This page summarises how to catch Peacebloom.


About Peacebloom

Catching Peacebloom

Item can no longer be caught by fishing.

Comments about Peacebloom

Below are readers' comments about "Peacebloom":

School of Fish

  1. el, May 2008:

    In the last few weeks, the infamous School of Fish in Elwynn Forest seems to have disappeared. Or moved. Or my realm is suffering from heavy pool-lag. Anyone else noticed it isn't there any more?

  2. Kahless, May 2008:

    I fished that school, long ago before they nerfed wall walking.

    Are you still able to get to it or just noticing while flying over?

    EDIT: I just flew over it and I could see it there, though it doesn't show up on the fish finder.

  3. Discokoopa, June 2009:

    It still exists. Does not work with FInd Fish, but the pool is there and Peacebloom is still caught.

    A screenshot link:

  4. Myaths, August 2009:

    Here is a video i made that show u my way to get there. You need a slow fall method.

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