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Felblood Snapper

Where to catch Felblood Snapper.

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Catching Felblood Snapper

Where to Catch Felblood Snapper
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open Water/LavaInland: Shadowmoon Valley (Outland)375100%
-Felblood Snapper
Open WaterInland: Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand (Outland) (Forge Camp Hate)37575%
-Felblood Snapper


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Terokkar Forest/Shadowmoon Valley fishing change

  • Christhina, October 2008

    I'm wondering if this was a "one time" occurrence or not, so thought I'd post here to share some information (possibly) and get some feedback.

    Old Man Barlo's daily fishing quest for a Monstrous Felblood Snapper led me to find on this site the suggested "easy" location to fish from - which is namely standing on the Shadowmoon Valley side of the river that borders Terokkar Forest and Shadowmoon Valley. I usually fish this daily standing almost directly opposite the Bonechewer encampment (that is to say, close to the Allerian Stronghold "end" of this river).

    In the past, I've usually landed some grey "quality" Felblood Snapper (useless in all respects apart from cashing in at a vendor for a tiny amount of copper), and after several catches, invariably land the Monstrous Felblood Snapper and go about the rest of my business. Until the other day, the abovementioned fish types were the _only_ fish I ever caught in this river (if memory serves, this fact is/was also documented here on this site).

    In completing this daily the other day, in my usual spot, with usual gear etc (i.e. nothing unusual), lo and behold, I am pulling up Spotted Feltail and Golden Darter, among the usual, and useless Felblood Snapper.

    Here's the conundrum - I don't recall seeing any notes posted anywhere regarding this change, of course, with the sheer volume of WoW related news lately, this would probably slip under the radar anyway - but it has me curious. Additionally - if I recall correctly (and I have to confess some doubt on this myself), I seem to remember fishing the same spot not long prior with no usable fish being caught, and I don't remember any maintenance in between those two times - which, on the surface, would indicate that this may have been changed via a hotfix (?!)

    I'd be interested to read anyone's feedback on this, and also would like to take this chance to thank you, El, for such a great and informative site - it's helped me considerably back in the day when I was levelling fishing, and I keep coming back for more information on a regular basis :-)

  • el, October 2008

    As far as I know, Barbed Gill Trout were removed from Shadowmoon Valley by a stealth change in patch 2.4, leaving only Felblood Snapper (and the daily fish, if you have the quest). If you are gaining other fish it is possible your bobber is landing across the river in Terokkar Forest. The only way to be sure is to fish in the lava inside the zone.

  • Shircon, October 2008

    I believe El is correct....i have gotten Barbed gill and Golden Darter out of the same spot and im positive it was on a far cast closer to the other side of the river...no patch or maintenence involved...

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    from "Terokkar Forest/Shadowmoon Valley fishing change".
  • Christhina, October 2008

    Fair call - what puzzles me is that, without moving (although obviously my cast lands in different places each time), I'm reliably able to catch the quest Monstrous Felblood Snapper standing here :-)

  • thiealze, October 2008

    I found moving to the other side of the bridge (north side) made my Titan Panel change location from Terrokar Forest to Shadowmoon Valley. The old spot (I used it only two days ago) seems to waffle between the two zones.

    As long as your character is standing in Shadowmoon Valley (you can also simply open the map to see which zone pops up if you don't have a coordinates addon), the bobber location in the river itself doesn't seem to matter.

  • el, October 2008

    I just checked this again, and the catch (and skill required) is still determined by where the bobber lands, not where you are standing. The Terokkar Forest/Shadowmoon Valley border is a quirky one, because the border runs at approximately a 45 degree angle to North-South, while all the border zones seem to be defined at 90 degree angles. So the true border tends to zig-zag along the river. The result is that sometimes you can be fishing in Shadowmoon, even when the bobber has landed in the water next to the Terokkar river bank.

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    to "Terokkar Forest/Shadowmoon Valley fishing change".

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