This page lists fish and other items caught by fishing that can be equipped, often as a weapon or off-hand. For other types of fish, see Fish.

Equipped Fish

10-15 Pound Mud SnapperHeld In Off-hand.
15-32 Pound SalmonHeld In Off-hand.
17-32 Pound CatfishHeld In Off-hand.
34-52 Pound RedgillHeld In Off-hand.
70-103 Pound MightfishHeld In Off-hand.
Bloodied Prison ShankOne-Hand Dagger: 93-174 damage, speed 2.00 (66.8 DPS). Requires level 70.
Broken Wine BottleActs as a one-handed mace: 6-12 damage, speed 1.70 (5.3 damage per second). Requires level 7.
Dark HerringActs as a One-Hand Dagger: 146-271 damage, speed 1.90 (109.7 DPS). Improves critical strike rating by 50 (no longer does fire damage). Requires level 78. Binds when equipped.
Darkmoon Fishing CapHat with +5 skill bonus. See Fishing Gear.
Darkwood Fishing PoleFishing pole with +15 skill bonus. Requires 50 fishing skill. See Fishing Poles.
DustbringerOne-Hand Dagger: 117-219 damage, speed 1.40 (120 DPS). Chance on hit: Blasts the enemy for 70 Fire damage. Requires level 78. Binds when equipped.
Enormous Barbed Gill TroutHeld In Off-hand.
Huge Spotted FeltailHeld In Off-hand.
Melted Cleaver2-Handed Axe. 178-330 Damage, Speed 2.50, (101.6 damage per second). Requires Level 74.
Old CraftyHeld in off-hand. Gives +5 Stamina bonus.
Old IronjawHeld in off-hand. Gives +5 Stamina bonus.
Rockhide StrongfishActs as a one-handed mace: 46-87 damage, speed 2.50 (26.6 damage per second), +8 Stamina bonus. Requires level 40. Binds when equipped.
Steelscale CrushfishActs as a one-handed mace: 22-42 damage, speed 2.50 (12.8 damage per second), +4 Strength bonus. Requires level 20. Binds when equipped.
The 1 RingWorn on the finger. Gives +1 Strength,+ 1 Agility, +1 Stamina, +1 Intellect, +1 Spirit. Requires level 10.
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