Bloated Barbed Gill Trout

Bloated Barbed Gill Trout

Where to catch Bloated Barbed Gill Trout.

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Where to Catch Bloated Barbed Gill Trout
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillQuest OnlyCommon Catch
Open WaterInland: Zangarmarsh (East)400Quest OnlyBarbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Zangarmarsh (West)450Quest OnlyBarbed Gill Trout


Map of Zangarmarsh Lakes
Map of Zangarmarsh Lakes

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Bugged Shripmin' Quest

  • Khandril, April 2008

    Just thought I'd report it in case it happens to anyone else...

    The first time I got "Shrimpin' Ain't Easy", every bloated fish I got had only partially digested weeds in it. I fished up about twenty, double-checked I still had the quest and it said "0/10" on my shrimp count. I abandoned the quest and got it again, same result. Didn't feel like waiting 90 minutes for a GM, so I just gave up on it, that day.

    Guild members reported it worked fine that day, and it worked for my alt, so I don't think it was server-wide. The next time it came around, it worked fine on both characters.


  • Pipre, April 2008

    Make sure you leave your raid group before doing this quest. That seems to be the most common reason for this quest not working from what I've read.

  • el, April 2008

    Thanks Petre.

    To break down the raid thing:

    1. "Quest Items" cannot be looted while in a raid group.

    2. Bloated Barbed Gill Trout can only be caught while on the quest, but is not itself a "Quest Item". So logically it can be caught while in a raid.

    3. Giant Freshwater Shrimp are a Quest Item, so logically if you are in a raid, you will never see them. Hence gain a lot of weeds, get frustrated, and page a GM who probably won't be able to work it out either.

    The quest item/raid group thing has always been the case. But this implementation is particularly evil, because I presume you can catch what appears to be the quest fish, yet never see the actual quest fish.

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    from "Bugged Shripmin' Quest".
  • Khandril, April 2008

    Ah, of course. Yes, I'm pretty sure I did that quest while I was waiting for Karazhan to despawn so I could do a quest right before server maintenance...


  • wheedle, April 2008

    This happened to me as well...I was not in a raid group or even a party at the time.

    However, I was online during rollover and 'Shrimpin' had been the previous day's fishing quest as well. I suppose it's possible that this bug could also be related to dailies sometimes not rolling over correctly when logged in.

    GM suggested that I disable mods/restart WoW and all that. Unfortunately, that was 2 hours later and I was in an instance at the time. Never got around to testing if that fixed the problem.

  • el, April 2008

    On PTRs, it was possible to take the previous day's daily for a few minutes after the new day started. This could be exploited to give a choice of fishing dailies, so I presume it was changed. Currently on live servers there is a period of time when the new day starts at 03:00, but you can't take new dailies. However quests you complete during this time still count against the new day. That mechanic is partly broken: If you mouse-over the daily counter on the quest log, it shows something like "new day begins in ." - the game has lost count too.

    But, being able to catch quest-related fish should be linked to having the quest on your log, regardless of whether that quest is available today or not. That's how the other random dailies (like cooking and battlegrounds) work.

  • olli, January 2009

    OMG I fished up over 100 fish(stopped counting after that) before I realized I was in a raid. Btw, you can't do this quest while you're in a raid.

  • Luiniel, January 2009

    Actually, El, you can take the previous day's quest sometimes on Live -- I did it entirely by accident with the Dalaran Cooking Daily recently; picking it up just as the blue ! appeared.

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    to "Bugged Shripmin' Quest".

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