This page summarises how to catch Magic Eater.

Magic Eater

About Magic Eater

  • Use: Eaten Raw: Restores 13200 health, requires level 70. Gives a buff: Either "Wild Magic" or "Well Fed":
    • Wild Magic turns you into a basilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp, and prevents you casting or attacking for 1 minute.
    • Well Fed gives 30 Stamina for 1 hour, plus randomly one of: 60 Attack Power, 30 Critical Rating, 30 Haste Rating, 12 MP5, or 35 Spell Power.
  • Value: Vendor: 62c

Catching Magic Eater

Where to Catch Magic Eater
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Dalaran (Underbelly)52529%
596Sewer Carp
Open WaterInland: Icecrown Citadel?20%
MarlburoBonescale Snapper


Map of Dalaran

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Comments about Magic Eater

Below are readers' comments about "Magic Eater":

Sewer Carp and Magic Eater in the Eventide

  1. Deliduul, August 2009:

    I was fishing in the eventide to increase my skill, and find some coins, and I happened to find not only a sewer carp, but also a magic eater!

  2. el, August 2009:

    Casts that land at the edge of the fountain catch Underbelly fish.

  3. Deliduul, August 2009:

    I didn't know that. Thanks for explaining.

  1. Kovlish, January 2010:

    Need to update Vendor: Value to 62c - I think that's pretty standard price for dalaran junk now including drowned rat and partially eaten fish.

  2. Borokh, January 2010:

    It's said someone has caught the rat from here too, although I haven't seen any proof. It's seems plausible though since you can catch sewer fish.

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