Firefin Snapper School

Firefin Snapper School locations and catches.

About Firefin Snapper School

Firefin Snapper School Catches

Firefin Snapper School Catches
AreasFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Firefin Snapper80%
Iron Bound Trunk10%
Rumsey Rum Black Label5%
1-2 items per catch
1-3 items per catch

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Firefin Snapper School

  • rukademaris, January 2011

    The section for this school should be updated to include Northern Barrens. I have found Firefin Snapper schools in Ratchet and on Fray Island.

  • el, January 2011

    Thanks. Will be fixed shortly.

  • Reply

    to "Firefin Snapper School".

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