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So you think you're a good angler, right? The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza could be the ultimate challenge of your skills.

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Find El's mom! A (silly, and perhaps impossible) contest!

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    We all know who El's Dad is. Well, if you read these forums, you should know!

    But who is El's mom? Where is she? What's her history?

    I believe I have found the answer to this mystery! And if you can find her, you can win a (modest... very modest) prize! And fifteen minutes of fame!

    Objective: Find El's mom (a character somewhere in Azeroth).

    How do I identify her? You have to ask! If you see someone you suspect to El's mom, you have to 'say': "Are you El's mom?" If it truly is El's mom, she will respond 'properly' and your name will be posted here! (and you will get your 'prize').

    Note: She will not respond to 'whisper' or 'yell'. You have to basically be right in front of her.

    How do I know if the El's mom I found is really El's mom? Read this forum; the winner will be announced here.

    Some ground rules:
    El's mom will be online (somewhere) about an hour each day.
    I will post a new hint (in this thread) each day about her or where you can find her. The first few hints will be incredibly vague :)

    First Hint: She's a Gnome!

    This Silly Little Contest is in no way endorsed or even approved by El's Anglin' or anyone affiliated with El's Anglin.

    El's mom may not even really be the 'real' El's mom! It may just be a vicious Dwarf rumor instigated as a quick money making scheme.

    Prizes awarded are subject to great change (hey, how could I possibly give a lvl 70 alt something of value anyway?). It's all about the fame, baby!

    You can sue me for lost time and wasted moments of your life but you can't get blood from a stone or money from a pauper.

    No gnomes were hurt in the making of this contest. OK, maybe very slightly but the scars will hardly show.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    OK, Incredibly Vague Hint #2: She looks a lot like someone else!

    Future hints will be less incredibly vague... maybe... I hope...

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    OK, moving on to slightly less vague hints...

    Slightly Less Vague Hint #3: She is NOT on a PVE server!

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  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Slightly Less Vague Hint #4: She (almost) always logs in and logs out from the location.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Slightly Less Vague Hint #5: She is NO LONGER guildless! (see hint #10)

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Oops! Late Hint #6: (but that's ok, the next one will be early) She spends about 10 minutes a day in the same location with someone 'special'.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Not So Late Hint #7: She's a lowbie! (lowbie = lvl < 30)

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Slowly Getting Relevant Hint #8: She has a name that's... um... well... think anagram!

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Almost Normal Hint #9:The chances are quite high (99.99999+%) that she lives on a RP-PvP server.

  • Stevinn, February 2008

    I think that I'm close to finding El's mom.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    You had some chances tonight. She was on for about three hours. :)

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Almost Normal Hint #10:She founded a guild!

    But since that really is part of Hint #5, here's a bit more.

    Every day this stuff happens (not necessarily in this order nor at the same time every day):

    1. Spends 10 minutes with that 'special' person (10 minutes being the amount of time the Aquadynamic Fish Lens last)
    2. Currently questing out of Ashenvale (but logs in/logs out of her 'home' inn which is somewhere else).
    3. Spends some time in the AH.

    Oh... the 'prize' is now complete and is carried with her so the person who first identifies here will get an 'instant' reward. :)

    Originally it was going to be a Weather-Beaten Journal but since Blizz has thwarted my Journal Identification Scheme, I have substituted something that 'should' be of comparable value.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Hint #11: The first Visual Hint! You can find her looking at this view for 10 minutes a day:

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Hint #12:
    More visuals:

    This is what she sees when she wakes up in the morning (hmm... do all Inns have the same pics hanging?):

    And here's what the winner will get! (Trying to throw a bit more incentive into the contest):

    And hurry up and find her! There's 16 slots here I can't use for 'real' stuff! :)

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Hint #13: She'll be online at random times between 5pm and 12pm Pacific Time tonight (2/19).

    Where to find her? Try "The grin isn't wet" (think anagrammatically).

    And her name? Well, this web page name is a big clue (more anagrams) but don't go to (or use) 'extreme' measures.

  • Hy, February 2008

    She's on Netherwing's tit? Not that I'm going to sit around for up to 19 hours to find out.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Um... no.

    She'll be on tonight.

    Hint #14:
    I'll summarize some of the more salient hints here:

    She's on one of the RP-PvP servers. Hy would have it except for his spelling dyslexia.

    Her name is an anagram of this web site (sans 'extreme')

    She'll be online tonight approximately from 7pm - 10pm Pacific Time. (I think that may be 2 hours different than server time.)

    She always starts and leaves from the same Inn.

    She always spends a minimum of 10 minutes with you-know-who. (If you don't know you-know-who, you should know you-know-who, and thus where he is, and thus where she will be.)

    She will be questing in Stonetalon Mountains, Ashenvale and perhaps Wetlands (hint: 'who' is your friend).

    Special Award:
    After the contest, the non-winners on any RP-PvP server (anyone who actually phrased the question "Are you El's Mom?" to another character) can win a prize just by emailing me stating they did so. I assume that all fisherman are honest and never lie. I will post the name of each alt on the RP-PvP servers who is qualified to award the non-winners prize. :)

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Hint #15: Hey, if no one ever finds her,I'll be bumping this thread every day for the rest of her virtual life, and we really don't want that, do we?

    Tonight's (Thursday) schedule: 10 minutes with her ex, fishing at Mirkfallon lake, and then to the AH in Stormwind.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Hint #16: She's been sighted! A bit overexposed perhaps, but nonetheless...

    Note her distinctive headband (+17 fire damage, baby!) which will help a bit in recognition.

    Her online time tonight and this weekend will be rather random (because of 'social' obligations). But I will reveal that she is on the server "Twisting Nether" (which I assume some of you had already worked out).

    So now it's just down to 'who' (the exact name) and 'when' (non-predictable, unfortunately). But you might try after 11:30pm server time tonight..

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Hint #17:Saturday: online from 10:45 am(server) to 1:00 pm (server) with random breaks. Visiting her ex, Southshore, and SW AH.

    (edit 1) make that Stone Talon Mtns for questing...

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Ideas for a Guild Fishing Contest

  • samboda, May 2008

    Since this is my first post , thank you El for this great site where i learned a lot.

    I have been searching for a while for ideas for a guild fishing contest and i only found 2 interesting ideas.

    - 1st one to fish in Dun Morogh
    X Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    Y Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

    - 1st one to fish in Dun Morogh
    1 10/11 Pound Mud Snapper

    of course the location can be changed and the fish too.

    But i was thinking about something u have to move from place to place that dont take more than 3hrs and have a decent rewards.

    Feel free to post your ideas.

    edit: a off-topic question , Does anyone likes fishing in remote locations and if u do what should be done to be more rewarding?

  • Frizzlebrix, May 2008

    Actually having your guild fishing contest in Stranglethorn Vale during the actual fishing contest isn't a bad idea. There's no way to load up on tastyfish beforehand (since they disappear after the end of the previous week's contest) and your contestants have the chance to get rare fish while participating!

    However, too many people might mean fewer tastyfish pools. It's also hard for lower level guild members to join in on their own.

  • samboda, May 2008

    It is an idea, but i have seen many people saying they don't participate in the contest because of the hours, so if i organize a contest it should be when most of the people are online.

    I have been thinking on an altenative to the ones i metion before and i come up with this:

    - every fish as a base value of {number of players in contest}

    - if more than one player delivers the same fish the base value will decrease (e.g: if u have 40 contestants and 5 delivered [Raw Brilliant Smallfish] the base value would be 40 - 4 = 36)

    - no more than one stack of each fish can be delivered ( so expert fisherman's have less advantage)

    - the player with more points win (doh :P)

    - reward (+20 fishing pole, Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight, Primal Might , Nether Vortex, Primal Nether, enough mates to lvl cooking till 375, all cooking recipes (except quest only ones),............)

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  • Calabar, May 2008

    Just a thought, you could also include some unusual items that can be fished up. If you didn’t announce them ahead of time its unlikely that anyone would have any stocked up. For example, when I was fishing from the Oily Blackmouth pools around Ratchet I’d occasionally fish out an alcoholic drink. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it had the graphic of a mug. There are also the odd items you can fish out of the Sludge Fen in the Barrens, which include old wagon wheels and oil covered fish. These are actually fairly common from that pool.

    Unless you’re on a PvP server, the Barrens aren’t too difficult to get to even for the alliance, depending on how low level the character is of course. But if the characters are in their mid teens it shouldn’t be too hard. If you wanted to save time during the contest, you could help anyone who needs it get the Ratchet flight path and make sure they have access to a map of the Barrens that shows all the locations, including the Sludge Fen. It would then be a simple run past mobs in their teens to get to it.

  • samboda, May 2008

    U mean Rumsey

    I thought about annoucing one or more particular items during the contest that would have some bonus or no penalization.

    I might also try to do a small contest (5 people) to test it first , then pass to a large (39 people) one , this is assuming that we "controler" is in a raid with everyone.

    And since my guild is a raiding guild with +100 lvl70 i was considering that ppl could fish anywhere (depending on fishing skill ofc) , ppl with no fishing are welcome, this is why all fish have the same value.

  • Oberweiss, May 2008

    You can make sure that no one is "cheating" by bringing fish they've already caught by forcing everyone to be in the same party/raid. You'll see the fish everyone loots.

  • samboda, May 2008

    That's why i said a 39 people contest + "moderator" , even so u can only control the loot from players that are in range , but the idea is to see where is everyone.

    A possible variation , would be to announce a place and a fish type ,every 30 mins, and everyone must go there and fish as many as possible, of course the points systems should be changed a bit.

    The first 2 contest types i mention on my first post , might be the ones where u get more adrenaline since its a race against the others ; the points contest is a strategic one since u have to see where ppl are fishing and calculate what they are going to fish.........

  • Slavaa, May 2008

    About your off topic question, I'm on the Zepplin to Grom'gol to do the fishing daily in Stormwind right now

  • Syllis, May 2008

    How about one of every fish? Limiting it to specific zones or zones that are level appropriate.

    If they use Fishing Buddy- and what respectable fisherman doesn’t- it could keep track of the fish they’ve caught. Screenshots could be used to show that it was not an entry already in the list.

    OT- To make remote areas more rewarding, they should add some more zone-specific semi-rare fish or fishable items. Like Old Ironjaw, the risk of going after him, despite the low chance of catching him, is worth the effort I think.

    Or the fishing journal. When it was released, I went straight off to find it. And did.

  • samboda, May 2008

    One of every fish could be a option too , if u add some extra rules it can be very nice , like point system , may some transportation restrictions.

    Another possible type could be a "Race", where u start in a specific zone and u only go to the next one by giving to one of the organizers a specific amount of fish.

    Example :
    Mulgore , fish:
    20 Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    10 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
    Checkpoint: mulgore->barrens border

    Barrens , fish:
    5 Deviate Fish
    5 Oily Blackmouth
    10 Raw Slitherskin Mackerel
    10 Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore
    Checkpoint barrens -> duskwallow marsh coastal border

    The chosen fish should be mostly from open water fishing , but if fish that can be caught from pools is added it adds some dynamic to the contest.

    OT: Should exist more zone-specific fish like Deviate Fish , Darkshore Grouper and Raw Loch Frenzy and some good recipes for those fish this should apply mostly for coastal areas since the large amount of water. I consider remote zone the follow (Isle of Dread, Alcaz Island, Tanaris south beach, Faldi's cove, Jaguero Isle) ; please post your remote locations too (Azeroth only).

  • Syllis, May 2008

    The race idea is cool. Just make sure you aren’t in the starting zone when you announce the beginning location.

    You could also ask for a specific number of fish from a certain zone. If you use a cross faction zone, it could get interesting.

    I have decided that I am going to fish in every zone and catch one of every fish. I started with Stormwind, which doesn’t sound that hard. However, as a proud member of the Horde it was a little difficult to find a safe spot. But I found one.

    OT- They need to make an attractive offer to get someone to fish in out of the way/desolate spots. Again, using Old Crafty as a reference. The reward of catching him was worth the risk of getting to the location.

    If it’s somewhere out of the way, it has to be worthwhile in going there. I think that more semi-rare fish and/or items would send people to those areas to fish. At least the serious ones.

  • Tsathoggua, June 2008

    On Argent Dawn [EU], the semi-regular Durotar Feeshin' Expoganza uses the simple method of total cash value of the catch - fish and crate contents - checked with the nearby vendors in Sen'jin's "communal hut." Any fish caught there are worth 1 copper, vendored, so that count is easy, but crate contents vary wildly, and can heavily swing the competition [which is, after all, purely luck based anyhow].

    Lots of good chance to roleplay, decent prizes for everyone, and knowing in advance how random victory may be all encourage socializing during the competition.

    Plus, announcing the victor in terms of "cash value" of the catch is much more dramatic than announcing arbitrary points, anyhow.

    I do also like the idea of choosing a fish type per "zone," and having a hunt to fish up one of each from across the map. That does, by necessity, restrict the competition based on levels - low levels don't have access to a high enough fishing skill for the Bay of Storms, for example.

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Fishfinder finds El's mom!

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    At about 11:00pm server time (2/25/08 on Twisting Nether), the Night Elf 'Fishfinder' found El's mom while she was fishing on the dock next to Nat Pagle!

    And, she was only lvl 2! The prizes will come in really handy for such a low level character : 12 Watertight trunks, 20 smoked sagefish, 10 Dark Rumsey Rum, a 22 pound catfish and a bloated something! Plus 2 10-slot bags to hold it all in!

    Here's a shot of the magic moment:

    Congratz to Fishfinder!

  • Torgon, February 2008

    I'm glad to have won, but I will have to check out the trunks and all tomorrow after the servers come back up! It was a fun contest.

  • el, February 2008

    Congratulations Torgon! And thanks for your efforts, Kylkiluut. El clearly has her mother's eyes...

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    But not her hat... :(

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Fishing Contest (not the STV one...)

  • Trokair, March 2008

    So my third fishing contest was last night. I hold them regularly for my guild on Lightninghoof.

    The first one I held in Goldshire. The goal was to be the first to catch a Mudsnapper over 10 pounds.

    The second one was in Iceflow Lake in Dun Morough. The goal at that one was to be the first catch 20 of one style of fish and 30 of the other style in that lake.

    This third and current one was held in a cave in the Wetlands. There's a small lake in the back of this cave that is ankle deep, but will support fishing. The goal last night was to catch a 19 pound catfish.

    The prizes are always similar. Big Iron Fishing Poles (which I farm for) and gold coins. Tonight will be the biggest jackpot of all... first place gets a Primal Might.

    Does anyone else ever run fishing contests like this? It ends up being a lot of fun and really gets the guild together to hang out and have fun.

    Comments welcome.

  • Kylkiluut, March 2008

    Can non-guildies get in the contest? :(


    After thinking some more about this, I can see where some guild members wouldn't be too happy about a non-guildie winning. But what about a few events that are 'open'? Where non-guildies can enter... perhaps a good way to recruit as well.

  • Trokair, March 2008

    I am definitely open to non-guildies entering my contests in the future. This last contest was actually held for all of our "Circle Members". (the "Circle" is a group of guilds that we are aligned and friendly with).

    Who knows, the next one might be open to all!

  • Kylkiluut, March 2008

    So... how does one get on the Fishing Contest Mailing List? :)

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