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Crocolisks ... has anyone completed the set?

  • Leonie, March 2009

    I don't think I have missed the Crocs in the City quest perhaps more than once or twice since it was added to the game, but I am having rotten luck getting all 4 beasties. I've had Toothy twice and Muckbreath once on my main, and Muckbreath again on an alt.

    Has anyone managed to get all four? Do you get many duplicates? (Deleting that second Toothy felt so awful ...)

  • setsuko, March 2009

    2 muckbreaths on the same char. during TBC. Nothing since Wrath and I do the dailies on 2 characters :|

  • llie, March 2009

    I got Muckbreath and Toothy one right after the other when the dailies first came out. Haven't gotten any since and I have also only missed it probably once or twice. It seems to me from what I see and read that Muckbreath and Toothy are the most common out of the four.

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  • Faela, March 2009

    I've only missed a handful since they came out and the only croc I have is Snarly... but I've got him twice. My boyfriend started doing them way after me and he has Toothy and Chuck, and got a duplicate Toothy as well. Duplicates are even worse than getting nothing >_<

  • NiceBloke, March 2009

    I haven't been as constant with the fishing dailies since Wrath came out - but I try to head over when I hear its a "Crocs Day"

    I have 3 out of the 4 with Mucky still to be found. Never had a duplicate.

    Surely somebody here must have all 4

  • GormanGhaste, March 2009

    I've missed very few, and I have Chuck and Toothy, with no duplicates.

  • Bonamassa, March 2009

    i have snarly and toothy, snarly is from tbc, toothy i got during wotlk... dont do the dailies everyday anymore, just once or twice a week. soo busy fishing for coins now and fishing for the fishfeast.

    i also had tyo delete a snarly one, and it hurts ;(

  • Sugar, March 2009

    I actually managed to catch all four before wrath came out with no duplicates. Guess I got lucky with it, I don't know anyone else with all of them. ^^

  • Nemari, March 2009

    My hunter Nemrodia has all 4 of them. My paladin Meigra got her third crocodile monday evening. But my main character, Nemari, has only one, which she got more than once :(.

    Nearly every day I go to Shattrath to check the fishing daily.

  • Pipre, March 2009

    This thread is too depressing. I wish I could delete it out of the RSS feed >.<

  • zdirnats, March 2009

    Petre wrote:

    This thread is too depressing. I wish I could delete it out of the RSS feed >.<

    I can confirm that I have exactly 0 crocolisk pets, nada, not one, none.....
    I can confirm I have done dailies since before WOTLK every day.
    I can confirm that Old Man Barlo loves my fishing ability, but doesn't like me.
    I can confirm that the old codger is going to get rapped on the head with a very large and mean fishing pole if he doesn't start coughing up a pet soon.
    I can confirm that .................. nuf said

  • Spleen, March 2009

    I too have the complete set. Chuck was my first, then Snarly, then Muckbreath. All three were before Wrath. I finally received Toothy sometimes after hitting 80. Now if only I were so lucky with One That Didn't get Away, then I'd have Salty.

  • Kiingy, March 2009

    zdirnats wrote:

    Petre wrote:

    This thread is too depressing. I wish I could delete it out of the RSS feed >.<

    I can confirm that I have exactly 0 crocolisk pets, nada, not one, none.....
    I can confirm I have done dailies since before WOTLK every day.
    I can confirm that Old Man Barlo loves my fishing ability, but doesn't like me.
    I can confirm that the old codger is going to get rapped on the head with a very large and mean fishing pole if he doesn't start coughing up a pet soon.
    I can confirm that .................. nuf said

    Ugh... same story here mate : /
    RNG is against us ...

  • Azaguth, March 2009

    Except for the "since before WOTLK". More like "since 2 weeks after WOTLK release", which was about when I hit 70.

  • Wotcherscamp, March 2009

    I got Chuck on my very first fishing daily. I got Snarly about a month later on the same day that I got the Turtle Polymorph book. I then managed to get FOUR Muckbreaths from the SAME bag...when I tried looting it, it wouldn't work so I contacted a GM. Sadly, he told me that it was a glitch and replaced my bag with a non-glitched bag. What really sucked is that I didn't get a single Muckbreath. Since then I've been working really hard to get the other two (they're so adorable).

  • nebalee, March 2009

    Got Toothy and Muckbreath in the first week on two successive days after the quests were added. Nothing since then :-/

  • Speedsteel, March 2009

    Toothy and Muckbreath here. I've missed quite a few dailies since they came out, and I only got them both recently.

  • Thay, March 2009

    I've only gotten 2 chuck's. :(
    I'm half hoping they add them to on of the Northrend dailies, or at least make it do you can get them from any of the Lv70 dailies, as I have seen the Crock daily only about 2-3 times in the last month. :(

  • madmuddi, March 2009

    Got Muckbreath this week. Seems a long time since i got Snarly and Chuck.

    Just Toothy to go i guess?

  • Qyn, March 2009

    I've done every croc daily since they put the dailies in the game and haven't received a single croc yet on my main (Qyn). However I have an alt shaman who started out at 1 fishing and only ever did the croc daily and now is 3/4 crocs. It's pretty frustrating since Qyn is also my pet collector (currently sitting at 79 pets).

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increased drop rate for croc minipets?

  • GormanGhaste, August 2009

    On, the news section suggests an undocumented 3.2 change is an increased drop rate of the croc minipets. Has anyone had better luck?

  • Leny, August 2009

    I saw a comment on that said "I just got toothy and the person in front of me just got muckbreath"

  • Sjiulk, August 2009

    Indeed, I've had 100% drop rates for these pets. Crocs in the City has been the daily for three days in a row; on my druid I got a Chuck and 2 Snarlies, and a Toothy on my shaman. Being honest, it kind of takes the fun out of it. :( But I guess Blizz wants people to get the pet achievements.

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  • KHSebastian, August 2009

    Yeah, I got a Chuck yesterday. So did my friend, and another friend got a Snarly.

  • nonameform, August 2009

    Got Muckbreath 2 minutes ago.

  • GormanGhaste, August 2009

    Takes the fun out of it? I've been doing the croc quest every time it's come up since 2.4 came out. Pretty sure I've wrung all the Fun out of it already. I'll just be relieved to not have to use the shatt portal every day, once I get the last 2 crocs on my main.

  • Gladlyn, August 2009

    I have done it every time it has come up on 3 toons since it started. I have gotten 4 buckets, 3 of which were the same one on the same toon. I think the drop rate always stunk.


  • KHSebastian, August 2009

    Yes it takes the fun out of it.... I wanted the bucket pets because they were unique. The entire server wasn't running around with Bucket pets. I wanted to be one of the few to get them all... But no, now everyone and their mother will have all of them...

  • GormanGhaste, August 2009

    well I would hope their mother will have all of them--how would you feel if you were missing some of your babies? :) I can tell you my hunter pet, Krikey, is pretty upset!

  • Gladlyn, August 2009

    I disagree, as many times as I have done it I believe I should have been able to get more than one bucket each on 2 toons. I have put in the time and I should have gotten the drop.


  • Usagija, August 2009

    I hope this is true! For 2 weeks the dailies have been shrimpin and felblood fillet primarily, with the other non-crocolisk daily thrown in occasionally. Not a single crocolisk in the city and i've been dying for ANY baby crocolisk pet!

  • Huenninjarin, August 2009

    The croc pets have not been a 100% drop for me since 3.2. The daily has come up twice since then. My warrior and hunter, who both had 3/4 pets before the patch, have not gotten another croc from the reward bag. However my priest and mage who had never gotten a croc both got one from each daily.

    Edit: Druid got a second (soulbound of course) Toothy bucket, no croc for hunter. So the drop rate has been increased substantially anyway.

  • GormanGhaste, August 2009

    Consolidated post-3.2 data for me and my spouse:

    attempts: 10
    baby crocs: 5
    non-duplicate crocs: 2

    9 Aug: alt got new pet (now have all 4 crocs btwn both my toons), spouse got a duplicate pet and a new one
    10 Aug: duplicate pet
    18 Aug: no pet
    21 Aug: duplicate pet
    31 Aug: no pet
    5 Sep: no pet, spouse no pet

  • Cromllem, August 2009

    I'm having problems with that daily, I never seem to get it, altough I've been doing the fishing dailies since begin july.

  • Renetta, August 2009

    Glad they did it. I hope they will nerf the turtle/crawler too eventually. It's harsh to see people running around having done less than a quarter of my catches and have both and for all I know I may well be trying without luck until they nerf things down to something sane.

    Or if they finally implement the progressive luck algorithm for rare fish drops as well... that'd work too.

    I had Chuck for a long while but no other croc yet. Still waiting for the daily to pop here.

  • Suzi, August 2009

    I've been doing this quest on my main since it was first implemented and I got my first Croc pet (Snarly) after the patch. Another friend got his first Croc pet (Toothy) and someone else tried to his first but it wasn't his lucky day.

    I'm sorry for everyone who feels that an increased droprate takes the fun out of it but as a pet collector it really made my day to finally get one.

  • Thalen, August 2009

    Got one on both my toons today (first time it's come up since patch day). Another fisher in my guild got it on 3 of his 4, so it doesn't appear to be 100%, but still very high.

    I don't mind the upped drop rate, since the quest is so random. Sometimes you go weeks without seeing the thing, and then a very small chance at the pet makes it annoying.

  • Rayak, August 2009

    I love that everyone can get one now! I don't feel the need to be special and have pets that everyone else doesn't have. Yes, I want *all* the pets out there, but I don't really care if everyone else ALSO has *all* of the pets out there. Doesn't bother me in the least. :D

  • Usagija, August 2009

    I was a little disappointed at how easy it was to get. I have gone back to fishing (after hiatus of despair) for 3 weeks and the Crocolisks in the City daily hasn't shown up until today, and I won Toothy. Too easy!

  • Leieia, August 2009

    Chiming in to say the drop rate was 100% for my fishing partner and me. He got Toothy; I got Muckbreath.

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Baby Crocolisk Daily - Not restricted to SW

  • Cornuthaum, April 2008

    It is apparently possible to catch the Baby Crocolisk from The Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge.

    I was bored (4am and I couldn't sleep), so I decided to go level the fishing skill of my Hunter some more (who, through luck and divine providence had gotten my 2nd Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat from the Crocolisk daily quest a week before).

    To my surprise, the first catch I made in the Forlorn Cavern turned out to be the baby crocolisk, me not being aware that I had actually accepted the quest two days ago with my Hunter (but forgot to do it, thanks to frustration overwhelming me).

    However, I am aware of the old adage 'Screen or it didn't happen!'. - full screenshot, interface, timestamp and whatnot - just the chatlog.

    Question: The question is whether all racial capitols are viable places to go croc'ing to (provided, of course, that they have fisheable plots of water) or not.

    I apologize beforehands should this information have come up earlier, but alas, it's 04.41 and I think my brain is currently oozing out of my left ear.

    edit: As luck would have it, the daily quest reset brought about another round of Baby Crocolisk anglin', and since I follow the school of 'I do it because I can', I went and tested if I could catch it from Ironforge once more.

    And yes, I could - Same location, same fishing pole (Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole, no fishing line, fishing hat bait), different fishing skill (375 as opposed to 240-ish)

  • el, April 2008

    That's new to me. Thank you.

    The question of whether it can be found in other capitals is indeed an important one. And if it can be found in all capitals (at least those with fishable water), where else does it appear?

  • Calabar, April 2008

    I got the Crocs in the City quest today, so I decided to test this out. I grabbed the quest with my druid and headed over to Darnassus. He still needs some fishing skill, so I figured this was a good chance for him to get in some practice.

    Shadowfang pulled in 75 successful catches within Darnassus without a baby croc showing its sharp little teeth. I then headed over to Stormwind and caught my baby croc on the third cast. So whatever this glitch is, Darnassus does not seem to be a part of it.

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  • Balazar, April 2008

    I'm not quite sure I'd count it out just yet - I've gone more than 150 catches in Stormwind before pulling the croc.

  • Gwydaine, April 2008

    Well I have 2 375 fishing nuts and did the quests on both one morning. then I thought I would try something. I got on my 70 Pally with fishing skill of only 157 got the quest and went to SW. I was surprised I could complete it on him as well. Of course this got me me started and now I have 2 fishing fools at 375 and one at 353 and getting closer to max

  • Woolwort, May 2008

    I got the same this past week. The best part of this is that not everyone knows it. The canals in SW are packed when this mission is available. The cave in IF is usually deserted.

  • Tsathoggua, June 2008

    Next time this is the daily and I get the chance to do it, I'll head to the Undercity to see if it is possible there. Will let you know. If it IS possible in Undercity, I'll give Thunder Bluff a try as well. Will aim to not give up before 200 casts, each location.

    EDIT: Tried the Undercity [the least likely Horde city, since it has a few "exclusive" fishing catches, plus is not on the same continent as Orgrimmar]. Two hunred catches, a stack of sickly fish, three "old teamster's skulls," and no croc. Next will try Thunder Bluff [same continent, no "exclusive" catches].

    EDIT again: Thunder Bluff, 200 casts, again no croc. Then headed to Orgrimmar and caught it on the second cast [grins]. So far, it looks unlikely that the Horde can fish it up in multiple capitals, unlike the Alliance.

  • ThunderfistCor, September 2008

    Out of curiosity, I fished in the little pool right outside the Mystic Ward...sure enough, 4 or 5 casts in, I had a Baby Crocolisk on the line.

  • Al, November 2008

    Just got to 70 and am enjoying flight around the outlands. I got this quest today and, having read this, went and threw in a line in the wading pool in the mystic ward in IF, where I tend to hang out. Much to my surprise, I got one on my first cast. This was great for me since I still tend to get lost in Stormwind, being a dwarfish person. :)

  • Cozmic, November 2008

    I thought I had read something a few weeks back about this so I tried the daily in IF. First catch I got the baby crocolisk.

  • Vicromano, November 2008

    Yesterday was the Croc fishing quest on Kilrogg, I went right to IF and the very first cast was the baby crocolisk. ;o)

  • Tezuix, November 2008

    since patch 2.4.3 i think i was they made it so the daily fishing fish (except shrimps) were caught first catch and every catch if not looted

    so next time the quest comes up i will test all the capital cities (other than IF SW and org) (horde and allience)

  • Paxe55, August 2011

    Crocs in IF verified for ver. 4.2.0 - caught it today with 15 casts! 1 more croc pet in the bag ... I hope :)

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Increase in Baby Crocolisk drop?

  • timbo666, June 2009

    I have been doing the Shattrath fishing daily Crocolisks in the City for quite a while, only because I'm a pet collector. I've gotten the silver fishing line, but I never got any pets. Now for the last 3 times the fishing daily was Crocs in the City I got a different croc pet! Am I the only one to have received 3 pets in a row?? This just struck me as very odd.. I've done it so many times and nothing and now 3 times in a row? Does anyone know of any news that they increased the drop chance on them, or that after doing it for so many times you just get the pets, or what? I've heard through the grapevine that the chance on the turtle mount has been increased, but I've heard no such thing about the daily pets. (Btw, I have not received the Strand Crawler yet in Dal, which is also a part of my daily routine)

    I find it hard to believe that this is random. Please share your knowledge, any comments welcome!

  • Keirelle, June 2009

    I read somewhere (can't remember where though) that the drop rate might be increased. However, I have been doing the fishing dailies every day for weeks and it's been a very long time since shadowsong has even had the crocs quest, and I still have yet to get even a single croc. :(

  • el, June 2009

    Back on 9 April, Bornakk said they, "would like to change it [the croc' drop rate] in the future, there is just no ETA."

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  • Renetta, June 2009

    I'm not sure about this. I certainly hadn't gotten any recently, also not today.

  • mikado, June 2009

    Not experiencing any increase in drop rates. This quest has popped up about 14 times in the last three months on my server and I have not seen a bucket on either of my two characters who do the daily.

  • Kamaria, June 2009

    They may have, I just got Snarly this morning.

  • KHSebastian, June 2009

    I hope so... I've done Crocs in the City every chance I get for the last year, since I hit 70... Still no pet. Only things I've yet to get from Fishing, are the minipets from the dailies, and the Turtle, which I'm working on.

  • LinkyKeram, July 2009

    I wish i could confirm this, but sadly i can not.. Ive ben doing the "Crocolisk in the city" every day ive ben able to log on and posibly check it, and done it at around 5-6 times the last month.
    No crocolisk drop, and mostly just junk. Unless blizzard have actually posted it on a patch (or upcoming ones) i doubt its increased.

  • Lyps, July 2009

    I just read a comment on Wowhead claiming to have got a croc pet from one of the other outland fishing dailies. Can anyone confirm this? I'm going to assume it's bs for now.

  • Thalen, July 2009

    It may be true, but I'm with you on the BS assumption. Wowhead doesn't show the pet dropping from the other bag, so unless there's been a VERY recent change, or no one is using their client much any more, I'd have to assume the poster was mistaken.

  • nonameform, July 2009

    So far I got just one croc from the fishing bag and I must say I haven't seen that daily on my server for about two weeks in a row already. Interesting thing: the day I got my first and only croc, the guildie of mine got his first croc too, so I thought that there was an increase in drop rate or the bag was somewhat bugged. Next day I did the same daily, but there was no croc, so it seems drop rate still remains the same and we both just got lucky.

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