Phantom Ghostfish

Phantom Ghostfish

Where to catch Phantom Ghostfish.

About Phantom Ghostfish

  • 1 minute duration.
  • Quest fish (cannot be caught while in a raid group).
  • Use:

    Eaten Raw: You will turn invisible and start seeing things.
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Phantom Ghostfish

Where to Catch Phantom Ghostfish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillQuest OnlyCommon Catch
Nettlefish SchoolInland: Sholazar Basin1Quest Only
Open WaterInland and Unnamed Coastal: Sholazar Basin525Quest Only

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Comments about Phantom Ghostfish

Below are readers' comments about "Phantom Ghostfish":

Ghostfish a little too elusive...?

  • Ellydishes, April 2009

    I excitedly ran down to River's Heart to fish up the Ghostfish for the new daily fishing quest I received... and have been fishing for nearly two or three hours... not a single Ghostfish. (I know they vanish if I don't eat 'em right away so I've been looking carefully at every catch as they come in...) Has anyone else fared better or worse? I'm close to giving up here!

  • el, April 2009

    I caught it a little closer to the avalanche a few hours ago. At the risk of stating the obvious, were you in a raid group? (It's a quest item.)

  • Vessanoran, April 2009

    No problems here. I caught it in 5-6 casts. Where exactly in SB are you fishing?

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    from "Ghostfish a little too elusive...?".
  • Ellydishes, April 2009

    Wow, I guess it never hurts to ask the obvious... I was in a raid group. Argh! Thanks, guys.

  • The Lich King, May 2009

    Until patch 3.1.2, These little suckers CANNOT be found in nettlefish pools so don't waste your time pool fishing like i did. As soon as i stopped, i cought one withing 5 casts.

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    to "Ghostfish a little too elusive...?".

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