Fish that can be caught in Dalaran. There are 3 different fishing areas within this zone, detailed below:

About Dalaran

Fishing in Dalaran (Outside The Violet Hold)

Catches in Dalaran (Outside The Violet Hold)
Water and AreaFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Open Water - InlandShimmering Minnow58%
Slippery Eel23%
Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine6%
Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine6%
Partially Rusted File5%
Bloodied Prison Shank<1%-
Rusty Prison Key<1%-
Bloated Slippery Eel-Quest Only

Images and Maps

Map of Dalaran
Map of Dalaran - Showing fishing-related points of interest.

Fishing in Dalaran (The Eventide Fountain)

  • Open Water Skill:

    525 to fish open water without junk. Pools can be fished effectively with skill 1.
  • Notes:

    The fountain behind the fishing trainer contains fishable water. Casts that land at the edge of the water (on the bricks or rocks) catch a fish from Dalaran's Underbelly (forum topic). A junk-quality item may be caught here when your skill is high enough to avoid junk - Bent Fishing Hook. Catching this does not automatically mean your skill is too low.
  • Achievements:

Catches in Dalaran (The Eventide Fountain)
Water and AreaFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Open Water - InlandFountain Goldfish41-67%
817Lucky buff reduces catch rate-
Copper Coin13-28%
Lucky buff increases catch rate
Silver Coin8-17%
Lucky buff increases catch rate
Gold Coin6-10%
Lucky buff increases catch rate
Bent Fishing Hook5%

With the Lucky buff (gained by throwing a Gold Coin back into the fountain - see Dalaran Fishing), the catch rate of coins approximately doubles, and the catches of other items are reduced by a third. Casts from the edge of the fountain may gain a fish from Dalaran's Underbelly - the sewer is leaking!


Eventide Fountain
Eventide Fountain - Gartokh and El fish from Dalaran's Eventide Fountain.

Fishing in Dalaran (The Underbelly)

Catches in Dalaran (The Underbelly)
Water and AreaFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Open Water - InlandSewer Carp54%
Magic Eater29%
Crystal Vial9%
Drowned Rat4%
Partially Eaten Fish4%
Giant Sewer Rat<1%-
Corroded Jewelry-Quest Only

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Comments about Dalaran

Below are readers' comments about "Dalaran":

Dalaran really 525?

  • Kemtgor, November 2008

    Just curious if this is really the skill to avoid getaways... I'm sitting ~515, but I got all of 12 catches fishing for 10 minutes chain-casting. Even if each took 20 seconds, which it didn't, that's still 20% while only 10 skill short. Was I just having awful luck, or is it higher?

  • Jbz, November 2008

    Yep, its 525.

    Thats pretty terrible luck.


  • metameat, June 2010

    It is confirmed: you can catch the Giant Sewer Rat while fishing in the Eventide Fountain. I caught one before I managed to find my last gold coin on my level 15 Alt:

    I started fishing in the fountain at fishing level 1. Leveled all the way to 450 trying to get the Coin Master. The only place I have fished was that fountain. Woot!

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    from "Dalaran really 525?".
  • el, June 2010

    Casts that land at the edges of the fountain catch Underbelly fish. Hence it is possible to catch a Giant Sewer Rat there, but only if your casts land at the edge. Much easier to catch it from the Underbelly itself.

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    Thanks for that tip el I'm gonna start the coin master soon myself good to know you can go for the sewer rat at the same time.

  • el, June 2010

    Hoooyeeeaaa - in this case, it is more effective to fish separately for each. When fishing in the fountain, you'll want fountain catches all the time, otherwise you waste part of the benefit of the gold coin lucky buff. The lucky buff won't buff Underbelly catches like the Sewer Rat - it only applies to fountain catches like coins. It's also far easier to fish for the Sewer Rat in the Underbelly itself, because there's a lot more water to choose from.

  • Ravenous, December 2010

    I was just fishing in Dalaran Fountain, trying to get the coins.

    I had a fishing skill of 570 (Skill(450) +Rod(40) +Hat(5) +Lure(75))

    I still managed to get a Bent Fish Hook... and that was while I had the Coin Buff as well

    When I got the hook, I made sure my Lure was still attached.

    This tells me that either a) 525 is not the cap, b) the cap is not 100% and there is always a small chance of getting junk, or c) The coin buff bugs out the skill cap, and causes players to be able to catch junk when they have the buff.

    Perhaps there's another explanation? Any further info on this would be appreciated.

  • el, December 2010

    Bent Fishing Hooks are not skill-related junk.

    There are very specific items of junk that are caught due to insufficient skill, listed on (Not) Catching Junk. All other junk items are successful catches.

    Unfortunately when junk catches replaced fish that got away in patch 3.1, junk items that were already in the water were not changed. Confusion is inevitable.

  • Ravenous, December 2010

    el wrote:

    Bent Fishing Hooks are not skill-related junk.
    There are very specific items of junk that are caught due to insufficient skill, listed on (Not) Catching Junk. All other junk items are successful catches.
    Unfortunately when junk catches replaced fish that got away in patch 3.1, junk items that were already in the water were not changed. Confusion is inevitable.

    That essentially means that "b) the cap is not 100% and there is always a small chance of getting junk" is true... although each location may vary in it's junk that is not avoidable (and may or may not have unavoidable junk)... Bent Fishing Hook, is trash that will not be removed from the Fountain's 'loot table', no matter how high your skill level is.

  • el, December 2010

    Incorrect logic. If you fish with skill 1 you will catch a lot of skill-related junk, but have almost no chance of catching a Bent Fishing Hook.

    Think of having 2 completely separate loot tables. (1) is the skill-related junk table, (2) the successful catch table. Bent Fishing Hook are on the successful catch table. If your effective skill is 525 or above, the successful catch table is always used. If your effective skill is below 525, there's a chance of the skill-related loot table being used. The more below, the greater the chance. The catch isn't based on "whether an item is junk", it's based on which loot table is selected.

    (Obviously that's simplified for the fountain, since the coin buff effectively adds an extra dimension to the successful loot table.)

  • Ravenous, December 2010

    My logic is not incorrect. It is not how you view it, but it is accurate.

    Bent Fishing Hooks are junk... they will not be removed from the loot table in Dalaran's Fountain, regardless of your skill level.

    Perhaps I shouldn't state that there is "always" a chance of getting junk... but that some fishing locations will always have their own chance of getting junk, regardless of your skill.

  • el, December 2010

    I suppose it depends how you look at it! From my perspective, Bent Fishing Hooks are almost avoidable by having low skill, and the chance of catching them increases with skill up to 525. In the vast majority of places there aren't any junk-quality items in the regular (successful) loot table, so there are no junk catches of any kind once you reach the skill threshold,

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    to "Dalaran really 525?".

Giant Sewer Rat in the Dalaran Fountain?

  • Extreme Angler Velen, April 2009

    So i was fishing for the coins today in the Dakaran Fountain when i came across our furry little friend at first i was happy because i finally caught the rat, but then a friend of mine and a fellow fisherman pointed out that i shouldn't of been able to catch the rat in the Fountain. So i decided to post it here to see if this happened to anyone else..


    P.s I'll post up a screen shot as soon as i find it in my SS folder >.<

  • Extreme Angler Velen, April 2009

    Screen Shot Inc....


  • Antonine, April 2009

    The edges of the fountain count as the Underbelly. Don't worry, it wasn't a glitch. We've always known that you could catch a rat there in theory, it's just unlikely. Congrats, I've been wanting to see that happen in awhile!

    On another note, I wouldn't recommend showing the screen shot on the WoW forums. You could have easily caught it in the underbelly before heading up to the fountain to take the screenshot (as there's a significant amount of time between the catch and the shot)

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    from "Giant Sewer Rat in the Dalaran Fountain?".
  • Gazsvyaz, April 2009

    Yep. If youll notice sometimes you catch other underbelly fish in the fountain edges. sewer carp and picked clean bones, etc.

  • Fishing for chickens, September 2010

    My son-in-law caught the Sewer rat in the fountain (darn it, i still don't have it.)
    It's required that your bobber land "in the wall" so to speak... I haven't caught anything from the sewers in the fountain, but my daughter caught a fountain goldfish "in the wall" of the sewers once.

  • Rockliner, January 2011

    Woot, I was able to catch the rat last night! 290 total Casts!

    I was just getting ready to go do something else too!

  • FrozenIron, June 2011

    Total: 580 casts at skill 718 (base 525 + pole 40 + line 3 + lure 150) in Cantrips & Crows:
    301 x Sewer Carp
    152 x Magic Eater
    79 x Crystal Vial
    30 x Partially Eaten Fish
    17 x Drowned Rat
    1 x Giant Sewer Rat

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Dalaran fishing >580 to stop junk

  • Speeddymon, June 2009

    Just was doing the fishing daily 'Jewel of the Sewers' today and I caught junk with a +100 lure and my Mastercraft Kalu'Ak Fishing Pole, with stock skill of 450.

    With just those on, my fishing is 580, so it seems that to completely stop junk catches you may need 590, not 525 as the guide states. At any rate, I have not managed to bag the Giant Sewer Rat yet and I'm thinking that the junk I caught today was just that :-(

    Anyone else experience this?

  • X-Rok, June 2009

    the trash you got, it was the Drowned Rat, yes? I'm pretty sure that's a normal loot item for the sewers, i see it on a regular basis when i'm fishing for that daily...

  • Azaguth, June 2009


    Having fished the sewers before 3.1 and the "junk", I was catching the drowned rat without getaways.

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    from "Dalaran fishing >580 to stop junk".
  • Speeddymon, June 2009

    Actually, this was weeds that I caught.. I knew the drowned rat was part of the loot table as I had caught that in the sewers when trying for the Giant Rat as well..

  • Noodleguitar, June 2009

    Strange. I fished those sewers for 1000+ casts with 527 fishing skill and never caught any junk (unless I forgot to re-apply my +25 lure) apart from the greys which are only fished up from there.

  • gotkevin, June 2009

    I use +75 lures trying to hook the rat... Fishing is @ 558 (568 with Lager). Got about 4.5 hours logged, close to 1k casts... no Giant Rat. Had three others hook em around me :(

    9 Hours fished
    2k + casts
    NO RAT! Uggg

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    to "Dalaran fishing >580 to stop junk".

Slightly OT: Getting to Dalaran

  • Noor, September 2008

    While the obvious/easiest way would be to ask a level 74+ mage for a portal, a level 71 mage (who can teleport to Dalaran) or any player in Dalaran (seen with /who dalaran) can get you there, assuming Blizzard doesn't change this:

    1. Group
    2. Have the person in Dalaran queue up as a group in all battlegrounds with the Dalaran battlemaster
    3. Enter first BG that comes up
    4. /afk out of the BG (or play it out) and you come back out at the Dalaran battlemaster.

  • LinkyKeram, September 2008

    Hopefully yes, that a mage can yust teleport you there, as pepol did this in BC's Shattrath :D

  • el, September 2008

    I believe the battleground "trick" requires you to be at least 70, since you need to be in the correct bracket (but I'm not sure what the lowest level is for AV now). I still don't understand why Blizzard insist on a level 74 quest for personal entry, but yet allow level 1s to portal/summon in.

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    from "Slightly OT: Getting to Dalaran".
  • Noor, September 2008

    Right, the BG invite trick requires that you all be in the same level bracket, presumably 70-79 (or in some BGs 71-80?), similar to the current brackets.

    I bring it up because you'll see level 71 mages a lot sooner than level 74 mages after the WotLK launch; once level 74 mages are common, portals will be the usual method again. But there should be level 71 mages after a couple of days or so, while you won't see 74s much until a couple of weeks have gone by. And there's fishin' in Dalaran!

  • Wyzo, May 2010

    I first went to Dalaran at level 39, but it could be done at just about any level. Here's how:

    First, I made sure all of my items were at 100% durability. I took the ship from Stormwind Harbor to Valiance Keep. I left the keep and found the first thing to attack. I was killed. I then ghost ran from the graveyard down the road towards Dragonblight. I ghost ran through Dragonblight to Crystalsong Forest.

    Once you cross the border into Crystalsong forest, you get a spirit mount. You then fly as high as you can. When you get above Dalaran, you lose the spirit mount and drop in the city. I went as close as I could to the Violet Citadel because once you drop into the city, you need to go to the right of the stairs leading up to the Violet Citadel (as you're looking up the stairs). In the small graveyard there beside the Violet Citadel is a Spirit Healer.

    Log out, log back in.

    Get resurrected then go to the Silver Enclave and leave your hearthstone.

    I just completed my Coin Master Achievement. Man, it takes forever to get all those coins and I must have fished up every other coin at least four times, and some five or six times, before I got Archimonde's Gold Coin.


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