15-32 Pound Salmon

15-32 Pound Salmon

Where to catch 15-32 Pound Salmon.

About 15-32 Pound Salmon

Catching 15-32 Pound Salmon

Where to Catch 15-32 Pound Salmon
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Blasted Lands (Tainted Forest)25<1%715
Open WaterInland: Un'Goro Crater (General)375<1%715
Open Water425<1%715

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15-32 Pound Salmon ?

  • Enarka, July 2013

    Does the 32 Pound Salmon _really_ exist? The achievement requires you to get a 29 Pound One, but there would exist a heavier one yet?

  • el, July 2013

    Marlburo caught it. It should follow the same pattern as the other heavy Salmon. The only caveat to that is that Marlburo caught it in (non lava) Un'Goro Crater, which since Cataclysm has had a quirky skill level - 50 below all the other places with the same set of catches. So in the chaos of Cataclysm, it is just about possible that the 32 Pound Salmon was only added in Un'Goro Crater.

  • Enarka, July 2013

    Thanks a lot, I really wondered! I'll look into fishing Un'Goro for the Salmon though.

    I feel kind of silly, because I'm "re-doing" all of the One That Didn't Get Away in order to complete the actual in-game achievement list: http://i.imgur.com/9j5fXGt.png

    I have _NO_ idea when that change was made, but catching the additional fish on the list now checks them as "achieved". I discovered it by accident while trying for the 103 Pound Mightfish, and I saw a 22 Pound Lobster light up after I was done, which was pretty awesome! Needless to say I've already caught all of those, but yeah...fishing is all I do in WoW anymore these days (aside from RPing), so that's as good a thing to do as any.

    Once I'm done I may do as Marlburo did as well, what with making a video with everything I've caught. I've wanted to do it for a while, but now that Mists of Pandaria is out and a lot of things were added I have a good excuse! I have a one-person guild I'm trying to complete achievements for, but after transferring to an RP server I've had to reset my catch count! At the moment I'm just at 5007/25,000 on the "Pandaren Angler achievement", and 5946/10,000 on "That's a Lot of Bait".

    Since I was gone for the longest part of Cataclysm/Mists of Pandaria, I just recently got Exalted with Nat Pagle, but I've caught up on the newer achievements! All I have left to do is to finish up "One That Didn't Get Away", go in search of all manner of fishing items, maybe waste a month finishing up "Pandaren Angler", and then I may go all Marlburo-awesome on you (which he is, by the way).

  • Marlburo, July 2013

    Yeah I guess I also caught it 4 years ago? Got a little lucky then....but I remember the sheer volume of other <1% items in the area made it a real pain to get the other "smaller salmon".

    I can not tell you how mad I am about this change to the "One That Didn't Get Away" achievement (which I just learned about, confirmed today catching the Rockhide Strongfish at the tournament). I don't know what I'm going to do, but catching them all again.....I don't know....

    Here's the link to the post way back when: http://www.elsanglin.com/forums/topic/32-pound-catfish

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