Where to catch Murglesnout.

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Where to Catch Murglesnout
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterCoastal: Vashj'ir (General)57590%
Open WaterCoastal: Vashj'ir (Unnamed Shimmering)57550%
Open WaterCoastal: Twilight Highlands (General), Uldum65050%
Open WaterCoastal: Tol Barad67550%

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  • Enarka, November 2010

    Why ?

    I'm currently cross-zone fishing in Uldum, and I'm getting so much Murglesnout I have no idea where I'll end up putting it.

    I'm actually enjoying this; I hope I can find out rares or whatnots. Hell, what do I know ?

    So far, on the border of Southern Tanaris and Uldum, I'm getting Murglesnout/Deepsea Sagefish/Fathom Eel/Volatile Water. I'll most likely hold on to them for Cataclysm, or sell them for stupid amounts of gold to people shooting for Illustrious ranks on their professions.

    I know what recipes the Sagefish and Eel can be used, but...THE MURGLESNOUT ? Is it going to be some trainer-acquired Bonescale Snapper-ish thing ? Or a quest-acquired one like Northern Stew ? Are there ANY sources ?

    I'm at a loss, and carrying around ten times my weight in Murglesnout.

  • Klinch, November 2010

    I wonder if you can be banned for that. Is it considered an exploitation?

  • NiceBloke, November 2010

    I too have been fishing up a bucket load of Murlesnout from the same place.

    I was trying to work out if there were any other zones we could fish into. Any ideas?

    PS. I doubt its a banning offence. If they really didn't want us to do it, the No Man's Land debuff would reach further out IMO.

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    from "/groan@Murglesnout.".
  • Yoco, November 2010

    I have reported the murglesnouts not having any recipe several times on the beta, but haven't seen any effect so far. A similar problem exists for the 'basic' inland catch, Sharptooth - that fish has a recipe, but it is a higher level recipe that takes 3 fish for one cooking; there was no simple low level recipe to cook it into basic food.

    To translate this situation into the equivalent for WotLK times, this is like the recipes for Smoked Rockfin, Grilled Bonescale, and Sauteed Goby would be missing.

  • el, November 2010

    The intention of Murlesnout (and Sharptooth) is clearly to slow down open-water catches of anything useful, and make pools attractive for the rarest catches. But it is a shame this fish can't even be used to cook basic food, because it feels like a wasted catch.

    Pure speculation at this point, but I would not be surprised to see Murlesnout gain a 425-ish skill cooking recipe in patch 4.1. There are currently non-fish recipes at that skill point, intended to help leveling (although they really need to be available at about 410 to streamline leveling past the need for Dalaran Cooking Awards).

    Why not add it now? What's interesting about the current design on cooking is that all the coastal fish recipes are trained at 500 - nothing lower. I assumed that was precisely because coastal fish could so easily be caught: There's no way to reach 500 without inland fish.

    The irony of the latest hotfix isn't so much that cross-boundary fishing was 100% predictable (because it's a basic game mechanic that the catch is determined by the bobber location, and the no-man's buff by the angler location). Nor that this went live, in spite of Blizzard being told beforehand (Blizzard's Quality Assurance on Cataclysm professions has been absolutely appalling). But that Cataclysm-level meat is still freely available via the cooking daily Crates of Meat (the contents of which are not bound) - so anyone with enough dedication can gather all the meat they need to reach cooking 525 a matter of minutes after Cataclysm launches.

  • Enarka, November 2010

    Yes, in fact, el.

    I already have all the materials needed for 450-525.

    40 x Striped Lurker
    40 x Giant Turtle Tongue
    40 x Deepsea Sagefish

    With my Chef's Hat, I plan to log on and instantly shoot for 525 Realm First in Cooking. All I have left to do is purchase the Deepsea Sagefish recipe, and I'm set.

    Logically, at a cast rate of 0.5 seconds, with the cooking recipes to learn and the trainer to talk to, this is a matter of 2-3 minutes.

    If this fails, well... too bad =] And I'll spend the rest of the day fishing the new fish and preparing to supply raiders with all they need!

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