Magic Eater

Magic Eater

Where to catch Magic Eater.

About Magic Eater

  • Use:

    Eaten Raw: Restores health, requires level 70. Gives a buff: Either "Wild Magic" or "Well Fed":
    • Wild Magic turns you into a basilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp, and prevents you casting or attacking for 1 minute.
    • Well Fed gives 30 Stamina for 1 hour, plus randomly one of: 60 Attack Power, 30 Critical Rating, 30 Haste Rating, 12 MP5, or 35 Spell Power.
  • Value:

    Vendor: 62c
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Magic Eater

  • Notes:

    Caught from the Underbelly (sewers) of Dalaran.
  • Commentary:

    For anglers that idle in Dalaran waiting for raids or battlegrounds to start, these fish are easy to catch. The buff gained from eating this fish is random, but seems to be more likely to make you "Well Fed" than turn you into another creature. If you experience Wild Magic, you can continue to eat. So, if you have about 10 of these fish, you should be able to get the buff you want. Anglers that cook will find it more effective to catch and cook other fish that give a single, consistent buff.
  • Guide:

    Dalaran Fishing - Complete guide to fishing in Dalaran. Including Giant Sewer Rats, Rusty Prison Keys and fountain coins.
  • History:

Where to Catch Magic Eater
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Dalaran (Underbelly)52529%
596Sewer Carp
Open WaterInland: Icecrown Citadel?20%
MarlburoBonescale Snapper


Map of Dalaran
Map of Dalaran - Showing fishing-related points of interest.

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Comments about Magic Eater

Below are readers' comments about "Magic Eater":

Sewer Carp and Magic Eater in the Eventide

  • Deliduul, August 2009

    I was fishing in the eventide to increase my skill, and find some coins, and I happened to find not only a sewer carp, but also a magic eater!

  • el, August 2009

    Casts that land at the edge of the fountain catch Underbelly fish.

  • Deliduul, August 2009

    I didn't know that. Thanks for explaining.

  • Expand 2 more comments

    from "Sewer Carp and Magic Eater in the Eventide".
  • Kovlish, January 2010

    Need to update Vendor: Value to 62c - I think that's pretty standard price for dalaran junk now including drowned rat and partially eaten fish.

  • Borokh, January 2010

    It's said someone has caught the rat from here too, although I haven't seen any proof. It's seems plausible though since you can catch sewer fish.

  • Reply

    to "Sewer Carp and Magic Eater in the Eventide".

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