Luminous Bluetail

Luminous Bluetail

Where to catch Luminous Bluetail.

About Luminous Bluetail

  • "This little fish is charged with arcane energy."
  • Use:

    Drink: Restore mana. Requires level 55.
  • Value:

    Vendor: 50c
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Luminous Bluetail

Item can no longer be caught by fishing.

  • Notes:

    Since 2.4.2 shares cooldown with items such as Warlock health stones, not potions. Can no longer be caught directly by fishing. Luminous Bluetail are rarely found within Bloated Giant Sunfish.
  • Commentary:

    Since Bloated Giant Sunfish are a small proportion of the catch on Isle of Quel'Danas, this fish can not be effectively "farmed".
  • History:

    • 2.4.2: Entirely eaten by Bloated Giant Sunfish (no longer caught in open water). No longer share cooldown timer with potions.
    • 2.4: Luminous Bluetail first caught.

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Comments about Luminous Bluetail

Below are readers' comments about "Luminous Bluetail":

2.4.2 Changes

  • el, April 2008

    I thought Isle of Quel'Danas' fishing was worthless already, but the latest 2.4.2 Public Test Realm has nerfed the catches even further. Based on a sample of 347:

    Bloated Giant Sunfish now contain 1-4 Lightning Eel, 1-2 Luminous Bluetail, 3-5 Seaweed, "Mostly Digested Fish" (grey fish-bones), plus odd herb, ore and scroll as before (but less commonly, because of the new drops).

    This means Luminous Bluetail are no longer caught directly by fishing - they can only be found within Bloated Giant Sunfish. However, Luminous Bluetail now share cooldown with 'lock healthstones (and I guess everything else on that timer) and not mana/healing potions.

    I wonder if there is anything else lurking in the patch?

  • Calabar, April 2008

    There seem to be some odd changes in this patch, many of which could be considered nerfs. It makes me wonder what the powers that be at Blizzard are intending by it. Maybe if they nerf things bad enough they can “fix” them in the expansion and make it all the more popular. *shrugs* I don’t know what’s up. Unlike most patch notes these have left me scratching my head. So I can’t say I’m all that surprised fishing is getting whacked by the nerf bat as well.

  • Pipre, April 2008

    If you remember back to the pre-BC mini patches they did mess with things. I think Blizzard uses this time between expansions to experiment with mechanics that they might be implementing in the next expansion. Most of the really odd mechanics will probably not make it into the live patch, but instead into the expansion. I would be surprised if some of the changes make it in.

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  • Oberweiss, April 2008

    Thank you for the update.

    I wonder if this means they'll come out with a recipe to cook the Luminous Bluetail into something more useful. I'll probably do some stocking up now, since they seem to be easier to catch pre-2.4.2.

  • Lilyana, April 2008

    I may be wrong... but I have been fishing outside ZA all day (where I previously have been able to fish up Lightning Eels, Crescent-Tail Skullfish, Barbed Gill Trout, and Bloodfin Catfish) but have only managed to lure in Raw Bristlewhisker Catfish and Raw Longjaw Mudsnappers. Perhaps they changed the catches avaliable in this area? It's either that or I am having really bad luck =P Hope someone else has time to confirm this.

  • el, April 2008

    I think this changed some time ago. I remember last time I fished outside Zul'Aman, I saw what you saw recently. It didn't make much sense to be able to catch "level 70" fish in a 11-20 zone, so it is logical it changed. Although Deadwind Pass is pretty easy to fish at lowish level too, assuming you have the required skill.

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