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Dalaran Cooking Dailies - Only require Level 71

  • Sonalita, November 2008

    On the Dalaran daily cooking quests page, it states:"Only 1 quest can be completed per day, by those level 74 or above. "

    I was able to do the daily as a level 71, with cooking skill 400 - The quest I I had today was "Convention at the Legerdemain"

    Also I believe I read somewhere that delicious chocolate cake recipe would be offered for purchase with daily cooking tokens - this is currently not the case. There are 22 recipes offered for rewards and the list unfortunately doesn't include the elusive chocolate cake!

  • el, November 2008

    Thanks for the confirmation. I've also read that level 70 is good enough.

    In beta the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe was moved from the token vendor to a random drop from Small Spice Bags. That may have been a placeholder (for new Northrend recipes) or intended, or subsequently removed. It was certainly buggy, because I gained the recipe twice, even though I already knew it.

  • Yoco, November 2008

    Level 70 is certainly enough to do them. I have been running the dailies with many of my level 70 characters for a few days now. Even the quest that requires you to pick carrots in crystalsong forest was well doable - just stay clear of the level 78 wolves; the other mobs in the area are nonhostile.

    I have used the dalaran cooking awards on all except one of my characters to buy northern spices. The remaining character bought the bonescale snapper extreme recipe from her rewards after three days, and used the northern spices from my other characters to become the realm's first character to hit 450 cooking (Yocolia on Arathor-EU). The hard part was actually getting all those bonescale snappers...

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  • Cryo, December 2008

    i can do it with my twink lvl 70 cooking 375 (enhanced for maximum 450), but not with twink 70 cooking 180,

    so it depends on cooking skill

  • el, December 2008

    Indeed. Consensus seems to have settled on 350 cooking skill, with no level restriction (except of course you need at least level 35 to reach 350 cooking skill).

  • vladdy, December 2008

    I am at 400 cooking and level 47 and it will not let me get the Daily, I'm thinking the Minimum level is 65.

  • Fallie, December 2008

    Was able to do the dailies at level 66 with 350+ fishing skill.

  • el, April 2009

    Reports from EU and US that the level required for the cooking dailies has been raised, possibly to 76 or 77.

  • Noor, April 2009


    PS: hmm, some of the comments indicate that only Alliance is affected, so the level change could be a bug.

  • DarkMime64, April 2009

    I'm a level 74 Horde Paladin and am able to do both the fishing and cooking daily quests in Dalaran.
    Raising the required level would be silly, so I really hope the bug is that the Alliance side is too high, not that the Horde side is too low.

  • ILubLawn, April 2009

    My two level 80s have had no problem, however my 76 NElf druid (who has been doing them since 70 like my two max level characters) can no longer pick them up.

  • Moo, April 2009

    My lvl 71 Horde toon with a cooking skill of 428 was able to do the daily cooking quests in the past, but since the patch was released, is unable to do them - the quest starter is silver, indicating I am too low to do this quest.

  • Festivus, April 2009

    As of patch 3.1, my lvl 70 mage with cooking skill of 400 is able to do the Sewer Stew (carrots) quest, but the Mustard Dogs quest shows up as a silver exclamation point and Katherine will not give me the quest.

    According to Blizzard, this is a "known issue"...

  • Trann, April 2009

    I can do the daily just fine @ lvl 71, cooking 415. I would also add that I could do the daily back when i had cooking 390 ish.

  • Greyarea, April 2009

    i cannot do the cooking daily on any of my toons except for my level 80 DK, my 70 Lock and 74 Hunter can no longer do them in the patch, they both used to be able to do them before the patch hit.

    What gives?

  • GormanGhaste, April 2009

    My DK started doing the dalaran cooking daily when he was 65, back in 3.0

    This could have changed in 3.1, but I'm pretty sure all the level changes for the dalaran dailies are just bugs.

  • Svet, April 2009

    my Mage got a port to Dalaran when very young as I could port easily to other places and it was just a great hub. I was able to get fishing, cooking and jewellery dailys at level 65 (not available at 64) and been doing them when able. The Jewellery one involves killing stuff so it wasn't really feasible until i got to 68-69. In patch 3.1 I was still able to do them (I'm not 73 on this alt) but there is a bug, some days I now get a come back when higher question mark, other days are OK. I've not encountered this bug with the new fishing quest.

  • el, April 2009

    From today's fixes:

    The level requirement for the following quests has been appropriately set to level 65: Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch, Infused Mushroom Meatloaf, Mustard Dogs!, and Cheese for Glowergold.

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El's Angling Made Me Rich

  • Kreight, April 2009

    Sort of.

    I tried posting this in the Blizzard professions forum and got, at best, some indifferent comments. I feel, though, that the readers here will be a little more receptive. One of the comments I got was that as far as efficient money making techniques go this one is far from perfect, but it just so happens that it fits my time schedule well. It's also primarily based around fishing, in which everyone here is already well versed.

    So it was El's that really gave me the original idea. I was already at 450 in both my fishing and cooking, but I was reading over the cooking/fishing leveling guide here. The thought was this... Could I just go out and follow that guide, fish up the amounts detailed therein, pick up the recipes, cookbooks, quest requirements, etc, and then sell them in one big package?

    I decided to give it a shot. I think the first run through was maybe 5 hours total fishing and farming mobs. I didn't buy anything. When I was done, I used a friend's alt as a test subject. The idea was that we could just park the alt in Dal and use it to run the cooking quest and get Northern Spices. Incidentally, I only did 1-400. You can't get to 450 in one sitting, and 400 lets you cook the recipes bought with the cooking awards, so it was a good place to stop.

    So it pretty much went off without a hitch. It was about 45 minutes, 1-400, and that included getting to Gadget for the artisan quest. 3.1 has made things easier as you can get artisan at the trainers, and you don't need to pick up the cookbooks any longer.

    So once I knew it was doable, I gathered two more sets of mats and tried to sell them. I'm not sure what amount I tried at first, but soon after I set upon 1250g as my price. Things went so well I haven't stopped since.

    If people are interested in specifics I'd be happy to share, but one of the complaints about my forum post was that it was too long, and people didn't want to read walls of text. The short version is this.... I've sold almost 70 of these kits in the last 3 months, and have probably made between 60,000 - 70,000g. (I don't always charge full price.)

    One thing that makes this work is that I'm enjoying running an in game business. If you're a hard-core raider and most of your time is spent running instances this might not be for you. But if you'd like to try something new and make a little cash, you might want to give it a shot.

  • SlugSalter, April 2009

    I would be very interested in specifics, this sounds right up my street.

  • AbsolutRunner, April 2009

    I also am interested in hearing more. Perhaps you could link the post you put in the official forums, or flesh it out here, as you wish!

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  • Desertbull, April 2009

    I like fishing, my guild has been disbanded, my wallet is always empty.
    Tell us more please, fishers are used to be patient, so don't worry we couldn't manage to read a wall of text.

  • e2thex, April 2009

    I have thought about selling "powerleveling packages" before but I've always been too lazy to try it. I'm glad to hear that you've been successful at it and would love to hear more.

  • Kreight, April 2009

    I actually wrote up a bunch of stuff already because a friend of mine wanted to try this. That was a couple of months ago, so I'm trying to run through and update things a little. I should be done pretty soon, though, so check back in a few hours.

  • Kreight, April 2009

    Ok, all done. Like I said, it's pretty lengthy. If anyone actually decides to go through with this, keep me in the loop. I'd be really interested to find out how things are working for you, and if you've done anything new that I hadn't thought of.

  • Aqusia, April 2009

    I got extremely excited when I read your document! I absolutely <3 fishing and cooking, so this is perfect for me ^_^ I am going to just try it for myself at first without the whole kits thing, but your walkthrough is comprehensive enough that I feel completely confident in printing it out, and follow your word to the letter when I do want to start my own business.

    My only question is, can you have a guild bank without being a part of a guild? Is it possible to be the only person in the guild? I would like to try this with a guild bank tab, but I'm worried that another person would take all my beautiful mats. How do you achieve this without problems?

  • Rodge, April 2009

    Fantastic idea - I levelled up 3 chars to high level cooking and I'd certainly have paid 1250 gold rather than doing that!

    My only question is, can you have a guild bank without being a part of a guild? Is it possible to be the only person in the guild? I would like to try this with a guild bank tab, but I'm worried that another person would take all my beautiful mats. How do you achieve this without problems?

    What you do is you get a guild charter - then get 9 people to sign your charter (you can usually get people to sign up an alt for 1-5g fee in any city.
    Then when you turn in your charter and create your guild, you can kick everyone out of the guild again. You don't even need to kick them out - as it's your guild then you're the only person with admin rights to the gbank so you can revoke all priveleges to everyone except yourself.

  • Kreight, April 2009

    The only thing I have to add about starting your own guild is that they're a bit of a pain. Getting that charter means standing around begging people for signatures. I was offering 10g a pop at one time and spent maybe half an hour without getting any. Maybe it was just dumb luck. Before getting your own charter, you might try asking in trade chat if anyone has a guild you can buy.

    Tabs increase in price each time you purchase one. They start at 100g for the first, then 250g, 500g, 1000g, 2500g and 5000g. The first 3 tabs are totally worth it, and even the fourth 1000g tab wasn't too bad when I was really running out of space. I can't quite bring myself to pay more, since I can always just make more alts for next to nothing. I realize that's not an option for everyone since some people have their 10-characters filled with alts they actually play.

    I lucked out with my first bank and bought it outright; 3 tabs for 450g which was a great deal. What's more, the guy left a ton of crap in it and I probably made close to 200g selling it all.

    My second bank on Khadgar was loaned to me by a nice customer I had that wasn't using it. It was only a single tab, but not having to go through the charter business made it totally worth it. I've since bought two more tabs. I'm not sure if he wants it back when I'm done with it, but even if he does, the 750g for the two tabs I bought it the cost of doing business. I've got full control of the guild, and he doesn't have access to my stock.

    My last bank was from another past customer, and he's actually still the GM, so if he wanted to he could snatch all my stuff. Some people you just trust, though, and this guy is one of them. Technically I'm leasing his bank, since I paid him rent for several months.

    So try to buy one first. If you can find someone who you really trust, you can try renting one without them giving up guild control. Or you can just make your own.

  • Kreight, April 2009

    Oh, I thought of a couple more things... Advertising via direct mail and coupons!

    Coupons! No, I'm not nuts. Here's how you make an in game coupon. Unfortunately you need to have a crafting profession, so if you're all gathering you're out of luck. Get some mats and make up a bunch of one of your lowest level items. On Khadgar I picked up tailoring and made some linen cloaks. Now you've got some items that can't be duplicated, because your name is tacked onto them because you created it. (Not that anyone would probably care enough to try and cheat you, but having coupons is just cool.)

    Now you've got a coupon you can hand out. You can give them to customers you've just trained, and tell them it's 100g off for whoever uses it, so they can give it to a friend or a guildmate.

    I've also done referral fees with some success. For a while I was actually paying out 125g. The idea being that other people would do your word of mouth advertising for you and bring you customers, and you'd send them a little kickback. 125g might have been a little high. I like the coupon idea, with 100g off, and 50g for the referrer. That seemed to work well.

    I tried a little direct mail, too. I wrote up an add, and then sent that to like 10 random people I saw standing around in SW, along with a coupon. That actually didn't work, too well. I only had one person use it. He actually used the coupon, though, which I thought was awesome. He's also the guy who lent me his guild bank.

  • Azaguth, April 2009

    AWESOME document Kreight. I read through it all, and I must say, I suddenly feel stupid for not having come up with something like this myself.

    The only thing that held me back from coming up with something like this is the knowledge that many people are wary of "package deals" that require more than one secure trade, at least from my understanding. But of course, you blew that theory out of the water.

    All I can say is, wow. Nice.

  • el, April 2009

    It's a very interesting idea - thanks for the write-up. Packaging up everything (including advice) one needs to power-level a profession has a lot of potential.

    As a footnote, fish-to-order was done by Elite Fish Vendor, although Blizzard didn't seem to like the idea of that being advertised.

  • Aqusia, May 2009

    The only thing I did not see in your guide is a shopping list! So I made one for Alliance for the Cooking 1-300 portion.

    Cooking 1-300 Kit Shopping List

    Ironforge, Dun Morogh, Eastern Kingdoms
    Tansy Puddlefizz, Forlorn Cavern
    o Longjaw Mud Snapper
    o Rockscale Cod
    o Mithril Head Trout

    o 75 Raw Longjaw Mud Snappers
    o 20 Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    o 70 Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish

    Stormwind, Elwynn Forest, Eastern Kingdoms
    Catherine Leland, Canals, Dock Near Trade District
    o Brilliant Smallfish
    o Bristle Whisker Catfish
    Kendor Kabonka, Old Town, Upstairs of Pig & Whistle Tavern
    o Curiously Tasty Omelet

    Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms
    o 15 Raw Rockscale Cod
    o 45 Raw Mithril Head Trout
    o 25 Raw Spotted Yellowtails

    Any Raptor
    o 15 Raptor Eggs

    Steamwheedle Port, Tanaris, Kalimdor
    o Spotted Yellowtail
    o Poached Sunscale Salmon

    Bay of Storms, Azshara, Kalimdor
    o 25 Raw Sunscale Salmon
    o 25 Darkclaw Lobster

    Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas, Kalimdor
    o Lobster Stew

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** CONFIRMED ** Recipe: Delicious chocolate cake drops from Dalaran Daily

  • pinktoque, December 2008

    This is good to know -- I am a slave to my Outland cooking and fishing dailies until I get the Stormchops and Cake recipe and my croc pets. At least I know that by also doing my Dalaran cooking dailies I *may* get to stop doing the Outland cooking daily sooner.

    Thanks for posting this :)

  • zdirnats, December 2008

    Just received my Chocolate Cake last night, must be an over abundance in the Quest basket.

  • Dethwolf, December 2008

    I need me some stormchops =(

  • Azaguth, March 2009

    I can confirm I received both the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe and the Stormchops recipes from the Dalaran Cooking daily quests, both before I earned the 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards achievement, so they can't be TOO rare...I was doing the Rokk's daily and the Dalaran daily cooking quests on my DK every day from the time I was able, but never got either blue recipe from the Rokk.

    Sadly, I didn't get screenies, but just noticed the cooking page doesn't reflect that you CAN, in fact, get Stormchops from the dalaran cooking daily quest.

  • Thalen, March 2009

    I'll double confirm the stormchops in Dalaran, I got the recipe on my shammy alt a while back (she hit 70 about 2 days before Wrath, so never did any of the cooking stuff in Outlands). I didn't think anything of it at the time, I assumed it was common knowledge ;-)

  • Anglin Man, March 2009

    I also got the Choco Cake recipe from a Dalaran cooking daily. I wept tears of joy. Then I baked a cake.

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Pilgrim achievment cooking

  • beerforme, November 2009

    It has come to my attention that the cooking stuffs starts at 1, and if you buy enough of the mats.. you should be able to get to around 340-350 range when the last one turns grey.

    I would love to be able to verify this on my toons, but only have 1 at lvl 60+ and he all the cooking achievments... need someone to attempt this please and verify.


  • el, November 2009

    It is possible. You can use vendor items up to about 290 cooking skill. And reach about 350 by killing Turkeys. Of course this only lasts one week.

  • Thay, November 2009

    Just a couple of things to note about doing this.

    You will have to travel to some of the major cities

    Start with Stuffing & Pie in SW
    then Cranberries in IF
    then Sweet Potato in Darn
    then back to SW to hunt turkeys. (Or hunt some before leaving SW the 1st time)

    The location specific ingredients are Conjured, so no mailing them or AHing them.
    If you have a mage friend you can speed things up & they can be traded manually.

    My bank alt I tested this on, was a hundred and something already in cooking.
    She's now 300, Although Turkeys take you further the cooking trainer near the tables doesn't teach Master, so I'll need to go to Outlands or Northrend to go above 300.

    Note: My alt is only Level 12, cooking doesn't have Level reqs, just cooking Reqs.

    Edit: Master Training acquired - comical to see a Lv12 in Northrend, but 'twas the fastest way.
    Time to go Turkey hunting....


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  • Renetta, November 2009

    This got one of my alts to 350. The turkey recipe is still green at 350 but I didn't manage to get another level tick from the remaining 8 or so turkeys I had. My guess is that you can get no further than 355, because all the previous recipes turned green to gray very fast.

    In principle you'll need to cook somewhere between 60-80 of each type of recipe to get from 1 to 350, and the levels of each recipe is stacked such that this pretty much works out.

    With running and all it took me around 2 hours solo (having no mage and just 1 HS cooldown to work with).

    This will not cost you a dime overall as you get solid cash back from the quests you turn your food in for. I ended up with +5 gold (that's a gain) when done.

  • Sca1ey, March 2010

    I would suggest when fishing at Lorderon Lake up to Cooking 175 that you kill the Snapjaws on the south of the lake to get clams (about 50% drop rate) that give Tangy Clam Meat which you can use in the recipe Goblin Deviled Clams which is Orange after Bristle Whiskered Catfish has gone yellow. They also drop Turtle Meat which can be used in the recipe Soothing Turtle Bisque which can be bought (or if you haven't done the quest - you can get it as a reward for 10 of your meat) at Tarren Mill and learned at 175 alongside Mithril Headed Trout.

  • whquaint, October 2010

    In the fishing/cooking leveling together guide, for the Lobster stew, you need to tell people to bring a bunch of Refreshing Spring Water.

  • el, October 2010

    whquaint - Done, thanks.

  • Znapper, November 2010

    I would like to point out from my own experience from using this guide, I'm at 225 cooking while writing this, that when your around 125-160 cooking, it's a very good idea to skip the Bristle Whisker Catfish, since it turns green at 160, and you need to get to 175 for Mithril Head Trout. Instead, go to Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills, and hunt the murlocs there for Thick-Shelled Clam which gives Tangy Clam Meat. They are used for Goblin Deviled Clam, which can be learned from a cooking trainer, I got it from Dalaran. Goblin Deviled Clam turns green at 185, so it's a good way to save some time.

  • Kahless, November 2010

    IIRC, you can go all the way to 300 or higher cooking skill even at low level.
    I leveled cooking on my low-level alts last year during the holiday.

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