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Jewel Danio

Where to catch Jewel Danio.

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Catching Jewel Danio

Where to Catch Jewel Danio
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Glimmering Jewel Danio PoolFish of the Day: Timeless Isle (Mossgreen Lake)195%
2328Jewel Danio
Jewel Danio SchoolInland: Timeless Isle195%
2328Jewel Danio
Large Pool of Glimmering Jewel Danio PoolFish of the Day: Timeless Isle (Mossgreen Lake)195%
2328Jewel Danio
Open WaterInland: Timeless Isle, Vale of Eternal Blossoms82525%
791Golden Carp

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Jewel Danio/Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • Hibiscus042, October 2012

    After fishing for over an hour in VoEB with a skill level of 815 (I had Captain Rumsey's Lager on hand but chose not to use it), I did not end up with any junk catches. Anyone else with a similar experience? I'd be nice to be able to fish for Jewel Danio without chugging lager every 3 minutes.

  • Hibiscus042, October 2012

    As soon as my lure wore off I started catching junk, but no junk after 90 minutes at 815 skill.

  • el, October 2012

    I just re-tested this, and got junk at what I can only describe as "over 800 skill". 815 as shown on the User Interface, 820 by adding up the bonuses manually... there are various skill bonus bugs floating around, so I'm not sure exactly how much to count. Confirming the precise no-junk number is always tricky, since the chance of catching junk while within 5 or 10 skill points is very low.

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  • irishkiss2647, June 2013

    Im not sure what gear u guys are using but i have the weather beaten fishign hat +5 Nat pagle's extreme angler fc-500 pole +20 skill adn am using the heat treated spinning lure and have max skill of 600 so all total im running 775 fishing skill in voeb and am not getting any trash also i have captain rumsey's lager on hand for a plus 10 but have not noticed any difference with it up. This is heat i got after 45mins of fishing
    sealed crates 5
    redbelly mandarin 7
    jewel danio 47
    emperor salmon 16
    golden carp 39
    flying tiger gourami 1
    happy fishing guys!!

  • Astragal, October 2013

    As of 5.4 it is also possible to fish them from the entrance to 'Siege of Ogrimmar' instance at the bottom of the entrance steps to the raid portal. Shallow water but fishable.

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