This page summarises how to catch Rockhide Strongfish.

Rockhide Strongfish

About Rockhide Strongfish

  • Use: Equip: Acts as a one-handed mace: 46-87 damage, speed 2.50 (26.6 damage per second), +8 Stamina bonus. Requires level 40. Binds when equipped.
  • Value:
    • Vendor: 1g 55s 56c
    • Auction: 1000g - Novelty value.

Catching Rockhide Strongfish

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Rockhide Strongfish

  1. Miniature, May 2008:

    Well I finally caught the ellusive Strongfish. Well deserved I guess, since it took "26 Weeks" to get my first fishing hat and still have not recieve a pair of boot from the tournament.

  2. Miniature, May 2008:

    I did want to add I caught it on Mini, Im not sure if
    I want to sell. I'm leaning towards no, since it's such a novelty even if I can't use it on my 19 twink.

  3. Tsathoggua, June 2008:

    I caught one myself [finally] on Tsathoggua. Donated it to a guild-member who roleplays a Sen'jin Fisherman [whereas Tsathoggua here is a brewer of booze], it being a RolePlaying server. A fun off-hand weapon for duels and for running mid-level instances with folks.

  1. Calsh, June 2008:

    Yep. I caught one a few months ago, and it's fun to dual wield it with either Old Ironjaw or Old Crafty.

    It's also part of the "pirate tank" outfit that Calsh (a protection warrior) uses when helping out friends in low-level instances. The Rockhide Strongfish goes in the main hand, with Captain Rackmore's Wheel as my shield and a First Mate Hat on my head.

  2. PiggyWiggy, August 2011:

    Caught this elusive fish last Sunday after I won the derby. Decided to fish it out hoping for boots or the hat, heck even the line, but to my surprise up popped Rockhide Strongfish!!

Rockhide Strongfish

  1. Durth, April 2009:

    Just thought Id mention that I caught 2 of these today during the Extravaganza. I had already caught 2 queen fish in back to back pools really early before a winner was announced. Around the 38 min mark I got my first rochhide stronfish as I was heading down the west coast. The very next pool which was by the little bridge not far from the entrance to booty bay I caught a second one. I would like to make some big money off of 1 of them but it might be more fun to dual wield them in lowlevel zones. Afterwards I fished up the deadliest catch. Only Lurker, STV Win, and fountain left I think.

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