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Fish that can be caught in Darkmoon Island.

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Fishing in Darkmoon Island

Catches in Darkmoon Island
Water and AreaFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon) - CoastalSealed Crate (Darkmoon)100%
120Without Mists of Pandaria-
Sealed Crate (Pandaria)100%
With Mists of Pandaria
Sea Pony<1%-
Sea Turtle<1%-
Great Sea Herring-Quest Only
Open Water - CoastalDarkmoon Fishing Cap<1%--Common catches tiered by fishing skill
Sea Pony<1%-
Great Sea Herring-Quest Only

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Darkmoon Fishing Cap

  • el, March 2013

    There are now reports on both Wowhead and WowDB that this is caught "by fishing" on Darkmoon Island. Neither report is precise - water, pool or both? At this point I've fished hundreds of pools and have around a thousand open water catches, without gaining a Darkmoon Fishing Cap. This wouldn't be the first time I've been unlucky on something that transpires to be fairly easy to catch, but it is also very possible the Cap is rather rare - none of the other three +5 skill hats are especially easy to gain.

    Note that the skill/catch tiers found during testing (5.2: Darkmoon Catches Vary by Skill) are now live. There's a further variation in that the maximum tier is capped by your account's expansion (at least for Cataclysm/MoP, not sure about TBC and WotLK yet). Tiers shouldn't make a difference to a Darkmoon Fishing Cap catch - we know the Sea Pony can be caught outside of its traditional catch tier.

  • el, March 2013

    Around 2 thousand open water catches today with nothing rare caught. What's strange about that is I didn't see a Sea Pony either. I know those can still be caught, because a friend caught one while stood next to me. And I know an account with a Sea Pony can catch another, because I caught a Sea Pony while leveling fishing here on the PTR. The only difference in both cases was lower skill.

    At this point conspiracy theories abound - what if the catch was impossible *at* 600 skill? That would be buggy, because the Cap is BoP, and there is no way to reduce my fishing skill, but I also know this system wasn't tested properly, because there is still a looting bug when transitioning between skill tiers. Or it could just be a serious lack of luck.

  • Cyniel, March 2013

    I got the fishing cap by open water fishing, just at the end of the dock today

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  • el, March 2013

    Thanks Cyniel. It looks like it is just rather rare.

    What's the name of the pool the Cap creates? Shipwreck Debris or Shipwrecked Debris? Is the catch from that pool the same as Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon) or different?

  • Cupid, March 2013

    Got this on 5.2 patch day with 445 fishing and no rod or other fishing bonuses on my 4th cast while doing the Darkmoon fishing quest at Darkmoon Boardwalk, didn't realise it was so rare. The pool it creates is "Shipwreck Debris" i.e. the pools you normally find at Darkmoon Faire.

    Example Catch: [Sealed Crate] containing [Windwool Cloth]x3, [Rumsey Rum Black Label], 64 Silver 35 Copper

    Example Catch #2: [Darkmoon Firewater], [Windwool Cloth]x5, [Cheap Beer]x4, 33 Silver 33 Copper

  • ><((((*> Edibleautpsy <*))))><, December 2013

    I fish 830 fishing skill, 845 every five minutes with the spear up (minus 5 skill points for the +5 Glove Enchant and +5 Fishing Line stacking bug).

    I am approaching 5k open water casts this week alone (Thousands more since 5.2 and hundreds of debris pools).

    Took over 6k casts to get the Darkwood Fishing Pole, so this may take a while.

    Fish On!

    90 UD Cursed Angler

  • Ziatjie, November 2014

    Got it just now and it is, indeed, a stylish cap!

    Level 90
    Fishing skill:
    554 +Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (only "Equipped") & Kalu'ak pole
    Just down at the docks (the ramp on the right of the portals).

    This was my 4th cast of the day, all by doing the weekly fishing quest.

    Also sat in my Nat Pagle chair!

    Edit: No pool, just open water.

  • mulachi, November 2014

    5000 fish catches darkmoon fair open water + hundreds of sealed crates = no darkmoon fishing cap

    600 + 215 skill
    upgraded to warlords

    will try again once my brains re-solidify

  • Enarka, November 2014

    I firmly believe you can't get this at 600 skill. Right now, considering the amount of damn catches I made (50k+ since the damn thing's release), I think my sample size is good enough. This is inane.

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    I got a cap, level90 fishing at 600, even more I was using a 100 lure and a +30 fishing pole.

    I've fished for over 1000 catches along the coast, went to try my luck at the docks and got it after 2-3 bites.

    It's not 100% , but it's possible it only drops from the docks, I suggest trying there, open water aswell.


  • mulachi, November 2014

    what realm did you catch it on and what pole and bait were you using?

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    I'm on Kazzak EU, I was using a Bone Fishing Pole and a Sharp Fish hook.

  • Enarka, November 2014

    Gilenas wrote:

    I'm on Kazzak EU, I was using a Bone Fishing Pole and a Sharp Fish hook.

    Attempting to use the same configuration; will report with results once I'm done! =D

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    Just noticed a rather sucky thing.
    Noticed that my Darkmoon Fishing Cap which is a +5 and my Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots don't stack, With my +30 pole, I'm at +35 not +40.

    I don't know if this is known, maybe I'm being stupid, maybe the same equips don't stack ?
    Also, both work normally, if I have only one of them, I'm still at +35, so both work as intended, they just don't stack.
    I don't know if it works with other similar effects, don't have enough fishing gear to do tests.

  • el, November 2014

    Missing +5 bonuses are a known issue.

  • ketchupcereal, November 2014

    Hey I just got mine today! Skill at 600, from the docks during the rock concert, open-water, had no extras at all (bait, pole, etc.) Probably my 100-120th cast of the day. Realm was Aerie Peak probably around 2:30 or 3:00pm.

  • mulachi, November 2014

    ketchup were you on aerie peak US or EU realm? thanks

  • ketchupcereal, November 2014

    US realm

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darkmoon luck

  • HootzJnr, December 2011

    there is this special vasj'ir style cove of the eastern side of darkmoon near this wreaked ship i read about it and went there there was 50 other people i tryed fishing there and in 10 casts i got 4 of the rare fish for one that didn't get away and 3 sea ponys is this some kind of special drop rate spot

  • el, January 2012

    For reference, the cave is half way along the eastern coast. The entrance is in a V-shaped indentation in the sea wall (the undersea edge), close to the point at which fatigue starts, directly below a ship wreck.

    I don't know if this area has a higher chance of rare catches. I caught one Sea Pony there fairly quickly, but that may just be chance. May try some more casts later.

  • Airowird, January 2012

    Either this is the first time I got lucky or that cave does have a higher rate,
    managed to get the Sea Pony in 33 catches.

    Total fish caught was:
    18 Rainbow Fin Albacore
    9 Oily Blackmouth
    9 Firefin Snapper
    2 Waterlogged Crate
    1 Sea Pony

    Statisticly not a very accuraote pool (heh - pool), but worth considering if you aren't having any luck on the boardwalk.

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  • acadiana, January 2012

    I'm afraid Blizz nerfed this location. (74,43 when standing in cave)
    Lvl 85, skill 525 (563 with buffs)
    ~150 casts
    102 rainbow fin albacore
    29 oily blackmouth
    8 firefin snapper
    and a few misc. (message in a bottles, waterlogged crates, small locked chest)

    no rares, no pony yet.

    I don't know if it matters that the location is technically in the great sea?

  • grantz, January 2012

    Wierd.... I was fishing on the boardwalk for like 2 hours.

    I swam to this location and picked it up in 2 casts. Maybe dumb luck (which I doubt since it took me like 8 months to get my sea turtle and I'm far from lucky.)

    It's wierd but there may be something to this.

  • Valkien, January 2012

    I think it took me less than 2 trips around the island just fishing from Shipwreck Pools, which now have me hooked as I love the random goodies contained inside. Depending on the other people fishing, it may take longer to catch from the pools, but ut certainly makes up for it in profitability. I made over 1000 gold just fishing for my pony.

  • Dashwood, January 2012

    So, I set out, with 115 Fishing Skill with a why not attitude, and got the Sea Pony in 1 cast.
    Please don't hate me. To post what others posted,

    Level 78, 114 Skill.
    1 Cast.
    Came with a Oily Blackmouth.
    /played 6 days.

    Maybe this adds to the theory that low level'd characters get it faster? I don't know much other than I am ridiculously lucky.

  • Paela, January 2012

    I have 12 days played and 525 fishing, was using the Jeweled rod. I was fishing off that square floating dock with the ramp up to it. I didn't keep track of what fish I caught, but it was much less than 100 casts before I caught it. I was probably there 15-30 minutes. I don't have any of the other rare fish achievements.

    I was fishing in those pools of wreckage previously, but didn't see the sea pony there out of maybe a dozen. But made a lot of money off the items in the crates. There's usually a lot of competition on the pools of wreckage, though.

  • Paela, January 2012

    Just to clarify the Underwater Cave thing. My coordinate thing said 75,34 on the Great Sea. Like it's been said, it's about 1/3 to 1/2 way down the East coast of the island when looking from the North, look for the 'V' in the outline of the island. You'll see an underwater shipwreck if you're diving. You start getting fatigue as you swim down, but it ends when you enter the cave.

    I didn't have any special luck there, but I didn't stay for long. Lots of Rainbow Fin Albacore and Oily Blackmouth, same as everywhere else on the island. No one was there, but no one was along the east coast of the island either.

    Just to mention it. Pools of Wreckage do spawn along the eastern shore. I saw two on my way up from the docks. Hardly anyone goes there, but they're really spaced out compared to the ones around the docks.

    Darn. Drowned while making this post. Heh. Maybe I should have gotten to shore first. :D

  • nanok88, November 2012

    I'd like to comment as well on this cave:
    After fishing for over 250 casts on the boardwalk I checked out this page for more help and found out about this cave, I went there and got the sea pony on my 4th cast. I suggest you try it if, might still be worth trying it.

  • SgtSuperman, December 2012

    I fished for about 100 casts on the boardwalk, and then went to the cave. Got it on my 50th cast.
    My real intention was to get the rare fish to finish my Salty title, but unfortunately the sea pony popped up too soon.

  • Tikicarol, December 2012

    So after reading about this cave I decided to give it whirl, so me on my trusty turtle mount paddle on out to what I thought was the spot, and start to descend. I remembered reading about the "fatigue" so I didn't pay it much mind feeling certain I'd find the cave entrance any second, any second now, ...ummmm.....dead.

    So, I run back from the grave yard and see on my map where my waterlogged corpse is; that I am way off, but I figure when I reach my body I'll rez and swim to the dive spot.
    I get right on top of where my lifeless bod is and can't dive down, you know, being a ghost n all.
    So kids, be sure to take the rez sickness from the Death Angel, unless of course there is a trick to the "diving in water as ghost thing" that I am currently unaware.

    So now I'm back to life and at square one again. This time I decide to raft out. May be quicker, ya know? So I raft to the coordinates, and looking down I can see the ship wreak. Ooooooo right spot. Yay for me!
    Now to jump off raft.
    Jump, Jump,
    I have a special "dismount" macro for such situations.
    Your right, It didn't work.
    Now what. I'm new to this raft thing just having acquired it the other day. I happen to see it's icon upper right of screen.
    Yay I'm in the water.
    Cave Mouth
    I had decided before hand to give the spot a full 2 hours, so fishing I start.
    Caught Sea Pony around 1 Hour 20 Min.
    Here my catches:
    104 Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore
    50 Oily Blackmouth
    17 Fire Fin Snapper
    3 Water Logged Crates
    1 Small Locked Chest
    1 Sea Pony (of the "uncommon" variety)
    Crates yielded: 1 Coarse Blasting Powder / 1 Blasting Powder / 1 Broken Modulator (1 item ea. crate)
    The small locked chest yielded: 1 Bolt of Woolen Cloth.
    So, Here I sat having Just gotten the pony and of couse I wanna check it out, so I go into my Mounts tab and... wait what? No PONY!
    Heart sick I scroll through log and find that it's a pet.
    Hay, news to me. I just assumed it was a mount. I mean I caught the turtle (mount) right?
    So I finished fishing out the rest of the 2 hours with Ed, (that's the name of my Sea Pony, Ed,
    Get it?) and there was nothing else notable to report.
    The above fish count is in fact for the 80 odd minuets or so fishing before I found Ed.
    Now you might be thinking that this is a WHOPPER of a fish tale, but I assure you it's true.
    Just ask Ed. He was watchin' the whole time I'm sure.

  • Basill, December 2012

    Did about 20 pools.. no luck..
    went into cave ^^ 24 cast.. a blue sea pony .. ;)

  • fuzzy, March 2013

    Cave is definitely a good spot. Got the pony in 34 casts on alt with 600 skill. Catches are congruent with your fishing skill. 600 skill caught carp, shrimp and octopus. Lures appear to have no effectiveness here. Alt with 220 skill took much longer to catch the pony, about 120 casts. This cave appears to be a good place to level your fishing if you want to spend the time. Leveled from 220 to 425 in about 2 1/2 hours, including time to run back to the pier and train. Guild does have Working Overtime Perk which may have helped this fast leveling though.

    You do not have to swim out to the fatigue area to get to the cave. It it about 1/2 way up the East coast.Just a bit South-East of the spot that juts out on the map. Look for the ship under water and dive right behind the bow. If you are as crazy as me, run up the hill at the end of the beach. If you go to the spot that juts out the furthest and jump off, you will land in the water aimed for the spot you need to dive.

  • dakender, May 2013

    Not sure if it means anything but here is my take on the subject.

    Using the addon fishing buddy, I noticed that there are two locations withint inches of each other along the shore.... Some say "Darkmoon Island: Darkmoon Island" and the other Darkmoon Island: The Great Sea" Looking at statistics on the addon, i have over 600 catches on Darkmoon Island with NO sea pony. But on the list for The Great Sea, I have 3 Sea Pony's ... Just a thought...

  • Selka, May 2013

    I just found the cave and between checking facebook, signing in here and doing other things in the past ten minutes I fished up http://www.wowhead.com/item=93732/darkmoon-fishing-cap no pet yet but I am focused lol

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Maximum Possible Fishing Skill (845/600)

  • PubDartGuy, November 2012

    600 Zen Master Fishing Skill
    + 40 Arcanite Fishing Pole
    + 5 High Test Eternium Fishing Line (enchants your fishing pole)
    + 15 Boots of the Bay (feet)
    + 15 Sharpened Tuskarr Spear (AoE buff)
    + 5 Enchant Gloves - Angler (on hands)
    + 5 Nat's Hat (head)
    + 10 Captain Rumsey's Lager (Food/Drinking buff)
    +150 Lure (from Nat's Hat, or Heat-Treated Spinning Lure
    845 = maximum possible Fishing Skill

    Now, one might ask, *why* would a person go to such lengths to achieve the maximum possible fishing skill?

    Because, only at this skill level can you catch Nessy, the legendary beast seldom seen in the Deeprun Tram's "aquarium"! But the elusive Nessy can only be fished at it's lair, rumored to be near the underwater cave located on Darkmoon Island! Nessy is a *legendary mount* - only one available per Realm. The catch rate is nearly impossible (1:1,000,000), but to the dedicated few, the bragging rights are epic! Nessy is a 5-seat, aquatic dragon mount, usable underwater, on land, and flying. Nessy grants underwater breathing to the rider and 4 passengers, but sadly it has an AoE fear effect on all NPCs *and players*, unless they have their Darkmoon Rabbit out. As of this posting, and due to the extreme difficulty involved in fishing up Nessy, this mount has not yet appeared on the PTRs or in the Armory. But, it does exist - and true believers will prove it to the world!

  • el, November 2012

    I should clarify that maximum fishing skill is also required for Catching Djakar.

  • Pipre, November 2012

    This post seems rather far fetched. If such a thing did exist it would have been datamined and immediately posed on WoWInsider and mom-champion. As well as here.

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  • Druegar, November 2012

    While normally such posts would be made on April 1st, they are in fact joking about Nessy and Djakar.

  • noctusmirus, August 2013

    5 on hands doesnt stack with 5 on pole.

    880 is max.



  • el, August 2013

    See this topic for some discussion of gear oddities. Reports were not entirely consistent, although the problems seems to be linked to a patch 3.3-era bug, where the +5 glove and pole enchants were mixed up. That bug was eventually fixed, but a variation may have re-emerged in MoP.

    Note that if the pole and glove enchants are overlapping, you should be able to regain +2 by using the original glove enchant. Not that +2 is likely to make a tangible difference.

  • noctusmirus, August 2013

    Nice to know. I was trying to hit max just for fun there.

  • DrkestShadow, August 2013

    I know that it is zone limited but don't forget random buff from Underbelly Elixir (http://www.wowhead.com/item=44012) that changes you to walrus man with a 10 to fishing buff.

  • noctusmirus, August 2013

    actually, underbelly is +50.

    images seem to be turned off

    breakdown from the image:
    arcanite pole: +40
    fishing line: +5
    boots (of booty bay): +15
    (nat's) hat: +5
    knitted gloves with +5 enchant
    lure: 150
    underbelly elixir: +50
    spear buff: +15

    40 +5 +15+5 +5 +150 +50 +15= 285 (but since the glove didnt count i only hit 280)

  • Fiskejohan, September 2013

    If this is only rumoured, is the 845 lvl req really confirmed?

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5.2: Darkmoon Catches Vary by Skill

  • Jaeger, March 2013

    I was just surprised by this on the live servers. So it's being applied to Darkmoon Island as of Patch 5.2. Just caught some Reef Octopus and Giant Mantis Shrimp.

    This concerns me about the effect on the ability to catch Steelscale Crushfish. I assume they can't be caught at Darkmoon Island anymore. It seems the odds for getting One That Didn't Get Away just got reduced.

  • el, March 2013

    As things stand, Steelscale Crushfish and 103 Pound Mightfish/22 Pound Lobster should be possible to catch only in their appropriate skill tiers (100-150 and 250-300 respectively), because those catches were originally part of the regular catch table.

    The Sea Pony is different, because it is a bonus catch (caught with another fish), specific to Darkmoon Island. We know that can be caught in a range of tiers, not just the tier (100-150) that Darkmoon Island used to belong to. However, I haven't managed to catch a single Sea Pony at 600 skill, from around 4 thousand catches, which is deeply suspect.

  • mtzgr, April 2013

    el wrote:

    However, I haven't managed to catch a single Sea Pony at 600 skill, from around 4 thousand catches, which is deeply suspect.

    I caught my first Sea Pony on my 5th cast in the underwater cove at 600 skill.

  • Phrin, April 2013

    My blood elf caught the sea pony with a fishing skill of between 75 and 100. I know this because she was on a trial account at the time. Can't get the quests below 75, and trial accounts won't let skills go above 100. She was probably about level 12. Even though it was a trial account, it was linked to my battle net account, and the pony migrated to all my other toons.

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