Huge Spotted Feltail

Huge Spotted Feltail

Where to catch Huge Spotted Feltail.

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Catching Huge Spotted Feltail

Where to Catch Huge Spotted Feltail
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Bluefish SchoolInland: Nagrand (Outland) (except Forge Camp Hate)12%
234Icefin Bluefish
Brackish Mixed SchoolInland: Terokkar Forest (Rivers), Zangarmarsh12%
Highland Mixed SchoolInland: Terokkar Forest (Lakes) (lakes Blackwind, Ere'Noru and Jorune)12%
1060Furious Crawdad
Mudfish SchoolInland: Nagrand (Outland) (except Forge Camp Hate)12%
93Figluster's Mudfish
Pure WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (except Forge Camp Hate)12%
384Mote of Water
School of DarterInland: Terokkar Forest (Rivers)12%
105Golden Darter
Sporefish SchoolInland: Zangarmarsh12%
228Zangarian Sporefish
Steam Pump FlotsamInland: Zangarmarsh12%
Open WaterInland: Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh (East)400<1%782Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Zangarmarsh (West)450<1%782Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Terokkar Forest (Rivers)450<1%381Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (General), Netherstorm475<1%519Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (Lakes)490<1%519Barbed Gill Trout
Open WaterInland: Terokkar Forest (Lakes)500<1%381Barbed Gill Trout

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Comments about Huge Spotted Feltail

Below are readers' comments about "Huge Spotted Feltail":

Only lucky or change in catch rate?

  • Uncle Stompe, April 2008

    Hello there!
    Ive just got the fishing hat from the bag of fishing treasures and ive started to use it. But ive notice something strange, after ive used the fishing hat ive been catching more rare fishes from terokkar forest, even tho my fishing skill is reduced with 20.

    ive so far done 2x 30 min pool fishing and got an average of 40 golden darter, 7-8 rare fishes (1 or 2 vendor fishies, 2 Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and 3-5 huge spotted feltails) and about 5 other fishes such as feltail and gill trout's.

    Before i used the hat i got about 1 - 2 rare fishes / hour while pool fishing

    Regards Uncle Stompe

  • Calabar, April 2008

    I’ve not noticed a change since using the hat, but then I wasn’t looking for one. I would expect it’s just the RFG, Random Fish Generator.

    Yesterday I switch professions on one of my horde characters. I dropped flower picking and took up mining. I leveled it from 1 to 275. I was pushing for 275 so he could mine the rich thorium nodes he kept coming across. Mithril was very green, so I really needed small thorium nodes to level on. And of course I was having trouble finding them. I needed five more points. The last ten or so mithril nodes didn’t give me a single point. Then the next four mithril node each gave me a point. We have to either love the randomness of this game or it’ll slowly drive us insane.

  • evaristo, February 2011

    used the weather beaten fishing hat and caught both the vendor fish and huge spotted feltails within 30 mins of putting it on...just fished the pools

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    from "Only lucky or change in catch rate?".
  • makani1111, May 2012

    3 Days..several hours a day.. fishing only pools.. Jeweled fishing pole.. fishing hat..525 fishing... not ONE huge spotted feltail???
    JUST now caught one! finally finished Liminologist achievement...

  • Marlburo, May 2012

    Yeah I had a LITTLE (142 casts) problem getting a huge spotted fel tail but certainly not 6+ hours hard. Although it seemed to take forever in part due to the pure frustration because I'd already caught 1000s when those fish were useful :P

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    to "Only lucky or change in catch rate?".

Huge spotted feltail no longer from Highland Mixed School?

  • Noor, August 2012

    Hey, been ages, how y'all been?

    Anyway, in finally attempting to get Gummo all the fishing achievements, I spent a lot of time fishing Highland Mixed Schools to double up rare catch attempts for Mr. Pinchy and Huge spotted feltail. After about 120 casts at various times, I got Mr. Pinchy, but still no huge feltail, so I went to Zangarmarsh and tried some Brackish Mixed Schools and caught one in 3 catches.

    Now I realize that a 2% drop rate means it's possible to miss it, but (.98^120) gives only about a 9% overall chance to not get at least one huge feltail, so has anyone gotten one lately?

  • Noor, August 2012

    Seeing how long some other players have taken to get a huge feltail, it's probably just the RNG...

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    to "Huge spotted feltail no longer from Highland Mixed School?".

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