Bloated Redgill

Bloated Redgill

Where to catch Bloated Redgill.

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Catching Bloated Redgill

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    This fat fish took me almost 12,000 casts to catch. Try explaining that number to a dwarf! I hope you have better luck catching one.
Where to Catch Bloated Redgill
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open Water300<1%11747

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Bloated Redgill

  • Marlburo, August 2011

    Just trying to tie up some loose ends in fishing, thought I'd post my stats from Tanaris (small pool in unzoned Zal'farrak) while going for the Bloated Redgill

    Raw Redgill - 4857 (48%)
    Raw Nightfin Snapper - 1679 (16%)
    Raw Sunscale Salmon 1113 (11%)
    Oily Blackmouth - 1015 (10%)
    Raw Mithril Head Trout - 1002 (10%)
    Lightning Eel - 206 (2%)
    34 Pound Redgill - 19 (0%)
    Superior Healing Potion - 18 (0%)
    Greater Mana Potion - 18 (0%)
    37 Pound Redgill - 16 (0%)
    42 Pound Redgill - 9 (0%)
    45 Pound Redgill - 1 (0%)
    Bloated Redgill - 1 (0%)
    Low Level Green Items - 4 (0%)

    TOTAL: 9959

    On a side note I had caught the 52 pound redgill previously but was missing the 45 pounder.....SUPER psyched I finally got it!

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