This page summarises how to catch Rusty Prison Key.

Rusty Prison Key

About Rusty Prison Key

  • "Resembles a key used to open underwater treasure chests..." Binds when caught.
  • Use: Key unlocks the Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker, which is found in a caged area in the water, close to the entrance to the Violet Hold, on the southern side of Dalaran. The contents of the chest include some rare quality weapons or armor, potions, and other items, such as Crude Eating Utensils - "There is no spoon."
  • Value: Vendor: 62c

Catching Rusty Prison Key

Where to Catch Rusty Prison Key
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterInland: Dalaran (Violet Hold)525<1%522Shimmering Minnow

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Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker Map of Dalaran

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Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker is working

  1. Thalen, November 2008:

    The locker near the Violet Hold is working again.

    I had two keys saved, and both times I got a level 80 blue piece of armor and some other stuff....not sure it's a huge coincidence, or if this is going to be a great place to farm...

  2. stirfry, November 2008:

    Yesterday the footlocker wasn't selectable for me (even though I'd fished up a key), but today it was working perfectly well, and I got some Chain Gang if only the damn Sewer Rat would drop... :P

  3. jayhighlands, November 2008:

    Just tried the footlocker today and it still wasn't selectable.

    I am on a EU server, maybe it hasn't been fixed here yet.


  1. Bero, November 2008:

    Like Thalen I had 2 keys and got lvl 80 rares with both, plus some pots, food, moonshine and assorted greys.

    Seems like a very good place to fish. Good tank fish at decent catch rate and the odd free blue.

    Edit: I'm on an EU server and lvl 76.

  2. Minnow, November 2008:

    For those that had it open for you, what level are/were you?

    I'm only level 70, so that may be the problem. I am unable to open the chest today.

  3. Walnut, November 2008:

    Im level 80 and I still can't interact with the chest =(
    Im on EU Stormreaver server.

  4. jayhighlands, November 2008:

    Checked again today and still cant open it, am level 80.

  5. Thalen, November 2008:

    Minnow wrote:

    For those that had it open for you, what level are/were you?
    I'm only level 70, so that may be the problem. I am unable to open the chest today.

    I got it before I was 80, so that's not it...probably need to put in a ticket, though I'm not sure why it would be up on some servers and not others. Maybe there's a fishing level requirement, or something along those lines?

  6. Dante757, November 2008:

    I caught the key quite a while ago. I am now level 80 and 450 fishing. Still can't open it. So I opened a GM ticket last night and they told me they know its an issue and are working on it... >< typical response.

  7. Treedle, November 2008:

    Just thought I would add...
    I caught the key days ago, but could not open it until last night. I was 71 when I tried before and 72 with 3 bubbles in when it worked. Both times my fishing level was topped out and I had on a lure. I got a great pair of Chain Gang Legguards level 80 blue item, flatbread, A Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine, a rune healing potion, and the utensils with no spoon.LOL. Not sure it is relevant, but I had caught my Giant Sewer Rat and finished my coin achievements between the two attempts.

  8. Baltord, November 2008:

    It worked yesterday for me, I was 78.

    Any stats about the fishing rate of the key ?

  9. Thalen, November 2008:

    For me, the drop rate is a little under 1%, but my data pool is a little low too.

    Someone suggested that the chest may be related to your Kirin Tor (?) rep, that's another thing to check.

  10. Kylie, December 2008:

    Can someone .... anyone please tell me if there is a spot you have to fish this up at, do I need to stand on my head and do it or what? I have been fishing here off and on for about 3 days I would say about 6 hours total and have not seen this key. Lvl 80, fishing is maxed.... what am I not doing? I think once you can make 200g off the trash you have fished you have to be doing something wrong.

  11. Chasidim, December 2008:

    Thalen wrote:

    For me, the drop rate is a little under 1%, but my data pool is a little low too.
    Someone suggested that the chest may be related to your Kirin Tor (?) rep, that's another thing to check.

    i don't think, that it depends on your reputation with the kirin tor.
    the first time i fished a rusty key i was level 70 and had almost no rep with that faction. it took me about 200-300 casts to get it.
    the second time i got the key i was level 80 an exaltet with kirin tor and it took me nearly the same number of casts.
    got rare plate bracers twice.

  12. Cryo, December 2008:

    loottable are all rnd. rare drops from violet hold HC

  13. Rand, December 2008:

    I've tried it for a while now and here's my date so far:

    Skill: 450 + 95 [545]
    Shimmering Minnow (223 : 57.6%)
    Slippery Eel (103 : 26,6%)
    Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine (21 : 5,4%)
    Partially Rusted File (17 : 4,4%)
    Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine (15: 3,9%)
    Bloodied Prison Shank (5 : 1,3%)
    Rusty Prison Key (3 : 0,8%)

    Got 2x Chain Gang Legguards (leather)
    And 1x Cast Iron Shackles (plate)

    I will try some more and update it with more blue drops I hopefully get. :D

Rusty prison key

  1. chablat, November 2008:

    Do you need a higher lvl to use it ?

    I'm lvl 70 atm and just fished one up - but cant open the footlocker.

    Any ideas ?


  2. el, November 2008:

    I imagine level 74, since that is the lowest level Dalaran is intended for (except mages). It is reasonable to prevent level 1s from using it, because the footlocker contains quite a lot of value.

    Perhaps you could check it each time you level-up, and let us know when you can finally use it?

  3. Uglyz, November 2008:

    I'm 72 and cannot open the box, will keep trying.

  1. Minagi, November 2008:

    It seems that you cannot unlock the lockbox at all during this time. There was a bug with the coming of 3.0(.2?) that replaced a chest on top of The Tower of Arathor(Stormgarde Keep, Arathi) with the Rusted Prisoner's Lockbox. It has now been fixed but a similar looking chest to what can be found in The Tower of Arathor seems to have replaced the Rusted Prisoner's Lockbox in Violet Hold, Dalaran.

    After being unable to open the chest in Dalaran, I traveled to Arathi to find the same chest... still unable to be opened. I would assume this is a bug since the chest currently in Dalaran doesn't look like the one in El's video.

  2. Odieke, November 2008:

    Any can tell if it's worth fishing after this key? What kind of loot is in the box?

    If it's only stuff as Crude Eating Utensils in it, it's not worth the trouble. Right?

  3. Minagi, November 2008:

    By "rare" items, armor, and such they mean rare-quality armor. They are blue quality and a comment from WoWHead listed at least 2 BoE blue items along with white-quality and vendor greys coming out of single lockboxes.

  4. Sauce, November 2008:

    Odieke wrote:

    Any can tell if it's worth fishing after this key? What kind of loot is in the box?
    If it's only stuff as Crude Eating Utensils in it, it's not worth the trouble. Right?

    That water also contains the dodge-buff fish which is probably worth a pretty penny. Also, the bloodied shanks that you fish up vendor for around 3g a piece.

  5. Medb, November 2008:

    The chest is not bugged anymore, got a key after about 30 minutes of fishing (395 fishing skill) and received the Chain Gang Pants (BoE - leather - feral/rogue stats).

  6. anniefish, November 2008:

    Just an FYI. I caught 2 keys very close together tonight. i was a little low on bag space and didn't take all of the stuff out of the chest. The poor guy who got a key after me only got a bunch of junk that I left. Thankfully he asked me when he saw me get the second key if I was the one that had opened it earlier. When I said i was, he let me know I needed to take all the stuff out. I tried to give him the second set of loot but he refused. He was very nice. I felt terrible.

    Anyway, I should have know how chests work, but I guess I just wasn't thinking. So take all the loot out :)

    I got two pairs of Chain Gang Pants btw.

  7. Gishey, November 2008:

    Here's some Stats from a Key fishing session:

    Shimmering Minnow - 431
    Slippery Eel - 157
    Half Full bottle of Moonshine - 36
    Partially Rusted file - 33
    Half Empty bottle of moonshine- 29
    Bloodied prison shank - 9
    Rusty Prison Key - 3

    Opened the chest 3 times and got 2x Chain Gang Legguards and 1x Cast Iron Shackles along with some potions and junk
    Not too bad, hoping for the offhand someday.

  8. Jolly Rogers, November 2008:

    took me in the ball park of 700 catchs *ugh* to get a key but i got Prison Manifest with it so I'm extremely pleased. How about that just what i wanted (o:

The Rusty Prison Key

  1. Isa, December 2008:

    It's time then for a true story, yeah?

    I was fishing for half an hour for the Rusty Prison Key (why isn't that an achievement, eh?) and was about to throw out my last line. Obviously I only caught a Shimmering Minnow. So sneakily I cast once more and saying out loud, "I'm not gonna reel this one in so it could as well be the key, ya know." And of course, it was the key! Shame it's only rubbish coming out of that locker.

  2. ahazi, December 2008:

    I got the rusty prison key, after about 400 casts, and in the chest amongst the rubbish was exactly what I'd hoped for: "Prison Manifest" an off hand blue, great for my priest :D

  3. Leny, January 2009:

    I did about 10 casts and got a key i opened the chest and got some leather leggings and in 5 mins sold them to a guildy for 100g

  1. Morganna, January 2009:

    Has anyone else noticed (or is it just me being unlucky again) that the catch-rate on this has been nerfed recently, when WoLK came out it seemed that I caught one every couple of hours or so (no stats to back it up though) however now I have not seen one for days?

    Shame really as I used this to fund my tailoring!


  2. Isa, January 2009:

    I only went to fish for half an hour or so when I got it. I guess you have to beat the stupid machine the way I did to get it quickly...

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