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Furious Crawdad

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Where to Catch Furious Crawdad
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Highland Mixed SchoolInland: Terokkar Forest (Lakes) (lakes Blackwind, Ere'Noru and Jorune)65%
1060Furious Crawdad


Map of Lakes with Highland Mixed Schools
Map of Lakes with Highland Mixed Schools - Map showing the location of the three lakes containing Highland Mixed Schools.

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Fishing Lake Ere'Noru without a flying mount?

  • Noor, June 2008

    I have seen a few people who have gotten to Lake Ere'Noru without flying (the lake behind Allerian Stronghold) to fish for Furious Crawdad and Mr. Pinchy, but I haven't been able to duplicate this feat (see here, here, here, and here)

    I've found the path from the Arrakoa village to the lake, but I can't get over the last ridge to reach the lake. Some mention needing an epic mount, but I couldn't do it even then. Does anyone have more detailed advice on getting there? It's possible the terrain has been changed in a recent patch to prevent this. I also tried slow fall + rocket boots xtreme but couldn't get there...

  • Trokair, June 2008

    You don't even need a mount, just a few tricky jumps on foot over the terrain there (unless they've changed the terrain, as you mentioned).

    I'll try it tonight or soon, take a screenshot of the ridge you jump over, and post it up here.

  • wonderboy00, February 2009

    yeah, i don't think this can be accessed anymore. I am trying damn hard on my 49 priest... LOL i know, waaay too low level. i don't have an epic mount obviously, and some people seem to say you need that, but I cannot make it up there. I have a feeling it has been changed. But please respond, and let me know if this can be reached in any form without requiring a summon or a flying mount. I'd love to get started on Mr Pinchy and level my cooking and fishing a little more on my way to those high levels. thanks!!

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    from "Fishing Lake Ere'Noru without a flying mount?".
  • el, February 2009

    Gummo's video might help. That's using an engineer's Parachute Cloak and Rocket Boots Xtreme.

  • The Lich King, April 2009

    there is an easy way. Enlist the help of a "special mage" and have them summon you to the lake. I'll be fishin round there as well. Wave if you see me and i might not consume your soul ^.^

  • Noor, April 2009

    Hmm, how about having a 70+ DK up on the rim where my video jumps over, and have the under-70 player down below. Duel, and have the DK do his "come over here!" grab...

  • Melvoid, June 2010

    Just had to post here as i got Mr Pinchy last night, id also won the STV contest on sunday and had fished up the Turtle mount the week before, and yes i got the pet the title and cheeve on first Mr pinchy i ever fished up and on the first wish.
    BUT i have been seriously fishing for a year or more before the God of Random Numbers decided it was my turn.
    I have no idea how many fish ive fished up or how many casts as i dont have any fishing addons, my skill is maxed ofc but i often wonder if it makes any difference at all when im fishing for Old Ironjaw in IF in my full fishing outfit (still no boots tho ;( ) when a level 10 with a bogstandard lowest of the low fishing pole wanders up throws a cast and pulls him in first time !!!.
    Random, but ive seen it happen at least 3 times, still no Ironjaw for me.
    The God of Random Numbers can be equally cruel and kind so i feel the pain of those who are still plugging away but all i can do is wish you all luck.

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    lazy bastards should just get the flier...

  • Christhina, June 2010

    Melvoid wrote:

    I have no idea how many fish ive fished up or how many casts as i dont have any fishing addons

    Firstly, congratulations on what sounds like a very lucky week!

    You don't, as an aside, need any addons to see the total number of things you've caught on your toon. Open your Achievements window (Y key), and click on the bottom button called "Statistics".

    Now, I'm going from memory (maintenance at the moment, so I'm not in game), but there's a category for "Professions", and a sub-category for fishing.

    Some interesting, and pertinent information should be in there :-)

  • cardsfan2006, February 2011

    Finally caught Mr. Pinchy today-- 239 was the final toal on fish and other things. Blackwind Lake was the spot. Also caught the sea turtle 2weeks ago--The Frozen Sea. Good luck to everyone!

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How engineers can get to Lake Ere'Noru to fish for crawdad/Mr. Pinchy

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