Dalaran Fishing

Complete guide to fishing in Dalaran. Including Giant Sewer Rats, Rusty Prison Keys and fountain coins. On this page:

Three other sets of quests centered on Dalaran are described separately:

The 2 and a half minute movie above illustrates the guide written below.

Travel to Dalaran


Wrath of the Lich King moves Dalaran from Azeroth to Northrend. It now floats above Crystalsong Forest, in the centre of Northrend (pictured left). It is a neutral city, similar to Shattrath.

Since the Cataclysm, the flight point in Dalaran is automatically known. Even low level anglers can visit Dalaran by travelling to Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord, and taking a direct flight path to Dalaran. Level 68 is required to use the teleport crystal to enter Dalaran from the ground below: Complete the quest "Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way".

At level 68 you can learn Cold Weather Flying (from flying trainers). You can then fly into the city on your own flying mount.

Mages can learn a portal spell for Dalaran (reported at level 74). Special mages (that is, warlocks) can also summon.

Dalaran Fishing

Map of Dalaran
Map of Dalaran - Showing fishing-related points of interest.

Dalaran is a neutral city, where "sanctuary" rules prevent Horde and Alliance attacking one another. Like the big cities of Azeroth, you can rest (gain the rested experience bonus) while fishing in Dalaran.

The waters of Dalaran require 525 skill to stop catching junk.

There are 3 different areas of open water, each with unique catches. These areas are marked on the map, right:

There are no pools in Dalaran: All fish are caught from open water.


There are 2 common catches from the Underbelly, Magic Eater and Sewer Carp, Crystal Vial used by Alchemists, and some rats (detailed below). Sewer Carp can be eaten raw as food, but gives no buff. Magic Eater is more interesting:

Magic Eater
  • Eaten raw: Restores health, requires level 70
  • Gives a buff: Randomly either "Wild Magic" or "Well Fed":
    • Wild Magic buff turns you into a basilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp, and prevents you casting or attacking for 1 minute
    • Well Fed buff gives +30 Stamina for 1 hour, plus randomly one of: +60 Attack Power, +30 Critical Rating, +30 Haste Rating, +12 MP5, or +35 Spell Power

The buff is random, however if you gain Wild Magic you can continue to eat further fish. So if you are prepared to eat a lot of fish, you will eventually gain a useful buff! There is a better chance of gaining Well Fed than Wild Magic. These buffs are not as good as the best Buff Food, but Magic Eater are easy to catch and do not need to be cooked.

The table below lists the chance of catching each fish from the Underbelly:

Dalaran Underbelly Catches
FishSample CatchesPercentage of all Catches
Crystal Vial**559.2%
Drowned Rat233.9%
Giant Sewer Rat10.2%
Magic Eater17128.7%
Partially Eaten Fish223.7%
Sewer Carp32454.4%

** Before the Cataclysm, several different types of Alchemists' vials could be caught in the Underbelly.

Sebastian Bower, a human fishing in the Underbelly, says, "I know, I know... 'fishing in a sewer?' But you'd be surprised what you can catch down here. I've even heard stories of sharks, if you can believe it." There is a large shark in the rogue area, but I have not be able to find any way to catch a shark by fishing. Please let us know if anything unexpected bites...

Giant Sewer Rat

Giant Sewer Rat
Giant Sewer Rat - Caught from Dalaran's Underbelly.

Keen anglers will notice that rats keep falling into the water of the Underbelly, and that something is eating the fish. That something is a Giant Sewer Rat!

Giant Sewer Rat
  • Binds when picked up
  • Minipet: Teaches you how to summon a Giant Sewer Rat (pictured right)

Once caught, the Giant Sewer Rat will follow you as a minipet (non-combat pet). The rat is rather large: Almost as large as me!

The pet binds to the angler when caught, so like Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad, only the angler can gain this minipet.

Catching the Giant Sewer Rat awards the achievement, "I Smell A Giant Rat".

This is a rare catch: I caught almost 600 fish, Stephenn caught 300, another angler caught the Giant Sewer Rat after just 5 catches, and others are still trying... The catch rate seems similar to Mr. Pinchy, with 2 important differences: The Giant Sewer Rat is caught from open water, which is easier to fish than Highland Mixed School. Catching the Giant Sewer Rat guarantees gaining the pet - catching Mr. Pinchy only gives a chance of gaining a Magical Crawdad pet.

Good luck!

Underbelly Elixir

Down in the Underbelly you will rarely find green jars on the ground labelled "Underbelly Elixir". These can be picked up and drunk.

Underbelly Elixir
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: You sure about this? This elixir only works in the City of Dalaran (see below)

Drinking the elixir will normally either make you see all the residents of Dalaran in wizard robes, or transform you into a flying wasp.

However, sometimes you will be transformed into a "Hungry Tuskarr". This gives a +50 fishing skill bonus for 10 minutes. This +50 bonus stacks with gear and lures. The elixir can only be consumed in Dalaran, but the effects remain if you travel to other places.

Outside the Violet Hold

The waters outside the Violet Hold mostly contain Shimmering Minnow and Slippery Eel. Both these fish can be eaten raw. Shimmering Minnow simply restores health. Slippery Eel also gives a buff to your Dodge Rating:

Slippery Eel
  • Eaten raw: Restores health, requires level 70
  • Buff: +19 Dodge Rating for 1 hour

To help you fish, 2 alcoholic beverages can be caught. The more you drink, the longer you will spend arguing what the difference is between them: Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine and Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine...

The table below lists the chance of catching each fish outside the Violet Hold:

Dalaran Outside Violet Hold Catches
FishSample CatchesPercentage of all Catches
Bloodied Prison Shank71.3%
Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine254.8%
Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine377.1%
Partially Rusted File244.6%
Rusty Prison Key20.4%
Shimmering Minnow30558.4%
Slippery Eel12223.4%

Bloodied Prison Shank and Partially Rusted File are junk items - although the Shank sells for several gold.

Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker

Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker
Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker

Very rarely you will catch a Rusty Prison Key from the water outside the Violet Hold:

Rusty Prison Key
  • Binds when picked up
  • "Resembles a key used to open underwater treasure chests..."

The Rusty Prison Key will be placed on your keyring. This key can then be used to open the nearby Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker. The footlocker is found under the water, in one of the caged areas, just below the entrance to the Violet Hold (pictured right). Opening the footlocker will destroy the key. However, you can catch many keys, and each one will open a fresh footlocker: The Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker reappears in the same place after a few seconds.

The Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker contains some rare quality weapons or armor, potions, and other items, such as Crude Eating Utensils - "There is no spoon."

Eventide Fountain

Eventide Fountain
Eventide Fountain - Gartokh and El fish from Dalaran's Eventide Fountain.

Many races, even gnomes, have a tradition of throwing coins into fountains and making wishes. Dalaran's Eventide fountain has existed a very long time. Over that history, many very famous people have thrown coins into the fountain and made a wish.

Anglers can fish in the fountain. Alongside Fountain Goldfish (which can be eaten raw, if you are very hungry) and Bent Fishing Hook (which cannot be used), anglers will find coins!

There are 3 grades of coin: Copper, Silver and Gold. Each coin caught from the fountain bares the name of the person that threw the coin into the water, and an inscription of their wish. For example:

Landro Longshot's Copper Coin
  • "I wish I'd kept that coin..."

Everyone from Dornaa to Arthas has made a wish: Anglers that study the history of Azeroth will find some of these coins very interesting (I will not describe them all here).

These Copper and Silver coins are special items that cannot be used as money. However, they can be sold to vendors for more than their face value - up to a few silver. Gold Coins have a special use:

Gold Coin
  • Binds when caught
  • Use: Throw this coin back into the Dalaran fountain

Throwing the Gold Coin back into the fountain gives a buff called "Lucky". This increases the chance catching coins in the fountain for 2 minutes. As the table below shows, the chance of catching a coin (of any type) approximately doubles when Lucky.

Dalaran Eventide Fountain Catches
FishWithout Lucky BuffWith Lucky Buff
Sample CatchesPercentage of all CatchesSample CatchesPercentage of all Catches
Bent Fishing Hook275.6%164.8%
Copper Coin6313.0%9227.5%
Fountain Goldfish32467.1%13741.0%
Gold Coin306.2%339.9%
Silver Coin398.1%5616.8%

If your cast lands very close to the edge of the water (bricks or rocks), you may catch a fish from Dalaran's Underbelly.

There are 4 fishing Achievements for catching coins:

The achievements, and the interesting history the coins reveal are the only known reasons to fish in the fountain. The coins can be sold, but Northrend anglers will make more money from fish that can be sold at auction. No special rare catch has been found (yet).

Learn More

Completing achievements? These guides will help complete individual Achievements:

Comments about Dalaran Fishing

Below are readers' comments about "Dalaran Fishing":

Giant Sewer Rat

  • Lunaire, November 2008

    Fished up this "beauty" today, and here are the stats for those interested :)

    Dalaran, Cantrips & Crows: 968 catches

    Sewer Carp: 54,6%
    Magic Eater: 25,2%
    Empty Vial: 6,5%
    Drowned Rat: 5,9%
    Partially Eaten Fish: 4,5%
    Leaded Vial: 1,9%
    Crystal Vial: 0,8%
    Enchanted Vial: 0,3%
    Imbued Vial: <0,1%
    Giant Sewer Rat: <0,1%

  • Marlburo, November 2008

    at about 600 casts right now....stats will come

  • Rutilcaper, November 2008

    Been happily fishing in the sewers all day, and I've had 3 lost catches, even at 450 skill with +25 rod, +100 lure and +5 hat. I'm terrified that this is the rat and I somehow keep missing it.

    What gives? I thought I had more than enough skill to prevent get-aways. And for that matter, is the type of fish determined when the bobber hits (thus giving credence to my fears) or after you successfully catch it?

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    from "Giant Sewer Rat".
  • Walnut, November 2008

    Got him after 1380 casts.

    Sewer Carp: 731
    Magic Eater: 384
    Empty Vial: 107
    Partially Eaten Fish: 68
    Drowned Rat: 55
    Leaded Vial: 21
    Crystal Vial: 7
    Imbued Vial: 3
    Enchanted Vial: 3
    Giant Sewer Rat: 1

    When I was around 900 casts an ally pala came and got him after 2 casts..

  • Belleflop, November 2008

    456 Cast

    Sewer Carp: 282
    Magic Eater: 111
    Empty Vial: 19
    Partially Eaten Fish: 13
    Drowned Rat: 18
    Leaded Vial: 11
    Crystal Vial: 1
    Giant Sewer Rat: 1

  • Lunaire, November 2008

    To Rutilcaper: I also had some fish that i catched, but didnt get.. I use fishing buddy, and a double right click on the bobber both loots and re-casts immediately. Also i have an addon for auto-confirming BoP loot. So i've seen the lott window show briefly, but then the recast came so fast, that i didnt see what i fished.. And nothing in my bags.. So i dont know, it might be possible, but who knows :p

    At least its 525 to prevent getaways, so you're over that with a good margin.

    Wish you luck, this is an awesome pet! ^^

  • Robodin, November 2008

    Dare I say it?

    12 casts :)

    Had been chilling out a bit after 6 dungeon runs in one go, fishing in the fountain to get a few coins, when I decided to try my luck in the Underbelly. And voila, 12 casts later, I got it :D

  • Moogle Stiltzkin, November 2008

    My friend Sadcap fishing beside me got it. He spent only 1-2 hour fishing. I spent 14 hours but no catch, but i saw 2 big sewers rats dropped in that interval.

    Picture uploaded


  • Cayena, November 2008

    Got my Giant Sewer Rat today after 539 casts. Now only Ironjaw to go!

  • Kahless, November 2008

    Don't hate me but, I caught him on my very first cast in the sewers.

  • Minnow, November 2008

    I spent 4-5 hours fishing yesterday, and then half an hour this morning before I got him!

    This is for time spent fishing in the Cantrips and Crows area. I spent more time near the Arena guys, but decided to go back... this doesn't show the information for the Arena area.

    Sewer Carp 302 60.2%
    Magic Eater 108 21.5%
    Empty Vial 42 8.4%
    Drowned Rat 23 4.6%
    Partially Eaten Fish 17 3.4%
    Leaded Vial 6 1.2%
    Crystal Vial 1 0.2%
    Giant Sewer Rat 1 0.2%
    Enchanted Vial 1 0.2%
    Imbued Vial 1 0.2%

  • GormanGhaste, November 2008

    Took me 1200+ catches off the pier in Cantrips and Crows--got her right before maintenance started today!

  • Narius, November 2008

    I must say that this one was much easier than the notorius Mr. Pinchy, took about 300 catches or so while fishing off of the pier by the fishing vendor in the sewers.

  • Kiena, November 2008

    After more hours than I dare admit, having been named the insane fishing lady of my guild, approximitely 2800 casts (my fishing buddy somehow reset in the middle, so no exact number), I finally got my sewer rat. I even opened a ticket and talked to a GM, asking for any potential bugs with this catch - the GM was very nice and told me there were no problems, and wished me good luck without mentioning what a sorry person I am for having fished for, I think it was 6 or so hours at that time, and that was way before I actually got it.
    Random really is random. Mr Pinchy I got quite quickly - twice - and the pet on the first try, but this just seemed hopeless. But the beauty of fishing - while my guild officially thinks I'm insane with all of the fishing, I have gotten lots of time to talk to everyone :)
    Most of the time was spent fishing at Cantrips and Crows.

  • Pespi, November 2008

    I obtained my Giant Sewer Rat after about 600 casts.
    I fished from the rowing boat at Cantrips and Crows on the 2nd day of WotLK.

    I haven't noticed anyone else on my server with it yet but good luck to all those trying ^_^

  • Atenhara, November 2008

    Caught it on my second attempt after 20 minutes with 557 fishing. I didnt keep track of how many casts it took me, maybe a hundred at most.

  • Diendond, November 2008

    Woot! Caught this in exactly 8 minutes!

  • Ravennaraven, November 2008

    Got him took 3:30 min to catch spread out over a couple of tries, made sure auto loot was off so i would not lose him like i did with mr, pinchy :-(

  • Arek, November 2008

    The worst part about these rare catches is all the time I have to browse on here and see all the people who have caught them so easily...


    1500 on the sewer rat with no luck...
    2800 on the dark herring with no luck...

  • Mala, November 2008

    ~150 catches for the rat

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Locations in the Underbelly for catching the Giant Sewer Rat

  • js98101, November 2008

    Hi there.

    While attempting to catch a Giant Sewer Rat in the shallow water in the Circle of Wills (the area with arena masters in the Underbelly), I had someone come up and tell me I was fishing in the wrong place. He said I needed to be down below, where Cantrips and Crows is.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this please?

  • el, November 2008

    Anywhere that you are catching fish like Magic Eater should be good. Essentially any water "underground".

  • js98101, November 2008

    Thanks for the quick response el!

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    from "Locations in the Underbelly for catching the Giant Sewer Rat".
  • Kahless, November 2008

    I caught mine off the pier next to the Underbelly Inn.

  • stormydawn, November 2008

    I actually caught mine just now while fishing in the Wishing Fountain and not in the Underbelly at all. Maybe it's catchable anywhere in Dalaran?

  • Zahana, November 2008

    stormydawn wrote:

    I actually caught mine just now while fishing in the Wishing Fountain and not in the Underbelly at all. Maybe it's catchable anywhere in Dalaran?

    There's a bit of a glitch in the fountain where it thinks you are in the underbelly is your cast lands in just the right spot.

  • el, November 2008

    The problem with the fountain is that the boundaries are not very well defined. If your cast lands at the edge of the water, you gain an Underbelly fish. There is a topic about it here. (Zahana beat me to it.)

  • Lucca, November 2008

    Lanayru, blood elf hunter on Azuremyst. I just caught my rat at about 3:00pm server after 170 casts.

    Fishing Skill: 556 (428 base, +28 from rod and lure, +100 fishing hook)

    Sewer Carp - 106 caught (62.4%)
    Magic Eater - 41 caught (24.1%)
    Empty Vial - 9 caught (5.3%)
    Partially Eaten Fish - 6 caught (3.5%)
    Drowned Rat - 4 caught (2.4%)
    Leaded Vial - 3 caught (1.8%)
    Giant Sewer Rat - 1 caught (0.6%)

    Total: 170.

  • acrine, November 2008

    Just got mine after only about 1 hour and 40 minutes, 276 casts.

    Location: Cantrips & Crows
    Sewer Carp: 151 (54.7%)
    Magic Eater: 64 (23.2%)
    Empty Vial: 19 (6.9%)
    Drowned Rat: 18 (6.5%)
    Partially Eaten Fish: 14 (5.1%)
    Leaded Vial: 5 (1.8%)
    Crystal Vial: 3 (1.1%)
    Enchanted Vial: 1 (0.4%)
    Giant Sewer Rat: 1 (0.4%)

  • Aineko, December 2008

    Got mine near the inn with the little dock.

  • Jackskeleton, December 2008

    got mine on the mini plank next to the dock after spending a good few hours. started in the circle of wills before reading up here bout cantrips and crows area. over all went from 398 to 415 in one sitting. mate went from 388 to 430 and didnt get it =s

    i have the
    Extreme Anger FC 5000. (+25)
    Weather-beating fishing hat +(5) (use: attach +75 lure)
    +100 lures

  • [email protected], May 2009

    I finally got mine too. I casted over 700 times. I even fished up a ROCK. My base skill is maxed at 450, i am using the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (+30) and using the 1 hour (+100) Glow worm for a total of 580 fishing skill. I fished up in the "The Black Market" area right in front of Darhir facing the entrance to the area. If you are facing the entrance you'll be on the left side of the entrance. Hope that makes sense and helps somebody out.

  • Jimbra, November 2010

    I didn't keep an exact count, but judging by the number of stacks of fish and other stuff that I sold, I cast at least 300 times in the Black Market area without catching the Giant Sewer Rat. After that, I took a research break, and read on another site (Wowhead? Warcraftpets?) that fishing from the end of the pier by Cantrips and Crows was the best place to catch the Giant Sewer Rat. So I moved to the Cantrips and Crows, and caught the Giant Sewer Rat on my second lure. Someone else also caught it while I was there. I don't know if the probability there actually is higher or if I just got lucky, but if you're having a lot of frustration in the Black Market, you just might be fishing in the wrong spot.

    By the way, I was using the following:

    450 Fishing skill
    Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole with High Test Eternium Fishing Line (+35 skill total)
    +100 lures

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    to "Locations in the Underbelly for catching the Giant Sewer Rat".

Dalaran really 525?

  • Kemtgor, November 2008

    Just curious if this is really the skill to avoid getaways... I'm sitting ~515, but I got all of 12 catches fishing for 10 minutes chain-casting. Even if each took 20 seconds, which it didn't, that's still 20% while only 10 skill short. Was I just having awful luck, or is it higher?

  • Jbz, November 2008

    Yep, its 525.

    Thats pretty terrible luck.


  • metameat, June 2010

    It is confirmed: you can catch the Giant Sewer Rat while fishing in the Eventide Fountain. I caught one before I managed to find my last gold coin on my level 15 Alt:

    I started fishing in the fountain at fishing level 1. Leveled all the way to 450 trying to get the Coin Master. The only place I have fished was that fountain. Woot!

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  • el, June 2010

    Casts that land at the edges of the fountain catch Underbelly fish. Hence it is possible to catch a Giant Sewer Rat there, but only if your casts land at the edge. Much easier to catch it from the Underbelly itself.

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    Thanks for that tip el I'm gonna start the coin master soon myself good to know you can go for the sewer rat at the same time.

  • el, June 2010

    Hoooyeeeaaa - in this case, it is more effective to fish separately for each. When fishing in the fountain, you'll want fountain catches all the time, otherwise you waste part of the benefit of the gold coin lucky buff. The lucky buff won't buff Underbelly catches like the Sewer Rat - it only applies to fountain catches like coins. It's also far easier to fish for the Sewer Rat in the Underbelly itself, because there's a lot more water to choose from.

  • Ravenous, December 2010

    I was just fishing in Dalaran Fountain, trying to get the coins.

    I had a fishing skill of 570 (Skill(450) +Rod(40) +Hat(5) +Lure(75))

    I still managed to get a Bent Fish Hook... and that was while I had the Coin Buff as well

    When I got the hook, I made sure my Lure was still attached.

    This tells me that either a) 525 is not the cap, b) the cap is not 100% and there is always a small chance of getting junk, or c) The coin buff bugs out the skill cap, and causes players to be able to catch junk when they have the buff.

    Perhaps there's another explanation? Any further info on this would be appreciated.

  • el, December 2010

    Bent Fishing Hooks are not skill-related junk.

    There are very specific items of junk that are caught due to insufficient skill, listed on (Not) Catching Junk. All other junk items are successful catches.

    Unfortunately when junk catches replaced fish that got away in patch 3.1, junk items that were already in the water were not changed. Confusion is inevitable.

  • Ravenous, December 2010

    el wrote:

    Bent Fishing Hooks are not skill-related junk.
    There are very specific items of junk that are caught due to insufficient skill, listed on (Not) Catching Junk. All other junk items are successful catches.
    Unfortunately when junk catches replaced fish that got away in patch 3.1, junk items that were already in the water were not changed. Confusion is inevitable.

    That essentially means that "b) the cap is not 100% and there is always a small chance of getting junk" is true... although each location may vary in it's junk that is not avoidable (and may or may not have unavoidable junk)... Bent Fishing Hook, is trash that will not be removed from the Fountain's 'loot table', no matter how high your skill level is.

  • el, December 2010

    Incorrect logic. If you fish with skill 1 you will catch a lot of skill-related junk, but have almost no chance of catching a Bent Fishing Hook.

    Think of having 2 completely separate loot tables. (1) is the skill-related junk table, (2) the successful catch table. Bent Fishing Hook are on the successful catch table. If your effective skill is 525 or above, the successful catch table is always used. If your effective skill is below 525, there's a chance of the skill-related loot table being used. The more below, the greater the chance. The catch isn't based on "whether an item is junk", it's based on which loot table is selected.

    (Obviously that's simplified for the fountain, since the coin buff effectively adds an extra dimension to the successful loot table.)

  • Ravenous, December 2010

    My logic is not incorrect. It is not how you view it, but it is accurate.

    Bent Fishing Hooks are junk... they will not be removed from the loot table in Dalaran's Fountain, regardless of your skill level.

    Perhaps I shouldn't state that there is "always" a chance of getting junk... but that some fishing locations will always have their own chance of getting junk, regardless of your skill.

  • el, December 2010

    I suppose it depends how you look at it! From my perspective, Bent Fishing Hooks are almost avoidable by having low skill, and the chance of catching them increases with skill up to 525. In the vast majority of places there aren't any junk-quality items in the regular (successful) loot table, so there are no junk catches of any kind once you reach the skill threshold,

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    to "Dalaran really 525?".

Giant Sewer Rat in the Dalaran Fountain?

  • Extreme Angler Velen, April 2009

    So i was fishing for the coins today in the Dakaran Fountain when i came across our furry little friend at first i was happy because i finally caught the rat, but then a friend of mine and a fellow fisherman pointed out that i shouldn't of been able to catch the rat in the Fountain. So i decided to post it here to see if this happened to anyone else..


    P.s I'll post up a screen shot as soon as i find it in my SS folder >.<

  • Extreme Angler Velen, April 2009

    Screen Shot Inc....


  • Antonine, April 2009

    The edges of the fountain count as the Underbelly. Don't worry, it wasn't a glitch. We've always known that you could catch a rat there in theory, it's just unlikely. Congrats, I've been wanting to see that happen in awhile!

    On another note, I wouldn't recommend showing the screen shot on the WoW forums. You could have easily caught it in the underbelly before heading up to the fountain to take the screenshot (as there's a significant amount of time between the catch and the shot)

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    from "Giant Sewer Rat in the Dalaran Fountain?".
  • Gazsvyaz, April 2009

    Yep. If youll notice sometimes you catch other underbelly fish in the fountain edges. sewer carp and picked clean bones, etc.

  • Fishing for chickens, September 2010

    My son-in-law caught the Sewer rat in the fountain (darn it, i still don't have it.)
    It's required that your bobber land "in the wall" so to speak... I haven't caught anything from the sewers in the fountain, but my daughter caught a fountain goldfish "in the wall" of the sewers once.

  • Rockliner, January 2011

    Woot, I was able to catch the rat last night! 290 total Casts!

    I was just getting ready to go do something else too!

  • FrozenIron, June 2011

    Total: 580 casts at skill 718 (base 525 + pole 40 + line 3 + lure 150) in Cantrips & Crows:
    301 x Sewer Carp
    152 x Magic Eater
    79 x Crystal Vial
    30 x Partially Eaten Fish
    17 x Drowned Rat
    1 x Giant Sewer Rat

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    to "Giant Sewer Rat in the Dalaran Fountain?".

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