The Deadliest Catch

Guide to fishing up the Hydra in Zul'Gurub. This achievement is impossible to complete since the Cataclysm. On this page:

Archive Document: The contents of this page are not currently accurate. Cataclysm removed Zul'Gurub as a dungeon, and made Gahz'ranka impossible to summon. The Deadliest Catch achievement remains as a Feat of Strength. It is not now possible to complete this achievement, and it is no longer part of becoming Salty.


To complete The Deadliest Catch, you must summon the Hydra (Gahz'ranka) in Zul'Gurub. Zul'Gurub is a raid dungeon on the north-east side of Northern Stranglethorn.

Zul'Gurub was designed for 20 people of level 60. If you are above about level 70 you will be able to move around without aggravating most of the creatures, and complete the achievement alone. Elite bosses will still be difficult to kill solo, even at level 80. Fortunately the achievement requires you summon Gahz'ranka - not kill it.


Map of Zul'Gurub
Map of Zul'Gurub - Pre-Cataclysm.

To enter Zul'Gurub you will need to be in a raid group. Make a party of 2 people and convert to a raid group. The second person does not need to enter Zul'Gurub or even be nearby. They can be of any level. Having trouble finding someone? Letarian comments:

"Actually the person in your raid does not even have to be online. I usually get a random person to join the raid with me on my level 1 bank alt, then log over to my main and get promoted to leader. The other person can then leave."

Ride up the entrance path, avoiding the trolls. Open the doors, and run in. Once inside, head left at the top of the steps, downhill until you reach a lake. At lower level, take care not to get too close to the groups enemy.

Once in the lake, turn right (east) and jump down the waterfall into the water below. Beware of the packs of crocodiles on the beach, and try and avoid the large fish in the water. At level 80 you can easily kill and clear everything - but it is quicker just to avoid hostile creatures. You may wish to use a Water Walking ability or elixir at lower level.

The water here in the middle circles a large raised island. Swim or water-walk round to the left side, about a third of the way round, until you reach Pagle's Point.

Battered Tackle Box

On Pagle's Point, look for the Battered Tackle Box. This starts a quest, "Nat's Measuring Tape". Track low-level quests on your mini-map if you cannot find the box.

Accept the quest, hearth out, and visit Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh.

Nat will now sell you Mudskunk Lure. You must buy at least 1.

Luring Gahz'ranka

Return to Zul'Gurub, and head towards Pagle's Point again. As you travel, look for pools called Muddy Churning Water, which are found around the lower area of water within Zul'Gurub. Each pool contains a few Zulian Mudskunk. You need to catch 5 Zulian Mudskunk. Pools can be fished with fishing skill 1.

Take off your armor (to save repair costs when Gahz'ranka kills you) and use the Mudskunk Lure (with 5 Zulian Mudskunk), which summons Gahz'ranka and completes the achievement.

Killing Gahz'ranka is optional, and still quite difficult to solo at level 80, depending on your class and the quality of your gear. If you plan to kill Gahz'ranka, I suggest you kill the fish in the lake near to Pagle's Point before you summon, then fight the Hydra in the water. That saves you from most of the aerial knockback damage. Gahz'ranka rarely drops Tome of Polymorph: Turtle, which is still valued by traditional mages.

This topic draws on strategies and comments made in the forums - thanks to everyone that contributed. For further discussion, read this forum topic.

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The Deadliest Catch

  • Bravo25, November 2008

    El - Thanks for all of the great work you've done. This site is amazing.

    There is a link that sends people to the wrong place under ( for The Deadliest Catch. The link at the end sends you to the Lurker Above achievement discussion.


  • el, November 2008

    Updated - thanks.

  • Ralak, March 2010

    I tried to solo this achevement by following the suggestion for creating a raid group with my level 1 bank alt. However, I received a "too low level" message when trying to invite. Has something changed? I'm not familiar with creating raid groups (casual fisherman). Any help or suggestions? Thanks!

  • menoblack, July 2010

    please note that Mudskunk Lure is not bop, so you can save a trip to zul'gurub and a trip to Dustwallow Marsh by simply buying it of the AH! saves you quite some time :)

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