Dark Herring

Dark Herring

Where to catch Dark Herring.

About Dark Herring

  • "Herring seeks your life!" I wonder if it cuts down trees?
  • Use:

    Equip: Acts as a One-Hand Dagger: 146-271 damage, speed 1.90 (109.7 DPS). Improves critical strike rating by 50 (no longer does fire damage). Requires level 78. Binds when equipped.
  • Value:

    • Vendor: 11g 80s 83c
    • Auction: 5000g - Novelty value. Prices extremely variable.
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Dark Herring

Where to Catch Dark Herring
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Fangtooth Herring SchoolInland and Brackish: Howling Fjord1<1%1045
Open WaterInland and Unnamed Coastal: Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord475<1%236Bonescale Snapper

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Dark Herring Bug

  • Miraclemaxx, April 2009

    Hi all well its just after the 3.1 patch and i was fishing for the turtle in herring schools in the fyord ..

    I got the Dark herring a few weeks back after weeks of fishing an hour or 2 a night . So i get to my first herring pool 2 casts and Dark herring and i yell in vent . To funny i thought all the work and 2 casts and i get another . But it did'nt stop there i fished about 20 -30 more casts maybe 10 pools in 20 min and caught 3 more dark herrings for a total of 4 ??????

    Is there a bug with the new patch that causes this when you have already gotten the herring ??

    Enough to drive you crazy ....

  • Dethwolf, April 2009

    was that today (4/16) after the restarts this morning, or before the restarts

  • Nonzor, April 2009

    Miraclemaxx: LOL - Isn't that the way it always goes? I've got the Sea Turtle, but can't catch the Dark Herring to save my life ... hours upon hours working on that one. Cheers!

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  • Neraren, April 2009

    3 people in my guild caught dark herrings yesterday in less than 200 casts each. Somethings definitely up.

  • Enarka, April 2009

    Lawl, I got two of them in 5 minutes.

    The Dark Herrings seek my life; too bad I'm not an easy prey. I see them coming.

  • Isadora, April 2009

    I caught one last night myself in about 20 casts, was expecting it to take a lot longer than that

  • Shamius, April 2009

    Go catch your Darky now!!

    I just saw this post, and thought I would give it a shot. Well, here are the results... 7 casts and 3 minutes later:)


  • Oom, April 2009

    I spent about 2 hours yesterday fishing, no mount or Dark Herring for One that Didn't get way/Salty title.

    Decided to go at it for an hour and boom first cast I get Dark Herring!!!!

    Bug or not I am extremely happy!

    1180 casts total in Howling Fjord

  • Aysluria, April 2009

    guild mate catched 3 within 10 minutes.. my brother catched one at the 4te cast.
    thinking of my 4500 cast catching 15 pound mudsnapper... fu blizzard

    i decided not to wear the salty title anymore.. will be much too mainstream in near future.. but what about making money with disenchanting many dark herrings?^^ enchanting mats are quite expansive on my realm..


  • Dethwolf, April 2009

    bah 100 casts nuthing =( mybe my server didnt get "the love"

  • Eloderung, April 2009

    800 casts to get one dark herring post-patch.

    Then again, 3000 fish + other things caught for the turtle and counting.

  • Skelleth, April 2009

    I didn't believe this so I went to HF to work on the turtle and I've caught 3 X dark herring today.

    EDIT: 4 x now

    EDIT: Last update but 5 dark herring now. I do believe something is bugged.

  • skankinpezhead, April 2009

    So I spent 2 hours fishing for the Dark Herring and Sea Turtle before logging off for the night. I learned about the bug a few minutes later, and thought, I'll go back and try for a while. First cast: Crystallized Water. Second cast: Dark Herring. Works for me. Going back to work on the turtle.

  • icemage24, April 2009

    Got the Dark herring on 2 different chars in less than an hour. Go. Fish. Now. WIN!

  • Renetta, April 2009

    I got my first dark herring on my second cast on a herring pool, and the second within 80 casts. Definitely weird considering that I did over 1000 casts back when I was grinding for the one, without luck.

    I'd definitely recommend trying this for those who don't have the one that didn't get away yet.

  • splunge, April 2009

    Throwing another 'confirmed' on the pile. Got the dark herring on the 4th pool, about my 15th cast.

    Flew there immediately after reading this, and took less than 10 mins. Thanks!

  • setsuko, April 2009

    Fished for over an hour last night without knowing about this "bug," didn't get a dark herring. Still fishing now and nothing :|

    Edit: Caught near 200 fish, and afk'd. Went back and got herring in 4th pool. lol

  • el, April 2009

    I caught 3 Dark Herring out of around 300 catches from Fangtooth Herring School. Before we'd guessed at maybe a 1/1000 or 1/2000 catch rate from pools. So my gut feeling is that something has changed, and One that Didn't Get Away has just became a lot easier.

  • Utopia, April 2009

    I just got 2 Dark Herring in 260 catches in the lake north of Skorn in HF, but last night I fished at Cauldros Isle and had no luck at all in 500 catches.

  • fknlo, April 2009

    I'm up over 200 fish caught in herring pools in the past couple of days with no dark herring. I had a couple thousand casts for the one that didn't get away that didn't net me one either.

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Dark herring.. how i got it in 1hr..

  • pukeman, December 2008

    hey all, New here.. Thought i would share My results on catching the Illusive dark herring in 1hr.

    If this has been covered, then i apologise.

    I fished at Cauldrous Isle, Just north of utgarde keep in HF. the re spawn rates are quite fast if you keep moving around the edge of the island. Fished Fangtooth herring schools in a clockwise route around the island, if nobody else is there you will get constant re spawns. at lvl 450 fishing i didn't even need to use Lures.

    After 1hour i had

    107 fangtooth herring
    22 bonescale snapper
    11 Crystalized water
    8 reinforced Crates
    7 pygmy sucker
    7 Glacial Salmon
    & 1 Dark Herring

    Hope that helps anyone who still needs the Achieve.

  • Renetta, December 2008

    I'm at about 1500 catches without luck in that location with that strategy. I'm inclined to say that <200 catches is just insanely lucky. I haven't observed any advantage from fishing from pools yet. Lets see where I end up catching it. Did 2500 in shadowglen before I gave up and moved for dark herring. At least that fish has some value. But 4000+ catches is rather mental for the achievement... and it's my last one to get salty.

  • pukeman, December 2008

    Trust me.. It worked for me.. Maybe i just have a horseshoe stuck somewhere.. but It was about an hour. Pickled Fangtooth seems to sell well on the AH also.

    Good luck!

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  • Renetta, December 2008

    Well I could use some luck. Added another 800 catches to the tally without luck. I'm going to take a break now because I had enough.

  • Isa, December 2008

    I keep trying to catch the bastard, mainly because I want to do something brain-deadish after another day of thinking hard at uni ;)

    I got the little whelplings and firefly pets in the same brain-dead fashion after all...

  • Adys, January 2009

    Took me about 350 casts in schools as well. I am very strongly believing that the dark herring is a rare drop from fangtooth herring themselves, and that it's definitely worth fishing in schools.

    On that note, it's my new year's gift :D http://devcub.com/~adys/salty.jpg

  • Renetta, January 2009

    I don't know. I did 3300 casts for the dark herring without luck. My guess is that about 1000 of these were school catches. In any case grats!

  • Renetta, January 2009

    Another thing. Catching from herring pools the only things I have ever seen are fangtooth herrings, reinforced crates and crystalized water. I've done a lot of catches. I'm very sure that if someone fishes up a pygmy fish or a snapper or salmon the bobber didn't count as being inside the pool and it was an actual non-pool catch.

  • dvanci, January 2009

    I would like to make a correction to some of your posts. Autoloot DOES effect catching rare fish...to a point. I had autoloot on when i caught old crafty. I got the achievement HOWEVER I did not get the fish. It would not let me loot it with the message (you cannot loot this at this time, I had this happen twice before i realized the error. I turned autoloot off and Immediately caught him again and THIS time I was able to loot him. I am not sure if this will happen with all rare fish, but it does happen with old crafty.

  • Norrinir, January 2009

    Strange, I caught 90% of BoP items with auto-loot on, including Sewer Rat, Old Crafty and Ironjaw. And yes, I was able to loot in normally.

  • dvanci, January 2009

    Well I guess it could have just been a "bug" in my situation then...who knows....lol

  • spixie, January 2009

    Got my dark herring today after about 26 catches by fishing in a herring school in Howling Fjord.

  • Violette, January 2009

    After about 6hrs of fishing over 3 days I fished up 171 Fangtooth Herring, 43 Pygmy Suckerfish, 296 Bonescale Snapper, and 115 Glacial Salmon, I finally fished up my Dark Herring of the jetty at Valgarde! Hurrah!!

  • Sibrea, April 2009

    Hi, i followed advice, and got my Dark Herring less than one hour at isle. Previously, i have tryed anywhere else at Fjord, without luck, but in isle it was less than hour wich where nice .)
    and for autoloot, i allways use it, and i have catched Old Ironjaw, Mr.pinchy, Giant sewer rat, well,
    all but Stranglethorn fishing extravagasanza and old crafty :) those are next on list.
    But thanks for good advice .)

  • ollan1, April 2009

    I had 32 normal herrings in my bag.. took me about 30 minutes to get it.

  • drgryphon, April 2009

    I fished in the same kinds of areas as everyone else around the Fjord, varied it a bit when pools seemed to disappear. Fished only in pools and finally got the guy after 251 regular herrings. I guess it took me about 5 hours because I was flying around so much looking for pools.

  • Havelock, April 2009

    I don't know if it's a bug or not, but this evening i decided to fish some fangtooth schools while looking for my turtle mount. About 15 minutes in, I fish up a Dark Herring, which gave me the acheivement. Happily, I continued fishing; amazingly, not more that 3 pools later, I fish up Dark Herring again! What are the odds?! I apologize to those of you who are having trouble with this one, I'm usually not nearly this lucky.

  • Arithin, April 2009

    I caught my Dark Herring fishing in and out of pools at the Valgarde dock (when pools were up I fished in them; when not, I just fished in non-pool water). The Dark Herring was fish #5777. Grats to all of you with more luck then me. :)

  • powerman, April 2009

    Ok I know this will piss people off but here goes....

    I would consider myself a mildly enthused fisherman, I just recently picked up fishing and started leveling it in the hopes of money and achievements.
    I would consider myself pretty unlucky because level from 1 - 400 fishing I only fished in ironforge and never saw old ironjaw. I then partook in an adventure to teldrassil where I caught the seemingly easy 15 pound mud snapper seeing as it has the most common drop rate there for the One that didnt get away achievement.
    After that I went to northrend and this is the part where people will be angry and I know this was extremely rare and all luck on my part.
    I was fishing for northrend angler and just found my first fangtooth herring school and low and behold the first fish out of the school [Dark Herring].
    I recieved tons of hate-mail from guild, friends, and generally any and everyone on the server.

    Posting this to let people know you can get it on your first cast or 5,000,000th it just depends how hard or little you want to try :)

  • Faela, April 2009

    I just caught a Dark Herring after about 30 casts at Winter's Breath Lake in my hunt for the turtle mount... the crazy thing is, I already have the One That Didn't Get Away achievement for the 15lb Mud Snapper, which I got in 15 casts at Crystal Lake. Yet after thousands of casts I still don't have Old Ironjaw. Go figure.

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OTDGA: turtle, swordfish out; Dark Herring in

  • Noor, November 2008

    The latest version of the One That Didn't Get Away achievement has removed "Baby Coralshell Turtle" and "113 Pound Swordfish" (possible Northrend catches) and replaced it with a different unknown, "Dark Herring." Maybe it's a red herring?

  • el, November 2008

    Thanks Gummo. Dark Herring remains just as much a mystery as the 2 catches it replaced. Possibly a variation on the Fangtooth Herring.. but I'm inclined to agree that a red herring is more likely. Oh my!

  • el, November 2008

    I have one report that the Dark Herring does actually exist. I'm very interested in additional information...

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  • Cnirec, November 2008

    More info: Dark Herring, green (uncommon) dagger, 146-271 Dam, 1.9 Speed, 109.7 dps, req. level 78, Chance on hit: Blast enemy for 70 Fire Damage. And a quote in gold lettering "Herring seeks your life". Looks just like a silver fish when held in hand cept it's shiny "oh my".

    Landed it in the lake just west above Valgarde, Howling Fjorde while fishing a Fangtooth Herring pool.. Since I can't seem to get the name of the lake to pop up on the screen I'll call it Lake Utgarde Keep, as one can enter Utgarde from the lakes NE corner.

  • el, November 2008

    Thanks Cnirec. I've added Dark Herring. Curious that it requires level 78, even though it is caught in a level 68+ zone.

    On the plus side, it means people trying to complete the One that Got Away can now fish in a zone where they will catch valuable fish. Still, this is not a common catch. So I guess the achievement did not get any easier.

    I'd still love to know if Dark Herring can be caught elsewhere. Logically it should also be caught in inland Grizzly Hills, which shares the same open water fish as Howling Fjord. But it might be found in other zones too.

  • spiny, November 2008

    Caught today from "Lake Cauldros", immediate N/NW waters from utgarde keep. It was fished directly from a Fangtooth Herring school.

  • Ixumi, November 2008

    Ditto on the above! Got my 'Salty' title. ^_^

  • castorshell13, November 2008

    heres the question tho, is it only fangtooth schools? or can you also catch it free water?

  • Noor, November 2008

    My guess is it's possible to catch a Dark Herring from open water. For example, the fishing quest "Shrimpin' Ain't Easy" appears to merely substitute a Bloated Barbed Gill Trout whenever you would normally catch a Barbed Gill Trout, which is why you sometimes catch some other fish -- open water in Zangarmarsh will fish up about 70% Barbed Gill Trout. If the Dark Herring is a similar rare substitution for a Fangtooth Herring, any time you'd catch a fangtooth, you have a small chance of getting a Dark Herring instead, and you can get a Fangtooth Herring from some open water, just not as often as a pool.

    As an odd aside, the Shattrath daily fishing quests gives 0 XP, but the cooking daily in Shattrath gives you XP (12,650 at level 70).

  • Cayena, November 2008

    How many pools are people fishing before they're pulling up the Dark Herring? I'm over 500 fish caught from pools and no Dark Herring, so it really doesn't seem to be much different from other rare fish.

  • Arek, November 2008

    I've fished up 600 herrings now, and no luck yet.

    I think the reason the dark herring is alluring is because in other cases of the rare catches for OTDGA, you're fishing in ponds with multiple kinds of fish to catch, not all of which have a rare replacement that fulfills the achievement. With herring schools being very plentiful, it's pretty easy to constantly circle a pond (I have had no competition so far) and constantly catch herring, so you've got the chance to get the rare with every cast. If you're fishing in a pool with three kinds of fish that have equal drop rates, your chances of getting what you want dropped by a third.

    I doubt it has any higher of a catch rate, but the consistency of which you're testing the RNG works in your favor in this case.

  • aparchee, November 2008

    Hi, got him today, 987 fish caught when he popped from a pool excluding catches of Crates and Waters, easily over 1000 including them. I just fished from the pier at Valgarde moving between the 2 respawning pools as and when they were up. ;-)

  • Nomi, November 2008

    Fished up Dark Herrig today from Grizzly Hills, lake around the area called Blue Sky Logging Grounds, open water.

  • JohnClark, November 2008

    650 catches in the Fjord .. still no Herring .. its all i need for Salty but must admit .. slowly losing resolve.

  • Mitzy, November 2008

    Hehe, I feel for you. I as well only need the One that didn't get away achievement for Salty. Sucks really :<

  • Oberweiss, November 2008

    I finally fished up a Dark Herring yesterday after doing laps around the big lake North of Skorn, fishing in only the schools. I was the only person fishing there, and they respawned fast enough to fish in them continually. It was the last achievement I needed to complete to get the Salty title.

    I did some open water inland fishing as well, because the Pygmy Suckerfish sell well, and you don't get any of them fishing exclusively in the schools, unfortunately. At least the Fangtooth Herring are used in three different cooking recipes, so they sell pretty well, too.

  • Rezn, January 2009

    I caught the Dark Herring at 54.61 57.7 . Was 2:20 am server time. Fishing Skill 480.
    Caught it on first cast!

  • rakoth, January 2009

    As I noted in another thread, I caught the Dark Herring fishing pools in WInter's Breath Lake in HF. Fourth cast - talk about lucky...

  • VoicesInMyHead, January 2009

    01.30.2009 21:41 server time
    Cauldron Isle - 56.8 , 39.1
    Fishing 450 + Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole + Truesilver Fishing Line
    Fished 3 Fangtooth Herring pools
    10 Herrings
    1 crate of Colbolt Ore x2
    1 Dark Herring

    -The Voices

  • Axolara, February 2009

    I got this pretty fast today from fishing herring schools, I highly recommend trying this fish for your achievement.

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Herring Seeks Your Life!

  • Bhavani, January 2009

    So, I logged on today after class with my first priority being to get the Dalaran cooking daily out of the way. I usually head out to Howling Fjord to collect any required Chilled Meats, as the drop rate isn't bad and there generally isn't a lot of competition. On the way, I collect any herbs I see and fish a few nodes. I happened to spot a Fangtooth Herring node and thought to myself ' I'll just fish this node real quick before I go on my merry way.' Imagine my surprise when, lo and behold, I received Dark Herring along with a normal Fangtooth Herring after less than 5 casts! Here are my total stats, plus around 100 casts that occured before I uploaded Fishing Buddy:

    Howling Fjord
    Bonescale Salmon (44%) - 125
    Fangtooth Herring (29%) - 83
    Glacial Salmon (12%) - 36
    Pygmy Suckerfish (7%) - 22
    Crystalline Water (2%) - 8
    Reinforced Crate (1%) - 4
    Dark Herring (0%) - 1

    Total Casts: 279

  • Kalahdune, February 2009

    lvl 73 Orc Hunter on Kilrogg. Got one on 6 Feb in a pool of herring near the bridge leading south from Gjalerbron. About half-way between the coast and the lake.

  • Sixtyeight, March 2009

    Hi all, caught Dark Herring today and this is how it went:

    - 399 fish caught before catching Dark Herring.
    - I had 450 base fishing + 28 rod + 100 lure.
    - Fished in Howling Fjord, and tried the subzones Cauldros Isle/Lake Cauldros, Daggercap Bay and Caldemere Lake
    - Caught the fish from a Fangtooth Herring Pool in Caldemere Lake.
    - I started fishing at 8 am, and caught it at 12:30pm approx.

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  • Speedsteel, March 2009

    I got it in some 70 catches a while back. Around Caudron Isle in the pools. I was like "Woah! Are you serious?!?" And just a few days after I had gotten the huge lobster for The One That Didn't Get Away...

  • Lukin, March 2009

    Got Herring on 4th day today and got Salty Achievement aswell!!

  • Tengarth, March 2009

    Caught Dark Herring on 5th day (approx. 2hrs per day). Just the extravaganza to go before Salty!

    Caught Herring in Fangtooth Herring School in Caldemere Lake. All data in Howling Fjord is in Caldemere Lake (Fishing Buddy sees some of the edges as Howling Fjord and not Caldemere). The lake is perfect because you can go in a counter-clockwise circle around the lake hitting each school. By the time you come all the way back around more pools have respawned. I was able to consistently hit 6-7 schools per circle. There are only 4-5 mobs at the beginning of the circle around the lake which most of the time can be avoided. There are no other mobs once you get past those (majority of lake).

    Caldemere Lake:
    Fangtooth Herring (161:51.9%)
    Pygmy Suckerfish (116:37.4%)
    Reinforced Crate (14:4.5%)
    Crystallized Water (7:2.3%)
    Glacial Salmon (7:2.3%)
    Bonescale Snapper (5:1.6%)

    Howling Fjord (actually edges of Caldemere Lake):
    Fangtooth Herring (238:52.1%)
    Pygmy Suckerfish (183:40.0%)
    Bonescale Snapper (16:3.5%)
    Reinforced Crate (5:1.1%)
    Crystallized Water (11:2.4%)
    Glacial Salmon (3:0.7%)
    Dark Herring (1:0.2%)

  • Tythor, March 2009

    The herring seems to blow the rest of the rare fish outa the water in terms of the RNG.

    After about 400 or so catches I pulled up this baby to gain me some Saltyness

    <img src="http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c223/Tombus/th_Salty.jpg" border="0" alt="Salty" >

  • Aoie, April 2011

    I got incredibly lucky with this one and caught it in just minutes. Howling Fjord, Caldemere Lake, Fangtooth Herring pool, 635 effective skill.

    Fangtooth Herring (8:47%)
    Pygmy Suckerfish (4:23%)
    Bonescale Snapper (3:18%)
    Glacial Salmon (1:6%)
    Dark Herring (1:6%)

    Total casts: 17

    Don't hate me....this just proves there's hope!

    I hope I am just as lucky getting my last achievement for Salty....Master Angler.

    Good luck to you all!

  • Conchas, June 2011

    Don't HATE me... it's not my fault!!

    I'm a NOOB playing first ever toon. Absolutely determined to catch Sea Turtle Mount. After a total of probably about 3 hours (sorry... don't have the add to keep stats... is it a download?) fishing Fangtooth Herring schools on the south shore of Winter's Breath Lake, I caught Dark Herring.

    Went to bed happy last night.

    Came home from work this afternoon ( 6/7/11 ) went to the same area ( I still want that D*#N Turtle... )and on less than 15 casts into 2 pools, I caught 3 more.

    Phenominal luck... or a glitch? I do play on a private server, sooooo...... I don't know.

    I do know that there are very few on the server who have caught it, so I'm wondering if maybe the first one is still the 1/10,000 shot, but glitched if you have one already. At the time that I caught the other 3, the first was in my Bank Vault.

    If I catch any more while on my personal quest to land Turtle, I'll post again here.

  • Aninja, June 2011

    lol worst necro post ever

  • FishermanLemi, June 2011

    Hey guys new member here.. iv been WoW fishing for neally 2 weeks now and i love it.. un like real life fishing i catch things.. and i seem to be rlly lucky.. iv caught sea turtle mount.. iv won the straglethorn fishing tornament on my first try and got the awsome rod which im so proud of.. i make sure i keep it equipped every bg till the gates open lol.. oh and im makeing so much money off it.. iv been catching Volatile Fires from the lava in mount hijal.. iv been making TUNS... iv never been this rich.. cos i dnt hav any other professions.. any way iv been looking up this site so much iv decided to become a member cos iv found all ur tips and stuff so usefull.. so thanks guys! oh ya and Nat Pagle and me have the same first name :D lol... so ya.. catch u later.. no pun intended.

    Lemi - Dreadmaul

  • Chocrit, August 2011

    Hi all, thought I'd share my story about Winter's Breath Lake.

    A year ago, when I was lvl 20-something, I started fishing on the WotLK 10-day trail, and got my fishing skill up to 450. After setting my hearth to Dalaran and fishing at Winter's Breath for a week, I caught the Sea Turtle, which is somewhere between 1/2000 and 1/5000 (0.05 - 0.02%) chance. It took just under 2000 casts to catch it, and I've been showing off ever since.

    AFTER all that, I found out about the Dark Herring, and just recently I found out that catching it gives me [One That Didn't Get Away], so I've been going after it. I spent 2 days fishing in open water at Winter's Breath Lake (now level 72) and this time, recorded my results:

    Bonescale Snapper ---- 638 (53.88%)
    Fangtooth Herring ------ 259 (21.87%)
    Glacial Salmon ---------- 269 (22.72%)
    Pygmy Suckerfish * ---- 126 (10.64% Alongside other fish)
    Crystallized Water ------ x 9 (0.76%)
    Reinforced Crate ------- x 9 (0.76%)
    Dark Herring ------------- NONE (supposedly 0.05% or 1/2000)

    TOTAL SO FAR: 1184 (100%)

    I know I haven't caught 2000 fish yet, but when I think about the 2000-some I caught last year, that makes me wish I had caught it already...

    Also, noticed something odd. These totals are made up of 3 separate fishing trips, in which the first trip was "normal" according to this site and WoWHead (in terms of likeliness of catching fish), but suddenly, the next two trips gave me significantly more Glacial Salmon and less Fangtooth Herring - they almost evened out, even though Herring have a higher chance of being caught.

    Anyways, I cut it off there, since I'm now fishing from Fangtooth Herring Schools only, in hopes of better odds, and I didn't want to mess up the data I have so far by mixing open water results with school fishing results.

    I don't feel too upset though. Tried the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby today for the first time... and won. THANKS, EL! Now this damn Dark Herring (or any rare fish I suppose) is the only thing separating me from being SALTY CHOCRIT!


    Update/Edit: Over the last two days I caught approx 400 fish from Fangtooth Herring Schools and just caught the Dark Herring at last. He might seek my life, but he sure took his time. I am now Salty Chocrit.

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