Bonescale Snapper

Bonescale Snapper

Where to catch Bonescale Snapper.

About Bonescale Snapper

Catching Bonescale Snapper

Where to Catch Bonescale Snapper
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Crystalsong Forest50070%
Open WaterInland: Icecrown Citadel?55%
MarlburoBonescale Snapper
Open Water47555%
326Bonescale Snapper
Open WaterInland and Unnamed Coastal: Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord47555%
236Bonescale Snapper
Open WaterInland: The Ruby Sanctum65055%
100Bonescale Snapper
Open WaterInland: Crusaders' Coliseum?20%
W'headBorean Man O' War
Open WaterInland: Ulduar55020%
478Glassfin Minnow

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