Darkshore Grouper

Darkshore Grouper

Where to catch Darkshore Grouper.

About Darkshore Grouper

Catching Darkshore Grouper

Where to Catch Darkshore Grouper
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterCoastal and Inland: Darkshore (General)30%

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Darkshore Grouper

  • Lucca, November 2010

    If you're Horde doing Limnologist, don't fish for these at the border between Darkshore and Ashenvale. Instead, head up to the Ruins of Auberdine and fish from there - I got my grouper on the first cast.

  • Littleburst, December 2010

    Nooby question: Where/how can you keep track of which fish you hav left to catch? Just look at the achievement progress listing?

  • Snafu, December 2010

    That's correct. There's a track button on the left hand side of the achievement pane that will display a list on screen just as it does for your quests, but it will only display a handful of the ones you need...the list is so long that it's really not very practical in a case like this until you shorten it down. (Way down.) . I've been known to print a screen capture of lists like this, so I can reference them (and check them off) without having to dig up the achievement every time.

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  • sarsparilla, March 2011

    Luuca gave an excellent tip. After fishing for a while off the southern coast, I headed up to the Ruines of Auberdine and caught the grouper on the first cast as well.

  • Silvestas, July 2011

    Second that, great tip, i headed to the Ruines of Auberdine and caught it on my first cast as well.

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