a turtle is pretty far up the goofy scale.

  • ausry, April 2009

    Turtle Mount + noggenfogger + speedy = priceless.
    "Turtle cavalry... CCHHHAAARRRGGEEEE!!!!"


  • Gizel, April 2009

    Guess whos' me :D

  • Gishey, April 2009

    3.2K casts to gain it.

    Speedy's so happy to have a friend

  • Otter, April 2009

    Here's my guy!

  • Sparhawk, April 2009

    Took me abuot 950ish casts.

  • Spleen, April 2009

  • Genom, April 2009

    I'll post a pic as soon as I can, but I just got mine tonight. So happy.

  • MightyFlub, April 2009

    I managed to get mine last night with about 100 Frozen Sea casts :)

    My guild was doing a Naxx 10 run at the time and the achievement message caused quite a reaction :)

    Of course I've made about 3000 casts going after Ironjaw with no luck so far. I'm going to switch and try for the sewer rat next.

  • Drrum, April 2009

    Here's a screenshot of my friend Shunai (Stormrage) and her sweet new noggenfogger-downsized Sea Turtle! Her pet turtle "Speedy" is on a Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit. That's me in my new chef whites, on my trusty old Saltwater Snapjaw mount, wearing Baby Spice. No Sea Turtle for me yet, but I'll post picks when I fish one up!

  • Drrum, April 2009

    Drrum wrote:

    No Sea Turtle for me yet, but I'll post picks when I fish one up!


    Less than 10 minutes after posting this, I welcomed my very own Sea Turtle to my stables. Caught off the western coast of Howling Fjord, after many hundreds of casts. Here we are on our first underwater ride:

  • trotil, April 2009

    I was wondering if anyone caught this turtle in a river or a lake, cause judging by the name, i'd think it's only from sea fish schools, and even tho the only information i could find was that it can drop from any school, i couldn't find anyone actually finding it in inland fishing spots.(Or they just didn't say so in their post).

    Any feedback, anyone?

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Biggest concentration of pools for turtle mount?

  • fredje222, April 2009

    So the new turtle mount will be fishable from any pool in northrend, completly random...
    Like evry good fisher i'm gonna fish like hell till i get it :p but i was wondering where the biggest concentration of pools is for fishing it...

    So what do you think?

  • el, April 2009

    I suspect the biggest (closest) concentration is in the Frozen Sea, just south of Borean Tundra. Sholazar Basin also has a lot of pools, fairly close together. Both are higher skill areas, which will tend to reduce the number of people fishing.

    Of course there are locations such as Lake Kum'uya (near Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra) where pools generally respawn fast enough to allow one angler to go round and round the same lake. So you might not need a huge concentration. Likewise, it is reasonably effective to fly round the coast of Northrend, or along the rivers of Grizzly Hills.

    There are other things to consider, such as who else is fishing, the value of the normal fish you are (mostly) catching, and whether you can (mentally) survive fishing the same handful of pools for days. Personally (over 6,000 pool catches so far - and no turtle), I have to keep on moving to new areas, just to break up the boredom...

  • fredje222, April 2009

    tbh, i'm kinda glad you have 6000 catches and still no turtle
    how harder to catch, how cooler it will be to have :p

    thanks for the good idea's, seems their are enough good spots and moving around will be needed idd if i dont wanna go crazy :p

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  • InfectedZombie, April 2009

    i have the turtle mount from the tcg, he probably wont see the light of day once i fish this up!

  • Dethwolf, April 2009

    hmm yes offshore is probably best place to fish..until everyone reads our posts lol

  • fredje222, April 2009

    meh, most of you are us servers anyway :p

  • Sauce, April 2009

    So, brace yourself for the hate..... I just fished up the turtle mount. I went into sholazar to do the fishing daily (ghostfish), saw a nettlefish pool, 5 casts later.... TURTLE.

    One, this mount is not nearly as big as I thought it was. Two, I'm a little disappointed because I thought it was going to be a challenge. That said, I'm moving slowly through Dalaran on a cool new mount!

  • Azaguth, April 2009

    I hate you.

    No, honestly, grats!

    Too bad my server JUST came up.

  • Boothby, April 2009

    I fished mine up about an hour ago in the little lake by Westwind Refugee Camp. That area has a pretty good concentration of pools and rarely anyone there.

  • Nonzor, April 2009

    Woot! I just fished up the turtle mount in Borean Tundra from an Imperial Manta Ray school. (I spent over an hour fishing in The Frozen Sea and had a bag of cuttlefish and monsterbelly, so was just fooling around looking for other pools.) Of course I mounted immediately - and was pleased to see that while riding underwater I didn't get a breath bar ... I wonder if that will change?

    Happy casting!

  • Sauce, April 2009

    So..... is the drop on the turtle mount abnormally high for some reason? If all of us got one this quickly, and it took El 6000 casts to get nothing, maybe something is wrong in the coding.

  • Batter, April 2009

    Fished up my turtle mount about a half hour ago in Borean fishing for Musselback Sculpin at around the 350 catch mark. I was shocked (and pretty pumped) that it dropped so soon!

    Good luck everyone!

  • el, April 2009

    Congratulations and thanks for the reports. Keep in mind that random loot is random. So many people are trying to catch the Sea Turtle, it is inevitable a few people will be lucky.

  • shuuya, April 2009

    I got my sexy turtle from Glassfin Minnow pools in Crystalsong Forest. I love this thing. :D

  • samboda, April 2009

    Secretsauce wrote:

    So..... is the drop on the turtle mount abnormally high for some reason? If all of us got one this quickly, and it took El 6000 casts to get nothing, maybe something is wrong in the coding.

    It's a random drop with a low drop %, some will get it after a few catches, others after thousands, and others will never get it. And dont forget that this is a site about wow fishing so u will see other ppl posting that they got the turtle.

  • Meraxes, April 2009

    Glacial Salmon pools in Grizzly were going to be my place. The salmon sells well and is used for fish feasts. Might as well do something productive while trying for the turtle.

  • Suran, April 2009

    Got my turtle after 127 Salmons in Grizzly Hills.

  • Dethwolf, April 2009

    Hmmm none of the turtles so far from what I see here and on the wow forums were from the frozen sea so far.........I figured the pools where u can see the giant turtle boat is the LOGICAL place to catch turtle mount

    Sigh 450 casts last night...I'll try to fishfor an hour or so tonight out there again

  • fredje222, April 2009

    fishing next to warsong hold, going fine, lots of pools

  • Valkari, April 2009

    Just got mine next to warsong hold. Did you mean you were trying there but haven't got yet? If so, keep up hope! :)

    Something interesting though, the other hunter in my guild got one just minutes later, in a completely different spot. Is it just not very rare or is the random number generator just not very good? :P I assume it makes a random number based on the current time, so maybe that had something to do with it...

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