Giant Sewer Rat

Giant Sewer Rat

Where to catch Giant Sewer Rat.

About Giant Sewer Rat

Catching Giant Sewer Rat

  • Size and Skill:

    Open water and pools can be fished with skill 1. Pool catches are always Enormous sized, regardless of skill. The higher your effective fishing skill, the more likely you are to catch larger sizes of fish from open water: 700 skill avoids Small catches, 950 avoids regular-sized catches. Regular catches require at least skill 100, Enormous 650. For details see Size and Skill.
  • Commentary:

    Rare catch from open water in Dalaran Underbelly (sewers). Catch rate is about 1/1000.
  • Guide:

    Dalaran Fishing - Complete guide to fishing in Dalaran. Including Giant Sewer Rats, Rusty Prison Keys and fountain coins.
  • Achievements:

    I Smell A Giant Rat: Fish up the Giant Sewer Rat from The Underbelly in Dalaran.
  • History:

    Wrath of the Lich King: First caught.
Where to Catch Giant Sewer Rat
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Dalaran (Underbelly)525<1%596Sewer Carp

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Giant Sewer Rat
Giant Sewer Rat - Caught from Dalaran's Underbelly.
Map of Dalaran
Map of Dalaran - Showing fishing-related points of interest.

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Giant Sewer Rat

  • Lunaire, November 2008

    Fished up this "beauty" today, and here are the stats for those interested :)

    Dalaran, Cantrips & Crows: 968 catches

    Sewer Carp: 54,6%
    Magic Eater: 25,2%
    Empty Vial: 6,5%
    Drowned Rat: 5,9%
    Partially Eaten Fish: 4,5%
    Leaded Vial: 1,9%
    Crystal Vial: 0,8%
    Enchanted Vial: 0,3%
    Imbued Vial: <0,1%
    Giant Sewer Rat: <0,1%

  • Marlburo, November 2008

    at about 600 casts right now....stats will come

  • Rutilcaper, November 2008

    Been happily fishing in the sewers all day, and I've had 3 lost catches, even at 450 skill with +25 rod, +100 lure and +5 hat. I'm terrified that this is the rat and I somehow keep missing it.

    What gives? I thought I had more than enough skill to prevent get-aways. And for that matter, is the type of fish determined when the bobber hits (thus giving credence to my fears) or after you successfully catch it?

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  • Walnut, November 2008

    Got him after 1380 casts.

    Sewer Carp: 731
    Magic Eater: 384
    Empty Vial: 107
    Partially Eaten Fish: 68
    Drowned Rat: 55
    Leaded Vial: 21
    Crystal Vial: 7
    Imbued Vial: 3
    Enchanted Vial: 3
    Giant Sewer Rat: 1

    When I was around 900 casts an ally pala came and got him after 2 casts..

  • Belleflop, November 2008

    456 Cast

    Sewer Carp: 282
    Magic Eater: 111
    Empty Vial: 19
    Partially Eaten Fish: 13
    Drowned Rat: 18
    Leaded Vial: 11
    Crystal Vial: 1
    Giant Sewer Rat: 1

  • Lunaire, November 2008

    To Rutilcaper: I also had some fish that i catched, but didnt get.. I use fishing buddy, and a double right click on the bobber both loots and re-casts immediately. Also i have an addon for auto-confirming BoP loot. So i've seen the lott window show briefly, but then the recast came so fast, that i didnt see what i fished.. And nothing in my bags.. So i dont know, it might be possible, but who knows :p

    At least its 525 to prevent getaways, so you're over that with a good margin.

    Wish you luck, this is an awesome pet! ^^

  • Robodin, November 2008

    Dare I say it?

    12 casts :)

    Had been chilling out a bit after 6 dungeon runs in one go, fishing in the fountain to get a few coins, when I decided to try my luck in the Underbelly. And voila, 12 casts later, I got it :D

  • Moogle Stiltzkin, November 2008

    My friend Sadcap fishing beside me got it. He spent only 1-2 hour fishing. I spent 14 hours but no catch, but i saw 2 big sewers rats dropped in that interval.

    Picture uploaded

  • Cayena, November 2008

    Got my Giant Sewer Rat today after 539 casts. Now only Ironjaw to go!

  • Kahless, November 2008

    Don't hate me but, I caught him on my very first cast in the sewers.

  • Minnow, November 2008

    I spent 4-5 hours fishing yesterday, and then half an hour this morning before I got him!

    This is for time spent fishing in the Cantrips and Crows area. I spent more time near the Arena guys, but decided to go back... this doesn't show the information for the Arena area.

    Sewer Carp 302 60.2%
    Magic Eater 108 21.5%
    Empty Vial 42 8.4%
    Drowned Rat 23 4.6%
    Partially Eaten Fish 17 3.4%
    Leaded Vial 6 1.2%
    Crystal Vial 1 0.2%
    Giant Sewer Rat 1 0.2%
    Enchanted Vial 1 0.2%
    Imbued Vial 1 0.2%

  • GormanGhaste, November 2008

    Took me 1200+ catches off the pier in Cantrips and Crows--got her right before maintenance started today!

  • Narius, November 2008

    I must say that this one was much easier than the notorius Mr. Pinchy, took about 300 catches or so while fishing off of the pier by the fishing vendor in the sewers.

  • Kiena, November 2008

    After more hours than I dare admit, having been named the insane fishing lady of my guild, approximitely 2800 casts (my fishing buddy somehow reset in the middle, so no exact number), I finally got my sewer rat. I even opened a ticket and talked to a GM, asking for any potential bugs with this catch - the GM was very nice and told me there were no problems, and wished me good luck without mentioning what a sorry person I am for having fished for, I think it was 6 or so hours at that time, and that was way before I actually got it.
    Random really is random. Mr Pinchy I got quite quickly - twice - and the pet on the first try, but this just seemed hopeless. But the beauty of fishing - while my guild officially thinks I'm insane with all of the fishing, I have gotten lots of time to talk to everyone :)
    Most of the time was spent fishing at Cantrips and Crows.

  • Pespi, November 2008

    I obtained my Giant Sewer Rat after about 600 casts.
    I fished from the rowing boat at Cantrips and Crows on the 2nd day of WotLK.

    I haven't noticed anyone else on my server with it yet but good luck to all those trying ^_^

  • Atenhara, November 2008

    Caught it on my second attempt after 20 minutes with 557 fishing. I didnt keep track of how many casts it took me, maybe a hundred at most.

  • Diendond, November 2008

    Woot! Caught this in exactly 8 minutes!

  • Ravennaraven, November 2008

    Got him took 3:30 min to catch spread out over a couple of tries, made sure auto loot was off so i would not lose him like i did with mr, pinchy :-(

  • Arek, November 2008

    The worst part about these rare catches is all the time I have to browse on here and see all the people who have caught them so easily...


    1500 on the sewer rat with no luck...
    2800 on the dark herring with no luck...

  • Mala, November 2008

    ~150 catches for the rat

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Giant Sewer Rat

  • Marlburo, November 2008

    These are my stats fishing in "Cantrips & Crows" for the Giant Sewer Rat. It seems like my stats are always on the high side, not sure if I am unlucky or not; but the stats are 100% accurate. I would however take them as the high end of the spectrum in terms of # of casts.

    Sewer Carp: 55.7% (1172)
    Magic Eater: 24.8% (521)
    Empty Vial: 6.9% (146)
    Drowned Rat: 5.5% (116)
    Partially Eaten Fish: 4.0% (84)
    Leaded Vial: 1.8% (38)
    Crystal Vial: .6% (12)
    Imbued Vial: .4% (8)
    Enchanted Vial: .2% (5)
    GIANT SEWER RAT: 0% (1)

    Total Cast: 2103

    On a personal note this was my last fishing achievement :P

  • Shircon, November 2008

    OMFG......FINALLY.......2026 catches.......and the stats read like this......

    Cantrips & Crows

    Sewer Carp = 1074
    Magic Eater = 474
    Empty Vial = 133
    Drowned Rat = 111
    Partially Eaten Fish = 89
    Leaded Vial = 49
    Crystal Vial = 17
    Enchanted Vial = 10
    Imbued Vial = 6
    Giant Sewer Rat = 1

    Circle of Wills

    Sewer Carp = 47
    Magic Eater = 11
    Crystalized Water = 1

    My Apartment

    Rottweiller totally fed up with his master fishing in WoW = 1

    HUZZAH to you sir.....

  • Sharina, November 2008

    Fished up the Giant Sewer Rat a few hours ago. He's HUGE!!!

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  • Arayllas, November 2008

    Screw Blizzard and their miniscule drop rates... UGH!

    You would think, after taking 1,400 casts to FINALLY get Old Crafty, I would have a little better luck with the Giant Sewer Rat. Oh no! 1700 and counting.

  • Arayllas, November 2008

    Sewer Carp: (1080)
    Magic Eater: (450)
    Empty Vial: (128)
    Partially Eaten Fish: (95)
    Drowned Rat:(90)
    Leaded Vial: (22)
    Crystal Vial: (12)
    Imbued Vial: (5)
    Enchanted Vial: (1)

    Total Cast: 1884

    I'm not sure if I'll ever fish again... lol

  • Marlburo, November 2008

    lol, try over 6k for the crushfish! Often times when my motivation for the actual fish starts to fade I just think, "I gotta these stats up so others who come to el's will know the truth!"

  • Pwnica, November 2008

    5300+ casts and counting for the Giant Sewer Rat. :( So discouraging, especially since each person (20+) I've seen catch him does so in under 1000 casts, with the majority of those catching him in under 300 casts. Agh!

  • Mushroom, November 2008

    Well over 4000 casts myself, no luck. The insulting part is when some random chump strolls up and catches the rat in less than 30 casts, I could puke.

  • thelastrace, November 2008

    I got mine within about 20 min or so after taking a small break from the Coin Master fishing. This makes up for the crap I went through for Pinchy and the One that Didn't get away.

  • Pwnica, November 2008

    Mushroom wrote:

    Well over 4000 casts myself, no luck. The insulting part is when some random chump strolls up and catches the rat in less than 30 casts, I could puke.

    I saw someone catch it on - literally - their second cast. I wanted to puke, as well.

  • pinktoque, November 2008

    I kept track this time, expecting to have 238230598698457047 casts and more Magic Eater and Sewer Carp than I could shake a stick at, but I was surprisingly lucky this go around. Maybe to make up for all of those previous unlucky situations trying to win in STV or "The One that Didn't Get Away?" ;)

    I fished off the dock in the Cantrips and Crows area, spread across two sessions. Here's my catch data:

    Session 1
    54 Sewer Carp
    23 Magic Eater
    7 Empty Vials
    3 Drowned Rats
    1 Leaded Vial
    1 Partially Eaten Fish

    Session 2
    37 Sewer Carp
    28 Magic Eater
    8 Empty Vials
    6 Drowned Rats
    3 Partially Eaten Fish
    3 Leaded Vials
    1 Giant Sewer Rat

    91 Sewer Carp
    51 Magic Eater
    15 Empty Vials
    9 Drowned Rats
    4 Partially Eaten Fish
    4 Leaded Vials

    174 casts to get my Giant Sewer Rat

    Good luck!

  • Blaquelight, November 2008

    I haven't yet caught this little guy but I did want to make others aware that I was fishing right next to a guildmate at the Fountain in Dalaran and he pulled the Giant Sewer Rat from there so I guess you don't HAVE to be in the Underbelly to actually catch him.

  • Mala, November 2008

    Blaquelight wrote:

    I haven't yet caught this little guy but I did want to make others aware that I was fishing right next to a guildmate at the Fountain in Dalaran and he pulled the Giant Sewer Rat from there so I guess you don't HAVE to be in the Underbelly to actually catch him.

    If you fish the edge of the fountain, you're able to get underbelly fish.

  • healmeplx, December 2008

    I just go my.. about 2.400 catches in "Cantrips & Crows" area.
    450 fishing skill, +25 fishing pole, +100 and +75 lures.
    was worth it ;-)

  • Arrowsflight, December 2008

    17 hrs total fishing
    Sewer Carp 2646 : 54:.1%
    Magic Eater 1236 : 25.3%
    Empty Vial 347 : 7.1%
    Drowned Rat 271 : 5.5%
    Partially Eaten Fish 245 : 5.0%
    Leaded Vial 98 : 2.0%
    Crystal Vial 24 : 0.5%
    Imbued Vial 16 : 0.3%
    Enchanted Vial 9 : 0.2%
    Giant Sewer Rat 1 : 0.0%

    total casts: 4893

    And for what it does or does not matter, I had the 'haunted' buff on for the most part, and just took it off for say the last 3 hrs of fishing. Hubby thought it was a debuff lowering my chance of getting it ;p Who knows, but it's worth mentioning.

    (just caught it in the last 5 min on Icecrown server)

  • Ruein, December 2008

    I logged in December 25th at 8:00 AM. It was my first time in Dalaran and I decided to fish in the underbelly, next the the inn. At 380 fishing skill, (plus 1000 lure) I set out one cast. I got a, 'your first got away,' I set out another cast, and looted the sewer rat. I was excited, so I decided to look it up online. I had no idea how hard it was to get, so I was really lucky to get it the second cast! I guess it was my christmas present? :D

  • Isa, December 2008

    I haven't logged what I had to catch, but it were several 3 hour sits at night... Finally got it though. It's a bit disappointing how it doesn't do something funny as a pet. Even that common white rat's doing back flips!

  • dezdemona, January 2009

    This is my lucky day, i got my rare fish earlier within a few casts, finished the saltyachievement with two junknodes and figured i might aswell keep going with various fishing challenges... I got really lucky, i have no illusions of that.
    Anyway, i'm posting my stats if anyone wants to make some sort of chart, or just to give some of you a little hope :)

    All casts were caught at Cantrips and Crows
    22 Sewer Carps = 52,4%
    14 Magic Eaters = 33,3%
    2 Partially Eaten Fish = 4,8%
    1 Empty Vial = 2,4%
    1 Crystal Vial = 2,4%
    1 Drowned Rat = 2.4%
    1 Giant Sewer rat = 2,4%

  • Arithin, January 2009

    I got my rare fish (Dark Herring) earlier today, and logged in prepared to settle down and fish for the Rat. The Herring took me close to 6k casts, so I was all set to spend a lot of time on the Rat... Got him in about 50 casts today.

    Cantrips & Crows:
    49% Sewer Carp (155)
    25% Magic Eater (81)
    11% Empty Vial (35)
    6% Drowned Rat (19)
    4% Partially Eaten Fish (14)
    1% Leaded Vial (6)
    0% Enchanted Vial (1)
    0% Imbued Vial (1)
    0% Giant Sewer Rat (1)
    --Total: 313

  • Selka, January 2009

    Sewer carp-281
    Empty Vial-37
    Part. eaten fish-24
    Drowned rat-18
    Leaded vial-3
    Enchanted Vial-1

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Locations in the Underbelly for catching the Giant Sewer Rat

  • js98101, November 2008

    Hi there.

    While attempting to catch a Giant Sewer Rat in the shallow water in the Circle of Wills (the area with arena masters in the Underbelly), I had someone come up and tell me I was fishing in the wrong place. He said I needed to be down below, where Cantrips and Crows is.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this please?

  • el, November 2008

    Anywhere that you are catching fish like Magic Eater should be good. Essentially any water "underground".

  • js98101, November 2008

    Thanks for the quick response el!

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  • Kahless, November 2008

    I caught mine off the pier next to the Underbelly Inn.

  • stormydawn, November 2008

    I actually caught mine just now while fishing in the Wishing Fountain and not in the Underbelly at all. Maybe it's catchable anywhere in Dalaran?

  • Zahana, November 2008

    stormydawn wrote:

    I actually caught mine just now while fishing in the Wishing Fountain and not in the Underbelly at all. Maybe it's catchable anywhere in Dalaran?

    There's a bit of a glitch in the fountain where it thinks you are in the underbelly is your cast lands in just the right spot.

  • el, November 2008

    The problem with the fountain is that the boundaries are not very well defined. If your cast lands at the edge of the water, you gain an Underbelly fish. There is a topic about it here. (Zahana beat me to it.)

  • Lucca, November 2008

    Lanayru, blood elf hunter on Azuremyst. I just caught my rat at about 3:00pm server after 170 casts.

    Fishing Skill: 556 (428 base, +28 from rod and lure, +100 fishing hook)

    Sewer Carp - 106 caught (62.4%)
    Magic Eater - 41 caught (24.1%)
    Empty Vial - 9 caught (5.3%)
    Partially Eaten Fish - 6 caught (3.5%)
    Drowned Rat - 4 caught (2.4%)
    Leaded Vial - 3 caught (1.8%)
    Giant Sewer Rat - 1 caught (0.6%)

    Total: 170.

  • acrine, November 2008

    Just got mine after only about 1 hour and 40 minutes, 276 casts.

    Location: Cantrips & Crows
    Sewer Carp: 151 (54.7%)
    Magic Eater: 64 (23.2%)
    Empty Vial: 19 (6.9%)
    Drowned Rat: 18 (6.5%)
    Partially Eaten Fish: 14 (5.1%)
    Leaded Vial: 5 (1.8%)
    Crystal Vial: 3 (1.1%)
    Enchanted Vial: 1 (0.4%)
    Giant Sewer Rat: 1 (0.4%)

  • Aineko, December 2008

    Got mine near the inn with the little dock.

  • Jackskeleton, December 2008

    got mine on the mini plank next to the dock after spending a good few hours. started in the circle of wills before reading up here bout cantrips and crows area. over all went from 398 to 415 in one sitting. mate went from 388 to 430 and didnt get it =s

    i have the
    Extreme Anger FC 5000. (+25)
    Weather-beating fishing hat +(5) (use: attach +75 lure)
    +100 lures

  • [email protected], May 2009

    I finally got mine too. I casted over 700 times. I even fished up a ROCK. My base skill is maxed at 450, i am using the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (+30) and using the 1 hour (+100) Glow worm for a total of 580 fishing skill. I fished up in the "The Black Market" area right in front of Darhir facing the entrance to the area. If you are facing the entrance you'll be on the left side of the entrance. Hope that makes sense and helps somebody out.

  • Jimbra, November 2010

    I didn't keep an exact count, but judging by the number of stacks of fish and other stuff that I sold, I cast at least 300 times in the Black Market area without catching the Giant Sewer Rat. After that, I took a research break, and read on another site (Wowhead? Warcraftpets?) that fishing from the end of the pier by Cantrips and Crows was the best place to catch the Giant Sewer Rat. So I moved to the Cantrips and Crows, and caught the Giant Sewer Rat on my second lure. Someone else also caught it while I was there. I don't know if the probability there actually is higher or if I just got lucky, but if you're having a lot of frustration in the Black Market, you just might be fishing in the wrong spot.

    By the way, I was using the following:

    450 Fishing skill
    Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole with High Test Eternium Fishing Line (+35 skill total)
    +100 lures

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The sewers are leaking?!

  • Tezuix, November 2008

    Hi I was fishing up coins in the eventide or whatever it's called in Dalaran when suddenly i pulled up a giant sewer rat...

    this clearly is not the underbelly, and is in fact the opposite side of the city,

    anyone know what gives? and has anyone else managed to fish it up there?

  • el, November 2008

    The boundaries of the fountain are poorly defined. Sometimes if your cast lands "in" the brick at the side, the catches are the same as those from the Underbelly.

  • teariki, November 2008

    be interesting to see who pulls the first rat out of the fountain lol

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  • Walnut, November 2008

    Tezuix wrote:

    when suddenly i pulled up a giant sewer rat...

    Tezuix reported it 8 hours ago ;)

  • teariki, November 2008

    wow im dyslexic and dumb.. *cringe*

  • Tezuix, November 2008

    thanks El =) i did notice the brick thing, and i also noticed that behind the waterfall and rock in the middle have the same catches as the bricks... i assume this would be the same as the underbelly...

    however it must have a lower drop rate as you can catch coins from these areas and I'm the first to report a rat in the fountain (correct me if i'm wrong) but hundreds of people have been fishing up coins for days and no rat, however the rat seems to come easily to those who fish in the underbelly?

    and teariki don't put yourself down xD easy mistake to make =D

  • Augos-RH, November 2008

    Is this something they may have snuck into tuesday's maintenance?

    I got my sewer rat this morning from Eventide as well. i didn't think to screenshot it till a few casts later, but fishing buddy recorded that cast in Eventide.

    edit: and now that i think about it, it seems natural FB would record it as Eventide since that's how it shows up on my map label ( which i'm presuming is how the labeling system works)

  • Tezuix, November 2008

    the labeling system works by where you are standing rather than by where you are fishing... if the border between two places is right where you're fishing you can be fishing in one and standing in the other and it will record where you are standing =)

    also i doubt they put it in matenance, because if you fish around northrend you will notice they have become acutally VERY sloppy with fishing in general and all the fishing achievements are bugged in some way or other. so i think that it is just another case of this.

  • Lucca, December 2008

    I have already caught the giant sewer rat and was fishing in the Dalaran fountain to finish those achievements off. While doing so, I actually caught a sewer rat from the fountain, though I cannot say whether or not it was actually close to the walls of the fountain. However, I can say that many of the casts that were near or on the edges of the fountain were nabbing up underbelly fish.

  • Isa, December 2008

    I like to think this is a deliberate bug. It's isn't of course, but it would be just the sense of humor Blizzard has. It would make for a Hell of an Achievement: Catch the Giant Sewer Rat from the Dalaran Fountain :)

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