Goldenscale Vendorfish

Goldenscale Vendorfish

Where to catch Goldenscale Vendorfish.

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Catching Goldenscale Vendorfish

Where to Catch Goldenscale Vendorfish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Bluefish SchoolInland: Nagrand (Outland) (except Forge Camp Hate)11%
234Icefin Bluefish
Brackish Mixed SchoolInland: Terokkar Forest (Rivers), Zangarmarsh11%
Highland Mixed SchoolInland: Terokkar Forest (Lakes) (lakes Blackwind, Ere'Noru and Jorune)11%
1060Furious Crawdad
Mudfish SchoolInland: Nagrand (Outland) (except Forge Camp Hate)11%
93Figluster's Mudfish
Pure WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (except Forge Camp Hate)11%
384Mote of Water
School of DarterInland: Terokkar Forest (Rivers)11%
105Golden Darter
Sporefish SchoolInland: Zangarmarsh11%
228Zangarian Sporefish
Steam Pump FlotsamInland: Zangarmarsh11%
Open WaterInland: Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh (East)400<1%782Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Zangarmarsh (West)450<1%782Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Terokkar Forest (Rivers)450<1%381Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (General), Netherstorm475<1%519Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (Lakes)490<1%519Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Terokkar Forest (Lakes)500<1%381Barbed Gill Trout

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Comments about Goldenscale Vendorfish

Below are readers' comments about "Goldenscale Vendorfish":

Junk fish catch - Goldenscale Vendorfish

  • Gihelle, April 2009

    Goldenscale Vendorfish was a trash from Outland fishing...

    Is it on Northrend now?

  • Trann, April 2009

    That is good to know, I missed that attention to detail that TBC fishing seemed to have.

  • Malvenue, February 2011

    The Goldenscale Vendorfish can commonly be caught from Steam Pump Floatsam pools in Zangarmarsh. I mention this because it's counts for the Limnologist achievement and currently El's Guide does not mention this.

  • el, February 2011

    Malvenue - Sounds like you got lucky. I just fished 10 Steam Pump Floatsam pools empty (40 catches) and never saw a single Goldenscale Vendorfish.

  • Astragal, February 2011

    Looks like quite a few have found it a decent source of the Vendorfish reading wowhead comments like this;

    I used to catch them all over the pace as a rare drop including open water. Was always a pleasant surprise.

  • el, February 2011

    As a rough rule, any catch or drop rate below 10% creates "theories": Humans (and gnomes) doing what they do best - looking for patterns, even where there are none. Eric Heimburg provides a good introduction to player reactions to randomness.

    Wowhead comments create a pyramid structure of validation for these theories: If a thousand people act on a comment, a few of them will be able to confirm it however rare the catch remains. They appear to validate the theory, so even more people try it, and so on. This seems to be a particular problem for achievement-fish, because new anglers mostly care about catching the first fish, then move on. "It took me 10 catches" is a lot less reliable evidence than "I caught a 100 fish and 10 of them were this".

    I don't dismiss these reports without testing, because sometimes things do change, and I'm often reliant on people posting here to know.

    In this case Steam Pump Floatsam pools would need to have much higher (5-10%) catch rate for Goldenscale Vendorfish than other pools to be recommended for the Limnologist. Why? Because the pools are only found in a set of 3 different pool types, making Steam Pump Floatsam much harder to find (and fish sustainably). If, as I suspect, all pool types in Outland still have the same chance, fishing just one pool type in Zangarmarsh is a huge waste of time (except perhaps for the gold, which is still low compared to Cataclysm).

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    to "Junk fish catch - Goldenscale Vendorfish".

My first cast in Outland Umbrafen Lake

  • sitherial, February 2008

    It's a conspiracy to keep you fishing ah tell ya!!!!
    Goldenscale Vendorfish !! i'll be rich
    It's moments like this that keep me going.
    Thanks for the site El

  • kathismom, April 2008

    AARGh! I've caught at least 3 of these and ditched them because the name wasn't at least white... 6 G each??? <slaps hand on forhead).

  • mengor, September 2012

    This doesn't seem to have been mentioned but there is a 4% chance of getting this within the "Barrel of Fish", which you can choose as a reward from the cooking daily given by Rokk in Shattrah.

    This will count towards the Limnologist achievement for Golden Vendorfish

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    to "My first cast in Outland Umbrafen Lake".

Goldenscale Vendorfish

  • Scoobydeux, August 2014

    I have a hunch about this fish that I have not seen on any website. I think the drop rate declines if your fishing skill is too high.

    I base this on somewhat limited experience trying to catch it:

    I recall catching it when the Burning Crusade was current, and fishing skill topped out at 375.

    I have had no luck on several newer toons with fishing skill at or near cap (600). I did not spend much time in BC zones while leveling these.

    I recently started a new toon, and have caught two of these my first day fishing in BC zones. The toon's fishing skill is in the 350 to 400 range.

    So, it's just my hunch that when you are too high, these become more difficult.

  • Enarka, August 2014

    Well I've caught 19 of them out of the 20 I need and I'm at maximum skill level possible (including items), and the drop rate seems to be in the expected 1%~ range. Nothing to worry about I'd say, just variance.

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