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Where to Catch Mr. Pinchy
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Highland Mixed SchoolInland: Terokkar Forest (Lakes) (lakes Blackwind, Ere'Noru and Jorune)<1%1060Furious Crawdad

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Magical Crawdad
Magical Crawdad - Elen with a Magical Crawdad pet.
Map of Lakes with Highland Mixed Schools
Map of Lakes with Highland Mixed Schools - Map showing the location of the three lakes containing Highland Mixed Schools.

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Mr. Pinchy's Wishes

  • Deathxtreme, May 2008

    I was unable to find a post that collaborated the results of Mr. Pinchy's wishes so I thought I'd start the forum post myself. (There is one post here about what people have gotten from Mr. Pinchy, but it's not useful for getting statistical information about Mr. Pinchy's wishes out of it. There is also a post on Thottbot, but that post is also difficult to read and get statistical information out of) While the possible results of Mr. Pinchy's wishes are well known and documented on this website as well as others, there seems be no information on the statistics (i.e. results) of the 3 wishes. Personally, I'm trying to get the elusive status symbol that is the Magical Crawdad Box (on my alt Bradd) and have yet to see what the chances of getting it is. In the spirit of the Daily Quest Fish Catch Rate, I was hoping people could post the results of Mr. Pinchy's wishes.

    Posts should be formatted in the following format (for clarity's sake):

    Mr. Pinchy #: Wish Result 1, Wish Result 2, Wish Result 3

    If you've caught multiple Mr. Pinchy's, please post the results for each Mr. Pinchy's wishes separately. (If you forgot what all you've gotten, just start with whatever Mr. Pinchy number you're currently on)

    Wish results should be posted as the following:

    Benevolent = Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
    Furious = Furious Mr. Pinchy
    Gift = Mr. Pinchy's Gift (Containing Mana & Healing Potions)
    Pet = Magical Crawdad Box
    Blessing = Mr. Pinchy's Blessing

    On Deathxtreme, my results were:

    Mr. Pinchy 1: Gift, Benevolent, Pet

    I'll post the results of Bradd, my alt, later tonight after I make my third wish...

  • Slavaa, May 2008

    You may want to have people decide to post the results Before they get the wishes, that way people won't decide "Wow, a magical Crawdad pet! the folks on the forums have gotta see this." then creating a bias sample

  • Deathxtreme, May 2008

    On Bradd,

    Mr. Pinchy 2: Gift, Blessing, Blessing

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  • Anadjet, May 2008

    On the one Mr. Pinchy that I've ever caught:

    2 Magical Crawdads (yes, I actually had to sell one - to a vendor! QQ!) and the gift box.

  • Kalarnis, May 2008

    Mr. Pinchy 1: Benevolent , Pet, Blessing
    Mr. Pinchy 2: Pet, Gift, Blessing

  • Shircon, May 2008

    Mr. Pinchy 1= Furious Pinchy,Pet....3 still to come

  • BooMmx, May 2008

    1. benevolent
    2. pet
    3. gift

    thats mine but more pinchys are sure to come ^_^

  • fahsky, May 2008

    Wish #1: Gift
    Wish #2: Pet
    Wish #3: Blessing

  • Deathxtreme, May 2008

    I just caught my 4th Mr. Pinchy yesterday (patch 2.4.2) and when I caught him, there was a confirmation box that I had to click to confirm catching him. Was this added back to the game in the most recent patch? I thought the "This item is bind on pickup" box was eliminated from fishing. Also, I haven't gotten to catch any rare fish in the Stranglethorn fishing tournament since the 2.4.2 patch but am wondering if the confirmation box has been added back for them as well? Any thoughts / observations on this?

    EDIT - The BOP confirmation box was indeed added for all the rare fish in the 2.4.2 patch.

  • Deathxtreme, May 2008

    On Bradd,

    Mr. Pinchy 3: Benevolent, Furious, Gift

  • samboda, June 2008

    Got my first Mr. Pinchy today at 22:40.

    1st wish - furious mr. pinchy


    2nd wish - pet :P

    Edit 2:

    3rd wish - furious mr. pinchy

  • Leonie, June 2008

    I caught my only Mr. Pinchy several months ago. My wishes were:

    1. Furious
    2. Gift
    3. Benevolent

    Given that fishing like a mad woman was the first thing I did when the expansion was released and it took me months to get a Pinchy, I was pretty put out when my husband fished up two with seemingly little time invested, and less than max fishing skill. I didn't note the results (was too disgusted), but I know his first Pinchy, like mine, did not grant the pet. Needless to say, he got the pet from the second one and is feeling pretty smug.

    Edit Friday, June 13th: Well, I shouldn't have tried my last wish on my second Mr. Pinchy on an "unlucky" day, I guess:

    1. Gift
    2. Benevolent
    3. Gift


  • Tsathoggua, June 2008

    Mr. Pinchy #1 - Blessing, Furious, Furious.

  • Shumei, June 2008

    Mr Pinchy 1:

    Gift, Benevolent Mr Pinchy, Pet

  • quintessenzz, June 2008

    Few days ago i caught not one but two! Mr Pinchy's in the space of 30 mins.
    I have only used the wishes on one of them for the time being. He gave me:
    pet, gift, Benevolent Mr Pinchy

  • Calsh, June 2008

    My first Mr. Pinchy ever netted me:

    • Blessing
    • Blessing
    • Benevolent

    ... sigh. Guess I'll have to catch another one to get my pet.

  • Zahngril, June 2008

    Sadly enough my first Mr. Pinchy, caught last weekend, didn't give up the pet... /cry
    I received:

    1. Blessing
    2. Blessing
    3. Furious

  • Mitzy, June 2008

    MY first and only Mr. Pinchy gave

    1. Pet
    2. Blessing
    3. Benevolent

  • Darked, June 2008

    Pinchy #1:

    1. Gift
    2. Furious
    3. Benevolent

    and funny is today I caught two of Mr. Pinchy and still have CD from the first :-)

    EDIT: caught the third in line today ... OMG

    Pinchy #2 :

    1. Furious
    2. Benevolent
    3. Furious

  • Banyuls, June 2008

    wish 1: Blessing
    wish 2: Furious
    wish 3: Blessing

    Guess i'll just have to wait another millenium for the pet

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I did it! I did it!

  • Longhunter, April 2008

    I caught Mr. Pinchy last night SWEET! For weeks trying I got him and right before this jerk cow whirlwinds me, then kills me :( But I got Mr. Pinchy!

    I have not used him yet. I will wait till this weekend I don't want to loss him if I die.


  • Pipre, April 2008

    I was tanking Prince in karazhan about two months after BC came, before people really new about mr. Pinchy. I went to click on a potion and accidentally summoned Angry Mr. Pinchy, who proceeded to own one of my fellow priests who wasn't pay attention to her own health!

    It was the most glorious wipe ever.

  • Balazar, April 2008

    Heh, that makes me want to save my next Mr. Pinchy for a dungeon run!

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  • Longhunter, April 2008

    lawl i think i just peed myself reading that post! thats great last night i used Mr.P in SSC and he gave me a health buff like a flask sad to becuse i had to rebuff my self

  • Calabar, April 2008

    Mr. Pinchy has a wicked sense of humor. I have two 70 characters with high enough fishing to try for him. One finally caught Mr. Pinchy. Three wishes later no pet. My second character finally caught Mr. Pinchy. Three wishes later no pet. My first character caught a second Mr. Pinchy. His second wish gave him his pet. Woot! But then so did his third wish. And of course it’s BoP so he had to let it go since two pets would do him no good. My second character is very jealous. She has yet to catch a second Mr. Pinchy.

  • Maidenhair, April 2008

    My first Mr. Pinchy gave me the Crawdad on the second wish. I have since caught him two more times and got another Crawdad on the second one. I still haven't used all the wishes....I'm hoarding them in my bags for just the right opportunity! (Okay, I admit it, I almost always forget to use them. I love the idea of doing it in Karazhan, though... will try to remember to tonight, when we finish clearing. Maybe during Netherspite... ah, that would cause quite a stir!!! :)

  • oropher, April 2008

    Congratulations to all of you. I am new to the boards, but have been a fishing nut for a long time. I have caught Mr. Pinchy 6 times. No bs: One lucky morning I actually caught him twice on THE SAME LURE (different pools). Should have bought a freakin' lottery ticket that day.

    Can you have more than one magical crawdad out of the box at the same time? I tried it by clicking box 1 and then box 2, but the one pet just went away when i clicked box 2. Ended up throwing out the 2nd box (bag space ya know).

    The best boss fight so far where I got Benevolent Mr. Pinchy was Curator. Mr. Pinchy won't attack till you get damage, and that took a little while (I'm a mage), but once he got going he added his sunders in, and we burned curator down easily on the 2nd evocation.

  • Huenninjarin, April 2008

    I love this site and thought I'd share my unbelievably lucky and random Mr. Pinchy story. I just got my epic flyer last night, and a couple of hours ago I decided to fly myself back to Shattrath on my awesome speedy gryphon rather than take the taxi from Allerian Stronghold after doing the Skettis daily. I had read about Mr. Pinchy on this site before but I definitely wasn't thinking about casting for him until I flew over Lake Jorune. "Ah", I thought to myself, "this must be one of those rare lakes where you have unbelievable odds to catch Mr. Pinchy. If nothing else, maybe I'll catch something that I can cook to gain those last 2 points and get maxed out to 375. "
    So I clicked on my fish finder, equipped my fishing hat and pole, and activated a +100 lure. My fishing skill is currently at roughly 330, with gear bringing it up to about 452 total. Fished the first Highland Mixed School and caught a couple of Furious Crawdad, cool. Also got a couple of the ubiquitous and almost-worthless barbed Gill Trout, oh well.
    On my 5th cast ever into a Highland Mixed School, I got Mr. Pinchy! I couldn't believe it! So I quickly equipped my helm and weapons and activated him cautiously just in cause he was furious... and got the +500 health buff. Not as cool as getting a pet, but still not too bad overall.
    I do seem to have some crazy luck in this game every once in awhile - I got a Tiny Crimson Whelpling off my first-ever red whelp kill in Wetlands (and promptly used it without realizing just how rare it was), an Emerald Whelp on my 5th or 6th whelp kill in Swamp of Sorrows, and seem to get really high greed roll numbers more often than most people when I run instances. :)

  • Gwydaine, April 2008

    I got Mr. Pinchy after a long run of fishing. I had caught more then my fair share of Crawdads. I know it was well over 300 Crawdads as this was my main sorce of Gold for my Holy Priest. I Thought for sure I was never going to catch him let alone catch the pet but I got him on second wish

  • Helgie, April 2008

    I was doing some extreme fishing on my level 62 priest up in skettis on my fourth pool I cought Mr.P man was I glad :)

    was a bit scared about using him if the elite would pop on me but extreme fishing had to be uber extreme so I used it and a lvl 62 non elite popped on me so I guess the non elite guy is the same level as the user of Mr.P´s wishes :)

  • Noor, April 2008

    That seems to be new information; all the sources I checked just say Furious Mr. Pinchy is level 70, instead of the player's level.

  • Helgie, April 2008

    well new information it is :) been fishing like a mad man these days my first character to take up these professions and I like them more then leveling but I want an flying mount to be able to get to skettis more easyer :)

  • Calabar, April 2008

    How did you get to one of the pools to fish for Mr. Pinchy? Everything I’ve read says that we have to have a flying mount to reach any of them. Has one of the recent patches added pools at ground level? If so I’d love to know where. I have a lot of characters that are between levels 60 and 69 who would be happy to try for a magical crawdad of their very own.

  • Helgie, April 2008

    extreme fishing requires extreme methods

    abusing my friends to summon me up there and protect me was the way I did it :)

  • el, April 2008

    Technically, this is possible at level 35, the lowest level you can gain enough skill to fish there (albeit, with get-aways). You can be summoned to each of the lakes.

    But this brings a whole new meaning to the term "extreme anglin'":

    The pools are spread across three different lakes, so to fish pools sustainably, you'll need to be summoned to each lake. So you'll need to keep a full summoning team on hand while you fish. But then you're going to need some help fighting off all those level 70 monsters. Alternatively, you'll need to pair with a level 70 angler who fishes the pools in the lakes you aren't fishing. This would be fine for a quick farming session. But chances are you'll be fishing for days (certainly a lot of hours) before you catch Mr. Pinchy.

    The guide to catching Pinchy states 70 for non-druids, because that's what is needed to follow the guide, which assumes solo fishing. Seriously attempting this prior to 70 is insanely difficult, unless you are very lucky, like Helgie.

  • Helgie, April 2008

    yea I must say I wasnt expecting to catch Pinchy I was going for the mixed highland schools to get fish to get my cooking from 360 to 375 :)

  • Calabar, April 2008

    Technically, this is possible at level 35, the lowest level you can gain enough skill to fish there (albeit, with get-aways). You can be summoned to each of the lakes.

    Currently Lake Ere'Noru (above Allerian Stronghold) has no mob spawns around it. At least I’ve never seen any in all the time I’ve fished there. Only four pools spawn in it, but if one was fishing with a seldom used alt he/she could leave the character there and log in from time to time and fish any pools that have spawned.

    But this lake requires 405 fishing skill to cast. So, as you said, this could conceivably done with a level 35 character with 300 fishing, a +100 lure and something like a big iron fishing pole (+20). But I would recommend level 45 at least so that the character could read Master Fishing - The Art of Angling and be gaining fishing skill while trying for Mr. Pinchy.

    However, this could still be problematic. The character will fill up his/her bags with Furious Crawdads, Golden Darter and motes of water. And that’s assuming the player destroys everything else fished up. They could destroy these as well, but at over a gold each in the AH I’d be loathe to do so. On top of this the player will have to be re-supplied with +100 lures. Of course if the player has a second account with a character on a flying mount, or a friend with the same, it’s all good.

  • Trokair, April 2008

    The above-mentioned lake can be reached without a summon or a flying mount.

    If you go through Auchindoun there is a village of those Skettis bird creatures that you can cut through. With some creative jumping over the mountain that is not very difficult you can get to the lake above Allerian.

    I used to fish up there from about lv 65 on once I discovered this.

  • Elfarrow, November 2009

    Lake Ere'Noru is where I caught Mr. Pinchy. I too was just trying level my fishing and cooking up on Highland Mixed Schools. My fishing was 356, no lures, using Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole (+20 Fishing), no other gear. I was getting a lot of junk but got him on my 87th cast. I was fishing both the open water and the pools, just trying to level and hoping to get lucky. I had fished all 3 lakes about 2 schools each, then came back to Ere'Noru and got it in a respawn pool there. I also got lucky and got the pet with my first wish. Not sure what the others will be yet, but I will update this thread when I find out. Best of luck with your anglin'! --Gnometosser, Death Knight 66, Emerald Dream

  • Pesha, December 2009

    Got Mr. Pinchy at the second pool I stopped at, fishing at lvl 183 with a +20 rod.
    Got the magical crawdad pet on my first wish! Thanks to this guide for telling me to fish in the pools, I had been fishing in open water for an hour previous to reading that here.

    I'm gonna go tame a red crabby to be his friend :D

    -Pesha, lvl70, Bloodelf Hunter-Exodar

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Mr. Pinchy is the Devil!

  • Regirumm, January 2008

    Every weekend I go out to Sketis and the other two lakes and mass produce over 300 Crawdads . I've been doing this for over two months. My total is getting near 2000 crawdads, and still no Mr. Pinchy. My fishing is 505, so he isn't getting away. Anyone who has caught him please add input.

  • Hy, January 2008

    You have to really like fishing. Or you can try to be zen about it. But working numbers will only give you statistical probabilities.

  • Balazar, January 2008

    Just keep on fishing. You may have run into a bad luck streak - such things happen.

    I've caught 943 Crawdads, and 2 Mr. Pinchy's, which seems to be about average.

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  • el, January 2008

    Indeed; you are simply unlucky. WoW is rather unforgiving about very rare drops/catches. I've gone for over 1000 catches, only to get two Mr. Pinchy from the same pool. I guess the process is random, when it perhaps shouldn't be so random: Ideally the chance of catching it should increase the more you try, then there would be a better correlation between effort and result.

  • Hiltje, January 2008

    I have a friend who caught Mr. Pinchy and received TWO pets out of her three chances. Random drops are indeed very strange things!

  • Mathiaspohto, January 2008

    This far managed to catch Mr. Pinch 4 times, pet came from 11th wish :-S
    Total Crawdad catches are nearing 4000 pcs.
    Crazy fisher :-D

  • Balazar, January 2008

    Well, just caught my third Mr. Pinchy last night. My 7th wish was a bust, let's hope I get the pet by number nine.

  • panetar, February 2008

    I just caught Mr Pinchy last night for the first time. For what its worth, I was on my third Highland Mixed School in Lake Jorune.

    I have been giving serious attention to catching this illusive crustacean ever since I was shamed into finishing maxing out my fishing skill (about the last three months for atleast an hour a day).

    I find the fish finder makes fishing much more enjoyable, both in terms of fish caught (Furious Crawdads and Golden Darters (got to take care of your priests)) and fishing in the correct locations.

    I have not attempted to see what luck Mr. Pinchy will bring me, the first wish will be tonight.

    I will keep you advised.

  • Balazar, February 2008

    Alas, by way of update - no luck on my third Mr. Pinchy. Hopefully, when I get #4… although I note that competition for the pools seems to be on the increase on my server.

  • panetar, February 2008

    Well, by way of update.....

    Wish Number One - the gift box with 5 Super Healing Potions and 5 Super Mana Potions.


    Wish Number Two - Furious Mr. Pinchy. He died a lonely death in Netherstorm.

    :-( :-(

    Wish Number Three - The Magical Pet Carrier containing, yep, you guessed it, a Mr. Pinchy pet!!!

    :-) :-) :-)

  • Dasvampyr, February 2008

    Well, my friends say that I'm Mr.Impossible Drop Rate:

    in 1201 Furious Crawdads I've already got 4 Mr.Pinchy. Out of those 4 I've received so far 5 Magical Crawdads (a pity they are soulbound. would have made some gold :P)

    Oh, and the 1st Magical Crawdad got it on my 1st wish from the 1st Mr.Pinchy

  • kafromet, February 2008

    It's definitely random. I was sick this weekend and did nothing but fish to hit 375. Once I got there I started fishing Highland Mix....and caught Mr. P on my 4th or 5th cast. :)

    No luck on my first wish, got Furious Mr. P.

  • Gihelle, March 2008

    I'm worse then you...

    I got 2 Mr. Pinchies for now (just finished the wishes in my first one) and no pet yet. Got 2 Benevolents and 1 Flask on my first Pinchy.

    I've fished around 500 Crawdads for now. Probably I'll be doing it more.

    My husband was a little better: He fished more then me and got 1 Pinchy, but managed to get the Magical Crawdad on the last wish.

  • Stevinn, March 2008

    I caught Mr Pinchy again a few days ago. This is my second time for him. The first time I did not get the pet. So far this time:

    Mr. Pinchy's Gift (Mana and Heath Potions)
    Furious Mr Pinchy. Which we killed in Maiden's room in Karazhan.

    One more try for the pet.

  • Stevinn, March 2008

    YAY! I got the Magical Crawdad Box on the third wish!


  • Gihelle, March 2008

    Got the Crawdad on the first wish of my second Pinchy. :)

    I'm looking forward to release my pinchy today on Leotheras when he's splitting at 15%, what do you think?

  • Trokair, March 2008

    I caught Mr. Pinchy yesterday!

    I've been trying on and off since last September. I caught him in Lake Jo'Rune off the dock.

    Used him at our guild meeting last night and got the Magical Crawdad Box. WoohoooO!!!!!!

  • Xristinaki, March 2008

    I caught Mr Pinchy twice in 20 minutes. That happened at 9/3/2008 in the afternoon. This makes the 8th catch of Mr Pinchy. I have 5 of them in my bank because i already got the pet.

  • Grewyn The Fisherman, December 2008

    I did one day full of solid grinding (to get to 380 fishing) and then one day full of solid Highland Mixed Pool grinding, got my first Pinchy at 8:43 Pacific Standard Time on Saturday December 13, though I was terribly upset when my frist wish wasn't the pet (lol). I have to wait a whole nother day before I get to see a Crawdad Box (Hopefully)

  • Hallcyon, February 2011

    Yeah just randomly fished from a Mixed Highland School and got him on the third cast, I just feel bad for the 2 month guy up top

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more 3.3 changes

  • Noor, December 2009

    Old behavior: If you did a successful cast, then tried another cast that failed (e.g. "Your cast did not land in fishable water"), your first cast still persisted.

    New behavior: the second failed cast will cancel your first cast.

    Loot change: Curious Crates now give up to (at least) 5 netherweave cloth or 5 fel iron ore, and (so far) up to 3 Knothide Leather. Haven't seen Knothide Leather Scraps yet.

  • espiru, December 2009

    My "Fingerless Gloves" with "Enchant Gloves - Fishing" (+2) now is automatically (+5)

    The same in 3 charanters.

  • Gizel, December 2009

    espiru wrote:

    My "Fingerless Gloves" with "Enchant Gloves - Fishing" (+2) now is automatically (+5)
    The same in 3 charanters.

    Same with mine.

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  • Modarn, December 2009

    espiru wrote:

    My "Fingerless Gloves" with "Enchant Gloves - Fishing" (+2) now is automatically (+5)
    The same in 3 charanters.

    Mine also mysteriously upgraded. I have screen shots with an effective skill of 670.

    Rod + Line + Lure + Hat + Gloves + Boots + Tuskarr + Rumsey
    40 + 5 + 100 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 50 + 10 = 220

    This is the highest possible fishing score prior to the kuluak fishing derby.

  • Noor, December 2009

    I have now caught a Curious Crate with 6 netherweave cloth. I'm pretty sure the Knothide Leather Scraps have been replaced by 1-3 Knothide Leather.

  • Scrimshaw, December 2009

    espiru wrote:

    My "Fingerless Gloves" with "Enchant Gloves - Fishing" (+2) now is automatically (+5)
    The same in 3 charanters.

    Same here

  • Bartiler, December 2009

    I wonder if they got rid of the +2 enchant for gloves since mine also got upped to the +5 fishing. did they just be nice and give us all with +5 since ours were already enchanted? anyone get the old +2 fishing enchant since this last patch came out?

  • el, December 2009

    The learnt spell still says "+2".

    The strange thing about enchantments is that technically, the number is simply written into the description. For most other spells, the description references the data actually used by the game.

    I don't think that is "bad coding": The enchant itself appears to be triggered by a server-side spell, so I assume that the game client simply doesn't have the data. But it might explain why an enchant formula can do something different when applied...

    Thanks all the information (on this and Curious Crate).

  • Bartiler, December 2009

    Interesting El, never looked at it that way .

    Just got back from hillsbrad farming and the +2 enchant still drops ^_^.

  • Noor, December 2009

    El, a bit of a correction to your change to Curious Crates, the lower amount isn't 5, I think it's 2, and I've never gotten 6 fel iron ore, just 5. So for now, I think it's 1-3 Knothide Leather, 2-5 Fel Iron Ore, or 2-6 Netherweave Cloth. I haven't paid strict attention to lowest amounts, though.

  • palm, December 2009

    Just received 4 borean leather scraps from a reinforced crate today. Fished out of the river in Crystalsong Forest

  • smot_poker, December 2009

    I was fishing in the little lake in winterspring and caught a recipe of some sort. My bags were full at the time so auto loot didn't pick it up and I cast too fast and lost it. I managed to see the word owl on it... So i'm guessing it's a JC trinket recipe. Anyway I notice no mention of it on the site, and have fished there alot and never caught it before, so I'm guessing it's something new.

  • el, December 2009

    Intriguing. Recipes are unexpected because, well, they get soggy in the water! Recipes do very rarely appear in Old Azeroth's crates (at least Mithril Bound Trunk), but those aren't found in inland water (all Winterspring is inland).

  • el, December 2009

    I just caught Formula: Enchant Bracer - Superior Spirit from Frostfire Hot Springs. And it can still be read! Or at least could be if I was an enchanter.

    At a guess, any random world drop recipe of the appropriate level could be lurking. This change probably occurs elsewhere - very likely in similar (425 skill) zones, but possibly more widely across Azeroth.

  • Blythe, December 2009

    Could be incredible luck, but post 3.3 I caught two Mr Pinchy's within minutes of each other. Don't want to boast, I know he's all about luck, but is it possible the drop rate has changed?

  • Noor, December 2009

    It wouldn't surprise me if they upped the Mr. Pinchy rate, since it's still needed to get the Salty title. But it's hard to measure changes in low drops rates...

  • Nemari, January 2010

    Just another data point for a possibly increased droprate: After I read this thread, I decided to go fishing this morning. I got him on my 5th pool. In my bags are 14 furious crawdad and 6 golden darters. I was also lucky to get the pet at my first wish.

  • Basill, January 2010

    .. Fishing is so fun :) who knew you could catch
    in Ogrimmar... yay 1200+ fish, but no Old crafty. ;(

    Got bored and went to fish Mr.Pinchy... after about 212 catches.. I got the crate and the pet in first wish, also noticed, the Knothide leather dont comes as scrap anymore, got about 12 crates, 4 of those contained 3-4 knothide leather

  • el, January 2010

    So it looks like world drop recipes are showing up in any inland Old Azeroth water, even the easier waters, like Ogrimmar.

  • Jon M, January 2010

    My sincere apologies if this is already known to you
    I have a level 20 Alt fishing open water off the dock in North (he just took the boat from Menthil).
    I have fished for about 20 min almost every day.
    Skill 450 + strong pole with + 75 lure.
    I get approx 1% catch of crystalized water and 1% curious crate.
    The crates break down to 33% cobalt ore (3-5), 33% frostweave cloth (3-5) and 33% borean leather scraps (3-5).
    No money, no greens
    I have done this long enough to accumulate almost 30 cobalt ore, 12 full borean leather (5 pieces combine to make 1 full piece) and 28 frostweave.
    I hope this is helpful
    Jon M

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