Bloated Monsterbelly

Bloated Monsterbelly

Where to catch Bloated Monsterbelly.

About Bloated Monsterbelly

Catching Bloated Monsterbelly

Item can no longer be caught by fishing.

  • Notes:

    This fish can no longer be caught. It was originally caught during the quest, Monsterbelly Appetite. This quest was replaced by the quest, Disarmed! in patch 3.3.3.
  • History:

    • 3.3.3: No longer caught.
    • 3.1: First caught.

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Monster Appetite Dalaran Daily

  • ashyni, April 2009

    We'll see how things go after rolling restarts and the latest hotfixes.

  • Skelleth, April 2009

    On my server (Ravencrest US) there is a location in the frozen sea where those two pools frequenty overlap. I wonder if this is what you saw?

  • ashyni, April 2009

    Did 25+ casts in cuttlefish schools today with no drop and got the quest fish out of a Monsterbelly school on 2nd cast. Hotfixed, maybe?

  • Kahless, April 2009

    There were too many people fishing the pools when I did it so I just found a quiet spot to fish in open water. Caught it in about 10 casts from open water.

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bloated monsterbelly

  • yossarian, July 2009

    the fishing daily in the frozen sea, looking for that severed arm...

    i have never completed this quest by getting the drop of the bloated monsterbelly while fishing a cuttlefish pool in the frozen sea.

    i have completed it in open water (usually the way i do it) and monsterbelly pools in the frozen sea (on occasion).

    i have never ever really tried to test this theory...

    i just go to complete the quest and if there is a pool near my landing spot i will fish it.

    so it could just be the luck of the draw...

    does anyone know if my observation is actually true or just unique to my own experience?

  • Marlburo, July 2009

    well the only way you would get a monsterbelly while fishing "in" a cuttlefish pool is if you were outside of the pool i beleive. Frankly i didn't even know you could complete this quest in open water. Fly around those glaciers and 8/10 there will be a deep sea monsterbelly school ready: with max fishing and bait ive never had to use more than one pool

  • Al, July 2009

    Open water works fine. I've done it several times. There are usually very few monsterbelly pools on my server when this is the fishing daily. The increased pressure, plus the nature of pool respawning - which I know has been discussed here - (El, can you provide a link, 'cause I cant remember where, exactly?) means that everyone fishes out the monsterbelly schools, leaving nothing but dozens of cuttlefish pools. Consequently, I generally complete this quest by flying (previously water walking on my land mount) to the nearest chunk of ice and fishing open waters for it. It never takes a very long time.

    I agree with Marlburo. I certainly wouldn't expect to find it in a cuttlefish pool. Assuming I landed inside the pool for each cast, I would expect nothing but cuttlefish ... with the random suckerfish.

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  • el, July 2009

    The technical explanation of how pools are "cherry picked" is here. There's a summary here.

    There have been a few claims of a catch from a Moonglow Cuttlefish School. I've never managed to confirm that myself, and it seems more likely that such catches are coming from the open water near the pool - it's easy to "miss".

  • Al, July 2009

    Thanks, El!

  • Cherel, July 2009

    Interesting. I didn't know you could complete this one from a pool - I've always done it in open water.

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