This page summarises how to catch Glassfin Minnow.

Glassfin Minnow

About Glassfin Minnow

Catching Glassfin Minnow

Where to Catch Glassfin Minnow
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Glassfin Minnow SchoolInland: Crystalsong Forest190%
1045Glassfin Minnow
Open WaterInland: Ulduar55060%
478Glassfin Minnow
Open WaterInland: Crystalsong Forest50030%
Open WaterInland: Crusaders' Coliseum?20%
W'headBorean Man O' War

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Comments about Glassfin Minnow

Below are readers' comments about "Glassfin Minnow":

Useless Northrend fish...any plans?

  1. kiwibear, January 2009:

    Anyone know if Glassfin Minnow, Borean Man O' War, or any other currently useless fish will have recipes soon?

  2. el, January 2009:

    Soon; no: There is no new use in the next patch (3.0.8). [A use for Glassfin Minnow was added in a later 3.0.8 test version...]

    There have been official hints of future use (beyond Hunter pet food).

    This is the first time pools have appeared for "useless" fish. But in the past catches have initially had no use: Lightning Eel, Plated Armorfish and Felblood Snapper. The first eventually gain several uses, the last eventually became junk.

    Blizzard's approach to professions seems to have changed in WotLK: In The Burning Crusade almost everything was available at launch, with very few additions for the next 2 years (Jewelcrafting the biggest exception). In WotLK, most professions fade out before skill 450. I hope that means there will be lots of additions before the next expansion - and professions will evolve alongside new raid content.

  3. vineoak, February 2009:

    it is used to make etheral oil,alchemy.this is used to make water walking elixir

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