Dragonfin Angelfish

Dragonfin Angelfish

Where to catch Dragonfin Angelfish.

About Dragonfin Angelfish

Catching Dragonfin Angelfish

Where to Catch Dragonfin Angelfish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Dragonfin Angelfish SchoolInland: Dragonblight190%
Open Water47522%
326Bonescale Snapper
Open WaterInland: The Ruby Sanctum65022%
100Bonescale Snapper


Map of Dragonblight
Map of Dragonblight

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Dragonfin Angelfish Schools

  • Jacobius, August 2009

    I think that the Dragonfin Angelfish school page should be changed to note that there are schools not only in the tributary but also in Lake Drak'mar at the far northern end, I'm not sure how many there are but I believe there to be at least two. Not really imperative I guess but at least it should be noted, I suppose that most people will naturally follow the river all the way but it could be useful to some.

  • DougyDude, January 2010

    Just to let you know I discovered a Dragonfin Angelfish School in the lake at the Westwind Refugee Camp (12.2, 49.0). It is where all the Taunka'le Refugees are fishing.

  • Enarka, January 2010

    In fact, there are quite a bunch of those schools.

    My usual run is simple : start west from the Taunka'le village (three schools, generally), then hit Indu'le, and fly straight to the river on the far east of Dragonblight.

    Starting south of the river, I fly up to Lake Drak'mar, where I usually find 1 or 2 schools.
    Fly back to Indu'le, fish the respawned schools, then hit the Taunka'le village far west.

    You basically fly between the river at the far east, and the Taunka'le village at the far west of the zone, passing by the Indu'le village's lake everytime you come from or go to either of those !

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