This page summarises how to catch Phantom Ghostfish.

Phantom Ghostfish

About Phantom Ghostfish

  • 1 minute duration.
  • Quest fish (cannot be caught while in a raid group).
  • Use: Eaten Raw: You will turn invisible and start seeing things.

Catching Phantom Ghostfish

Where to Catch Phantom Ghostfish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillQuest OnlyCommon Catch
Nettlefish SchoolInland: Sholazar Basin1Quest Only
Open WaterInland and Unnamed Coastal: Sholazar Basin525Quest Only

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Comments about Phantom Ghostfish

Below are readers' comments about "Phantom Ghostfish":

Ghostfish a little too elusive...?

  1. Ellydishes, April 2009:

    I excitedly ran down to River's Heart to fish up the Ghostfish for the new daily fishing quest I received... and have been fishing for nearly two or three hours... not a single Ghostfish. (I know they vanish if I don't eat 'em right away so I've been looking carefully at every catch as they come in...) Has anyone else fared better or worse? I'm close to giving up here!

  2. el, April 2009:

    I caught it a little closer to the avalanche a few hours ago. At the risk of stating the obvious, were you in a raid group? (It's a quest item.)

  3. Vessanoran, April 2009:

    No problems here. I caught it in 5-6 casts. Where exactly in SB are you fishing?

  1. Ellydishes, April 2009:

    Wow, I guess it never hurts to ask the obvious... I was in a raid group. Argh! Thanks, guys.

  2. The Lich King, May 2009:

    Until patch 3.1.2, These little suckers CANNOT be found in nettlefish pools so don't waste your time pool fishing like i did. As soon as i stopped, i cought one withing 5 casts.

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