Darkwater Clam

Darkwater Clam

Where to catch Darkwater Clam.

A larger version of the Darkwater Clam can be caught in Wintergrasp - the Giant Darkwater Clam.

About Darkwater Clam

Catching Darkwater Clam

Where to Catch Darkwater Clam
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterNamed Coastal: Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord47510%
849Rockfin Grouper
Open Water55010%
849Rockfin Grouper

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Darkwater Clams / Succulent Clam Meat

  • Christhina, November 2008

    Hi all, have been having a good time fishing some areas of Northrend I can reach at this time, and hope you're all enjoying the same!

    I've come across an interesting stat food I'd like to start farming - Dalaran Clam Chowder. This requires Succulent Clam Meat.

    Now, in doing some fishing around, I've caught a few of these right by the Unu'pe Flight Point in Borean Tundra. These clams always drop a single clam meat, as does any other clam we come across in game.

    However, I see no mention in the WotLK section regarding this catch, or where it's best to catch these clams.

    I'm hoping some others may share their information here, as this stat food is quite good for a Paladin, and I suspect some other classes as well!

    For rough numbers, a 10 minute fish at Unu'pe yielded:

    5 x Borean Man o' War
    6 x Darkwater Clam
    19 x Rockfin Grouper (may have that name wrong, is late and I am tired)

    Would appreciate any further information anyone else is able to shed!

    Cheers all, and good hunt... errr... fishing! ;-)


  • el, November 2008

    Thanks Christhina.

    Darkwater Clams are a late addition to named coastal open water in Northrend. I'm in the process of checking all the locations... Edit - now done: Darkwater Clam.

  • Christhina, November 2008

    Thanks a bunch El!

    Interesting drop rate, at 10%, these will take some effort to obtain, and presumably be highly sought after & treasured by those that can benefit well from them :-)

    Cheers, and keep up the excellent work on the site!

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  • GormanGhaste, November 2008

    This isn't fishing, but these also drop off of murlocs in the borean tundra.

  • Dante757, November 2008

    If you've made it to Sholazar yet a good way to get clams is to ally with the Frenzyheart. When you do the daily to kill big-tongues you can slaughter them by the boatfull. They drop the clams quite frequently. I had over 30 clams from one daily (and I stopped when I completed the quest, you can keep killing for as long as you want!!). Inside I got about 4-5 Northsea Pearls which I sold for a couple hundred gold as well.


  • Christhina, December 2008

    Oooh, Dante!

    Thank you SO much for that very valuable piece of information! Very good to know there are other, "side-line" opportunities to increase stocks of this very nice meat (fish?) :-)

    As a quick question, is that daily still repeatable after hitting exalted with the Frenzyhearts, do you know? If not, I believe it's not a big deal to reverse-grind to Oracles and swing back again, but it'd be great to not have to bother doing that (assuming one were to use this daily as an additional source of the required Clam Meat) :-)

    Cheers all again, and good fishing!


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