Old Crafty

Old Crafty

Where to catch Old Crafty.

About Old Crafty

  • "Said to be the craftiest fish in Orgrimmar, it appears he was outsmarted at last." Binds when caught.
  • Use:

    Equip: Held in off-hand. Gives +5 Stamina bonus.
  • Value:

    Vendor: 25s
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Old Crafty

  • Commentary:

    Rare catch from open water in Orgrimmar. Estimated at less than 1 in 1000 of catches. Binds to the angler when caught, so cannot be traded. It is possible to catch and equip this as low as level 5.
  • Guide:

    Cross-Faction Fishing - Guide to fishing in the opposing faction's capitals - Ironforge, Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Required for The Fishing Diplomat, Old Crafty, and Old Ironjaw achivements.
  • Achievements:

    Old Crafty: Catch Old Crafty.
  • History:

    2.3: Old Crafty first caught.
Where to Catch Old Crafty
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Orgrimmar<1%2049Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper


Map of Orgrimmar (Cataclysm)
Map of Orgrimmar (Cataclysm)

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Comments about Old Crafty

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Old Crafty!!

  • Sellera, September 2008


  • LinkyKeram, September 2008

    Grats! This old buggar was a PAIN to catch! As im Alliance [Gnome] and the horde simply wouldnt leave a peacefull fisherman alone! But after lots of trows [And corpse runs] i FINALY got him ! ! !

  • Deathxtreme, September 2008

    Question for you -

    As an alliance character, where did you try to fish for Old Crafty ? What's the best place to (try) to fish discretely in the horde capital ? I've been thinking of doing that on my character, but the thought of getting only one cast in before dying from merciless guards isn't exactly... inspiring. If I was a horde character, I know I'd get a bunch of water walking pots and fish in the back of the forlorn cavern, but that's just a thought - not sure if it'd work or not.

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  • Oberweiss, September 2008

    There are some tips for cross-faction Ironforge/Orgrimmar fishing in this thread: http://www.elsanglin.com/forums/topic/old-ironjaw-in-42-min

    Hope this helps. :)

  • LinkyKeram, September 2008

    What i simply did was to hide in the waterfall yust "Behind" the fishing trainers in Orgrimmar. I got killed some times by this rogue and hunter, but at last they decided to fish WHIT me rather then using me as bait :P

  • Amnon, September 2008

    I'm over 2000 catches over the last couple days and no luck on Old Crafty. I'm starting to lose my resolve...

  • Oberweiss, September 2008

    Amnon wrote:

    I'm over 2000 catches over the last couple days and no luck on Old Crafty. I'm starting to lose my resolve...

    A Horde friend of mine just caught Old Ironjaw, after 9 hours of fishing. It's certainly no easy task for most. :-/

  • Amnon, September 2008

    Just caught him! Was probably approaching 3k catches, but I don't have a mod so I can't be sure. On to Ironjaw...

  • Periwinkle93084, September 2008

    Caught him after a little bit. Server was up early so I hopped on and got Old crafty on my second cast after fishing for a while yesterday.

    Total Fish:
    Old Crafty!
    199 - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
    83 - Raw Bristle Water Catfish
    54 - Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    4 - 17 Pound Catfish
    1 - Lesser Mana Potion

  • Zahana, September 2008

    400+ catches, ganked 3.7 times, 0 Old Crafty :(

  • LinkyKeram, September 2008

    This is what i caught before Old Crafty:

    Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper : 152
    Raw Brilliant Smallfish : 37
    Raw bristle Whisker Catfish : 62
    17 Pound Catfish : 1
    The 1 Ring : 1

    Old Crafty : 1

  • Capo, September 2008

    I'm currently sitting in Org trying to catch this thing, doing good so far not having encounters with the horde, I positioned myself behind a rock to the left of the waterfall and i'm sitting. Only people that have seen me so far seem to be two hunters, I'm guessing with humanoid tracker. One waved, one aimed shot. Logged for about 5 and hopped back on and started again. Haven't been completely keeping up with numbers but I'd say I'm getting close to 300 catches.

  • Maybella, September 2008

    :D I am so excited to have caught him just this evening, after a long weekend and some long late nights of fishing.

    Find this site about a week ago and reading about the achievements encouraged me to go for it!!!!

    I believe my fish count was somewhere between 1k-2k when I finally caught him.. it was definitely over 1k. I didn't count exactly since I had to empty out my inventory a few times and I did the fishing in several sittings.

    I was so excited to have finally pulled him up from the depths, and I'll be relieved to not have to return to Orgrimmar any time soon. Some hordies were very nice and stayed and fished with me for a while, which was beyond cool, but others enjoyed killing me time and time again. :/

    I was wondering though- which is more rare between Old Crafty/Old Ironjaw and the 1 ring. I levelled my fishing 300-375 in Stormwind hoping for the 1 ring, and now I've also done this stint in Org. Hopefully I get it while I work on Ironjaw, which should feel much more leisurely since it's my own capital city :D

  • Capo, September 2008

    After starting on this for my 3rd day in a row, and somewhere between 1400-1500 catches, I hooked Old Crafty. I was nervous as could be since when i pulled him up my bags were full so I had to click and delete something but i was worried the whole time that loot box would disappear.

  • Swoosh, September 2008

    I got lucky. 50 catches in Valley of Honor :D

  • Capo, September 2008

    A note for any Alliance that are thinking of going for this, hiding in the Waterfall in the Valley of Honor is going to be a good location as you will be hidden behind rocks and out of sight from horde. The downside of this is your fishing right below the hunter trainer and any hunter with humanoid tracking on will most likely notice you. It might not be a bad idea to have an alchemist make you some Elixir of Camoflauge so you wont show up on the tracker.

  • Cozmic, September 2008

    I am fishing in Org now as alliance and have had no problems as of yet. I am under the mage trainers as far back on the wall I can go. Also laying down using /lie just to be safe. Just need my Crafty now.

  • Zahana, September 2008

    As Alliance I found fishing at the Waterfall annoying when like half the cast ended up in rocks so I couldn't click the bobber. However it was much less annoying than by the first aid trainer where horde kept trying to fight me. Killed a 60 priest with the fishing pole equipped, then a 66 mage, before he teamed up with a 70 shaman to get me. At the waterfall I had I warlock attack me, one rogue, and a warrior who gave me a hug (all 70s)

  • Cozmic, September 2008

    I am currently trying to fish Crafty right now. Seems a lot rarer than Ironjaw but maybe since I did Ironjaw over a few days. I must be up to over 1000 catches now. Only 1 gank so far, a shitty geared hunter wouldn't give up. A few nice horde came and /waved.

  • NiceBloke, October 2008

    Inspired by the posts here and with a little help from my 9 year old daughter. I fished up Crafty last night.

    I took over 700 catches (or 1 episode of Prison Break and half a movie). :)

    Time to head over to Ironforge now. Being Horde I've never been in there, how do I get to the cave?

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Bug with old crafty?

  • Teisemanden, October 2008

    Okay, so im out fishing after patch 3.0.2 and im fishing in orgrimmar to clean up daily fishing Q.

    Im very excited when i catch the old crafty on first hook, "damn, i must've been lucky". when i then, only 1 hook after the last one, get another old crafy i get suspicious.. a few hooks after.. another crafty. as im writing, i've caught 4 old craftys in what.. 30 minuts?

    Picture: http://img508.imageshack.us/my.php?image=oldcraftyswowgd0.jpg

    So what im asking is; has anyone else caught incredible many craftys?



    Edit: Another crafty caught, makes it 5 craftys in 40 mins
    2nd edit: another one, you do the math

  • Faela, October 2008

    I've been fishing for Old Crafty for hours and nothing. Perhaps the bug is related to the daily quest? I remember someone else mentioned that they'd caught Crafty with their Baby Crocolisk.

  • Teisemanden, October 2008

    Could be...

    i will try next time i get Baby Crocolisk daily.

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  • Zahana, October 2008

    I got Crafty in my first cast yesterday as well as the Baby Crocolisk. I got credit for the achievement but was unable to loot him. I didn't not get credit for catching a fish in Org (went back later with a guildie who wanted to run RFC and got it then) The fact that the server was less than 30 seconds from being restarted might have had something to do with it.

  • Phillip, October 2008

    Hey! I totally had the exact same thing happen to me! I was fishing for my daily in Org (I already had previously fished Old Crafty btw) and I got Old crafty first cast. 15 minutes later and I had 10 Old Craftys. I sent in a ticket to a GM but it never got answered.

  • el, October 2008

    The Baby Crocolisk came up today, so I got into Orgrimmar and started fishing. The quest fish appeared on the first catch, but after a couple of hundred catches, there is still no sign of Old Crafty. Looks like this was fixed in the latest server maintenance.

  • tr0tsky, October 2008

    I don't think so El. Guildies of mine got it yesterday. You can't have the baby croc in your inventory or something (if you're in a raid group it's even more apparent, since you can't catch the baby croc)

  • el, October 2008

    What you said implies:

    1. Be in a raid group, so you never catch the quest fish, or
    2. Throw the quest fish back in every time you catch it until Crafty is caught.
  • tr0tsky, October 2008

    Yah, pretty much. There was a post on my realm forums about someone getting Crafty 10 times in a row on Monday while trying to do Crocs in the City, before she realized she was in a Raid.

    So I went there to do some fishing. Got the croc on my first cast and did a few more (10 or so). Tossed it and made a raid group with one of my friends. 5 catches later I had old Crafty, and then a Rogue/Druid combo killed me :P

    I commented on this to my guild, although most of them had done the daily quest already. Got on yesterday (it was Crocs in the City again) and 5-6 of them had gotten Crafty in a really short period of time.

  • Nosajje, October 2008

    Is there any indication that this bug works the same way with Ironjaw as well or only with Crafty?

  • tr0tsky, October 2008

    Wouldn't work with Ironjaw, I would assume, because Crocs in the City is Org and SW, not IF. I didn't try because I had caught Ironjaw a few days previous.

  • el, October 2008

    The Baby Crocolisk can be caught in Ironforge.

  • tr0tsky, October 2008

    Really? Huh, I didn't know that...I always just went to Stormwind since the quest says Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

  • Rustkill, October 2008

    Call me Ishmael. Wait.. wrong story.

    This story is about outsmarting the elusive Old Crafty. Let me explain...

    Rustkill is a young gnome rogue. He spends a good part of his days training in the ways of the rogue and doing his best to protect the innocent. Among his guild he is respected as a vicious executioner of the self-proclaimed 'bosses' that loom over Azeroth and the Outlands. There are few adversaries that have thwarted him for very long, and he prides himself on being quick of mind as well as quick of weapon.

    Rustkill is also an avid fisherman. On the days he is not assaulting the dungeons of evil maniacs he loves nothing more than to spend his time fishing. Comfortable in his favourite fishing outfit, and protected from the sun by his favourite hat, Rustkill loves the sound of water lapping and fishing bobbers splashing. Fishing has taken Rustkill many places and provided much relaxation (not to mention a little coin). Over the last few months though, his pass-time has led him to the brink of insanity.

    Some time ago, word came to Rustkill about two elusive fish. Old Ironjaw of Ironforge and Old Crafty of Orgrimmar. In hushed tones, spoken by fisherman in inns and taverns around the world Rustkill learnt of these fish and became excited. Catching fish like these was just the kind of challenge he enjoyed!

    Old Ironjaw proved to be somewaht less than elusive. After only a few afternoons fishing near the place he first learnt the craft, Rustkill fished up Old Ironjaw from the water and smiled with delight. With his prize safely swimming in his bank's safe deposit aquarium Rustkill set his sights toward Kalimdor. Old Crafty would soon be Rustkill's... Or would he?

    Day passed. Then weeks. As weeks turned into months Rustkill was sure than he could see the rocks wearing away at his home away from home. Indeed, as he snuck into Orgrimmar and took his place under the waterfall his short Gnomish legs slid comfortably into place on his usual rock. He slipped some bait onto the hook and cast. And cast. And cast. Day turned to night as it had so many times. The roar of the waterfall and the splash of fish became the soundtrack to Rustkill's life. Occasionally a horde fisherman would discover him and make strange gestures towards him. Whether they were encouraging him or simply pitying him was unclear. Sometime a hunter would take offence to the young rogue sitting so near to their trainers and would accost him. Many times he was forced to part from his body for a time - forced to travel across the countryside before being reborn to the waterfall and the crafty fish somewhere below the surface of the water.

    But then Rustkill heard word spreading between the fishermen at the taverns. Of course, Rustkill knew of the baby crocolisks that have been appearing in the cities. He himself had helped Old Man Barlow by catching the young critters in Stormwind. But the tales he heard in the inn were something altogether more interesting. It seemed the perhaps Old Crafty had a weakness after all!

    Rustkill began to formulate a plan. His nemesis had eluded him for longer than he cared to think about. It seems like nothing Rustkill tried could draw the devil-fish from it's underwater hideout. The rumours pulled at Rustkill until he became resolute. Only a few days pass before Barlow told Rustkill that once again, children had lost baby crocs in the cities. Rustkill grinned devilishly and packed his rod and line. He was about to head to Orgrimmar, the home of his adversary when he ran into one of his friends. His quest for the crafty fish of Kalimdor would have to wait. It seemed the Headless Horseman had reared his ugly... hmm... well he was causing trouble.

    We join Rustkill as he battles the horseman...

    Rustkill and his friends strike down the headless horseman again and again. The horseman is fierce, Rustkill supposes, but as the headless rider rages against Rustkill and his friends the gnome can hardly concentrate. All he can think about is Old Crafty. Luckily, soon enough the threat of the horseman is contained for another day. And even more fortunately, thinks Rustkill, there is a zepplin tower that leads straight the front door of the slimy fish who taunts him so. With a laugh, Rustkill rides to the tower, slips through the grasps of the horde guards and leaps onto the Zepplin. Soon enough he is outside Orgrimmar. He grits his teeth and heads inside.

    Splash splash splash. Rustkill arrives, rod in hand, determined to finally catch his foe. Sure enough, he can see the blurred shapes of crocolisks swimming in the distance. He feeds some bait onto his hook and casts. As expected a crocolisk rushes up greedily. As bad as he feels, Rustkill releases the little menace back into the water. He casts again... The waters teem as fish take flight from the crocs and again Rustkill pulls one of the six-legged beasts up. "Perhaps Old Carfty is braver than I thought", thinks Rustkill. But he tries again. Two more times the crocs take hold of Rustkill's hook. But Crafty is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly though, Rustkill sees an unusual shape dart out from the rocks near a crocolisk, just at the edge of his peripheral vision. Could it be?!

    Rustkill flicks his wrists, sending the line out over the water. Ploink! His cast is a good one! (It has better be after all this practise!) The dark, sinister shape circles the water under the bobber, moving closer, then away, then closer, then away again. Crocs are approaching the hook as well, closing in from all directions. The dark shape has nowhere else to go...

    Splash! The bobber bobs and Rustkill throws himself backwards. The water parts and his line flies upward. Time seems to stand still as a fish and a crocolisk burst up into the sunshine together. As Rustkill reels in his line, the fish throws itself back and forth, but it is securely hooked - the croc has taken the bait too and is preventing the fish from escaping. Rustkill has never felt such a struggle, but he remains strong and pulls the fish over his bucket and spins it around to look it in the eye. He gasps!

    With a laugh that rings with relief and excitement (and maybe just a little sadness) Rustkill lowers Old Crafty into his bucket. Finally the fish that has eluded him for song has been outsmarted. Rustkill takes out his hearthstone and makes his way home. Old Crafty joins Old Ironjaw in the bank and Rustkill enjoys a few brews at the tavern. His day had started out like many others, but for Rustkill, the day had ended with more smiles than he could remember smiling ever before. Finally his task was complete.

    The gnome would sleep well that night, for the legendary fish of Orgrimmar was his at last.


    So! After more than 2100 casts trying to catch Old Craft the old fashioned way I decided that I needed to see if Old Crafty would swim to an alliance hook when accosted by crocs in the same way that he did for the horde. I am happy to say that he did. I got the crocs in the city quest and headed to Org (with a slight stop-over at the Scarlet Monastery!). I turned auto-loot off and started fishing. On my first catch I had a croc and a generic fish. I closed the loot window and tried again. The same thing happened. I was slightly discouraged, but determined to keep trying. After a few more casts my theory was confirmed! There was Crafty, along with a baby crocolisk. I clicked the slippery guy and okay'ed the confirmation and the he was finally was mine! This may in fact be a bug, but I simply could not pass up the chance to finally see my nemesis face to face. To my fellow Crafty Hunters I can only offer you good luck. I was forced to resort to trickery to catch Old Crafty... but if he was fishing forme I'm sure he'd do the same. They don't call him crafty for nothing!!

  • Yith, November 2008

    OK, I came to El's because it's the #1 bestest site in the world and because something odd just happened to me. (BTW El, I love your site and thank you)

    I decided I wanted to do Diplomat so I headed on in to Ogrimmar (I'm Alliance). I had Crocolisks in the City (not completed) just by chance. First cast, I pull up BOTH a baby croc AND Old Crafty.

    Achievement ding, quests complete, addons make screen go all Vegas-jackpot... a rogue attacks me, which I kill... silly rogues... I mount up and start to head out but then I scroll up and see that my Diplomat Achievement isn't in my chat window. I go back and fish out a regular old fish to complete the Diplomat quest! Thought it was funny that I fished not one, but two things out of Ogrimmar (baby croc and Old Crafty) and it didn't pop the Diplomat Achievement.

    Screen shot for the timeline:


    Yith, Ritual, Dark Iron (US)

  • Marlburo, November 2008

    I had been fishing for Crafty for what seemed like forever (before achievements even came out) and had a similar "Bug" happen to me during Crocs in the City daily. I caught the croc and old crafty on the first cast, but it would not let me loot Crafty, just the Croc. However the achievement still popped up when I caught him. Needless to say I opened a GM Ticket and they gave me the fish within a couple days no problem.

  • heraklen, November 2008

    Marlburo wrote:

    I had been fishing for Crafty for what seemed like forever (before achievements even came out) and had a similar "Bug" happen to me during Crocs in the City daily. I caught the croc and old crafty on the first cast, but it would not let me loot Crafty, just the Croc. However the achievement still popped up when I caught him. Needless to say I opened a GM Ticket and they gave me the fish within a couple days no problem.

    Same thing happened to me yesterday , first catch I got both the crocolisk and old crafty but it was impossible to loot Crafty , it just said "This item cant be looted right now"
    Since I already had one Crafty in my bank I didnt care to give it a GM ticket.

  • Suddsy, November 2008

    Faela wrote:

    ...someone else mentioned that they'd caught Crafty with their Baby Crocolisk.

    Exact same thing happened to me day before yesterday, I assumed it was a fluke...

    Meaning a rare chance occurrence, not a whale of a tail..

    er.. tail of a whale I mean...


  • paintedwings, November 2008

    I just wanted to post and say that I indeed tried the baby Croc daily to see if I could get old crafty and it worked!!! Yesturday I spent 3 hours fishing in Orgimmar and nothing. So I headed to Shatt picked up the baby croc daily headed to Orgimmar and within the first 4 casts I got old crafty!! I took auto loot off and when I got the baby croc the first cast I just closed the window and kept casting, the next two casts I again got the baby croc and again I just closed the window and on the fourth cast crafty was with the baby croc. I hope it works for anyone stuck on old crafty. =)


  • Alaylith, November 2008

    Hm, it seems they fixed it.

    Just tried it as an Alliance and no old crafty atfer 20 catches. Stupid cows killed me, but I'll try again.

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Old Crafty still fishable in phased Orgrimmar?

  • Noor, January 2009

    I have no real reason to think this, but since fishing was changed in the last patch, has anyone fished up Old Crafty in Orgrimmar while it is phased? It seems to me Blizzard might've considered that an unfair advantage for Alliance players...

  • Kamarade Molotov, January 2009

    I have about 300 cast in phased Ogrimmar with Crocolisk quest in my quest log since the patch and no Old crafty yet.

    I'm about to complete the chain quest so I can complete the Elders achivement before they are gone.

  • neocortex, January 2009

    after 3 hours and 500+ casts i gave up... but then someone told me about the Crocolisk quest trick...
    10 casts later and up he came...
    although this was a few weeks ago... posts 3.0 but before the hotfixes since.

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  • Vendula, January 2009

    I'm about to complete the chain quest so I can complete the Elders achivement before they are gone.

    You still have time - the elders aren't going away until February 12th.

  • Azaguth, January 2009

    There is a two day overlap between the Elders event and the Love is in the Air event. The 11th and 12th, both events will be active.

    That being said, I'll be on a unit sponosored marriage retreat (US Army) from the 13th through the 16th. So I'll be trying to do all the elders before the 11th, so on the 11th and 12th I can focus on the Love achievements.

    That being said, I thought about the phased Orgrimmar for old crafty, and I don't know why it'd make a difference. It took me quite a few more casts than 500 in a non-phased orgrimmar, so don't give up just yet. The quest chain only takes a couple hours to complete, and if you have all the other elders you can fish up til the 12th, run through the quest chain, and get your orgrimmar elder (and the undercity one) for the elder achievement completion.

  • Anaxiamander, January 2009

    I suspect not, actually. I just got the quest after the patch, and fishing in phased Orgrimmar didn't even give me The Fishing Diplomat. Judging by that, I'd wager that phased Orgrimmar doesn't even count as Orgrimmar at all.

  • Kylkiluut, January 2009


    I am SOOO far behind...

    First... 'phased' Orgr? What is that?

    Second... 6 in one night, one in 20 casts to catch Ol' Crafty? I bet I have over a 1000 casts in Orgr and SW and have never caught the 'Big' one. Perhaps the quest makes it a non-rare drop? Or am I just world-class confused?


  • Keff, January 2009

    Can confirm that I was able to fish up Old Crafty in phased Orgrimmar today. Checked the daily in Outland before going but wasn't the crocolisk quest so figured I would just skill up anyway and try my luck.

    Took about 3 hours, roughly 600 fish and a handful of the usual odds and sods before I pulled him out. Relatively lucky but nothing to suggest that the patch changed anything.

  • Wolfang, January 2009

    Been fishing for days now in Orgrimmar...over 3000 casts. Got the 1 ring, 17lb, 19lb and 22lb catfish...no Old Crafty. I think it's broken.

  • spam1107, January 2009

    It took me over 3000 casts over the last couple days to catch Old Crafty in phased Org, but I finally did it. I definitely started to think it was broken as I past 3000 casts but woke up this morning, fished twice, and there he was. So as of today, he is still catchable.

  • Wolfang, February 2009

    Agreed. It took me 3950 casts but I finally got him today. I died about 20 times or so from Hordies...most were kind, but a few were really nasty.

    Odds of taking that long to catch him: 1.92%

    Good luck to all...hope yours is better than mine was.


  • Tanlos, March 2009

    As of 3/28/09 (Version 3.0.9) Old Crafty is still fishable in phased Orgrimmar.

    Roughly 1500 casts over 3 sessions (about twice as fast as the rat)

  • francislam44, April 2009

    Just got it on 04/09/09 in phased Orgrimmar.

    Made roughly 1000 casts without the Crocolisk daily at Valley of Spirits.

    However, could not gain the The Fishing Diplomat at the same time. =(

  • cpengel, April 2009

    You can definitely catch Crafty while phased, and get the diplomat achievement. I did both last week.

  • Talathan, April 2009

    heathisrael wrote:

    "Phased Orgr" ...the epic quest chain in Dragonblight that ends in the cinematic...after the cinematic, you go to Ogrimar to talk to Thrall. Orgrimar is phased and there's no 'hostile' guards, or any Horde, the whole city is open to you...and there's no travel time as you use a portal from SW.

    Ok, I've done one Dragonblight quest line that ends in a cinematic - no phased Orgrimmar. Can you recall the quest name? I tried WoWHead to see what quests start or end with Thrall - but it lists only Horde quests.

    Edit: Ok, after doing more research I did find the info I needed. The quest chain for both Horde and Alliance is listed among the posts at http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=547

    I'm glad I came here before I went too much farther. I got the Veteran of the Wrathgate achievement, but I didn't finish the entire chain. I'm hoping that, like Stormwind, it doesn't need more than Fishing 1. (Ok, he CAN fish - he just hasn't. Skill's somewhere around 100)

  • suutar, May 2009

    I tried this last night. I got the port to phased Org, watched the scripted conversation, and then before turning in the quest step I ran out to try to fish. I could cast, and the bobber would jump, but when I clicked, I got no fish and no message. I did get a skillup, though. *sigh* Oh well.

  • Usagija, August 2009

    It DOES work. I am proof! I caught Old Crafty in 7 casts while it was phased at max fishing, no lures. My boyfriend was also there to witness because I was slightly disappointed in how easy it was. I could have just logged there. I then proceeded to do the Ragefire Chasm achievement just because I didn't want to waste the opportunity.

    Strange, like francislam44 I caught it 04/09/09, maybe it was bugged? But Crocolisks in the City was not the daily for that day.

  • foneldar, August 2009

    Since the last patch you have to complete the Battle for the Undercity quest line in order to fish in Orgrimmar.
    I tried picking up the Shattrath City Crocolisk daily but it no longer works.
    This was confirmed by a GM this morning.

  • Narinae, August 2009

    Are you sure it was phased, Usagija? You can't enter Ragefire Chasm from phased Org - or at least you couldn't when I was there 4 months ago.

  • jothman, September 2009

    You can complete Fishing Diplomat in phased Orgrimmar.

    I did it as of Sep 13, 2009 patch 3.2.0 (10314)

    Obtain quest "Fate, Up Against Your Will" to enable you to enter phased Orgrimmar.
    Obtain Stratholme daily fishing quest "Crocolisks In The City".
    Go to Orgrimmar and fish. Your loot window will show empty for each cast UNTIL you catch the baby crocolisk. The baby crocolosk will show as a "normal" catch and when you loot it, you will receive the achievement Fishing Diplomat.

    I have fished in phased Orgrimmer both with and without the Crocolisk iIn The City quest in my log.
    My loot window always came up empty except when I caught the baby crocolisk.

    I fished maybe 100 casts and did not see hide nor hair of Old Crafty. Everyone says you can not catch him in phased Orgrimmar, but since I got Fishing Diplomat I wonder. I have seen no official Blue pronouncement that you can not catch Old Crafty in phased Orgrimmar.

    BTW, I was able to complete the following two other achievements in phased Orgrimmar.
    Explore the entire Durotar zone - leave and enter Orgrimmar by south entrance.
    Ragefire Chasm instance

    Good Fishin' to you

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Luckiest Fisherman in the Game?

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    I would consider myself an especially lucky Fisherman and would like others with lucky experiences with WoW fishing to share theirs on this page so maybe we can find out who is the luckiest :)

    Anyway here are my fishing stories so far after 858 items caught and 268 skill:

    About a month ago I decided I would pick up fishing on my lvl 80 (Mightykiwi / Aerie Peak) I started from lvl 1 skill in Ironforge - after about 38 casts I caught Old Ironjaw. (Guild saw me get 25 fish achievement then Old Ironjaw was a good laugh). I stopped fishing coz I wanted to show off my 25 fish/Old Ironjaw achievements together for a while :P

    The other day I decided to start fishing again, after getting some other fishing achievements (scavenger, deadliest catch etc.) and catching a few hundred fish to level my Cooking which I was levelling at the same time, I decided to have a shot at Old Crafty. My first trip to Orgimmar I must have only done 50 casts or so before I had to go because of RL stuff, my second trip there even less because Horde kept killing me. My third time out there I caught Old Crafty in 20 casts or so.

    Just tonight I caught the 15 Pound Mud Snapper on my 4th cast in Elwynn Forest. To be fair I probably did 50 or so casts the night before trying to get the same fish.

    So in 858 casts, most of them not aimed at these Achievements, I got Old Ironjaw, Old Crafty and One that didn't get away Achievements

    Everybody else please share their luckiest experiences so we can compare :)

    (p.s I have screenshot's)

  • DokBrown, June 2010

    I caught the 15 pound mud snapper on my second cast. My fishing was at 3. Later I caught the 52 pound redgill while just leveling my cooking in Western Plaguelands.

    I won the fishing tournament on my first try in STV.

    I caught Mr. Pinchy at level 64 only fishing the bottom two lakes since I couldn't fight the enemies on Skettis. Caught him within 50 casts and got my Crawdad on the first wish.

  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    Hey Dokbrown that's lucky about the Mud Snapper (even luckier than my 4th cast :P), I hear the chance of getting One that didn't get away fish is 1/10, 000. And lucky about the Crawdad too but I wouldn't call the STV fishing tournament lucky becaue there is some skill involved and the chances of winning arent 1 in 1000+ like catching Old Crafty/Old Ironjaw/15 Pound Mud Snapper because I don't think you would get 1000+ people taking part in the tournament at any one time.

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  • hoooyeeeaaa, June 2010

    Yeah my epic luck kind of waned out haha had to fish around 75 pools to get Mr Pinchy and first wish was some potions. But if I get the pet I in the next two I will still consider myself one of the luckiest fisherman in the game coz of how quick I got the others too :)

    Unless theres somebody out there who got Old Ironjaw Old Crafty and One that didn't get away in less than 50 casts each too who want's to proove me wrong

  • caramelle10, October 2010

    I would just like to share my experiences with fishing in wow.

    I decided to start with old crafty and has set myself a few hours of relaxing fishing aside. Fished just near where you portal in in the shallowish water and on my second cast i caught old crafty...well excited.

    Unfortunately not as lucky with ironjaw. Me and 2 guildies went all the way to ironforge (me being horde) and spent a good 3 hours fishing there. Gave up after one of them caught ironjaw 3 times and then my other guildie caught it...grrr. Went back again a few weeks later with another guildie, this time with lots of water walking potions so we can still fish and keep an eye on the allies walking around. Spent a good 3 hours talking and fishing and then my mate caught ironjaw. I started getting a bit superstitious and stood exactly where he stood when he caught the fish. Another few hours passed and i gave up. Decided to have a few days away from wow due to frustration and logged out in ironforge. I logged back in a few days later and said to myself that i would give it 15 minutes and then never fish here again. 10 minutes later i got the damn thing.

    Spent 5 hours the other night fishing for the sewer rat and no sucess. Logged on the other day figured id try a part of the sewers where a mate had fished it up and within 17 casts i got the rat. Figured id scout out the pools for mr pinchy so that me and another guildie know where abouts we should go, and less then 2 hours after getting the rat in my 4 th pool i got mr pinchy followed by the pet in my first wish. Felt like the luckiest day of my life because i got a few more different achievments that day and was really happy.

    No luck with the one that didn't get away achievment, but not sure what else i want to do if i do get the fish...running out of achievments to do now :(

  • Snore, October 2010

    Got Giant Sewer Rat after 4 casts, Old Ironjaw after 200, Old Ironjaw after 450. Got all the three rare fishes from STV contest on the same day. Won STV contest on my first try ever, because I was lucky with pool spawns, got Mr Pinchy after 20 casts, then first wish pet, right after that I went Sethekk Halls and Raven Lord dropped.

    Sea Turtle after 4000 casts, then Dark Herring after -16 000- casts ^^

  • Lethality, October 2010

    As a rogue ( the ONLY toon i do achievements on), I can say I think I am lucky, but maybe nto quite as much as some of you... lets see...

    I got my turtle mount after 372 casts in the Basin at lvl 80.
    I got the Giant Sewer Rat at 59 casts at lvl 80.
    Ole Crafty at 117 at lvl 80.

    NO IDEA how long it took me to get all the coins.... but it was LOTS of casts.

    still have not won either fishign tournament....
    still no magical crawdad...
    have not even tried for the crab pet yet... but will soon.

  • Torture, October 2010

    For me the only lucky achievements I've had so far were getting the turtle mount in less than 100 casts while trying for the one that didn't get away, and the sewer rat which I got in 7 casts. I must say it was nice to get the turtle mount before getting the dark herring to simply not have to worry about farming that anymore but the day I went for the sewer rat I was expecting to be fishing for a few hours so was kind of a bummer in a way, lol. As for the fishing tournaments winning STV was pretty easy on my server when I went for it. However while going for the Kalu'ak derby win for the boots a week after my STV win (I'm horde by the way) an alliance member came to my node and after one cast hearthed to Dalaran and won that week. I'm not usually one to go to others nodes but anyways the next week while looking for a fresh node to fish in I came across an alliance members so one cast for me in his node and bam was a win. Not sure if the blacktip sharks RNG goes up if you do a practice like this but glad to have that knocked out of the way too.

  • Skrawny, October 2010

    Hello all,

    First time posting, but I have been reading these forums for quite some time. I was reminded of a post I made on my guild forums to someone who was being snarky with me for "wasting my time" on the STV extravaganza. Instead of being a jerk back, I decided to write this in reply. It's all in fun, and a few months later, I won the STV tourney! Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy,


    Have you even tried to fish?

    Are you alive?

    Do you know why they call it [b]strangle[/b]thorn vale?

    I refuse to sink to your level of fishing ineptitude!

    Do you even know how to tell the difference between shellfish, cephalopods, crustaceans, and echinoderms?! This is one of the small skills required to even take part in this revered extravaganza! This jubilant expression of ability, strength and perseverance!

    I, a fisherman of four hundred and fiftieth level, long for the moment on Sunday afternoons, when the sluggish sun is drifting past its apex, shedding its vibrant rays upon the undulating brine. The tempered, Master Angler, Riggle Bassbait calls out, Nay! Sings the chorus that echoes in the hearts of all true Fisherpeople: "Let the contest, begin!"

    Our emotions swell, hearts beating with anticipation, rising synchronistically, we rush to our boats, our hands moving almost unthinkingly to our reels, baiting our hooks with a skill and ease as we have done thousands of times before. In West Philadelphia, born and raised. On a playground is where I spend most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. As we speed out through the surf, cleaving through the froth and spray, our vessels take on a life of their own, leading us to a not unknown bounty. In our wake trails the long-gone days of the landlubbers we once were. We float onward, up and away; we rise on hope and dreams.

    We fish.

  • Dethblo, November 2010

    Got 'im. I must be extremely lucky because I did it in one quick session. I'm Alliance and I died once riding in the side gate, but once I got to the valley of spirits I did /lie under the trainer's hut and no one messed with me. That is probably b/c I did it first thing in the morning after the servers came up from rolling restarts. I only saw one hordie the whole time. He was an 80 and saw me get killed by the guards, then mounted up and moved on. Here are my stats. I hope you have as much luck as I did!
    Elapsed time; 00:25:09
    Total casts: 54
    Old Crafty (1 : 1.9%)

  • Daco, November 2010

    Lucky in some things (got Mr. Pinchy fairly quickly) and not in some others (no Ironjaw, Sea Turtle or sewer rat). Finally got Salty today after probably 2500-3000 casts in pursuit of the rare fish. However my ultimate luck was winning the Kal'uak Derby on the first try, without really planning to.

    I had traveled to Coldarra to do the daily that prepares you for killing Malygos. I logged out there on a Friday night. The next day, I logged in to do the daily, by coincidence about 10 minutes before the derby started. I'd never done it before. When the continent-wide announcement went out, I decided "what the heck" and flew down to the nearest coast (after alt-tabbing out to remind myself what the derby entailed).

    The contest started and I fished nodes (with nobody else every appearing in the area). On the fourth node, I caught the shark. I used my Kirin Tor ring to travel to Dalaran and immediately ran for the NPC. Of course, on my slow computer it took seemingly forever for the NPCs in Dalaran to appear. He finally did, I turned it in, and immediately got two whispers from other players who were mere steps behind me in turning it in.

    Until then, I hadn't really thought about going for "Salty," even though I already had Mr. Pinchy and the fountain achievement. "One That Didn't Get Away" of course took the longest. And as of today I'm finally Salty Daco.

  • Stalyn, November 2010

    Well, I caught Mr Pinchy on my first cast in the Lobster waters up near Skettis, and I caught the Sea Turtle while trying to fish out pools to spawn them closer in the Kaluak Fishing Derby. I got the Magical Crawdad on my second Mr Pinchy wish, and I got the sea turtle around 420-430 fishing skill. I had caught less than 500 fish in Northrend and already got the turtle :D

  • Zofian, November 2010

    I got Pinchy on my 3rd cast, preparing myself for a long run, and was pleasently surprised. Doubly so when I got the pet on the first wish. And I got 2 crocs on my first two croc dailies.

  • Dethblo, March 2011

    I renounce my claim of luckiest fisherman. Several months after snagging Crafty with just 54 casts I just spent 2504 casts and several days to land Ironjaw. Grats WoW. You pwn me.

  • pepeu, March 2011

    I just caught my second Old Crafty. The first one was with my warrior after 320+ casts. (later that very same day I got Old Ironjaw after 287 casts) Today, I thought I was going for the same with my druid and, I got it the very first cast! I couldn't believe it! Diplomat and Old Crafty in one throw. I was suddenly one of those you just hear about or is mentioned to point out that these are just by pure luck. I stood behind the waterfall for about half a minute, double and triple checking my bag to see that it really was there. Now, I'm trying for the Old Ironjaw with this character, but no luck just yet. I hoped that I would get that one as well on my first cast. That would have been über epic! :OD

  • Renetta, March 2011

    I got old ironjaw on the first (!) cast. But I have paid dearly for that kind of luck with other things such as the turtle or the one that didn't get away. In fact I cannot even get the vendorfish right now, leave alone anything bloated (I got some before they counted).

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