Where to catch Coal.

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Where to Catch Coal
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open LavaInland: Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes, Southern Barrens (Great Divide), Un'Goro Crater (Fire Plume Ridge)128%
325Old Skull
Open LavaInland: Molten Core, The Obsidian Sanctum?28%
325Old Skull
Open LavaInland: Searing Gorge42528%
325Old Skull
Open LavaInland: Mount Hyjal (Throne of Flame), Twilight Highlands (Cannon's Inferno)110%

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Fishing in un' goro!

  • taisai, February 2008

    Who: Ulsphyr, 65 dwarf hunter on Feathermoon
    Skill: Fishing skill 233 +20
    When: 2.3.3
    Where: Fire Plume Ridge, Un' Goro
    What: very hard to fish, but able without a lure
    -- Coal(1s, 25c vendor and blacksmithing) and Old Skulls(7c vendortrash)

    Yes, it does do 600 damage for standing in it.
    No, the bobber doesnt melt instantly.

    So there I wos, drinkin some Aerie peak ale, wolkin' up the mountain path to the devasating creaure known as Blazerunner.

    Blazerunner wos an elemental of power that many Outland creatures would easily perish to. Taken up the offer Linken asked me on, and using the totem in one hand, nothin' in the other(seein as if i cant bat things on the head with The pole lil' Seth gave me Wot good is it to try) me and Bethedba, my frostsaber companion, gathered the charm requested and sow tha' wonderful pool.

    Now I ain't one to complain about heat, but that pool was a bit uncomfy. Ain't no fish there neither! Jos some poor sods' skulls and coal, which i think is still usable in a forge, however that works.

    Anyhow i had to get away, and i aint used to fishin' in tha kind of environment maybe one o' you has more time and chance to inspect it more thoroughly.

  • el, February 2008

    Oh my! Only a dwarf would ever think to cast a line at Fire Plume Ridge. But that's a fascinating observation, thank you.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    I've heard about a legendary fishing pole that only be found at Fire Plum Ridge...

    Very rare drop, of course, but I'm sure it is well worth the time it would take to get it.


    Can I have your stuff after you're burned out?

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    from "Fishing in un' goro!".
  • taisai, February 2008

    Tae start; noone's touchin' my stuff, we dwarves created lockboxes an chests for a reason!

    And I aint e'er heard or seen any sort o' fishin pole that came from lava, and I doubt it'd be sturdy enuff for a few mightfish...
    however, I aint got nothing better tae do, I guess i could spend a few hours there meself.

  • Hy, February 2008

    Yes, the reason for lockboxes and chests is for rogues to open them. Rogues everywhere thank you dwarves.

  • grreymage, February 2008

    And I thought I had fished every spot know to man and dwarf. Thanks, I'll head down with a few pints for an hour or two...

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    to "Fishing in un' goro!".

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