Deep Sea Monsterbelly

Deep Sea Monsterbelly

Where to catch Deep Sea Monsterbelly.

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Catching Deep Sea Monsterbelly

Where to Catch Deep Sea Monsterbelly
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Deep Sea Monsterbelly SchoolCoastal: The Frozen Sea190%
Open WaterCoastal: The Frozen Sea57520%
193Rockfin Grouper

Images and Maps

Northrend Pool
Northrend Pool - Deep Sea Monsterbelly School.
Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Borean Tundra
Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Borean Tundra
Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Howling Fjord
Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Howling Fjord

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Deep Sea Monsterbelly Schools

  • Balazar, April 2009

    Just thought I'd mention, while out doing the fishing daily today, discovered a deep sea monsterbelly school in Dragonblight. It was located just off the southern tip of the remains of the Giant's Causeway that extend out into the Frozen Sea.

  • el, April 2009

    Curious. I've managed to find one pool, in the Frozen Sea off Dragonblight. It is just about possible I've been missing it for the last 6 months...

  • Balazar, April 2009

    Right, I should be clear that it was in the Frozen Sea, so technically not Dragonblight. Just didn't see it mentioned in the discussion on those pools.

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  • Barthol, April 2009

    I know the place, it is where I have been going for the Severed Arm for the fishing daily because it is basically a simple flight directly south from Dalaran. The coordinates are 50.2 71.0 and it is on the Dragonsblight side of the last pillar, you can stand on the base of that pillar to fish the pool.

  • Tessie, April 2009

    My level 68 Druid is fishing in two Deep Sea Monsterbelly schools in Howling Fjord, near 85, 91.

  • Millay, May 2009

    There is a pool out there, but i have found that even when the pool disperses, you can still fish up the monster bellies.

  • thrasykles, November 2009

    there are more of these, off the coast in western howling fjord. around 14/53

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