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  • Water:

    Fish of the Day: The Jade Forest (Inland) (Enchanted Woods of the Lost). West of Sri-La Village.
  • Notes:

    Only found during an active Fish of the Day migration at the Enchanted Woods of the Lost. Migrations start and finish overnight at the daily quest reset time. Migrations at specific locations are rare occurances: For today's Fish of the Day location, speak to Ben of the Booming Voice (just east of Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds). When a migration is active, both ponds will be covered with pools of Glowing Jade Lungfish. Pools contain 3-5 catches.
  • Commentary:

    Glowing Jade Lungfish are occassionally fed with magic dust from Spirit Darters flying above, which briefly causes the pool to sparkle. This does not appear to alter the catches from the pool. Ben explains, "During a full moon, the sprite darters in The Woods of The Lost in Jade Forest are known to shed their scales. They do it late at night and it's actually beautiful to see. Their scales glow with a bright jade light and fleck off into the water. This attracts Jade Lungfish like you wouldn't believe! like moths to the light! Careful not to disturb those mogu though... they ain't exactly the friendly type." Pools respawn very quickly - typically within a few minutes. So anglers will never run out of pools to fish from.
  • Guide:

    Fish of the Day - Details the daily clustering of pools at specific locations in Pandaria.
  • History:

    5.2: First seen.
Glowing Jade Lungfish Catches
AreasFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Fish of the Day: The Jade Forest (Inland) (Enchanted Woods of the Lost)Jade Lungfish95%
Sealed Crate (Pandaria)5%
Flying Tiger Gourami4%
Caught alongside another fish (total catch rate will add up to more than 100%)
Sea Turtle<1%-
Tiny Green Carp<1%-

With an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm, 20% of catches contain 2 fish, rather than 1: Overall a 20% increase in fish caught.

Images and Maps

El and Salty El
El and Salty El - Me and my other me, fishing together at the Enchanted Woods of the Lost, in The Jade Forest, during a Fish of the Day migration.
Map of Fish of the Day Locations
Map of Fish of the Day Locations - Locations which may be the target of Fish of the Day migrations.

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