Where to catch Peacebloom.

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Catching Peacebloom

Item can no longer be caught by fishing.

  • Notes:

    Until removed during patch 4.0.3a, the "School of Fish" in Elwynn Forest contained only Peacebloom. The pool was found in the elevated lake, to the north of Northshire Abbey. This pool is no longer available. Peacebloom is primarily gathered from plants by herbalists.
  • History:

    4.0.3: No longer caught by fishing - the School of Fish disappears.

Comments about Peacebloom

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School of Fish

  • el, May 2008

    In the last few weeks, the infamous School of Fish in Elwynn Forest seems to have disappeared. Or moved. Or my realm is suffering from heavy pool-lag. Anyone else noticed it isn't there any more?

  • Kahless, May 2008

    I fished that school, long ago before they nerfed wall walking.

    Are you still able to get to it or just noticing while flying over?

    EDIT: I just flew over it and I could see it there, though it doesn't show up on the fish finder.

  • Discokoopa, June 2009

    It still exists. Does not work with FInd Fish, but the pool is there and Peacebloom is still caught.

    A screenshot link:

  • Myaths, August 2009

    Here is a video i made that show u my way to get there. You need a slow fall method.

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    to "School of Fish".

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