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Mithril Bound Trunk

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Where to Catch Mithril Bound Trunk
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Floating Wreckage Pool60%
157Mithril Bound Trunk
Stonescale Eel SwarmCoastal: Blasted Lands (Coastal), Swamp of Sorrows, Tanaris, Thousand Needles10%
155Stonescale Eel

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Box that I can't loot?

  • BlueCross, January 2008

    OK, I'm posting here instead of because I want to keep my little 'trade secret' of selling Weather-beaten Journals a bit more secret for as long as possible.

    And it is semi-related to fishing as I found this problem while fishing. :)

    Anyway, I found a Mithril Bound Trunk off the shores of Darkshore. I looted it but it didn't disappear meaning it has an item I can't use. It's not a fishing journal (obviously, as I was fishing when I found it).

    So how can I tell what this 'secret' item is? How many items are there that behave like this? (I only know of the Weather-beaten Journal).

    Interestingly enough, Thottbot says there have been no catches of Mithril Bound Trunks in Darkshore; yet I am 99.9% sure I caught it there.

  • el, January 2008

    No Mithril Bound Trunks in Darkshore - perhaps caught in Feralas, which feels somewhat similar?

    I rather suspect this inability to empty trunks containing hidden items isn't a feature at all, but an unintended a bug. The contents of trunks found in Azeroth's pools follows a simple pattern: Leathers, bolts, potions, and random greens and recipes, all vaguely appropriate to the level of the area. Nothing except the journal is obviously going to be restricted by character. Intriguing.

    [moved topic to fishing]

  • Hy, January 2008

    I've run into this before. I think a large part of it was the pirate maps. But it was so long ago I've entirely forgotten. Any unique item that you already possess on that character that can come out of a trunk will give you an "empty".

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    from "Box that I can't loot?".
  • BlueCross, January 2008

    Well... I checked again, and I am 'certain' that I found this in Darkshore. This is a lowbie (lvl 20ish, maybe 30, I forget) char and hasn't traveled around that much.

    And this char hasn't collected any unique items that would come out of trunks (that I know of).

    I think it's something like the Fishing Journal which can only be used if you have a certain skill or finished a certain quest.

    There is no doubt that there is 'something' in that trunk; I'm just trying to figger out a way to find out what it is. Might be worth gold!

    And I agree, it probably is a bug. But still... what are exploits for if not to be exploited? :)

  • Hy, January 2008

    Roll a level 1 and send it the chest. That will tell you if it's something you already have, or if somehow it's a quest trigger.

  • Kylkiluut, January 2008

    Already have 10 alts on that server...:(

    But maybe I'll just pass it around and see if someone gets lucky. :)

    My 'BlueCross' name has morphed into 'Kylkiluut' :)
    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Torgon, February 2008

    If I had a guess it would be that the item is a Weather-beaten Journal. You mentioned that you have 10 characters. Have all of them read the journal? If not, you can mail the box to one that has not and they can read it.

    I have had little success selling a box containing the journal as people 1) don't care about fishing 2) do care about fishing and are willing to catch it on their own or 3) think it is a scam since you're selling them a "box" rather than the journal itself (which is soulbound).

    If your fishing skill is higher than 150, it means you had to go to BB to get the Book, and there is a chance you picked up the box while there.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    Torgon, you are exactly right. It turns out it WAS another Weather-beaten Journal. Since they are soul-bound, I was afraid to open an unopened chest with an alt who already had learned the Fish Finding.

    Turns out that a character with NO fishing skill OR had already learned the fishing skill cannot open those trunks that contain the journal; well, they can open them and loot them but the journal will remain. Rather odd that you can't see the journal, though...

    So basically it is always safe to open those trunks. If you can't open it, send it to alt who needs it or can sell it.

    So far I've sold three: two for 10g and one for 8g. I've noticed that if you don't get a 'bite' on selling one right away, then it doesn't seem to sell. All of the buyers have been high-lvl.

    I'm thinking about a strategy where I charge something like 20s per level of the character buying it. :)

    And I STILL don't remember where I fished that Mithril Bound Trunk but I do have this image in my mind about being on the coast of Darkshore, just north of Auberdine, and wondering "what the...?" But it could just as easily be a displaced memory... )

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