Old Ironjaw

Old Ironjaw

Where to catch Old Ironjaw.

About Old Ironjaw

  • "The legendary uncatchable fish of Ironforge. Just holding this scaly old monster makes you feel tough." Binds when caught.
  • Use:

    Equip: Held in off-hand. Gives +5 Stamina bonus.
  • Value:

    Vendor: 25s
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Old Ironjaw

  • Commentary:

    Rare catch from open water in Ironforge. Estimated at less than 1 in 1000 of catches. Binds to the angler when caught, so cannot be traded. It is possible to catch and equip this as low as level 5.
  • Guide:

    Cross-Faction Fishing - Guide to fishing in the opposing faction's capitals - Ironforge, Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Required for The Fishing Diplomat, Old Crafty, and Old Ironjaw achivements.
  • Achievements:

    Old Ironjaw: Catch Old Ironjaw.
  • History:

    2.3: Old Ironjaw first caught.
Where to Catch Old Ironjaw
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Ironforge<1%2049Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper


Map of Ironforge for Horde
Map of Ironforge for Horde

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Comments about Old Ironjaw

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Old Ironjaw

  • Schrodinger, September 2008

    Well after being very lucky getting Magical Crawdad on my first pinchy (571 Furious crawdads I counted) and Old Crafty in under 50 casts.

    I thought how about getting Ironjaw.

    I finally got fishing buddy, and now on my 1050 cast.

    No luck yet =P

    How long did it take others?

  • Schrodinger, September 2008

    1500 casts and he is mine ^^

  • Periwinkle93084, September 2008

    I am horde and it took me 534 Catches(Fish/Items) to wrangle up Old Ironjaw.

    333 - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
    107 - Raw Bristle Water Catfish
    89 - Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    2 - 17 Pound Catfish
    1 - Bloated Mud Snapper
    1 - Spellbinder Cloak
    1 - Lesser Mana Potion

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  • Zahana, September 2008

    500+ cast before I finally got him, now to sneak into org and get Crafty

  • heraklen, September 2008

    Well Im NOT lucky .

    Well above 1500+ casts now , have 3 green items , 4x17 Pound Catfish , 2x19Pound Catfish
    And more than 4x healing pots and manapots but STILL no Ironjaw

    Sneaked into Ironforge, died a couple of times getting to Forlorn cavern but no kills inside the cave , some nice allys have waved and fished with me and much of the fishing have been while they have raced their Brewfest ram's through the cave :-)

    I will not surrender , the elusive one will be mine!!

  • Foffa, September 2008

    I have never been to Ironforge, since I'm horde, and I was wondering if someone could perhaps give me a few pointers on good locations to try to catch Mr Ironjaw in.
    Any tips/pointers appreciated!

  • heraklen, September 2008

    Foffa wrote:

    I have never been to Ironforge, since I'm horde, and I was wondering if someone could perhaps give me a few pointers on good locations to try to catch Mr Ironjaw in.
    Any tips/pointers appreciated!

    First of all , nice hints here read the "Tips for Horde by Kabby" : http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34484

    You need to get to Ironforge , I read some hints taking the tram to ironforge was the best thing = NOT - I was killed a lot , don't go that way.

    I stormed through the main gate , jumped down to the lava and died 3 times while going to Forlorn cavern (thats the place with 3 dots on the map from wowhead).
    Make a macro that makes you "/sleep" that way you can look dead to some guys even while fishing.

    Good luck.

  • Cozmic, September 2008

    Just caught mine today. Very exciting, around 1000 catches.

  • Bekkabakoo, September 2008

    I got Old Ironjaw after ctaching 163 fish and other various junk. Other valuable items were:

    85 - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
    44 - Raw Bristle Water Catfish
    33- Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    1 - 17 Pound Catfish
    1 - Lesser Mana Potion

    I am a gnome so no fighting to get these, Old Crafty is next. I'll report on the number of ganks.

  • Swoosh, September 2008

    Foffa wrote:

    I have never been to Ironforge, since I'm horde, and I was wondering if someone could perhaps give me a few pointers on good locations to try to catch Mr Ironjaw in.
    Any tips/pointers appreciated!

    As a rogue, it's rather easy to sneak into Ironforge so can't really give you any other advice than bring greater invisibility potions :)

    Realize, however, that as soon as you enter IF, you'll be flagged for PvP. Even if you're playing on a PvE server, meaning that guards will attack you and Allies can attack you if they so wish.

    Regarding places to fish the only two I know of are:
    The pool in the Mystic Ward
    The Forlorn Caverns.

    You probably don't want to fish the Mystic Ward as that is a highly trafficed area, where as the most people that come through The Forlorn Caverns are people doing their Ram Racing. Now in the Forlorn Caverns, the water is not very deep until a fair bit out, so what I did was to hug the right wall, go out until just before I started swimming and do /sleep resulting in you being underwater without actually getting the breath bar. It'll look something like this when you fish:


    Of course your name will be glaring red and sticking out like a sore thumb, but most don't see it, don't care or believe you're a corpse.

    What to do when you *do* get spotted then? I took the Ghandi approach. Seeing as I was very lucky getting Old Crafty in Orgrimmar, I figured that I'd prolly spend a lot of time in IF fishing for the ally equivalent. Therefore I'd rather not bring down the whole wrath of IF by killing peeps to the left and right. I was there for approx 1000 throws and got ganked a total of 8 times, where 3 of them was by pesky, badly geared combat rogue at the very end at 2 am in the morning. The rest of the allies just killled me once and moved on. Fair game. I didn't fight back as I didn't want it to turn into a fun thing to do for them.

    There was however a lvl 13 dwarf hunter who kept attacking me, and I killed his pet numerous times. And the lvl 16 lock who pretty much pooed her pants when she smacked me with her mace and realized she PvP enabled :) Fun stuff.

    Anyway, hope this comment helps you Foffa and good anglin' to ya :)

  • Peppep, September 2008

    Three days ago I happened upon this website, and it really got me pumped on fishing. I went 1-375 in 2 days, in search of rare goodies and whatnot. Me being horde, I figured the first thing I would do once I got the 375 grind out of the way was go to Ironforge and land Old Ironjaw.

    I sneaked in and made a dash for the Forlorn Cavern. With a full pot of coffee I was ready for hours of fishing fun. Much to my surprise...it only took me FOUR casts to capture my prize. One Raw Brilliant Smallfish. Two Raw Longjaw Mudsnapper. The next thing I yank out of the water is Old Ironjaw!

    I'm still "sleeping" in the water of Ironforge in shock. I can't think of a better way to start my fishing career. This site is a healthy nugget of information and the forums are great. Thanks to everyone for their contributions, I hope to be a regular here =)

  • heraklen, September 2008

    Finally I got him!!

    Around 1700 casts , 5 green items , 4x17 Pound Catfish , 2x19Pound Catfish , several healing and manapots before the elusive one showed up!

    Happy dance!

    Next stop , Old crafty! - stupid me have already got the guy once but i trashed him before I knew the value and found this site.

  • NiceBloke, October 2008

    I've just parked myself in the Cavern ready for a battle of wits against Old Ironjaw.

    Being Horde I'm tucked away at the back of the cave wearing just a Lucky Fishing had and a pair of boots ;)

    If like me, you've never been into Ironforge - here's what to do.

    1] Strip off (no sense if paying repair bills if you can't stealth)
    2] Head to Hammerfall and go via Wetlands to the Gates of Ironforge
    3] Mount up and head into the city (try not to run over the guards cause they might daze you - then you'll be toast)
    4] Once inside the main gate - follow the path to the left and then head Clockwise round the city.
    5] Try not to get stuck in the middle of the pond in Mystic Ward like I did - go round it
    6] When you're in the Forlorn Cavern the pool will be on your Right - hug the wall to the back.
    7] Catch Ironjaw!

    When you're being chased by the guards, just keep heading towards the Cavern, even if you're knocked off your mount. If you die, just rez as far away from your body as you can so you gain those few extra feet towards your goal.

    Hope that helps.

  • NiceBloke, October 2008

    Just finished for the night on 1700 casts. Still no Ironjaw :(

  • NiceBloke, October 2008

    Well, I just shy of 2500 casts now - Still no sign of Ironjaw.

    I'm at that point where I've come too far to quit - but it's really frustrating.

    Bejeweled has saved some sanity and having a group of about 8 Ally fishing with me was fun.


  • kyosei, October 2008

    Just another tip for those hordies out there looking to get to Ironforge. Easiest way would be just to teleport to Gnomeregan from Booty Bay. Once outside, just head north-east towards the center and you should hit the Gates of Ironforge ^^

  • Foffa, October 2008

    Just started chasing this guy, so went to IF and to my big surprise it took a little over 2hrs before i got ganked the first time.

    Here's what i've got thus far:

    288 Longjaw Mud Snapper
    92 Bristle Whisker Catfish
    67 Brilliant Smallfish
    2 17 Pound Catfish
    2 Lesser Healing
    2 Lesser Mana
    1 Bloated Mud Snapper

    *** EDIT ***

    Over 1000 catches now, and still no sight of Old Ironjaw.

    Although i got
    1 22 pound catfish
    1 Bloated Mud Snapper
    1 Pioneer Boots
    so far...

  • NiceBloke, October 2008


    Old Ironjaw dropped for me this afternoon. Just putting in a quick half hours fish during my lunch break.

    I don't have the final count - but I'm guessing just over 2500.

    Now for Mr Pinchy.......

  • Jonaleth, October 2008

    Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper : 1546
    Raw Brilliant Smallfish : 435
    Raw bristle Whisker Catfish : 551
    17 Pound Catfish : 8
    19 Pound Catfish : 3
    22 Pound Catfish : 2
    The 1 Ring : 1
    Lesser Mana potion : 6
    Lesser Healing Potion : 4
    Green item : 1

    Old Ironjaw : 1

    Total : 2555

  • Shircon, October 2008

    i bet im close to 500 or 600 catches so far....Is there a way to reset Fishing buddy stats?

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Old Ironjaw in 42 min

  • JTF195, May 2008

    So, I decided to fish for Old Ironjaw today for basically the first time...

    I had casually done so before, but didn't really try very hard, and gave up to do other things after a few minutes.

    This time was different though, this time my plan was to stay committed until I caught this elusive beastie.

    42 minutes and 40 seconds later, I see green text, and to my amazement, I've done it... Old Ironjaw is mine!

    Total fish caught: 91

    Next up, Old Crafty!

  • Slavaa, May 2008

    I've got my Forsaken eyesockets set on Ol' Ironjaw as well, beware Alliance of Blade's Edge, the raid is coming for you.

    P.S. I think I'll leave Crafty for later, he's to crafty for me, and being in my faction's own city, it'd just be too easy.

  • Pipre, May 2008

    I've caught both, and I have to admit that fishing in the orgrimmar will be much easier than fishing in Ironforge. In Orgrimmar you can fish up by the mage/priest trainers out of sight of passersby. Ironforge will be much more difficult. If you're horde, that is.

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  • Oberweiss, May 2008

    For allies fishing in Orgrimmar, you may have an easier time fishing from in the little waterfall (Northwest corner) at the other pond in the Valley of Honor.

    The pond in the Valley of Spirits is where Horde is sent to by using a mage portal or the portal to Orgrimmar in Shattrath. There will be considerably less traffic in the Valley of Honor.

    Additionally, it may help to do your cross-faction city fishing while /sleeping. The lower profile may help hide you, and possibly help you avoid combat altogether if passersby think you're dead already.

    Does anyone have any similar recommendations for fishing in Ironforge?

  • Spellbinder, May 2008

    I just have to ask to be sure. While fishing after Old Ironjaw i have to fish inside of Ironforge right? Like in that cavern? Theres also a small pond outside mages where they portal. But only inside Ironforge it really says Ironforge on your minimap.

  • Pipre, May 2008

    you can, oddly enough, catch him from the lava in the center of IF. You could probably make your way around one of the pillars there that would be hard for someone trying to kill you to get on. Alternatively, you could fish in the forlorn cavern, its unlikely that a lvl 70 would go back in there since there are only lowbie quests and rogue/warlock trainers. Don't even try to fish in the pool in the Mage district if you're horde. The portal to IF from shattrath drops right next to it.

  • gremda, May 2008

    Woot! Finally got the *%^*&!

    It only took 1078 catches.

    BTW, I don't think fishing in the Great Forge works anymore. I tried for fun a couple of days ago and I got the message about my cast not landing in fishable water.

    Now I have to work up my courage to go after Old Crafty...

  • Slavaa, May 2008

    Well, when I said "I've got my Forsaken eyesockets set on Ol' Ironjaw" I wasn't kidding, 46 successful casts later, Super Happy Dance!

    I fished at the very back of the Forlorn Cavern with a few Potions of water walking, all the Allies just rode right by (there was actually only 5 or so) without seeing me, I think about 3 of them were the same paladin but I'm not sure...

    I got killed a few times going in though, and being in the guild <Bringing Down Ironforge> didn't help the peace negotiations...

    My dad, on his draenei was beside me for some of it, 5 or so casts in, he gets Old Ironjaw, he wasn't quite as elated as I was, and I had to rez under his Elekk a few times, and all those night elves were jerks, but it was worth the time and effort.

    I even got "Guildy of the Day" just for getting in there alone.

    I may write a more "roleplay-y" version of this, then pass it in for extra english marks, keep your eyes open.

  • JTF195, May 2008

    Grats on catching him faster than me, apparently he isn't as rare as the droprate says he is.... or the droprate was raised... either way, I need to go catch Old Crafty when I get the time. :)

  • Calabar, May 2008

    I’ve been fishing in IF for each of the Crocolisks in the City quests every since it was pointed out on these forums that the crocs could be caught there. Granted, my server hasn’t gotten that quest very often, but with four characters doing that quest each time and some of those taking nearly 20 casts I’ve yet to see any off hand fish of any type. *shrugs* So I don’t think the drop rate is exactly high.

  • Yohaun, May 2008

    OK you guys have got me too interested in this. This Tauren is sneaking into Org. Ironjaw will be.....MINE!

  • Slavaa, May 2008

    Why would a tauren need to sneak into Org? and why would you be expecting to catch Old ironjaw there?

    (I am aware this is a typo, this has been a subtle hint)

  • Syllis, May 2008

    I went there last night, inspired by you guys talking of catching him.

    I strolled thru the main gate (well hauled butt actually) and avoided all but two of the guards on the way to the lake in the cavern. I doubt if anyone will ever find the two bodies on the lake bottom.

    I started fishing, and after about 80 or so, told myself I would go to 400 catches and then call it quit for the day. I really didn't expect to catch him the first trip.

    The 365th fish I caught was Old Ironjaw.

    And earlier in the day I visited the Darkmoon Faerie fortune teller. She told me, and I quote, "You will find something exciting tomorrow.

    I caught Old Ironjaw shortly after midnight.

  • Pipre, May 2008

    My lowbie Paladin alt (lvl 26) caught Old Ironjaw in, no kidding, 5 casts in the mage pool. This after it took Petre over 600. Then I maxed her fishing while waiting on rez/rebuffs for our Vashj attempts. A pretty successful evening, even if Vashj didn't go down.

  • Marlburo, May 2008

    While i was toiling away in org trying for crafty (1,123 cast in two days with no luck yet) my guildie decided to sneak in to IF. I told her if she got it before I did (I was 500 casts in at that point) she was out of the guild.....I lied....but I hate her lol

  • Oberweiss, September 2008

    Well, I finally got off of my lazy, tauren butt and headed over to Ironforge for Old Ironjaw. I haven't caught him yet, but I'll share my method of getting situated, since it seemed to work pretty well.

    First of all, I don't like running into Ironforge directly. It's too crowded, and I tend to get chain-ganked. I mounted up and sped through Stormwind to Tinker Town where the tram is. If you get netted or anything happens, do whatever you can to stay mounted. Guards will de-aggro once you get far enough away. Once you get zoned into the tram, there tends to be less trouble, as there are few players and no guards.

    I stealth at this point. Take the tram to Ironforge, walk up to the instance portal to Ironforge and unstealth. Wait until the stealth cooldown is done. Zone into Ironforge and stealth immediately. Walk down the tram hallway and make a right. Avoid the fires and pair of guards at the start/end of each hallway. Continue until you see a fairly large pond on the left, in the Forlorn Cavern. This is the body of water where you'll fish.

    The alliance traffic will generally be coming from the opposite direction you came from, so your best option is to pick a spot along the back wall, in the opposite corner. You will not need water walking potions; the water is shallow enough to walk on the edge. You will probably want to fish while /sleeping to keep a lower profile. However, you may want to bring some Elixirs of Camouflage. It seems that the majority of alliance who found me were hunters and druids who had track humanoids on. With the change to the blips' coloring, they can spot the enemy faction quite a bit easier.

    Good luck, everyone!

    Edit: On my 943rd catch, I finally claimed him for my own. Phew!

  • Spleen, September 2008

    I've been trying to get Ironjaw on my warlock for the past three days; I've filled my bags twice so far and still no luck.. Not very fun whenever you get camped, either...

    But I have found a bit of a way to avoid getting camped if you're Horde going after Ironjaw. Stay at the back of the Forlorn Cavern, and you will avoid most confrontations this way. If by some bad luck you are spotted (most of the time it was a low level who saw me and called some 70s...), just keep fishing until you actually die. Come back and check to see if you're being camped. If not, continue to fish. If you're unlucky enough to be camped, go around into the Great Forge as a ghost and rez inside one of the buildings. Your corpse will disappear from where it was on the other side of the wall, and the alliance will have no idea where you are. Now you can either run back while you're alive, or you can die again inside the building, and run back and rez again inside the Cavern. If all went well, those pesky alliance will be gone.

  • Noor, September 2008

    I have to admit, it was pitifully easy for my 63 gnome rogue to catch Old Crafty; I was behind the main building in Valley of Spirits, only got hassled by a 70 hunter (and I got away while he got stuck behind the building). I didn't keep track, but I only had a few stacks of fish when I caught him, so it was probably around 50 casts.

  • Amnon, September 2008

    After finally catching Old Crafty after several days, hours and thousands of catches, Old Ironjaw took me a measly 110 mud snapper, 48 smallfish, 54 catfish, a couple potions and one bloated snapper. Maybe a little over an hour. I just hit Ironforge at about 2:30 AM server time, went left at the main entrance, rode right to the Forlorn Cavern and by the time I got to the back I only had one guard on me. Fished while /sleeping so that I was largely invisible underwater and didn't have a single problem.

  • Zahana, September 2008

    Anyone have any tips as far as the easiest way into Orgrimmar? Is it easier to go threw the main gates or the side entrance?

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Old Ironjaw, The Fishing Diplomat, and the Horde

  • donquixote235, October 2008

    Yesterday I found myself near Elwynn Forest, so I thought it would be a good time to pick up the Stormwind half of the Fishing Diplomat achievement.

    I've found that ever since they changed the entry guards to be lvl 75 rather than 65, sneaking in through the front door is a no-no; even with +stealth trinkets working overtime, they see right through it. My Vanish only has about a 50% chance of getting them off my back. Instead I've discovered that the best way to get into Stormwind is to come the back way through the new harbor around back. You can swim there from the Westfall/Elwynn border, and the guards are all lvl 65. Keep in mind that fishing from Stormwind Harbor does NOT count toward your Fishing Diplomat achievement; you have to apparently fish from inside the city walls for the achievement to take.

    I was able to stealth to the canals without much problem and grab my single catch. Since I was already in SW and the Deeprun Tram was not that far from me, I figured I'd take my chances at Old Ironjaw.

    Stealthing to the tram was not a problem; I think there was a single guard I had to avoid on the way. Once I got into the tram I opted to run the rails rather than take the tram, as I was still flagged and I didn't want to draw unnecessary attention to myself.

    I came out at Ironforge in Tinkertown, which is very close to the Forelorn Cavern. This was indeed much better than coming through the front door! This way I'd have to deal with at most 5 lvl 75 guards rather than the score or so that I'd have to deal with from the front entry. However 5 guards was about 5 more than I wanted to deal with!

    I mounted up and started to make a mad dash toward the cavern. Sure enough, the first pair of guards aggroed me. I then rode straight into the middle of the second pair, and picked up their aggro as well. I was almost to the cavern when they dismounted me, so I dropped a Vanish and prayed. I got the message "Leaving Combat" and breathed a sigh of relief.

    About one second later I encountered the fifth guard, whom I had not counted on. This guard pats the wall directly across from the cavern entrance. If I'd stuck to the south wall there's a very good chance I could have avoided him. I knew I was going to die but I figured I'd at least do it in a good position. So I ran for the water and managed to swim about halfway across the pool before I got killed.

    After that, it was easy. I did the necessary corpse-run, edged myself against the south wall, did a /sleep command to bring a low profile, and started fishing.

    At first I had the place entirely to myself. After a couple of minutes a Human Paladin showed up and I started to get worried; I really didn't want to fight anybody, I just wanted a nice pacifist fishing trip. After a few seconds he waved at me and proceeded to fish by my side. Awesome.

    Every couple of minutes another Alliance character would ride by the pool. Most didn't even see me, but some would stop and look at me for a few seconds and then ride on. I only had one character try to pick on me, a Draenei Shaman. My solution to this was to Vanish and then move to another spot. He tried to locate me again but with no luck, and eventually went away. I then unstealthed and proceeded to start fishing again, and the two people who'd showed up there to fish cheered as I reappeared. What a great thing: cameradery between the factions, and all because of fishing!

    Finally (after about 150-200 throws) I got my prize - Old Ironjaw. The two other fishermen cheered me again, I took a bow, and I hearthed the heck out of there.

    In a nutshell, it's very possible and not that hard, as long as you come in through the back door at Stormwind and take the Deeprun Tram. Most people will ignore you (at least they did me) as long as you stick to fishing and don't try to fight anybody. If you are attacked it may even be best to take the blows and not fight back so that when you return the people who witnessed the battle know that you're not interested in fighting, just fishing.

  • Nosajje, October 2008

    SW Harbor is definitely the way to go when it comes to getting into SW and IF. My wife and I swam through westfall up into the harbor, got our catch for Fishing Diplomat, then ran into stockades to get Bazil kill achievement, then ran out and around through the park/dwarven district etc into town and took tram to IF. The whole time we never saw a single alliance.

  • Thander, October 2008

    I think your mileage may vary quite bit with this one. Running through stormwind to get to the tram without stealth might take awhile especially on a busy server. Then, the allis in Ironforge might not be so nice. Last, you may get unlucky catching Ironjaw and have to do >1000 catches. (increases your chances to get ganked greatly).

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  • Kattora, October 2008

    Well I'm glad your time fishing wasn't horrific. But unfortunately, on Malygos, the Alliance forbid me to fish in their little pond. I've tried everything. Funky outfits, not fighting, emoting (/beg, /cower, /hug etc)...they always kill me, over and over. I even went as far as to log onto an alliance character I use for their AH and asked them nicely to let me fish... and I'd get a 'rofl' or a 'lol' and that's about it.
    I don't know how I'm gonna get that fish, I'm a shaman, I have to suicide my way there. I die at least 2-3 times from guards before I get to my spot just to die from Alliance. >_<
    Sleeping doesn't work, they can easily see you aren't dead. The giant red name above your body is what gives you away. If I could get my name into the wall and then /sleep, I'd be safe... but I can't. Why can't Blizzard place some rocks back there or something? >_< Alliance have several places to hide in Orgrimmar. I've seen them, and each time I do /greet and /cheer and leave them alone.

    Ironjaw seems so impossible to get. :(
    I've got Old Crafty but obviously that is much easier to do as Horde.

  • Jagent, October 2008

    Started fishing tonight around 2:30am, just caught Old Ironjaw at about 3:50am

    Roughly 325 fish caught before him

  • Griezz, October 2008

    Actually, I earned the Stormwind ambassadorial acheivement... well, not easily, but in a different manner.

    After crossing into Elwynn, I snuck through the countryside until I approached Stormwind's gates. Finally, I ran through the gates as quickly as possible. Trying hard to ignore the aggro'd guards (although I did die once), I immediately moved down the ramp to the right.

    That's right. I did not go along the bridge into Stormwind proper. I made it into the city's moat.

    Now here's the thing: if you CAREFULLY search the moat, hugging the city-side edge of the moat as much as possible, you WILL find a very small part of the moat's wall where you can stand and the text above the minimap actually says "Stormwind". Once you find this sweet spot, it's just a matter of pulling in a single fish, and you've got the acheivement (or this portion of it, anyways).

  • Chalmette, October 2008

    I did the Stormwind portion of fishing diplomat simply by swimming up towards the harbor from Westfall for a bit until the map said I had zoned in to Stormwind, and then I found a little hill along the cliffs and fished. Got the achievement as easy as that.

  • Whisper, October 2008

    Thanks for the tips, I'm trying this tonight

  • el, October 2008

    I investigated this (on the beta server, because "live" Stormwind is plagued with zombies), and I'm inclined to agree it is easier to enter via the Harbor, since there are far fewer guards, and they are lower level. I've updated the guide with this and some other suggestions. Keep the strategies coming!

    It is possible that the Stormwind catch criteria has changed. When I checked it last week (again on beta realms) fishing immediately to the south of the southern-most pier in the Harbor, triggered the achievement.

  • Upstate, October 2008

    While the zombies are attacking Shattrath you can become a zombie and use the portal to get to opposing faction city. In both Orgrimmar and Ironforge it takes you right to the fishing area.

  • will, October 2008

    I wanted to post for you horde members out there.

    Link Text

    You will have to scroll down a bit to find the picture and info. Keep in mind that you will still get ganked but at a much lesser rate.

    Essentially you will be fishing on an invisible ledge in the lava. Finding the ledge initially is a pain but well worth it. I was able to fish for over an hour before my first visitor, who did not kill me.

    For a total of about three hours I fished there getting killed twice. The funny thing is the cost of one honorable kill is equal to a 3-4 gold repair bill. The two attackers that I did have also died in the lava.

    Hopefully this will help some of you get your achievement.

  • Thander, October 2008

    will wrote:

    The funny thing is the cost of one honorable kill is equal to a 3-4 gold repair bill.

    You shouldn't be losing durability from PvP deaths. Are you saying you fell in the lava or guards killed you?

  • el, October 2008

    I presume the repair bills are for those that attempt to attack you, but fall into the lava doing so.

    To be honest, I thought the fish had been removed from the lava. Not to mention that it shouldn't be possible to jump down to the lava, or stand on an invisible ledge once you get there. Anyone know if it is possible to fish in "Old Ironforge" too?

  • donquixote235, October 2008

    el wrote:

    It is possible that the Stormwind catch criteria has changed. When I checked it last week (again on beta realms) fishing immediately to the south of the southern-most pier in the Harbor, triggered the achievement.

    I tried fishing from that slope just south of the southern dock with no success about ten days ago, but it's possible that even though I was technically in Stormwind my cast was not. Since there are two posts on here that refute my experience, I'd have to lean toward those experiences.

  • Illuthas, October 2008

    I just caught my Old Ironjaw too,though i did the diplomat achievement long before it since i was gonna do MGT,anyway i tried it yesterday and then on my way there i found 2 other ppl heading to IF too to fish him up,we teamed up and through the main gate we got there,badly was that there were 10 allies there fishing,and there were always a few killing us.
    Then i spotted some ghost hordes wanting to fish there too,sadly my group gave up to try later but i teamed up with the guys that were dead there.
    Normally there were 4 ppl in that group,1 that wanted to fish but wasnt there yet,1 that was already fishing there and then 2 that were helping him.
    They kept on killing us so one that was helping logged on his ally,a lvl11 warlock.After a long conversasion we couldnt understand the one that was already fishing there left.30 sec later the helper came back so they started helping me,it seems the talk worked since they didnt attack me anymore so i could just fish and 100th catch i caught Old Ironjaw (saw it with FB).
    To all ppl that get attacked while trying there,make an ally and try to reason them.

  • Micha, October 2008

    I made my life a lot easier by grabbing Old Ironjaw pre-3.0, but it's still very possible now. There are a few things to note as general rules.

    First of all, if you're a hunter who PvP's regularly, you know how obvious an enemy player in your city is. People who PvP a lot are trained to spot that red dot on their minimap, even when they're not looking directly at it, and this will give you away more than anything else. That's why you need to keep Aspect of the Beast up if you're a hunter. Luckily, if you're not a hunter, there is something else you can get to counter tracking. Camouflage Potions. Pop one of these babies, and you can't be tracked. I strongly recommend getting a stack of these items before you make your attempt.

    Lastly, there is a gap between you respawning and you showing up on track, meaning that if you respawn and immediately hit beast or quaff a potion, hunters will never see you reappear. If they're stupid, they'll figure you spirit healed. If they're smart, they will hit /target yourname and realize you're still around, but they still won't know exactly where you are (though they might then send their pet and follow it). Most hunters are stupid, though.

    If you don't spend a lot of time in enemy cities, here is another tip. It's not only guards you have to watch for. It's quest NPC's too. If you get spotted by some of them, they will drop you right into combat, and they will instantly spawn guards that will aggro onto you. Others will aggro nearby guards. So your objective is to avoid both if possible.

    Lastly, here's one for rogues. If you spend a lot of time in enemy cities, you are aware that every city has one or more "rogue killer" guards. Prior to Wrath, these guys remained at 60, so they weren't a huge danger. With Wrath, Blizzard decided to bump them _way_ up. These guys will spot you from a mile away, even with max Master of Deception, and they will cut you to pieces rather quickly. You should stay the Hell away from them. The one in Ironforge won't be a problem because he wanders the front. The one in Stormwind can be a major downer if you're trying to stealth to the tram. With Wrath, there also seems to be a new behavior where they're instantly spawned if an immobile guards spots you while stealthed.

    I'm also going to add a few city-specific tips.

    First of all, fishing in Org:

    I'm Horde, but I've asked myself how Alliance could do this most easily. There is water in the Valley of Honor, but I'm not sure how well you could hide there. It's a high-traffic area, and worse yet, the traffic is because this is where the battlemasters are, so you can count on the people here killing you if they find you.

    A better option is hiding behind the buildings with the mage trainers. That's the Valley of Spirits on your Org map, if you're wondering. It's close to the back entrance, luckily. In fact, there is a particular rock you can hide behind which should conceal your name as well. I'll have to check when I get there again. I really must emphasize the use of camouflage potions if you use this method. For those of you who have never played Horde, fishing in this location puts you about twenty feet from the Horde port-in location (the location Horde spawn in if they teleport or use a portal to Org, including the Shat portal). While they will have next to no chance of spotting you visually, a hunter will immediately see you without some method of tracking negation.

    Fishing in Stormwind:

    Well, you only need one cast here, so this is super easy. You have two methods. First off, you can be in Stormwind without being in Stormwind, like was mentioned earlier. There's a patch to the southwest of the main wall leading into the city. I'd recommend this if you're not planning to then proceed to Ironforge.

    If you are heading to IF, there's another method which makes me really surprised that people ran through the main gates. You can actually get right into Stormwind without using the tram and without people or guards noticing you, even if there's a pack dueling outside (happens often). As you approach Stormwind, with Aspect of the Beast or a camouflage potion on, hug the mountains to the east of the wall. Keep right against them. Staying mounted, run into the little cleft of terrain between the east side of the wall and the mountain next to it. Start jumping while mounted, trying to run forward at the same time. If you do it right, you can jump your way _onto_ the wall, and you can stay mounted up there. While still mounted, you can do a running jump right into the water below. This will avoid all guard aggro and most players too.

    Once you're in the moat, swim to the far NE of it. There is a patch of land you can get up onto here. Most players will not see you here, and you can quickly get your cast. Now, heading to IF. You might be tempted to head straight south, but _do not_ do this. There is a NPC just south of the eastern side of the moat who will aggro a guard onto you instantly. Instead, you must swim under the bridge to the west side of the moat, careful to avoid the squid shaman NPC standing on a little island there. There is a single patrolling guard that comes down to the land on the west side of the moat, but you simply wait for them to pass, then get up on land and mount.

    There are already plenty of tips available on how to fish in IF, so I don't really have much new to add here. I'll talk about respawn locations if you die, though.

    If you are a class who can either stealth or successfully aggro drop against lvl 75 guards (either a rogue, druid, or arcane mage, since these guys will resist feign 95% of the time), try to keep on the side of the pool closest to the rogue trainer room. You will actually be able to spawn in there if you die, then. If you spawn right on the stairwell inside that building, between the top and bottom floor in the far corner, you will not be spotted by the NPC's. While these guys won't spawn guards onto you, they will put you into combat if they spot you, preventing you from drinking or stealthing.

    When you leave that building, you will probably aggro one guard on your way to the water if you don't stealth. This is where the aggro drop comes in.

    A second option, if you're close to the far wall of the cavern, is that you can spawn inside the buildings opposite the far wall of the cavern (in the interior ring of IF). This is not recommended without an aggro drop, as you will aggro at least two guards (much more if you haven't learned how to avoid most of them) on your way back, and you can't really even stealth past those with them at lvl 75.

  • Marlburo, October 2008

    As for fishing diplomat, right before the SW gates, I just fished in the "mote" just to the left of entrance. I beleive the Shamen trainer was directly north of me, was really easy. As for Old Ironjaw, the SW-Tram-Pond in North IF is definitley the way to go. I don't mind dying, because you always get a little closer everytime you die. That being said, I have yet to try and get him during non-peak hours so I havent been able to fish there long without being killed. HOWEVA a tip i found on another toon that works well is to go to the VERY back of the pond, and SIT and fish. You will be completely underwater and thus a little harder to see, but as always luck is a factor.

  • Sauce, October 2008

    As an Alliance person, I could offer a little more input into fishing in OG. I decided to fish up Old Crafty awhile ago before the patch, which was a good idea in hindsight given the fact that the guards got buffed tremendously. When you want to fish for long periods of time without interruption, I suggest the Valley of Honor, as there is a waterfall back there along with a nice rock to hide behind while casting your lure. The entire time that I was in OG (about 3 hours), I was never killed, not one time; I guess I got lucky because no one saw me go back there.

    Post patch, I snuck through the back entrance to the city and hid behind one of the buildings in the valley of spirits. It was a much more difficult task and I was camped for about an hour, but I only needed one fish so it was cool.

  • Nivmizzet, November 2008

    At the moment in my server, Lightbringer, it seems tension built up between the two factions and either lets anyone fish on their territory. I'll just wait it out till things cool down :P

  • Picholine, November 2008

    el wrote:

    To be honest, I thought the fish had been removed from the lava. Not to mention that it shouldn't be possible to jump down to the lava, or stand on an invisible ledge once you get there. Anyone know if it is possible to fish in "Old Ironforge" too?

    I finished 1000 Fish today in IF, and a couple hundred were in the lava in the center of IF. Out of sheer boredom, I tried multiple fishing spots in IF, and got the idea Old IF might be the key to OLD Ironjaw! Alas, when my other mage buddy turned up to sheep me in, we discovered that the previously overlooked "Dun Morogh" dueling spots (by bank and Military Ward) had been removed, we assume with patch 3.0.2. Major, major bummer. So yes - fish in lava. But no, I don't know any other way to get in Old IF.

    Also, first post on this site and i gotta say: i feel like i've come home. you're my people!

    EDIT: Any Horde anglers on Silvermoon that can make it past the angry kids to IF - let me know - I'll be glad to try to sheep you into Old IF.

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Catching Ironjaw..

  • CatBalou, August 2009

    New to the board, but have been 'fishing' around here for a while ;)
    I've been trying for Ol' Ironjaw for a while now, up to nearly 600 casts and no luck. Is there a minimum of casts required to fish him up? or is it jut pot luck?

  • Shircon, August 2009

    Pot luck my friend....i was well over 1700 catches when i got him...got old crafty in less then 50 though...

  • KHSebastian, August 2009

    I put about 1000-1200 casts in either city. I got Ironjaw after about 1200, and I lost track of how many times I tried for Crafty, but it was at least 1000. I gave up, eventually, and then caught it during Crocs in the City

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  • swopa man, August 2009

    iv'e been trying for a while to catch it. pot luck is alot to do with it i guess. My uncle caught it after 1500 casts or something. keep on fishin'

  • aparchee, August 2009

    Took me 730 odd casts on my main who has all fishing achievements, went to level fishing on my 34 alt last week or so got Ironjaw under fishing skill 200, random is random and sometimes randomly annoying as hell.

  • CatBalou, August 2009

    Thanks for you replies :)
    Just an extra comment... does it matter if you log in / log out and keep trying to fish him up? Or do you literally have do all those hundreds of casts in one sitting?

  • CatBalou, August 2009

    800, and counting ..... : /

  • Shircon, August 2009

    Doesnt matter,the server keeps track i think.My 1700 were over 2 1/2 days when i would come home from work so i dont think logging out makes a differance.

  • CatBalou, August 2009

    Ah thats good,
    Had this awful feeling that whenever I teleport out of ironforge for WG that I would have to start again!

    And what is 'crocs in the city'? Is the the ol man barlo thingy? what exactly does that hav to do with Ironjaw..?

  • Shircon, August 2009

    nothing to do with IronJaw,its one of the daileys from Shat,you can possibly pick up one of the croc mini-pets from the reward bag.

  • kalamari, August 2009

    I was wondering do I have to cast 500+ times in one sitting to catch him? I only have enough time ti maybe get like 250 or so casts before I have to do something else.

  • Jan.aka.MrGolf, August 2009

    no u dont have to do it in one sitting fishing adventure. I did it also in multiple times. but I was really glad when I finally caught it though. Had numerous casts also, dont know for sure how much, but it was a bunch. Just keep trying, u will catch it eventually.

    The one in Orgrimmar ( dont mind spelling) was pretty fast catch for me. had it within an hour or so. But it's all just luck.

    GL catching :)

  • Pheardeath, August 2009

    Caught on 8th casted I have proof I Screen shoted right as i got it.
    and i was only a lvl 8 fisher when i got him so its all random
    GL on getting more.

    im on the server Laughing Skull


  • Utopia, August 2009

    I finally caught OI after over 4,5k casts, just 12 hours after my old man caught him on his very first cast in IF.... Oo

    Let's just say he wasn't flavour of the month until I caught mine......

  • Lily, September 2009

    I managed to fish up Ironjaw pretty quickly, not long after I picked up fishing with my main. I was sitting in IF fishing away and chatting to another player who was telling me he'd been there for 3 hours already, trying to catch the Ol' guy.

    About 50 casts in, I suddenly got him. I don't think my new friend was terribly pleased, as he left a few seconds later. Ooops!

  • Jindar, September 2009

    I caught Crafty on my 12th cast ever... I'm edging close to 200 casts with no Ironjaw, however.

  • Al, September 2009

    Hey, Lily.

    Your main's not on Kilrogg is she? LOL! I had just that experience some time back with my dwarf, Al, who already had max fishing at the time. Grinding for Old Ironjaw, I was chatting with a 70 who was just starting to level her fishing and who caught Ironjaw right before my eyes.

    I was happy for the player, but just worn out with fishing that time. I DID get Ironjaw the next day ... and then caught him again two days later doing the crocks quest.

  • Vlemki, December 2014

    Caught him on my 423th catch!:

    Old Ironjaw!: 1
    Longjaw Mud Snapper: 253
    Bristle Whisker Catfish: 97
    Brilliant Smallfish: 70
    Blind Minnow: 3
    Young Ironjaw: 1
    Red Leather Bag: 1
    Lesser Mana Potion: 1

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