Gear to help you fish. Poles, clothing, lures, and addons. A simple illustrated introduction to equipment can be found in the Getting Started chapter.

In other chapters:

With Warlords of Draenor, the maximum theoretical skill bonus from equipment is 600: Achieving +600 is virtually impossible, and certainly not practical or sustainable: The Hungry Tuskarr buff is effectively limited to Dalaran. High Test Eternium Fishing Line is difficult to obtain, so using it on a temporary pole is wasteful. Several items rely on luck during a limited time period (Fragrant Pheromone Fish, Ephemeral Fishing Pole and Hightfish Cap/Tentacled Hat), so may be difficult to obtain simultaneously. The Sharpened Tuskarr Spear's buff can only be applied for a proportion of its cooldown time, so its bonus cannot be sustained. In addition, a bug reduces the total bonus from many combinations of gear by 5 skill points.

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Suggested addition for fishing fashions

  • Isa, December 2008

    There's nothing can beat the Weather-beaten Fishing Hat. You could even go naked as long as you wear that fine hat.

  • Warsinger, December 2008

    I usually have the black swashbuckler shirt equipped when fishing. It really looks like an old fishermans shirt. The Bloodsail Admiral set is also rather cool, especially then pants.

  • stormbear, September 2009

    I like the "Green Workman's Shirt." I love it because it also has suspenders!

  • Durth, September 2009

    The City Doublets you can purchase at the Icecrown Tournament look really good too. I saw a real life tournament on the other day and they were all wearing the sort of Motocross/ extreme sport type shirts.Since then my Undead dk has been sporting his weather beaten hat and Undercity shirt to maximum effect :p

  • InfectedZombie, September 2009

    I love the lumberjack shirts with the outfit. They come in 4 colors (red, green, yellow, blue), and look awesome.

  • Christhina, September 2009

    I love a lot of the suggestions in this thread - the shirts, to be sure, fit fishing perfectly :)

    However, that leaves me wondering, what are you all wearing for leggings? I really can't seem to find anything that "works" well - so I'm currently using the Blue Overalls with Fishing Hat (which, looks good too, especially with fingerless gloves inc +fishing chant, and Aurora Boots).

    But, I'm feeling like a change of outfit, the shirt works - but with what?

  • stormbear, September 2009

    Here is what my fishing attire looks like...

    From top to bottom...
    Dalaran Chef Hat
    Green Workman's Shirt
    Fingerless Gloves
    Handstiched Linen Britches
    Woolen Boots

  • Basill, September 2009

    Christhina wrote:

    I love a lot of the suggestions in this thread - the shirts, to be sure, fit fishing perfectly :)
    However, that leaves me wondering, what are you all wearing for leggings? I really can't seem to find anything that "works" well - so I'm currently using the Blue Overalls with Fishing Hat (which, looks good too, especially with fingerless gloves inc +fishing chant, and Aurora Boots).
    But, I'm feeling like a change of outfit, the shirt works - but with what?

    If your a female... why not try with lovely black dress and a shirt if the dress is to open for you, I might also suggest shadowskin they go nicely with the black.. Well at least my wife thinks , and I think so!! She is the most sexy of all female fishers..and well dressed ofc ^^

  • Christhina, September 2009

    If your a female... why not try with lovely black dress and a shirt if the dress is to open for you, I might also suggest shadowskin they go nicely with the black.. Well at least my wife thinks , and I think so!! She is the most sexy of all female fishers..and well dressed ofc ^^

    That's an interesting thought, but Lovely Black Dress strikes me as evening wear for us, not really something that seems to "suit" the role of fishing (for example, one wouldn't wear a tuxedo out fishing, either, really). Mind, that's just my thoughts on it ;-)

  • jeraz, September 2009
    Its almost like the normal 1 but i prefer a white t-shirt :).

  • Bongtimusprime, September 2009

    Heres my Level 30 Druid Fishing at 275.

    I have the battered Jungle hat, Blue Overalls, Sleevless tshirt, Seers glove with +2 fishing =), and Brown Linen Pants, finally the strong Iron fishing pole.

    I can't wait to get fishing hat and pole from the Extravaganza

  • Al, September 2009

    Nice outfits! Looks like I have a "family member" in here, jeraz. LOL!

  • jeraz, September 2009


  • Ukkokukko, January 2010

    Hi fellow fishermen. I'm new to fishing (started couple days ago, thanks to this site!) and I already really like the whole thing. I'm using the "Fishing & Cooking 1-450" guide, and now my Fishing is 225 and Cooking around 250 after the first day.
    I started my own fishing career with the STV Extragavanza competition, and got my fishing skill from 1 to 75 during the hour. I had alot of fun, I even could wear my fishing gear (see the link) because of the PvE realm. Some guy won the competition after some 10-15 minutes, and yelled to General chat that he's been trying to win this for over a year now. I suppose he earned that win more than me, heh.

    Anyways, here is my fishing gear:

    *Battered Jungle Hat
    *Shroud of Moorabi (Cloak, not showing but I have the parachute on it)
    *Azure Silk Vest
    *Handwraps of Surrended Hope (From ToC, matches with my boots and belt)
    *The Confessor's Binding (From ToC, matches with boots and hands)
    *Azure Silk Pants
    *Titan-Forged Slippers of Dominance (From WG, works as a rocket boots for me)
    *Strong Fishing Pole

    If there's anyone else from Hellscream EU leveling fishing and cooking or just likes fishing, whisper Ukkokukko in-game and lets go on a fishing adventure!
    And good luck to everyone with the rare catches!


  • Kamtastic, February 2010

    Kamtastic @ 60

    She pretty much still wears the same fishing outfit @ 80

    the only real change was the updated fishing hat.

  • Christhina, February 2010


    That's an interesting view - how on earth did you get your toon using an off hand (lantern) at the same time as carrying a two-hander (fishing pole)?

    Looks very interesing, would you be able please to share details of what the individual pieces are please? (Some I can guess, some have me baffled!)

  • Melvoid, June 2010

    I have on my Angler , Weatherbeaten fishing hat, Gauntlets of the Sea (+5 fishing enchant)
    Blue overalls, Captain Saunders Shirt, Blue Suede Shoes (from the Battle for mount Hyjal, btw they look awesome like blue tie dyed wellies lol) because i still have not been able to find that damm rare fish for the boots,
    Azure Silk Belt, cos its blue and has a Swim speed increase.
    Mastercraft Kala`uak Fishing pole (with titanium line enchant).
    i sooo want the boots of the bay but that could take forever on this server cos of all the twinks trying for that Darned heirloom ring.
    as For leggings its usually whatever the best PvP legs i have at the time cos they dont show till you remove the Blue Overalls.

    i Finally got the Turtle too the other day so the look is almost complete ;).

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5.0.4 Fishing: Changes to which +fishing bonuses stack (affects fishing gear)

  • Bregdark, September 2012

    It appears that with 5.0.4, some of the fishing bonuses no longer stack.

    In my brief testing:

    * The pole doesn't stack with the glove enchant
    * The boots don't stack with the hat

    I have the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (+5), a +30 Bone Fishing Pole with +5 line, a pair of gloves with the Enchant Gloves - Angler glove enchant (+5), and Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots (+5).

    Prior to 5.0.4, I could wear those together for +50.

    Now in 5.0.4, I only get +40.

    You can remove EITHER the boots or the hat and stay at +40.
    You can remove the gloves with the glove enchant and stay at +40.

  • el, September 2012

    I'd love to get to the bottom of this. During testing, I kept on hitting problems, but those problems were not consistent. I suspect there are (were) 2 issues:

    1. The total bonus displayed on the Professions User Interface may be incorrect, missing anything from one piece of gear to an entire active lure.

    2. The UI display is correct, but the actual effective skill used to determine junk is still incorrect. This second issue is clearly much harder to test than the first, since one is normally reliant on testing a very small difference in skill.

  • Numbuh Two, September 2012

    I have the same issue as the OP, however I found that the Enchant Gloves - Fishing adds +2 to the skill shown in the professions tab. I don't have any way to test with the boots though. :(

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  • Bregdark, October 2012

    Further testing with those in my guild confirm what Numbuh Two posted, and it seems that the +5 glove enchant doesn't stack with the pole enchant (e.g., +5 eternium test line), rather than the bonus on the pole itself.

  • EIlhan, October 2012

    I have a couple of observations on this problem.

    My fishing equipment is (Combined bonuses in parenthesis) the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (+30) with a +5 fishing line added (+35), the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (+40), Heavy Linen Gloves with +5 Fishing enchant (+45), and Boots of the Bay (+60). When equipping all of these, the Professions GUI only shows a +55 bonus, as people have already indicated.

    The important observation is that the bonus viewed on the Professions screen can't be correct. A few minutes ago I was raising fishing by fishing in open water in the Jade Forest, requiring 650 skill to avoid junk catches. Just after reaching 595 base skill, I caught a Withered Kelp. So with a base skill of 595 and added bonus of +55 (which of course totals 650) I should not have caught any junk, but I did.

    In other words, not only do the Fishing skill bonuses not add up correctly in the GUI display, but the displayed value seems to be HIGHER than it actually is.

    Anyone else experienced this?


  • Barkeater, October 2012

    I am having similar problems. Somethings not right.

    Tool tip says 580 fishing + (200). So 780. I am open water inland fishing at Lake of Stars in Wastes and getting lots of grey items.

  • el, October 2012

    You will catch quite a lot of grey items in the Dread Wastes regardless of skill: Scoured Fishbones and Desecrated Carcass are regular catches, not caught due to lack of skill. Confusing, isn't it?

  • Averiy, October 2012

    I'm not having any issues with my bonuses stacking. I don't have the +5 line, only the +2, if that makes any difference.

    Kaluak pole +30
    Fishing line +2
    Gloves +5
    Hat +5

    Adds up to +42, displays +42.

    Use lure built into hat, +75.

    Adds up to +117, displays +117.

  • el, October 2012

    Averiy - I think you've found the heart of the problem: You see, there is no +2 line bonus. That was caused by another bug from years ago, when all previously applied +5 bonuses were automatically converted to +2: The glove enchant spell got mixed up with the pole enchant spell around about the time the +5 glove enchant was added. I, and I assume others, got fed up waiting for this to be fixed and re-applied a fresh High Test Eternium Fishing Line to return the pole bonus to +5. But the mix-up does explain perfectly why you are not seeing the issue, because I suspect that as far as the game's code is concerned, you have a +2 glove enchant on your pole.

  • Paploo, October 2012

    I am seeing this bug as well and will be submitting a bug report. I am current seeing a +50 and I should have +60.

    Arcanite Fishing Pole +40
    Line + 5
    Weather Beaten Hat + 5
    Nats Boots + 5
    Glove Enchant + 5
    Should = 60

  • Basill, October 2012

    Like Paploo

    Ive noticed this bug after a break in wow... I am now lower than the regular fisherman :(
    my hat, gloves does not stack up..... bug reported... but are they going to fix it!!! am only 50+ and not 60 as should be!!! is there a cap introduced ?

    on my secondary fisherman the <Salty Magocrat> He has +50 xtra on gear, same hat same glove enchant...... seems like 50 is a cap? even though swapping gear on main did not add the numbers.. seems random strange..

    Edit.. after testing all gear, its clearly a cap... all items with "old" enchants and + skill works as intended if placed on toon 1 item only, the hat, the gloves, the boots, the line.. all give the skill as intended but as soon as I go past +50 nothing works...either hat, line, boots, glove ! depends on which item I put on last!! makes you wonder what else is capped or "bugged"

  • chiwa, October 2012

    The profession tab and fishing buddy both show me at +55 skill, 655 total, but I still catch junk in open water in Jade Forest.

  • Basill, December 2012

    After various mails forth and back, this is the best answer Blizzard gives me, please note they dont even mention El´s site.... (Pftttttt)

    Hail and Well Met, *bows*
    o()xxxx[{::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::} ]xxxx()

    Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment regarding this. I apologize for the wait, we are experiencing a larger than normal ticket volume.

    I myself and many other people have been a bit confused by this kind of thing. I double checked and everything does seem to be working but it looks like you may need to review what needs to be done here. Game Masters are not allowed to many details about game content but I have included some links to sites that I personally use when trying to overcome stuff like this.

    These fan sites are created by fans and used by players to discuss game progression hints in more details then a Game Master can trust me even Game Masters use these!
    Examples: (Amazing Quest tracking!) (Great rep calculator!)

    Thank you for your time and patience here. I hope your adventures are half as epic as your loots *wink*

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
    Game Master Morcaengan
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•´ ¸.•´
    Customer Services
    Blizzard Entertainment

    why he links juju and and wiki is beyond me!!
    but there we are no answer really ..... ;(

  • el, December 2012

    (Blizzard's corporate policy is to only link to "official fansites", of which there are only a handful, mostly those cited. It's a strange game. The situation is evolving, with some of Blizzard's more senior employees pushing the boundaries over the last year, most obviously here Zarhym's B-list of fansites, on which El's Anglin was entry #7.)

  • Tikicarol, December 2012

    So what would be the best possible combination assuming everything would be counted up correctly?

  • Druantis, June 2013

    Druantira on Stormrage. So El, after never having read this thread before, are you saying I should reapply a +5 line (sitting in my bank for any new expansion pole)? Is that really the only way to get me back to the professions tab giving me the correct total bonus again? I believe I have the top current gear:

    Nat's Hat
    Arcanite Fishing Pole with + 5 fishing line enchant
    Forager's Gloves with +5 fishing enchant
    Boots of the Bay
    Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
    Sharpened Tuskarr Spear
    Captain Rumsey's Lager

    To show off I also wear: Hook of the Master Angler, Angler's Tabard, Dread Pirate Ring.

    Total: 840 when spear is up, 825 when it isn't, but I should have 845 and 830 when spear isn't up (when added manually).

  • noctusmirus, August 2013

    something from me playing around....
    <img src=" />

  • Karm, May 2014

    Just to let you all know, this bug is still "alive" today. Because its impact is almost non-existant (a mere +2 fishing level difference, and fishing skill becoming less significant), the chances of it being fixed are slim.

    The bug:

    +5 fishing bonus on a hat (Lucky Fishing Hat, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Darkmoon Fishing Cap, Nat's Hat) DOES NOT stack with +5 fishing bonus on boots (Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots). Using either or both of such items will give a total +5 fishing bonus regardless. However, +5 bonus on hat DOES stack with the +15 bonus on boots (Boots of the Bay), for a total of +20.

    A +5 fishing line (High Test Eternium Fishing Line) on your fishing pole DOES NOT stack with +5 fishing glove enchant (Enchant Gloves - Angler). However, a +5 fishing line DOES stack with a +2 fishing enchant (Enchant Gloves - Fishing). Similarly, a +3 fishing line (Spun Truesilver Fishing Line) DOES stack with a +5 fishing glove enchant. Therefore, the maximum effective fishing level to get from these two items is by using the +3 fishing line along with the +5 fishing glove enchant for a total of +8 fishing.

    And yes, this is a "bug" because the stacking of these items is selective. Same-number bonuses on boots - hat or fishing line - gloves enchant do not stack; different-number-bonuses (i.e. +5 and +15, +3 and +5) DO stack. If these mechanics were intended, there should be no stacking from these slots whatsoever.

    Taking these things into consideration, the maximum obtainable effective fishing level is currently:

    600 (base)
    +40 Arcanite Fishing Pole
    +3 Truesilver Line Spun Truesilver Fishing Line (used on fishing pole instead of +5 High Test Eternium Fishing Line, because that currently doesn't stack with the +5 fishing Enchant Gloves - Angler)
    +150 Heat-Treated Spinning Lure (or the +150 lure from Nat's Hat)
    +15 Boots of the Bay (Feet)
    +5 Lucky Fishing Hat (or Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, or Darkmoon Fishing Cap, or Nat's Hat) (Head)
    +5 Formula: Enchant Gloves - Angler (Glove Enchant)
    +10 Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager (Drink Buff for 3 min)
    +15 Sharpened Tuskarr Spear

    For a grand total effective fishing level of: +843!

    Or, if you are truly trying to push it, adding the +50 fishing buff from the Dalaran Sewers 'Underbelly Elixir' ( will raise your total fishing level to a staggering +893 theoretical maximum in the game as it is now.

    Of course, fishing levels this high will serve no practical purpose, since the highest fishing skill currently required is +825 (Timeless Isle open water, and Vale of Blossoms open water). Also, fishing pools currently have a fishing level requirement of 1, and are often more effective than fishing in open water (partially because of the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm). This makes fishing level much less important.

    But it's still fun to see how far the game can go. ;-)

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Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole

  • Daphine, October 2008

    I did the quest and got Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole. I try to fish with it, but it just doesn't work. I cast and nothing happens. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know if there is a bug that needs fixing?

  • NiceBloke, October 2008

    Are you using any addons? Sometimes I find Fishing Buddy can stop me casting for some reason - using the skill in my spellbook (P) works fine (and then FB starts working again).

    Try disabling all your addons and then turning them on 1 by 1.

  • Daphine, October 2008

    Ok, will give that a try, thanks - I don't have fishing buddy, but I do have a couple of other addons.

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Maximized Fishing Skill

  • Noodleguitar, December 2008

    I just got my Eternium Line the last Extravaganza, which was the last thing I needed to max out my fishing skill :D. It's now, with only gear and base skill, 502. I think this is the max that can be achieved with current available gear.

    To get it I have equipped:
    - Arcanite Fishing Pole (+35)
    ----> Eternium Line (+5)
    - Lucky Fishing Hat (+5)
    - Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots (+5)
    - Gloves Enchanted (+2)

    + 450 Base Skill.

    If you count in buffs, you can get to a max of 662:
    - Underbelly Elixer -> Tuskarr (+50)
    - Captain Rumsey's Lager (+10)
    - One of the best lures (+100)

  • Shreda, January 2010

    Given that it is now impossible to catch junk, i see no point in lures even existing.

  • Gummo, January 2010

    Arcanite Fishing Pole has been +40 fishing for a while, and there is now a +5 fishing enchant.

    Lures are still useful for non-pool fishing, but, yeah...

  • Tarqq, January 2010

    This Sunday I'm going for the total max @ fishing, I only need to catch the
    Dezian Queenfish, to put the Eternium line to my pole.
    Since 1st post was outdated bij the Kalu'ak derby (& other changes),
    here are the new max stats.

    Here is what I (almost***) got equipped :

    - Arcanite Fishing Pole (+40)
    - Eternium line *** (+5)
    - Weather beaten fishing hat ( +5)
    - Boots of the bay (+15)
    - Gloves Enchanted (+5)
    - Captain Rumsey's Lager (10min) (+10)
    - Glowworm (1hr) (+100)
    - Base skill (+450) +

    Happy fishing,
    Tarqq (Terokkar/EU)

    Ps. With the Tuskarr buff you could gain 680, but I think its a hassle.

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