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Borean Man O' War School locations and catches.

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Borean Man O' War School Catches

Borean Man O' War School Catches
AreasFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Coastal: Borean TundraBorean Man O' War90%
Pygmy Suckerfish65%
Caught alongside another fish (total catch rate will add up to more than 100%)
Crystallized Water5%
Reinforced Crate5%
Sea Turtle<1%-

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Below are readers' comments about "Borean Man O' War School":

Weirdness with borean man'o'war schools

  • Yoco, December 2009

    I noticed some weird behaviour from fishing schools during the new fishing contest: The borean man'o'wars were missing from the borean man'o'war schools: fishing in those schools gave either just a pygmy suckerfish or nothing at all (empty loot window). Has anyone else noticed this? Was it anything specific related to the kalu'ak fishing derby?

  • el, December 2009

    It was bugged during testing to. Only happens during the contest.

  • Al, December 2009

    Yup. I noticed this, too.

  • Marlburo, December 2009

    triple confirmation

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    to "Weirdness with borean man'o'war schools".

Borean Man'O'War School bugged?

  • Swen, December 2009

    I was fishing in the contest today (trying to get shark after someone had won) and noticed that I did not catch any Man'O'Wars from the schools at all, either I got a Pygmy Suckerfish or nothing at all (i.e. loot box was empty), I did not try to fish after the contest but wondered if anyone else noticed this.

    (On a side note I caught the Turtle during the contest :) )

  • el, December 2009


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    to "Borean Man'O'War School bugged?".

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